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the game itself is a machine of unspoken words & unwritten rules. For those to either manipulate or be manipulated by. The Game is more of a sociological & psychological entity. Those who encompass the Knowledge have 2 choices…use to them their advantage, for good; or use it as a disadvantage for others, for bad. - C.B. Jones
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When you expect life to be unkind, it will always live up to your expectations. On the other hand, when you consider yourself to be in a fortunate situation, you will find yourself in many more. - C.B. Jones
Daniel Tosh Social Anxiety Sufferer? How he uses it to to Great Effect | Beyond Shyness and Social Anxiety - http://www.beyondshynessandsoc...
He says that he can connect to his audience by making a character that he uses while he is telling jokes. This allows him to be someone else for a while and interact without the anxiety getting to him. - C.B. Jones
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can also apply to interacting with people. Start with one sentence, and let it all flow from there. That is what small talk is based on. Start, and build from there. - C.B. Jones
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