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serendipitously found a great apt in South Williamsburg. Especially good for hosting parties and hanging out with friends. Should I do it?
Sharing intents are easily my favorite and most used Android feature.
As if the horrible marketing stunt wasn't enough, today's @oneplus OTA update destroyed sharing intent performance.
As if their horrible marketing stunt wasn't enough, today's OTA update completely destroyed performance of sharing intents.
This is off to a good start. Featuring Kendrick Lamar on Spotify -
As more taxi drivers become Uber drivers, I'm noticing a lot more Uber drivers drive aggressive like taxi drivers.
My niece wants to build a car, she can actually use. Does anyone know of a good amateur boxcar kit her parents could help her put together?
the wallet craze has jumped from @kickstarter to @ProductHunt
Complex used for it's ENX link!
Google Photos is pretty good. It should separate from G+ and just sit on top of a Google Drive directory. Then it would be pretty great.
Verifying myself: My Bitcoin username is +ccarella. #bitcoin
It ships worth Cyanogen which is great if you're a tweaker (I am) but not as good as stock KitKat if your not.
My 24hr One Plus One Review: it's definitely the best "phablet" on the market.
20 min later the officers decided it was legal. Were they actually looking for Lyft drivers?
2nd officer is on the scene.
.@Uber driver was pulled over for picking me up. The officer is checking to see if it's legal. This is in nyc.
I always wanted to love @IFTTT and now that I've had it controlling my air conditioner for a few weeks, I do.
Original Algorithms and Artisanal API's - ( via @nearfuturelab )
Today is the day I saw my Doctor, Google my symptoms in front of me.
If you want to encrypt something for me, my MiniLock ID is - WahMNZdy19cb1G7HzbvyRX8fQroRKXF8DJwk577GQdHXv
RT @garwboy: Last night my mate asked to use a USB port to charge his cigarette, but I was using it to charge my book. The future is stupid.
RT @ftrain: I am increasingly certain is a game where you win prizes when you identify the computer-generated startup ideas.
Ordered an @oneplus today. Now the wait for its arrival.
this AMA with a paleontologist is Internet gold -
Acquired a new painting from @julianrapp, time to reorganize the walls!
Very nicely done chrome extension for a great link sharing experience.
My MetaWear arrived. This thing is tiny! (@mbientLab)
Tried to order an IPA but instead asked for an API.
Commercial communication relays... on Mars!
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