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Re: tech co. diversity reports coming out recently, have any journos asked about salary differences? Or if contractors are being included?
Accidentally tuned into a show on NBC called "Brooklyn Taxi." WTF did I just subject my brain to?
RT @feedly: We are flattered to be included in the @mashable RSS survey
Does anyone know a way to embed a Keynote presentation on the web that supports links between non-adjacent slides?
For some reason my TV is about 15 seconds behind my neighbors. Their screaming keeps ruining the suspense on these goals. #WorldCupSpoilers
Marketing on reddit? @wilw knows how to do it:
The @naturebox blueberry fig bars are really, really good. But 5 per bag is silly and individually wrapping them is not very "naturey." :(
.@ClayPell is separating himself as most progressive candidate for RI governor. #WPRIdebate cc: @AngelForRI @GinaForRI
Glad that is getting a reboot; great resource, happy it is sticking around - @swombat
STUDY: Cats Prefer To Watch Human Videos On The Internet
That said, I love the @Quirky blackout policy mentioned in the story. Awesome idea. #worklifebalance @NBCNightlyNews
First time I have ever seen an @Quirky commercial is 5 minutes after a story that mentions Quirky on @NBCNightlyNews. Hmm.
RT @feedly: Learn how @feedly uses @UserTesting to design a better experience
Here's why @Evernote and @feedly are better together -
Everything is bad and there's nothing we can do about it! via @gigaom
I still reflexively hit "cmd + S" after I finish typing in Google Docs. Leftover muscle memory from years of Microsoft Word.
.@VelocityWong might have the best writing gig on Earth. Free to pursue one story - (nearly) any story - each month:
RT @om: Average US TV home now receives 189 TV channels but tune in to an average of just 17 channels
So many links to "PetFlow" in my Fb feed. Their blog is Upworthy/Viral Nova-style random content. Can't imagine that traffic converts well.
Why the Indie Web movement is so important
I'm digging The Competitive Edge, the new podcast from @britton -
Looking for a few folks who use @feedly in educational settings. Does that describe you? If so, please email
This should be required reading every Rhode Islander:
To anyone wondering about the reported JavaScript security bug in @feedly, here's a quick update:
The importance of "noun phrases" - via @joshdilworth
First post by new @thefluffpo correspondent @AshWelter: Model Dog Signs with American Apparel -
Congrats to @CharlieKroll and the @AnderaInc. Great news for the RI tech scene (and happy to see a continued commitment to Providence!).
Happy @thedeanhotel now exists. It's scoring little Rhody a bunch of great press (like this from @curbed):
A disturbing number of people on Instagram tag their own asses as #petstagram.
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