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What is the right method for fetch room feed in api v1? $feed = $friendfeed->fetch_user_feed("friendfeed-api", 0, 0, 30); doesnt work though $feed = $friendfeed->fetch_user_feed("any user name here", 0, 0, 30); does. fetch_feed also doesnt work. Note that this is php.
In v1 there are different methods for fetching users and rooms. User: Room: - Benjamin Golub
beersage, if you open up the friendfeed.php file and find where fetch_user_feed is defined, you can copy that function and replace each place where it says "user" with "room" to get a new fetch_room_feed function. - Casey Muller
Or it should work to just do fetch_feed("/api/feed/room/" . urlencode($roomname), null, 0, 30) - Casey Muller
I keep getting a foreach error both when I try to change user to room or try the 2nd method you mentioned. I must need to change the code elsewhere but am not sure how? Here's the code: - beersage
Sorry, let me correct. I get "Fatal error: Call to undefined method FriendFeed::fetch_room_feed()" when I switch user to room - beersage
beersage: you have to define the function fetch_room_feed if you want to use it. Or just follow Casey's other advice. It should work. - Benjamin Golub
I foolishly misinterpreted Casey's advice before! It worked even with the private feed however it stalled for a long period (2 mins) and then I refreshed and it worked fast. is v2 faster for authentication? - beersage
Feed fetching should be on the order of 100s of milliseconds, not minutes. Try the curl command I posted in I just did it on a private feed and it returned in 400ms (will vary based on where you live and your internet connection). - Benjamin Golub
Casey Muller
Using the XMPP service - Google App Engine - Google Code -
"With the introduction of the XMPP service to App Engine, it's now possible to write an App Engine app that communicates with users - or even other applications - over XMPP, otherwise known as Jabber or Google Talk. In this article, we're going to walk through an example that covers all the basic functionality of the XMPP API." - Casey Muller from Bookmarklet
Andy Baio
Robin Sloan's Google Adwords experiment for naming fictional characters -
testing to see which names are most compelling to random Google users - Andy Baio
The names he chose to test are very similar: Annabel Strange, Annabel Spring, Annabel Sketch, Annabel Scrape, Annabel Start, etc. It would have been more interesting to pick some really different ones. - Casey Muller
Christopher A. Wichura
Casey Muller
F U, Penguin: Telling Cute Animals What's What: Matthew Gasteier: Books -
F U, Penguin: Telling Cute Animals What's What: Matthew Gasteier: Books
Buy my friend's book! Guaranteed to amuse! - Casey Muller from Bookmarklet
Michael Muller
All my Google searches end badly and misdirected....
Every search result, when clicked on, sends me to something completely different than what I was seeking. "Facebook company overview" results sent me to apartment finders and insurance agents. This happened in Mozilla and IE.....I tried various security settings but doesn't seem to help. - Michael Muller
Can you link to the search and the link? - Casey Muller
Thanks for commenting. I can't link any search. Malware must be it. Especially since I periodically get sudden audio broadcasts and they are in IE even if I'm using Mozilla. Saw this on Task Manager. Panda doesn't seem to get rid of this. I downloaded new IE since I couldn't even open IE before and I need it for Windows updates. Now works but lotsa problems. - Michael Muller
Try this: or I bet your nephew works on software that will fix this. - Casey Muller
I tried the Combo Fix and it seems to have worked. It took this whole while and was too complicated for most people. Thanks for the tip. - Michael Muller
Ben Darnell
Nikon unveils S1000pj - the world's first projector camera -
I can't believe it took so long for someone to do this. I mean, all you have to do is run the image sensor in reverse to let all the captured photons out through the lens, right? ;) - Ben Darnell
I wonder if they point in the same direction and can operate at the same time, that would make for small and light multitouch projects. - Casey Muller
Cool!!! - p3p3
What is happening with progress to make a videophone a reality? - Michael Muller
Ross Miller
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web -
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web
Amazing job Ross and Dan! - Benjamin Golub
Awesome! - Casey Muller
Nice! Good actors too. :) - Gus
Awesome, as you once said yourself, in lego. - Simon Wicks
You and Dan did such an AWESOME!!! Job!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Thanks, Rachel! - Ross Miller
We should totally build the "Open FF" out of LEGOs. BTW, superb video! - Jemm
Really awesome! Thanks Ross and Dan! - directeur
No thank you directeur. It's the amazing FF community that inspired this video. - Ross Miller
If there were an 'awesome, ultra-mega, super kick-ass' button, I'd click it. - April Buchheit
April: Haha... I would click that button all the time :) - Ross Miller
OK you screw us on the facebook deal, but those things make me love this place - Dobromir Hadzhiev I understand all the lego pictures! - Jini
Jini: And you thought we were just goofing off :p - Ross Miller from iPhone
Who wouldn't want to play with legos?! - Jini
Awesome! I DON'T NO YouTube well but it's good if we can search this video by 'FriendFeed' keyword. - NaHi from
This is clearly the highlight of your awesome work at FF! - Anne Bouey
This is teh awesomesause! - AJ Batac
Why is "I wonder how this site works?" a question? Do you? Why are you asking us? - Andy Bakun
you should be proud, It is great... - amelia arapoff
I could watch this 50 times. Thanks! - Robert Scoble
Glad you liked it, Robert! - Ross Miller
I could watch this over and over again all day. Really. - April Buchheit
It's definitely fun to watch. Thanks, April! - Ross Miller
fantastic - mjc
wow. i'm snagging this to store offline. - Big Joe Silenced
Fwd: Woman Reveals How Law of Attraction Transformed Her Health And Lets Her Live The Life of Her Dreams - (via
Spamming the Parenting room. - Rochelle
Thanks, taken care of. - Casey Muller
Benjamin Golub
It looks like Phish is singing "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry. Hilarious if it's true. - Benjamin Golub
Well, they probably have. - Casey Muller
Bret Taylor
Custom FriendFeed themes and a way to show them off - FriendFeed Blog -
Custom FriendFeed themes and a way to show them off - FriendFeed Blog
"Starting today, people who visit your profile will see it in the theme you've chosen... We've [also] added an option that lets you create a custom theme by uploading a background image and choosing a few colors." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
See FF is not dead...yet. :) - BRҰANSAҰS
Cool, thanks Bret!! - Kol Tregaskes
Dude... 1) I called it... 2) Why do it if your not gonna be around long............ Unless........... - Johnny from iPhone
MG Spiegler? - BRҰANSAҰS
Ah, thanks for the edit there, Bret. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Rolling out these features pretty darn quick - anna sauce
Awesome! - Robert Scoble
Cool! - Anne Bouey
Anyone else have a duck scrolling across your screen that you can shoot? - Sam Houston
Sam: I made FriendFeed News duck hunt despite the objections of almost everyone in the office :) - Bret Taylor
I LOVE IT!!! I'm going to have to "greasemonkey-remove" the borders around the box titles. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
thankyou, done deal & it looks good, thanks again, :) - chaz2b
Haha, cool. Thanks for the answer Bret :) BTW Congrats on the acquisition earlier this week. Fantastic news for a great team and great product :) - Sam Houston
Zul, hold on that a sec... - Kevin Fox
Oh my! WILL DO! *holding pattern commenced* - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
(Deleted: Nevermind. Sorry Kevin, Bret.) - Meryn Stol
Must be Bret's theme, Sam. - Kol Tregaskes
Meryn: you can do that by clicking "Settings" and then un-check the "See other people's themes" checkbox - Bret Taylor
Yay! Let's party like it's 2004 and we're customising our Myspace profiles! - Martin Bryant from iPhone
Bret: is this to help usher in branded pages for companies, celebrities,etc? - BRҰANSAҰS
Called it! ~ ;) - CannonGod
Bryan: yep, that is one of the goals. - Bret Taylor
So silly. :) - Louis Gray
Duck hunt is awesome! Tell Kevin to go sit in the corner for a while. :-) - Robert Scoble
But what if I don't want to see other people's themes? There's a reason I avoid doing that on Twitter. Can we make our theme the default at all times? - Anika
yes, finally. hot dog theme. - MG Siegler
Nice! (especially "See other people's themes" config option) - Micah
Hot dog? No way man... BACON! - Mark Krynsky
thanks Bret, I'm working on it :) - MG Siegler
not sure if I am happy about this one :) Thanks for the updates though! - Tim Hoeck
Zulema, the box-border bug is fixed now. Thanks! - Kevin Fox
very nice! - to see profiles with theme selected by owner, not our own ... - pb:
I was hoping for long time to see this =) Thank you people. - Durukan Duru
So FF is sticking around? I'm confused. When will we know of the future of FF? - Kol Tregaskes
Tim: Uncheck both checkboxes in the settings dialog and the feature will go away completely for you. - Kevin Fox
Kevin: on my page, my name is fading into the background. Any way to control the color of that text? - Robert Scoble
Oh no, celebrities. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
ah, I figured as much there would be a setting, thanks Kevin! :P - Tim Hoeck
Thank you, LE. It wouldn't have killed me to check that first, but I'm super tired. - Anika
Robert: If you change your theme's background color to black (even though it won't display because of hte tiling) the links will turn white. - Kevin Fox
Robert, that's too much green monster for me. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
to your guys' credit you make it pretty hard to make this as hideous as you can make Gmail - MG Siegler
You're doing pretty good MG - Casey Muller
@ Chris ..well, how about to make this personal themes showing through an option? /quick button, no need to go to settings - that'd be too far :] .. option for viewer, not for author - pb:
Ok so I'm shooting ducks here. is that part of the custom pages open to all? - BairdWilliamson
I'm sorry, but this is the lamest thing FF has done (besides sell to Facebook, perhaps). This should not be default, especially when there's a theme that sends a duck flying across pages distracting you from reading them (it's like 1997 all over again). The only upside is that you can turn it off. It's a neat gimmick the first time, but after that it's just lame and becomes a... more... - Tanath
I'm sorry, Tanath, but I 100.000% disagree with you. Don't like it? Turn it off. Me? I love it. - Stephen Mack
Already have - but it shouldn't be default behaviour. - Tanath
Why not? I bet more people love it than hate it. - Stephen Mack
Look, I'm excited that FF is still being worked on too, but this is arguably a step in the wrong direction. There's reasons why MySpace is going down the toilet, and different themes on every page is one of them. I'm inclined to take that bet, just not at this early point because it's mostly die-hard FF addicts that even know of the feature's existence. - Tanath
As long you guys don't f*** with it, I can't see a problem. Why should FF staff avoid a feature only fearing its possible misuse? I'd rather see an option inside FF to explicitly hide user themes, if they get disturbing. - David Schmidt
On or off, I can't see any themes on friendfeed except what I have in my browser's usercontent.css file. It would have been nice to include an "advanced user" feature that could have allowed us to enter in our own custom CSS for designing our own theme, sort of like how LiveJournal allows. That would have not only allowed customizing on friendfeed, it would also fix the problem with... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
David: you can hide other people's themes in your settings (top right of the page) - Bret Taylor
The Coolest and Creative FriendFeed Theme ( - Yusuf Ibili
Bret: There ya go, you guys are fabulous and amazing. Nothing to complain about here on FF. - David Schmidt
@joey It was something I suggested over a month ago as a one possible solution to a problem I discovered. - April Russo (FForever!)
Comparisons to MySpace seem off, since custom themes involve only four possibilities (background image, background color, bar color and box color) -- no widgets, no custom HTML, etc. And first and foremost, they can be switched off. How many times do you visit someone else's page on FF anyway? Most of the time is in your home feed or different lists. I just don't get the negativity, when it's a fun and optional feature that you can opt out from ever seeing again in about two seconds. - Stephen Mack
I don't know if I consider customizing a few basic settings is really a "Theme". - Steve de Mena
The correct analogy is to user pages, right? - Stephen Mack
Stephen, that was our thinking internally, though we also give a bit more control with the checkboxes. - Kevin Fox
Forcing themes on others is bad. This needs an opt out. Glad I use custom CSS. - Michael W. May
Michael: It DOES have an opt out. If you don't like it please opt out! Click Settings in upper right, you'll see two prominent check boxes regarding theme display. - Stephen Mack
Kevin: Thanks! You're right, you did twitter one better by letting people opt out of seeing customized themes entirely. - Stephen Mack
Michael, just uncheck the "See other people's themes" checkbox under settings and you won't see anyone else's theme. - Dan Hsiao
Stephen's right. Read Bret's comment further up: "[Y]ou can do that by clicking "Settings" and then un-check the "See other people's themes" checkbox" - Bret Taylor - Micah
i really like this.really really :-) - dwightboozer
If this is any indication of what is to come, congrats :) Absolutely gorgeous! - mySingapore
Thanks to the FF staff, this has been a long awaited request =) Ya'll rock! - FFing Enigma
What's the next? I guess "FF background creator tools" will come out nowadays. :) - Oguz Serdar
To begin with, is "Themes" really a necessary feature? Still, great to see the new features coming. =) - Winston Teo
sytycd = best theme ever! - Jen Liao
Winston: yes. I've been waiting for this for a long time. It lets me put some personality onto my home page and that is, believe it or not, important. Very important for brands, too, if this is going to become a business. - Robert Scoble
love this :) - Edgar Rodríguez
Bret u rock! - orionstarr from iPhone
I had not noticed the steampunk theme. Awesome. - j1m
@Stephen Mack so it does, thanks, and apologies. I shouldn't comment before mocha, I know this. - Michael W. May
It's great ! My new theme : - All for design
Can you guys stop adding awesome new features, please? Otherwise, no-one else will have a chance to catch up and it'll be an even greater disappointment when it goes. ;) - James Myatt
Is it possible to make the background image resolution neutral... It is spoiling my lulz --> - Johnny
I changed my background, but how do I let others see? when I click Bret's page, I still see my own background...I assume this is similar to twitter's custom theme where every user has a different background when their link is clicked. (I'm on, but still seeing my own background). -edit-Nvm...I guess I have to log out to see it... - brainno722 (Peter)
@Kevin, thanks for removing the borders <3. @Peter he probably doesn't have a theme set for his own profile... - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
issue uploading background. hangs on firefox & safari. tile image checkbox is greyed out. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Casey Muller
Online Market Flourishes in China - -
Online Market Flourishes in China -
"Though just six years old, Taobao — which means “to search for treasure” in Chinese — already has 120 million registered users and 300 million product listings, and generated nearly $15 billion in sales last year. The company says that sales through its Web site are already larger than those of any Chinese retailer. And this year, analysts say, its online sales will double, surpassing the expected $19 billion in sales by" - Casey Muller from Bookmarklet
Egads: "“I work in an O.E.M. factory that produces laptops and electronic devices for Sony,” said a seller who called himself Mr. Feng, referring to an original equipment manufacturer, which produces for global companies. “We have Sony’s core technology and exactly the same raw materials and components, so we set up our own store selling netbooks and laptops on Taobao.”" - Richard Chen
yeah - that's quite a statement! - Robin Barooah
I love how they're so matter-of-fact about knockoffs. Just run the production lines a little longer and produce extra units, slap on different label, and done. - Ray Cromwell
seriously - what did people think was going to happen? - Robin Barooah from IM
Paul Buchheit
Delicious Creator Quietly Launches Threaded Twitter Conversations -
Delicious Creator Quietly Launches Threaded Twitter Conversations
"The idea is simple, take tweets and thread them together to form conversations, adding context. This works by using the a tiny thread site to both start new conversation threads, and add your comments to old ones. After authenticating via OAuth, your comment is then sent back to Twitter, with a link back to the a tiny thread conversation page." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I like how the non-toplevel hostname is enough to indicate it's running on AppEngine. - Casey Muller
Love this - Michael Wiley
Friendfeed already offers much superior conversational tools, so why bother. - Sean McBride
I missed the "login" link because it was WAAAAAY to the right of the page. - Craig Eddy
I saw Leo laporte use it earlier today. Did not know it was from him - Chris Heath from iPhone
Wow... almost like a chat room. Really? A chat room. What an amazing revolutionary idea. Hey 1980. Good to see you again. Where have you been? - Patrick Allmond
How does this compare with I've used neither yet. - Craig Eddy
@Casey you can't cname and easily geo optimize a 2nd level domain, thats why they don't support it. - Sam Pullara
Wow this is really cool.. has potential. Coincidence that Joshua launched it the day after FF and FB announced the buy? Is there really such a thing as a coincidence? - Amy Flynn
Hasn't this been done already? - John from iPhone
Nifty, I tried it earlier today. Simple, evolutionary... very cool - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Cool! - Kol Tregaskes
It's a Twitter hack, but simplicity wins. I like it. Actually the fact that it doesn't push conversations out to Twitter is a good thing. Sometimes you go to somebody's Twitter front page and all you see is @ replies and you don't know what they're talking about because all you see is one-sided conversation - Andre P. Siregar
I like Tinythread a lot. - Robert Scoble
I'm seeing a bunch of "XXX joined a thread at tinythread" tweets. I don't think people understand that it spams their stream. If he's not careful, tinythread will accumulate some bad karma by spamming. - DGentry
DGentry, James T., I guess options wouldn't hurt. Tweetworks is another service that does conversations on Twitter and when you join a conversation there, it would just send @ reply to the originator of the conversation in your Twitter stream. I actually prefer how Tinythread does it compared to Tweetworks - Andre P. Siregar
Tudor Bosman
In my parents' hotel room
2009-08-09 20.41.58.jpg
Yeah right. - Casey Muller
You have no reason at all to be suspicious. - John (bird whisperer)
(Crestview Hotel, Mountain View) - Tudor Bosman
Michael Nielsen
Frequently spams inappropriate groups; ignores requests to stop; almost all URLs come from same small set. Their home feed is okay, I guess (just semi-spammy); the problem is more in inappropriate spamming of groups. - Michael Nielsen
Thanks, taken care of. - Casey Muller
Chris Myles
Shared embeds should use the id to create the embeded URL ( Currently, If the owner edits the title (after embedding), the embed link can change ( breaking previously embedded urls.
Thanks for the feedback, Chris. You bring up a very good point. - Ross Miller
Ross, I wrote some javascript to automatically embed FF posts (by URL) as the commenting system for Blogger BUT fragmented conversations are killing me. I can't edit a post after it has been imported (via service) so I can't change what groups it belongs to and sharing the post also fragments the conversation. I understand the issues with all the other sharing services (I consider most... more... - Chris Myles
Embedded FF posts or feeds are a GREAT way to expand your exposure to other users who might not know about FF. As a newbie, the ease of generating copies or fragmented conversations seems like a big hole, especially WRT embedded posts/groups. I don't need or want the power of Disqus.. FF posts would be perfect if they contained 95% of the comments. - Chris Myles
Chris, both of your sample url in the OP come up "no such item"… how come? Are they malformed by design, and if so, why? [for the record, they read, after the part: "/e/ID?embed=1" and "/chrismyles/id(sub)/title(sub"] - ianf ⌘
Ianf, Yes they are malformed by design to be general, showing ID etc. Actual example URLS are and I guess I should leave off the http:// in the general cases, sorry! (http:// now removed from title). The ID NEVER changes based on edits to the title, the username//id(sub)/title(sub) does!! - Chris Myles
Hi Chris, the embed should continue to work after you edit the title. Please let us know if you find an entry where it does not. - Casey Muller
The example above broke after I changed the title. Try this one, the embed parameter gets stripped (during redirect) so I no longer have a valid embedded version (or css parameters). It works correctly if I use the full id path. - Chris Myles
Sorry for the trouble Chris, this will be fixed with the next push (usually daily). - Casey Muller
Got the new fix.. thanks Casey.. So now the question is, given ID (and user name) from the API which URL is "better" to use? ex: works too. The e/ID URL seems the most stable because it doesn't rely on anything other than your internal ID (which I'm positive can't change) but it does get redirected? hmm.. Your thoughts? - Chris Myles
Looks like Twitter to FriendFeed is not working right now. Anyone else seeing the same? #twitter #friendfeed
Twitter was down this morning and API calls are still timing out: - Casey Muller
Not working for me either, my Likes are not getting to Twitter. - Antoniu
it works manually - go to your profile, click to add/edit sources, click on your Twitter icon, click Refresh. - Bora Zivkovic
Thanks for the info! Appreciate it. - berchman from email
April Buchheit
'Surrogates' Mini-Documentary Explores How Close The Film's Tech is To Real Life -
'Surrogates' Mini-Documentary Explores How Close The Film's Tech is To Real Life
"You can be virtually present through a robot," explained Trevor Blackwell, CEO of the robotics company Anybots Inc. "We can already do that, and from there it's just a matter of making those robots more sophisticated and more lifelike." - April Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Bruce Willis bot coming soon ;) - April Buchheit
Wow, Bruce Willis is playing Trevor in a movie? - Casey Muller
LOL, Casey! - April Buchheit
I found my camera!!!! - Ryan
can i please move into the solage?! so beautiful. thanks for sharing. - Felicity Arnold
That pool looks awesome. Where was the camera in the end? - Casey Muller
I'm sure the Solage would love to have you... The camera somehow found its way into Eliza's camera bag, which we hadn't touched since the 4th. If you've seen Eliza's camera bag, then you understand how easily my poor little digi could have gotten lost. - Ryan
that's as accurate an approximation as I've seen. - Ryan
Paul Kinlan
A lot of people might not know, but I created which is a twitter auto-following service, I try to maintain a very public image and an ethical approach to finding and following users automatically. I have now developed it for FriendFeed ( .
Before it goes properly live I would love to get feedback from developers and their opinons on auto-following, how I can do this "cleanly" for want of a better word. - Paul Kinlan
There is also a group - Paul Kinlan
Great job. I accessed the site and found that it's a valuable and unique service. And for non-native :-), it's almost clearly explained. It should not be my job about wording but I think it's good to know that ffollo accesses to FF instead of me when I'm offline (if yes?). - NaHi from
Sorry for not enabling the service for me. I'm afraid that I won't be able to revert the changes... - NaHi from
Yes it does, every hour (I will probably reduce this) it checks your feed. - Paul Kinlan
Sure, this service is definatly not for everyone, I will be adding some better metrics such as you have to share 3 likes etc, or 3 comments. - Paul Kinlan
I do record a list of everyone it follows, I just need to enable it in the user interface (or think of a good way to do it so that you can revert the changes) - Paul Kinlan
Don't forget you can always revert the changes here: - Casey Muller
Cool, I didn't actually realize that existed. I will link to it from the site so it is clear what the system is doing. - Paul Kinlan
It would be cool if the modification list was available via the API (and filterable or at least restricted to the modifications that my application has made), I could then use that to show a list of all the follows I have done - Paul Kinlan
Sorry, I should have said it clearly. I meant we cannot revert subscription notification mail. Paul: Metrics sounds good to have. - NaHi from
Robin Barooah
I can't determine whether google wave is usable because I don't know anyone else who has an account. Let me know at
Okay, I sent you a wave I think, it's pretty hard to figure out. - Casey Muller
AJ Batac
Josh Haley
i concur - Chris Heath
As long as they aren't spamming groups or posting spammy comments, we aren't blocking accounts like this right now. - Casey Muller
no prob - Josh Haley
Scoble, Alex Scoble
How so? - Matt Ruiz
They just spammed my wedding thread with a bit about his new album... - Scoble, Alex Scoble
How nice of him. *Sarcasm* - Matt Ruiz
That's a real WTF is this moment.. - David Damore
Just got a post from him on one of my threads too. - Lindsay
Taken care of, thanks for the report. - Casey Muller
but... the new album... - Josh Haley from iPhone
Peter Chane
Is there a web service that will return a thumbnail of the page if you pass it a URL?
There used to be, but looks shut down. I know there is another one, but can't remember off the top of my head. - Bret Taylor
I ended up just building one, 148 lines of code using Python bindings for QT4. It wasn't too painful - Benjamin Golub
anything open source? - Peter Chane
Unfortunately no. It's heavily linked with FriendFeed code at the moment. I'll see if I can dig up the docs I used to build it (they were a bit hard to find) - Benjamin Golub
thanks - i'm trying and will report back. - Peter Chane does that. - Saad Kamal
websnapr - they dont reply to support emails even after 24 hours so i'm trying another service. - Peter Chane
Peter, here are some good open source Python projects to consider: webkit2png ( which makes use of WebKit and is Mac only, or more practical implementations that use the PyQt4 bindings Benjamin mentioned: is one I like and prefer over a Qt port of an older webkit2png release: qtwebkit2png ( - Aviv
thanks! would love an appengine based service that i could use. the existing thumbnail services are either very slow or dont do anything useful w/o payment. - Peter Chane
Peter - any luck on finding an open-source appengine service? - Ivan Zuzak
no i am using and paying for it until something good/free comes along. i might build one on appengine although its low priority for me now that i have thumbshots working. - Peter Chane
he's posted this to 3 different rooms of mine, a number of times over the last couple of days - Zee.
Thanks for the report Zee, taken care of. - Casey Muller
Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
May I know how to get the friendfeed "remote key" via "email request"? Cuz ff is blocked here in China, visiting sites such as fftogo,f2p on web might be an option/easier for new users(though missed many realtime features).The disgusted thing is any url contains "friendfeed" is blocked. Getting remote key via normal will lead to a timeout page.
Need help on how to get the "remote key" via "email request" or other methods, thanks. Or if you can also share other fftogo-like sites, it's highly appreciated! - K.D.
Thanks for the suggestion K.D. For now if you (or anybody) email we can help you get your remote key by email. - Casey Muller
If we can email (or whatever) to get the remote key automaticly, I think that would be better. - Lizunlong
Thanks Casey for the support!! "Remote key request" will be put on the email subject when I recommend someone applying this method. Btw, does ff team have a suggesting list of 3rd party ff client/website, such as f2p,noisereiver? Thanks in advance! - K.D.
K.D. and others- unfortunately email from FriendFeed may also be blocked to domains in China. If you don't receive a reply, maybe try emailing from a webmail provider in the US if they're not blocked. - Casey Muller
Thanks Petr for your help!! - K.D.
Casey, not sure if any other people have tried the email request method, I just send out a test mail from to requesting for my remote key, hope I can see the reply soon. - K.D.
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