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evernote basecamp skype dropbox - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
evernote basecamp skype dropbox - Caspar Aremi
Robert Scoble
I'll be honest. Apple's new Safari 4 really sucks. Freezes. Slow. So sad to see this from Apple. I'm not the only one, either.
Agree. It's very slow compared to Safari 3. But it's still beta? - Håkan Dahlström
As much as I love my iMAC I've always preferred Firefox over Safari. Now, if Roboform would just port their software. 1Password just doesn't do the job. - Brandon Hall
Is this based off the latest and greatest WebKit? If so, I'm really surprised. - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
Have not experienced those problems on a MacBook Air. - Michael Osterman
It also causes other apps to stop working. I've gone back to Safari 3 on all of my macs. - Sufian Siddiqi
I love Safari 3 on Windows. - Alp
Isn´t it still beta ? People are spoiled because everyone through "beta" on every service and app for a while because it was hip. It really means not stable. Use a stable release (ie. 3) for critical work. Production releases from them are usually good. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
The tabs are really unusable. - Ben
Have not tried it out. But is it really that bad!! - Sujay
I can't think of anything Apple's made that's great in beta. Final release is always wonderful. Firefox betas may have spoiled us. - Mike Lewis
I really don't like Safari 4's implementation of tabs. Apart from the fact that they shouldn't be on top, they go all the way to the top edge of the window, which means you will probably accidentally switch tabs while trying to move the window. - Joey Gibson
To their credit they did make a little headway since 3.x on Windows. They can thank Google for showing them the way by making an instantly appealing and fast webkit browser. - Arawak
Never had a problem with it, I use it full time at home on a 3 year old MBP and my very old Dell PC - Caspar Aremi
I use it all the time without issue. Initially I didn't like the tabs but now really like the position. I can now have lots of tabs open without the crashing I experienced with Firefox. For a beta, it's working well for me. - Howard Keziah
Perhaps Apple should stop working on browsers. I think that area of consumer computer use is well covered by people who really know what they're doing. We, as an internet, need another browser on the net like we need more trolls. Just my $.02. That and $4.48 gets you Starbucks. - Dan: Bibrarian
Wondering if this is semi-intentional: Let's forget about the Web, folks, it's too unreliable, come to the App Store and buy that far more trustworthy MSM content. - John Blossom
I agree, sucks. I prefer Chrome on the PC but like having my bookmarks synced between my PCs so I use Firefox on the Mac and on the PC a lot as well. - Jim Graham
Yah Safari 4 is a major let down, and seems to screw up a LOT with flash based websites. Not impressed - Angus Burton
Jim: are you using a plugin to keep your firefox bookmarks synced between your Mac and PC? - Angus Burton
I actually disagree. I've been running the Beta since it came out and have now pretty much moved over to it full time. I usually run 3 windows, each with multiple tabs open all the time and it's been pretty stable and useable. It crashes every now and again, but with the Saft plugin, I get auto resume when I start it up again. Saft also gives you the option of moving the tabs back under the address bar. All in all, I've been very impressed with it. - Keith Bennett from Nambu
I've noticed pages often seem to be endlessly loading, but they function OK. I've had a few freezes as well. The latest Webkit seems more stable, although whenever it crashes the next time I start up it says to get rid of the plug-ins. The only thing I have going is Gears, so I guess that's a problem. My Gmail offline features works though. I don't see the big speed drop from Safari 3, and the latest Firefox ends up hogging all my resources on my Powerbook, so I end up using Safari 4 a lot. - Steve Wright
It beachballs for me consistently ...Safari 4 + Flash = Crash. Yes, that rhymes. - Bwana ☠
Wonder if it's time for a "Plug-Ins" spring cleaning!!!! Go to /Library/Internet Plug-ins/ and nuke away! - sean andersen
Safari 4 beta (with Flash turned off) hasn't crashed or hung for me yet in the last two months. - Victor Ganata
I've only had a few crashes with Safari 4 with the Webkit nightlies. It's pretty much rock solid and I've been running it since it was released. - Akiva
Still waiting for Chrome for mac here :P - Napolux from twhirl
im waiting for chrome on the linux.... - Chris Jackson
Funny, I was having so many problems with FireFox 3 I switched to Safari 4 and have been happy as a clam. - ChiliMac
You can download it again now, it´s updated (you´ll have to upgrade the OS to 10.5.7 first too). - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I find it to be very fast when its working but it does hang and freeze too often, especially on the "top site" view. - Justin Luey
I like how it randomly decides not to load a web page now and then. It's as if Safari 4 knows when I need a break. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Yeah, it really doesn't like flash either. - Drew Lucas
Yeah I mean, it hangs up every 5 minutes or so, on simple small embeds! *sigh* - Drew Lucas
Flash remains a problem. Other than that Safari 4 Beta with Webkit is running fine for me. - Peter Kruit
Maybe that's why Safari 4 Webkit runs so well for me: I avoid Flash like I avoid shooting myself in the face with a bazooka. - Akiva
No kidding. What's up with that - I use Apple products cuz they rawk, if I wanted something to suck I'd go back to a PC and use MSFT products - Mary McKnight
Mary, something tells me you just really love those I'm a Mac/I'm a PC ads. - Akiva
What do you think of it now? - Byron McCollum
Keep in mind. That was Beta. - Drew Lucas from email
I'm using Safari 4 on Windows 7 and it's great - really, really flies, even compared to Chrome. And no crashes so far! - Ian Betteridge
Safari 4 seems to be running much smoother compared to Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on my system. In fact, I've already configured Safari 4 to be my new default Web browser! - Thomas Ward
Funny my experience has been positive. On the PC it runs well and is fast. I wasn't expecting much, now I may use it as much as Google Chrome, we'll see. - John Hardy
Caspar Aremi
Guardian interview: Sara Waters -
Ghosts, Gothic horror, lesbians, poltergeists, female hysteria... There are hidden depths to Sarah Waters. Here, the most 'remarkable storyteller since Daphne du Maurier' talks to Robert McCrum about effete boyfriends, postwar austerity and why she's kicked out the corsets in her latest novel - Caspar Aremi
Daniel Woolstencroft
Toyed with the idea of doing Star Trek tonight, but really do want to watch one of the original movies to set the scene. So I'll wait.
I wouldn't, to be honest, much better to see it fresh! It's very different to what's come before... - Caspar Aremi
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Twitter Crowns As the King of Short Links; Here's What It Means
Analytics, analytics, analytics. Precisely - or should I say (sorry). - Michael Turro from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Thanks for the nice write up on! btw, about the time this went to live, Nick over at Tweetmeme was showing me stats on doing the official passing over there of TinyURL. All in all, quite a successful day. Rex Community Mgr. - Rex from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Ari, FF did, invest in for own urls; now if only I could convince them to put it to full use, as in - ianf ⌘
URL shortening provides traffic tracking, but the introduction of such concentrated points of failure will come back to haunt us in a few years when the disappearance of a service takes millions of links down with it. I am not sure that the traffic tracking is worth it - I would rather let the web retain its integrity. Even within the current rule of the 140 characters format there are... more... - Jean-Marc Liotier from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Do any of these shorteners produce the same URL for duplicate links being shortened. Actually, WTH hasn't Twitter created it's own so that content would always stay integrated? And links could be cached a la Google search giving the links permanent results and Twitter search some juice. - Gregg Scott
@Gregg, when Twitter sells to Google (or MSFT), it'll be left to the buyer's engineers to figure this sort of thing out. I think people are still confusing Twitter with a technology company... :) (It's really all about social psychology and smart branding) - Alex Schleber
I've been using manually on my corporate twitter posts for quite a while. By entering the API key into Splitweet, it would automatically shorten URLs that way and link it to my account. Is there any chance of posts shorted automatically via being linked to your own account, for easy tracking? Users could pop their API key into their twitter settings page. - Caspar Aremi from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Caspar Aremi
Comment on: Twitter Crowns As The King of Short Links; Here's What It Means -
I've been using manually on my corporate twitter posts for quite a while. By entering the API key into Splitweet, it would automatically shorten URLs that way and link it to my account. Is there any chance of posts shorted automatically via being linked to your own account, for easy tracking? Users could pop their API key into their twitter settings page. - Caspar Aremi from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Annie Mole
Are FriendFeed doing some promos at the moment? I've had an increased number of subscribers to my feed in the last few days.
Looks like it, you can now follow people who you follow on Twitter. - Caspar Aremi
Andy Bargery
Are FriendFeed doing some promos at the moment? I've had an increased number of subscribers to my feed in the last few days.
You can automatically import your twitter friends and find them on here now, I think it's a new feature (I also got bunch of new subscriber notifications so logged in for the first time in months) - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Toms Essay - Measure for Measure - Opinion - New York Times Blog - http://measureformeasure.blogs...
Suzanne Vega talks about the history of Toms Diner, including the inspration, the remix and its use in creating the MP3 format. - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Siemens Oven Lifts Your Roast Like a Death Star Hangar Lift [Ifa 2008] -
oh my god i need one - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
BBC NEWS | Magazine | It's a wrap -
Journalist spent the month of August avoiding plastics. - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Coca-Cola readying 100-flavor soda fountains -
om nom nom nom nom - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Free film festival. 28 Aug - 14 Sept. - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Elephant & Castle's free film festival! - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business -
Really useful advice, given that just today I set up a twitter account for my work project! - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Stephen Fry's QI to move from BBC2 to BBC1 | -
So long as they don't try to tone down any of the humour... - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Copyright Flaw of British Prime Minister’s Website — -
Copyright issues with the design of the new site? The comments make interesting reading. - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
BBC NEWS | Wales | Gay rights champion Leo Abse dies -
Gay rights champion and former MP Leo Abse has died at the age of 91. - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Baldy Blogger journalist Adrian Sudbury dies from leukaemia | Media | -
Lukemia blogger dies - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Social media conference in Brighton, 5 September. £195 for tickets. - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Ballerina Ballroom diary | Art & architecture | -
Charlotte Higgins is blogging from Nairn on Tilda Swintons film festival. - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
The best computer bag I’ve owned: STM Journey -
mmm bags... - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Apps for Apple TV: sign me up -
Please, please, please let them offer Apps for AppleTV. PLEASE! - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Rebuilding Tottenham Court Road station -
This is going to take FOREVER! - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Hungry Turtle Helps Us Heal -
omg cutest thing EVA! - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
All this history outside my front door! - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
Rob Ryan & Sandwiches on the Train -
Checkin it out tomorrow! :) - Caspar Aremi
Caspar Aremi
I can't wait to get on this! - Caspar Aremi
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