Today, LAU celebrates Veteran’s Day. Join with us as we salute our nation’s Veterans and thank them…
You may be searching for ways to advance at work, but it's dif... More for Gemini
You may be buzzing around on the analytical planes of existenc... More for Gemini
How I did on Twitter this week: 4 New Followers. How'd your week go? via
Your not usually interested in hanging out in the dark corners... More for Gemini
You love to flit from conversation to conversation, but your e... More for Gemini
Everything feels less complicated than it actually is today, b... More for Gemini
RT @Inc: The surprising truth about business travel productivity (Infographic) @GrahamWinfrey
Your emotions are quite visceral now, and your thoughts are mo... More for Gemini
I'm at Nixs in Hartford, CT
It's a communication-rich day, but you might have trouble sayi... More for Gemini
You're operating at an extremely high level of efficiency, ena... More for Gemini
#shoeshinesunday Got to take care of it if you want it to last
My week on twitter: 6 New Followers, 1 Mentions, 186 Mention Reach. via
If you aren't keeping a secret today then someone else might b... More for Gemini
SAVE THE DATE! SAVE THE DATE! Email if you want your organization to…
You may actually think you're being sensitive to the needs of ... More for Gemini
By @strollforacause "SAVE THE DATE! SAVE THE DATE! Email if you want your…
Other people's demands on your time could be distracting if yo... More for Gemini
Restless feelings may be distracting today, yet you still can ... More for Gemini
Sometimes love seems illusory and far away, like a pot of gold... More for Gemini
You feel as if you're being pulled in opposite directions toda... More for Gemini
It may be wise to let someone else put on the show and dance a... More for Gemini
It's easy to talk about all those things you would like to cha... More for Gemini
My mom's birthday dinner yesterday. #Momdukes #mother #Mum #Ma #Mommmy
Events are unfolding so quickly today that you may not have a ... More for Gemini
Your artistic and expressive energies are highly activated at ... More for Gemini
It feels as if worlds of possibilities are opening up in front... More for Gemini
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