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Very nicely done chrome extension for a great link sharing experience.
My MetaWear arrived. This thing is tiny! (@mbientLab)
Tried to order an IPA but instead asked for an API.
Commercial communication relays... on Mars!
The internet has been very kind today. Thanks!
About @FastForwardLabs, the new company that I'm working on -
Melo wants to invest in wearables and ubiquitous computing. Mind blown.
Evernote’s Savvy Plan to Join the Wearables Race
The Future of Robot Caregivers
I took a bad video of that public art gif thing near the new museum
seriously, this kickstarter project's funding video is incredible -
RT @hmason: Crowdfunding Snakeoil (via @qrs)
Art collecting on my mind: Dain, Julian Rapp/Cope2 collab, one of those Iranian street artists from the Tehran to NYC show.
I said, "Braun? Like Dieter Rams?" and he said "Umm you know, the Germans".
he was bewildered when I told him it was a Google watch.
well dressed man with a European accent stopped me on the street last night to ask if I was wearing a Braun watch.
random troll sums it up: "Lebron and the Cleveland Lebrons will be Lebroning all over the Pistons for the next three to five years."
if you've always wanted to bring your dog to work... they are a company full of great people and they are hiring
the view from my office... in 1904.
Mr Burns once blocked out the Sun to sell energy to Springfield. That's a #jerktech startup plot in today's day.
Does anyone out there work with print? High quality reports, multi-page brochures, self-published books, etc? I want to buy you coffee.
Billy Beane on the Future of Sports: A Tech-Driven Revolution
Facebook cloned potato salad with a twist, you have to take a bite before they'll let you try it.
Oh hey, my spray cans made the @ElectricObjects kickstarter video (don't blink or check out the gif below the fold)
I got a press preview to a dope art show thanks to
I have been loving my LG G. It's everything I loved about Glass, with 1/1000th of the dork factor.
0-7... I finally found that football they have been talking about.
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