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World's Fair: Isaac Asimov's predictions 50 years on
Wow @ActuallyNPH in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway was outstanding.
amazing. NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette -
I'm crazy about the latest banksy... the social relevance and the way he's playing with light in a stencil -
Good Read: How to Think Like the Dutch in a Post-Sandy World
Heartbleed, Condi Rice, and Weev. Just another episode of your week in cyberpunk.
Question while changing passwords thanks to Heartbleed: Do I change passwords at sites I'm never going to use again?
Dropbox free in 4/10/14
There is no way to save a photo to my camera roll (android) in @carouselapp? I usually want the photo, not a link to it on the web.
If you are using Heartbleed to compromise Hulu right now, I'm embarrassed that you know I was watching The Originals.
Heartbleed is crazy.
I went to Speakeasy Dollhouse on Saturday and it was the most fun I've had at an immersive theater show. Will go again.
As if millions of voices (pirating HBOGO) suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
What the future looked like from the 1920's
What the future looked like from the 1920's
RT @gt: Teehan+Lax iPad GUI for @sketchapp. WIP by @tylr
even the GOOG loves street art -
Can't wait to try immersive movies with Oculus Rift -
the Dain show at Folioleaf is my favorite solo show of the year so far. Check it out if you love art of any kind. 111 Front St. Dumbo.
If you were going to travel to one baseball stadium to take in a game, which would you go to? (I'm looking to make a stadium trip)
Class will be held outside today.
The ocular pat down is key to any successful craigslist transaction
I wish I could remember who I was talking about using drones to create street art with because THIS -
The Computer for the 21st Century is the big one but I've read all his papers and other ubicomp papers from Xerox Parc from that time.
a new Frank Ocean album would have been pretty sweet though.
craigslisting some stuff and trying to channel my inner @amandapey
what keyboard are you using for Android? I like Swype but my typos (wrong words) have gone way way up.
The way Twitch integrated into Xbox One is going to change gaming and entertainment forever.
When it comes to awkwardly huge, why would I want this in my home, power supplies... The rest of the world can't compete with Microsoft.
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