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Case report published in The Lancet this week:
RT @bbchealth Medics posting messages on networking websites breaching patient confidentiality: > > Do you agree?
Read more about the cases of bloody tears:
A girl with bloody tears: - Sound familiar? A similar case was in the newspapers a few weeks ago:
A rare case of Licorice-induced hypokalemia Also includes a patient's perspective
Sense of smell returns after 9 years! An interesting case report:
A brand new case that highlights the dangers of cocaine use during pregnancy and the necessary considerations:
Case report of the week: Denying blindness – a case of Anton’s syndrome: > > A fascinating condition
Removal of a teaspoon 10 years after it was swallowed 'under the influence of alcohol' Includes a great x-ray image
In honour of today's date being the UK's emergency call out number (9/9/9), some of our emergency medicine highlights:
Like our 'Image of the month': , JAMA & Archives have a 'Picture of the Month' too: , and its a quiz!
Catatonia caused by chronic subdural hematoma, diagnosed 7 years after a head injury
Catatonio resulting from a chronic subdural hematoma, diagnosed 7 years after a head injury
@Jeremy_Theobald that one wasn't one of our cases, but we do have one on the same topic to be published in the next few days...
Did you catch the case on the child who cries tears of blood?
New drug interaction? Severe toxicity in a patient on docetaxel therapy after treatment with protease inhibitors (PEP)
Using data from online patient forums for research (NYT article)
Case report of a woman who alleviated her severe allergic rhinitis by drinking lemon juice daily
Amazing heart rate data collected in a case report of hypothermia and drowning on a kayaking trip: A unique insight!
Fascinating report from a GP of a man with two attacks of transient amnesia who 'lost grip on time' [pdf]
Chicken bone mimicking acute appendicitis...It must be our Image of Month! See the image and read a summary of the case:
Case report of the week: A rare case of primary lung cancer, with great images too -
"If I could get rid of the impact factor tomorrow, I would. I hate it." - Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet.
Can Coxiella burnetii cause autoimmune liver disease?
RT @bmj_latest: Richard Smith asks “Am I going to hell?”
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