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The importance of "noun phrases" - via @joshdilworth
First post by new @thefluffpo correspondent @AshWelter: Model Dog Signs with American Apparel -
Congrats to @CharlieKroll and the @AnderaInc. Great news for the RI tech scene (and happy to see a continued commitment to Providence!).
Happy @thedeanhotel now exists. It's scoring little Rhody a bunch of great press (like this from @curbed):
A disturbing number of people on Instagram tag their own asses as #petstagram.
I'm in for $50 if anyone wants to buy the Rays and move them RT @toddjolmstead: Could MLB return to Montreal?
For anyone keeping track, this was the 5,000th post on @thefluffpo (cc: @Matt_Silverman )
WiFi network name, the new weapon of choice for asshat trolls - via @DailyDot
Note to self: don't accidentally tag bunny posts with #rabbis instead of #rabbits on @thefluffpo
I and @TheFluffPo have finally arrived: Quoted in @StyleWatchMag this month:
My favorite thing about March is Duke getting eliminated from the NCAA tournament.
TIL: the iOS 7 calendar allows you to scroll infinitely (?) in either direction. My birthday fell on a Sunday in 9 B.C.
This dog has seen #StarWars a record number of times: (at least, in the narrative I made up)
Still seems really big, but the Moto360 is stylish:
Pixel & Dimed - A look at the gig economy from @SarahFKessler #longreads
What do you think...? Take the poll: Is Teaching Media Literacy Important?
Storm the court of you win a title, win on a buzzer beater in a meaningful game, beat #1. That's it, imho.
I guess I was wrong about #topchef. Though it was still obvious who would win at last commercial break due to time constraints. ;)
Take that, New York! RT @ProvidenceRI: Providence named the #2 city for pizza in the country by @travlandleisure!”
I mostly have enjoyed my @Jawbone UP, despite some odd design choices. But 3 months in, it's starting to come apart. Poor build quality? :(
Tumblr: An Unexpected Cancer Support Group by @mattpetronzio
Still plenty of down power lines in little Rhody. (The whole street was closed here.) #nemo
Ellery is alarmed by the sound of snow plows.
At some point, people will stop trying to be Hunter S. Thompson. At least, I hope so. (This is not good:
Wonder what UX designers do all day? @mattymcg explains in comic form -
Crap. I broke my glasses and now I have to use my old ones, so everything is just *slightly* blurry. This won't make me dizzy.......
I don't remember the name of this band. But Too-Skinny Shawn White on guitar is creeping me out.
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