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appreciating this #perfect quote in my #tedxpdx book. ♥️
Zalika Gardner's #TEDxPDX talk inspires I'm taking her challenge to Listen Differently.
Looking forward to participating in tonight's @sourceweekly Media Salon Please join us at @BTBSBend 7p
"The easiest thing to do is to not live's important to slow down and remember what I'm doing." @macklemore #tedxpdx #perfect
RT @chrisaniciete: For sustainable human progress via @Revkin: bend, stretch, reach, teach, reveal, reflect, rejoice, repeat #TEDxPDX
RT @abonnington: "I think imagination is in charge because if you can't imagine it, it's very hard to believe in" #zalikagardner #TEDxPDX #perfect
. @garietyxxx 3 pillars of Art Programming 1) anyone can learn to code 2) code is art 3) art demands openness #TEDxPDX love.
"Art demands thought before action...Art necessitates love." ~ @garietyxxx #TEDxPDX
"You have so many tools. Create well." ~ @FinalCutKing #TEDxPDX
RT @emmagbradley: Inclusion, community & play. G Cody QJ Goldberg may have the solution to societal failures we cringe at on the news daily. #TEDxPDX #perfect
"You only need a few tools to connect woth the world ~ @FinalCutKing #TEDxPDX
Frank Moore "In my entire life I've never been afraid of giving love." #tedxpdx #perfect @ Tedxpdx
Question. Learn. Play. ((YES)) Thanks @semaphoria #TEDxPDX
MT @mahealani_k: #perfect #TEDxPDX my dad just sent me this from #inBend. It's perfect.”
RT @BrandenHarvey: If you couldn’t get tickets or don’t live in Portland, you can watch @TEDxPortland live all day long at #TEDxPDX
RT @CentralDrug: So Inspiring. Level the ground together. Community. Inclusion. Play. #harpersplayground #tedxpdx
"Work hard at the art of living." Wise words from a wise man, Frank Moore #TEDxPDX
Made the last minute decision to attend #TEDxPortland Looking forward to Saturday explorations of Perfect.
#BendDigiKids talking Social SEO today. Thanks for facilitating the conversation, Reese (@FidoLove).
MT @oldmilldistrict: Incredible Escher Lecture planned for friday at A6. Advance registration recommended. #howtobend
"It had no call to action, no name of the team, no mention of the sport, no url" ~ And it wins. Ace work, @jellyhelm
Laura Alonso on women in politics: "Ask the question 'Why Not Me?' and answer it." #WITW14
RT @MayaErgas: @rabbisusan:"The secret to activism is you say or do or resist whatever you need to say or do or resist. It's not magic." #WITW14
"Keep your overhead low, don't have a lot of stuff, and you can live a life with meaning, that you believe in" ~@SarahKSilverman WITW14
RT @susanmcp1: Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for being such a strong proponent for #women’s rights globally. You are making a difference for us all. #WITW14
I do believe that the U.S. will have a female president in my lifetime~Jimmy Carter #WITW14
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