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「What's new in F12 with Windows 8.1 Update」 #feedly
「Orbital Mechanics」 #feedly
Google Hangout puts spammer friend request into People You May Know…
RT @newsycombinator: Comparing Node.js Promises, Try/Catch, Angular Zone.js and yes, Zone
RT @gamesbrief: 37% of games owned by players on Steam have never been played at all
RT @paveo: 知乎这逼格也装得太高了,邮件通知说第一时间修复了 heartbleed 漏洞,然后知乎压根连 https 都不用,你修复个毛?测试下登录根本就是明文的,主站也没有 https 可选。
「How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)」 #readability
RT @newsycombinator: Bret Victor style debugging, finally implemented
RT @HackerNewsOnion: LEAKED presentation reveals Google Plus’s shocking user acquisition strategy
RT @natpriorities: It's #TaxDay. Do you know how the govt spent all the money you paid in federal income #taxes?
RT @RioJot: Must read for front-end devs: Javascript Cryptography Considered Harmful
原來 Audi 在買車時,如果新車主住址已經有一位 Audi 車主(親屬或室友),則新車主可以獲得大概 $1000 折扣。我從來都不知道有這條,所以儘管我室友有 A4 但我買車時都沒折扣。這次到朋友買 A3,簽合同時才聽說有這一條,他新室友有 Allroad 但註冊地址沒改。
RT @jatescher: An epic explanation of SF's housing situation...
RT @newsycombinator: How to Lie with Data Visualization
RT @pickover: This is a political joke involving math, leadership, equality, and repression.
各位 Roomba 用戶多久換一次全新的掃把、濾網等配件?
RT @ziyan: 至少我们不会傻乎乎地把私匙放在同一进程里面,顶多就泄漏个会话密匙。
RT @kevinmitnick: The NSA secretly steals Huawei's source code. Yet I get 5 years for the same thing? What's up with that? ;-)
RT @johnmaeda: "People around the world are eating more and more alike." —@SavorTooth via @andrew_zolli
RT @Leaskh: 你真以为判断一段文本是不是有效 url 是一个很简单的任务吗?你真的以为几分钟写个正则就能解决得漂漂亮亮吗?那你就错了,无数热血码农都试图完美解决这个问题。 有兴趣可以看看“大火球”的版本
「The Idiots Guide to High Frequency Trading」 #readability
第一次喺美國見到有海參食 @ Bamboo Garden
RT @CiscoSecurity: Speakers not working? Tired of those earbuds? Try this simple solution and enjoy your music! #TechHacks
「Heartbleed Explanation」 #feedly
RT @StartupLJackson: San Francisco, where it's easier to find an angel investor than a parking spot.
RT @pcgamer: First details on Civilization: Beyond Earth:
RT @huskyman: 瑪莉歐要打倒庫巴救公主,香菇兵團跑出來要扁瑪莉歐,然後香菇被踩扁了。被媒體播出來說香菇好可憐,說瑪莉歐應該要全程不能碰到他們救出公主。 瑪莉歐:『這太難了啊。』 媒體:『可是踩香菇就是不對。』 瑪莉歐:『那我不要救了好不好?(生氣)』   媒體跑馬燈:「瑪莉歐始亂終棄移情別戀」
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