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Robert Scoble
Twitter is down. Oh, what will the SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts do?
Come to FF! - Simon Wicks
Give Friendfeed a shot? - Rubin Sfadj
Hopefully they don't come to FriendFeed :) - Robert J Taylor
Hang out on FF - Roberto Bonini
they will spam friendfeed instead? - Denis
They are so freeeking out. - SolidSmack
I couldn't tweet about it, so I told my wife instead. - Patrick Lightbody
Big ups to the FriendFeed massive! - Josette
I tried retweeting that. *sigh* - Andy McIlwain
Call them to join friendfeed, and make - Madhav Tripathi
Hopefully FF won't get killed by the Tweeters flocking over here. - phil baumann
ok.. here ya go..twitter being down has forced me here. Haven;t tried FF yet so... - cheapsuits
I suspect the bots will rejoice.... - walidmREALTOR
just like ya possibly twiddle their thumbs... - Baba
Let's see where these so-called "social media experts" go to fill the void of Twitter. - Christian
I can't open - ybs
Can FF servers manage such a massive movement? - Samuel Goëta
since bots supply at least 25% of Twitter traffic, should we feel the worst for them right now? - Kevin Norman
write a post about twitter being down as a threat to humanity, may be?:) - Nikos Anagnostou
Twitter down... can't post on Facebook,,. so it's FriendFeed! - carrotmadman6
So your're not responsible for that ? Strange... :-) - Enikao
lay on the floor and spin in circles - SolidSmack
Maybe the SocMedExperts will go back to Plurk since Scoble likes Friendfeed. :) - Jay Gilmore
thank God, now we can get back to work - E.P. Scott
if they are the experts they claim to be then they should be here! - Mark V. Fusco
Facebook seems frakked too. - Gregg Le Blanc
I get tweet trough tweetdeck... - Giorgio
I need serious help with FF. For an idiot like me this isn't so intuitive really. Help section is nice but I need someone to hold my hand ..bleeech. Don't get me wrong I am sorry I was reluctant to try FF before - cheapsuits
I blame Scoble. It's always his fault :-) - Keith Barrett
but how am I going to tell the world I need a cup of tea???? nooooooo - Rachel Clarke
Giorgio - I'm seeing some activity through the Twitter API, too (that's what TweetDeck uses, I believe); not a lot, but some - Robert J Taylor
I thought it was just my connection. ;-) I'm also having problems with Facebook today. - Timothy Federwitz
yeah, it seems the web interface is down but the api is working.. - Giorgio
I think the social media experts are going to spend the next hour talking about Twitter being down - Keith Barrett
Maybe read a book for a change? - Yiorgos Adamopoulos
Scoble's followers where the glue keeping Twitter together! now that he's 'pulled the pin' and released them all, Twitter has fallen down and can't get up. - MikeAmundsen
I'm so lost this morning without my cup-o-Twitter - frank barry
They'll comment on it, much like I just did. - Marlin Forbes
Man imagine if this had happened on #followfriday... - Rob Paller
Facebook is copying twitter too closely...even to going down at the same time - Robert Littlejohn
Yiorgas: read a book for a change? I do that anyway, but only about 10/month. need more twitter time to balance it out - Rachel Clarke
Does Twitter have what it takes to be a big player? We've been working with their API on a project and every time there is something out of whack. Anyone else have the same issues? - Chris Nadeau
twitter is really down, I think twitter itself should have a site that tweets when it's down :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
They will use FF to inform their friend that twitter is down - Didier Girard
Show up here I'm thinking. :-) - Dion Hinchcliffe
Huge exodus to FF! - akihito
We will start feeding friends and keeping up our 's - JuneM
What's been the longest twitter outage on record thus far? - Dusty Edenfield
hmm at least they found a solution with a blog :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
I don't understand why you maintain an account when you have such contempt for Twitter & those who use it. - Liz
they will cry in their soup - Bobby Griffith
holiday - Ronald
Well Robert, where will you go when they all come here? - Tokyo Dan from iPhone
it's back up. made ya look - Kevin Norman
Strangely, is up. - Marlin Forbes
Tokyo: I already have a private group setup. Sort of like a bomb shelter in case the rats take over. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
i noticed that twitter is down... anyone know how facebook is ssOOO slow 2...???? - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Just noticed it... - k00pa
twitter outage and news of the PubSubHubbub feature in Google Reader ( make FF look pretty good right now. - Dusty Edenfield
friendfeed is having some issues but for the most part is still up and going :) - (jeff)isageek
find another medium such as friendfeed ;). - rick
Roger, Mr. Scoble! - akihito
@Sebastian they connected somehow... ahhh scary :) - Dani Martínez
good. so not the only one with issues with FB.. wel atleast is FF is going strong.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
what we all are going to do??? =) but if seriously i remember this video on youtube - trouble with twitter: - obolonskyi
They will all sit in their chair and stare at their monitor! - Gabe Diaz
@Dani, who knows... the might merge or something... explain the strange twitter is pulling fb down 2.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Did Scoble bring Twitter and FB down as he unfollowed everyone ? winks -) - Del_
This is very interesting that it is impacting more than one social network ... can't even speculate what the cause is yet. Not getting much work done today I'm afraid, going to be following these conversations.. - Joe Magennis
I haven't been on twitter for days. I guess I picked the wrong morning to jump back in. - Jeff Stannard
Robert: The most important question>> How many new sign-ups for FF today? - K.N. Ajit Narayan
...and who wins? FF great :) - Dani Martínez
Was just able to post to Facebook but took several tries. Wow. FF FTW! - Tom Guarriello
so!! - abdellah
The smart ones will go to FriendFeed ;) - Helene
The spammers should go to MySpace... - Dennis Bjørn Petersen
Tweeple will come to FriendFeed! - LauraLee Dooley
That's why I joined FF a while back. Then I found all the useful features- and the bonus is having Scoble here to show the way. - Brenda Young
No, the smart ones are ALREADY on FriendFeed :) - Susan Beebe
and? - abdellah
@obolonskyi nice. vid.. ROFL... never seen it before... - Sebastiaan van den Akker
GUILTY ! I have had a FF account for awhile just never used it-- - cheapsuits
What the celebrities like you do. Talk about it on Twitter. - Tad Chef
This actually made me laugh out loud, because I was thinking the same thing! - Dan
Could this mean that CNBC was right??? Nooooooooooo! - travispuk
I was planning to unfollow a bunch of followers due to Twitter's follow limit rule kicking in at the ~#2000 user level. I have to wait with that then... ;) - Martin Lindeskog
FF FTW - Eran Even-Kesef
Let's see how well Friendfeed handles this Twitter outage :) - Rene Silva
Re previous comment of mine, 'Nooooooo!' was for CNBC being right, not that twitter is dead. ;) - travispuk
life goes on - Eran Even-Kesef
Hey don't tell anyone about this FF thing, its our little secret - Jeff Wiant
Twitter better be back up by the time Rick Sanchez is on CNN this afternoon or he won't know what to talk about ;) - cjcubs
telnet 80 ? - Gordon Joly
@gordon wont work - k00pa
FF was down for me for about 10 min just now. - Dusty Edenfield
Blogger's having some trouble as well - Crispin Heath
No address associated with nodename ( - Gordon Joly
If friend feed ever gets as popular as twitter were will everyone go to to avoid the popular crowd? - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Panic? - Dean Clark
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Panic? Aren't we all used to this already? :) - Sasha Kovaliov
if this is the North Koreans with a coordinated attack I WILL laugh - cheapsuits
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Robert, please follow back 106,000 and everything will be ok))) joke =) - obolonskyi
I can not play 140mafia!!! This sucks sooooo bad :( - Sam Beckett
Twitter outage is causing issues with both facebook and friendfeed. I guess we know where everyone is going instead of twitter. - April Russo (FForever!)
facebook? no way :) - Sasha Kovaliov
Twitter being down is a a relief to me this morning! Now I can stay OFF it rather than fitting it into every 30 second change of task! n - Arleen Boyd
at this rate they will have to start sending out junk mail via the post office again... oh the humanity - Terry Bruce
Nothing seems to work, I think it will be the Friend Feed greatest traffic boost ever - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
guys, is it Ddos attack? or smth like that? as I understand twitter is hosting somewhere and this datacenter is down. am i right? - obolonskyi
FriendFeed traffic is rocking now... - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
social media "experts" might need to actually find other work to do. - Luis Sandoval
thanks God, Youtube is working - obolonskyi
More info needed. Where is there an alternate feed to real time news? - SenderOK
seems unlikely I'll do anything productive in the interim - WarLord
Hopefully they will move to FF :) - Martynas
it could be ff provocation - obolonskyi
I feel like we are all stranded on a tropical Island together - Jeff Wiant
was afraid for a moment that out IT blocked all social networks or something horrible like that. Thank god FF came back up quickly. This might have gotten me to use FF more. I often neglect it. - Ryan Cummins
Wondered why tweetdeck wasn't loading anything. actually got some programming work done. lol - Justin Long
friendfeed rules! - Kevin Dolan
twits will move, but only until twitter is back online, then there will be a mass exodus. Remember during all of the 2007/2008 fail whales users still flocked back to it regardless. - travispuk
Twitter, Facebook, now Posterous... 4chan organize an attack or something? - Sam Harrelson from IM
Thank goodness FF is still working. :) - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
Friendfeed + Facebook :) - Rafa Lacerda
From "Site is down 1 hour ago. We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly." - Martin Lindeskog
Touché Robert, Touché - Jeff Woelker from twhirl
"We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly." from Twitter Status - Kurt Jarchow
North Koreans I tell ya.... - cheapsuits
took inordinate amount of time to get into ff today as well - A Zmaj
Hmmm DoS attack...someone wanting a ransom from Twitter? - Mike Gargano
Guess they'll have to either pick up the phone or do some work :) - Graham Bunting
Can someone with 94k followers really mock the the celebs and experts devoid of Twitter? - Augie Ray
Hey, no bogus follow messages in my inbox for a while! ;-) - Julie Barrett from twhirl
This is teaching us something about the framework of the current Internet traffic patterns. We're watching cascade scale problems from one major Internet program going down. - Melanie Reed
Facebook is giving up the ol', "Transport error (#1001) while retrieving data from endpoint `/ajax/inline_comments.php': A network error occurred. Check that you are connected to the internet" message now. - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
I think this is bigger than Twitter and FB... I think it's some interweb routes or something. I had a VoIP call going with a party local to me and two across the country and I lost the two across the country, but maintained the local party. And others are commenting on other sites showing signs of outages. - Timothy Federwitz from Alert Thingy
Twitter is,,SOS! - Veetrag
What will they do? Use FriendFeed! - Chuck Huckaby
It's official. Twitter's problem is a DoS attack per twitter/status. - Roger Jennings
shhhh they'll come here - andy brudtkuhl
The real bummer for me is, now I actually have to listen to the radio to get the word of the day! - Travis Owen
is twitter connected with FB or Friendfeed? I am having page errors with both, Ajax issues with FB intermittently , I am no tech geek so I have no clue whats up and come here to learn - lisa coultrup
Maybe Ev's interview on the BBC last night didn't go down well with the Iranians! - Andrew from iPod
Status Blog says "We are defending against a denial-of-service attack." Mmmm... - akihito
Friendfeed it is then. - Aren Grimshaw
Now, It's up! - Martin Sliacky
Posterous isn't working properly either, at least for me. - Steven Melfi
What does DoS mean? - Kimberle Kelly
denial of service - Justin Long
I meant what does denial of service mean? (dumb blonde here sorry) - Kimberle Kelly
If it's true..or is it propaganda? - Alex Schleber
It's down, again. - Martin Sliacky
Thank you :o) - Kimberle Kelly
Ev coming onto the BBC last night and saying that they were asked by the US Goverment to keep Twitter up and running during the Iranian protests cannot have gone down well in Tehran! - Andrew from iPod
DoS on large portions of the internet. Is this 4Chan... Chinese... N. Korea... durkadurkastan... - Ryan Cummins
now having trouble getting to Friendfeed - Justin Long
look, few days ago Clinton back home with two imprisoned american journalists from North Korea and today Korea is attacking twitter? it is revenge))) - obolonskyi
maybe Robert's great unFollowing crashed the servers... no loss! Go FF - Jay Shapiro from BuddyFeed
some government is DDOS'ing the real-time internet to cover up something :-) - Lee Provoost
hmmm - abdellah
As I said, I predict a baby-boom in 9 months... wait and see! - Jordi Soler
SEO Experts can analyze their charts, celebrities and wannabe's can entertain us with video (maybe some cool Twitter Whore like stuff) , and social media experts can quickly become Fail Whale Experts. - Michele Lorito-Chase
@Lee Provost don't you thing you're going to be a little apocaliptic ? :-) - Filippo Ronco
Twitter downing has to be a lesson for all of us. if sometimes gmail or even google will be down. what we all are going to do in that situation??? - obolonskyi
@Filippo i've been suprised many times that reality is often more wacked up than the conspiracy theories of geeks :-p - Lee Provoost
I'm hoping the social media experts go away and do something useful. - Parvez Halim
@Lee this is true too :-) - Filippo Ronco
@Jordi LOL, considering that there are a vast amount of single male computer geeks out there in the twitter community, baby boom effect might be negligible :-D - Lee Provoost
what is bad here? here doesnt exist reply button =( - obolonskyi
@Lee single male computer geeks - LOL)) - obolonskyi
Go back to MySpace? - Juliana
The twitter bots are rebelling - Charles
@Flynn, go check out this Greasemonkey script, solves it: - Alex Schleber
Come here and moan about it! - Kami Huyse
Read post on 100k unfollow - I love how people are commenting and blaming Twitter being down on that! lol - Helene
AAANND.. it's back. At least for a moment I guess.. - Alex Schleber
AAANND it's GONE! ..Again. At least I managed to send out a quick FriendFeed SOS, as in: "Still think you shouldn't have all of your favorite tweeps in a "backup system" on FriendFeed? Join here: " - Alex Schleber
Either collapse or back to use their phones in voice only mode, do some shopping, get eye to eye contact ... Blame god, and then. Give a serious try on FF ;p - Marco ILLESCAS from iPhone
I hope everyone will be - April Mendez
Hey, can I hang out here on FF while my Twitter is down :) - Kevin Krewell
Welcome to FF Kevin! You can tweet from here too! - Arleen Boyd
Thanks Arleen. I hear all the kool kids hang out here now - like Scoble and you! - Kevin Krewell
I'm glad I joined FF yesterday, great timing! - CodeSamurai
I also micro-blog or create my own Twitter, but in more than 140 characters. - polou/indigo_bow
FF and Tumblr are working fine! :-) - Tim Moore
A good FF day- new familiar faces on this thread. - E-Advocate Network
What will the blackhat SEO experts, the SM spammers, and the social media experts do during a widespread outage? The answer is obvious: While sitting out the crisis they're fine-tuning their methodology. Seriously, your question offends me. There's a gazillion of SEO experts out there who do not abuse social media. - Sebastian
Sebastian there can't be a gazillion SEO experts! What's 10,000 keywords times 20?? (and that's being generous!) - Arleen Boyd
Would a social media expert consider it to be a crisis? If they rely so heavily on just one or two tools that it's enough to throw them into a tizzy, their expert status would seem to me to be ... questionable, at best. - Gord McLeod
Agreed. - Greg
Arleen, 10,000 keyword phrases times 20 is a tiny fraction of the search terms that are worth optimizing for. Think of the long tail. Also, consider lots of webmasters and even publishers / site owners / bloggers / Web developers ... SEO experts who are able to optimize their stuff quite successfully but don't sell or publish their expertise. Many of them, and even many SEO consultants, do make sensible use of social media, as plain users. - Sebastian
Gord, in a social media spammer's book 2 hours of outage, IOW 2 hours w/o sales from sneakily distributed links to questionable sales pitches, can sum up to way more than a good day's beer money. ;) However, "crisis" might be a term too strong for this potential loss. - Sebastian
+1 Sebastian - Bill Sodeman
I'm hung up on hop 12! - bev
I love FF! - John Giglio
come to Friend Feed? Not - Rob Cairns
You must be dying of laughter now Robert! - Arleen Boyd
Arleen: yes, reading this is fun. Sebastien SEO types are so easy to wind up. ;-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert, admit it, you broke Twitter by massively unfollowing people. The DDoS attack reports have just been a ruse to cover up the fact that you were the backbone of Twitter all this time. - Louis Trapani
Louis: that is true. I pissed the bots off. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Keep running into the wall a few times then find alternate outlets such as ff, linkedIn, etc... - Kirsten Mitchell from iPhone
Looks like the devious plan to move everyone to FF is working well. LOL :) - Geer
Ha! The whole Facebook Twitter slowdown may have been just people clicking on spam (not a DDoS botnet). How funny! Manual DDoS. See Bill Woodcock's theory at CNet, AP, SF Gate, and The Register - Mitchell Tsai
There you go again implying the only ones that use twitter is SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts - This is definitely SPIN. Perhaps you should join CNN also LOL - RetiredTeacherD
Ironic, given your status as a celebrity social media expert who constantly spams about bots... :-P - David Kettler
Now they'll have time to shower and do their laundry! - Summer Fling
To the edge of space in a spyplane! -
To the edge of space in a spyplane!
Kimber Scott
Creativity and imagination: Where have they gone? -
Creativity and imagination: Where have they gone?
"magination and creativity are the tools we need to solve problems. These problems do not only come from around us, but from within us. Noted psychologist C.G. Jung had a great amount to say about imagination and using active imagination to access those deeper parts of our mind for a better understand of our Self. Just how much are we willing to give away so that our children will be able to add 2+2, solve for x, and have a great football team?!" - Kimber Scott from Bookmarklet
Robert Scoble
Most say they don't care about Yahoo. OK Yahooligans, convince us. Why should we care? Tell us here in real time:
Anyone? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Y! mail and Flickr continue to serve me well. Your mileage may vary. - Bernie Goldbach
Rabble rouser! - James D Kirk
I use Flickr, but that's about it. - Jason Mayoff
Yahoo Sports has some of the best writers - KyNam Doan
Don't yahoo own,flickr.Must say I use them for my primary e-mail,and find them very good. - Paul Downing
Y! matters because it is one of the most powerful firehose available on the net. A link on that homepage means hundreds of thousands of clicks... - Edwin Khodabakchian
I get more visitors to my blog from Y! than from Bing. - Bernie Goldbach
James: I just wonder if anyone from Yahoo cares to try to convince us this is cool. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bernie I don't get many from either - Robert Scoble from iPhone
No, RS. I get where you're coming from and why. I get you. I'm with you in the envelope pushing, brother! - James D Kirk
Note: I did NOT ask if Flickr matters. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
With Facebook Albums i dont care a lot about Flickr. Not that it is not good but i like the integration it gives. - IyerTalks
it's not really whether or not they "care", it's whether or not they can be bullied into answering it on FriendFeed, right? - Jeremy Toeman
Robert - While the tech community knows what has been going on at Yahoo!, the reality is their front page is one of their most important assets along with Flickr (and this could be a big plus ..... or not). IE: There's still a whole bunch's out there ... (even some's :). - Charlie Anzman
I only care for Flickr and using my 1999 account as OpenID for sites I currently visit - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
Well: let's put it that way: if Yahoo starts to open up that firehose, which they have started to do with Buzz and are extending now, more websites will need rackspace to make sure that that link on the homepage does not mean their death... :-) - Edwin Khodabakchian
Oh I remember the days of rummaging around the lists of links on Yahoo. Those were the days. The days before search that is. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Flickr continues to be the shining service within Yahoo. (at least that's according to my usage) - Clarence Chiang
Y! Mail... Yahoo Games, and iPhone wheater services. - Özgür D. Cyric
@IyerTalks Facebook really destroy the quality of your images with the bad compression. The only value is the privacy and the sharing with family and friends. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
If yahoo fails the terrorist win! #justsaying LOL :) - Dave Mora
Yahoo is Flickr, Delicious and selling out Chinese journalists to the authorities so they can be jailed. - Tom Raftery
@JP Holecka - Jaypiddy We always have Picassa if you want to upload photos with minimal loss. Understood there is a limit but still it is better and integrates nicely into all my other google services. - IyerTalks
Edwin: now you are talking! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Looking at your other post...I think that you are right that they could try to innovate more and social should be a bigger part...but they have to start somewhere...and my understanding is that they have serious code integration issues when it gets to the homepage (because of performance requirements) hopefully this is a first step of a longer journee - Edwin Khodabakchian
Tom, companies in other countries must follow their laws regardless of our personal view. - Dave Mora
Yahoo still a player in the email market: - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
I still use their email although I'm starting to use gmail more and more. - AJ
Well actually they are 16.19% to MS collective 50+% - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
JP: yeah the market share argument again. I don't care about that one bit. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I can't think of one yahoo app (excluding flickr) that google doesn't do better. - Luke Kilpatrick
Gmail only has 5.27% market share of email. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
personally yahoo needs to evolve. Personally I think search is dead. They need to figure out how to rank by "Authority". Why I think search is dead? Because search for something now. When was the last time your search did not take you to a mashable, digg, techcrunch article, wikipedia or a paid listing? My searches are now provided to me by the users on social networks like Friend Feed or Twitter. - okay I am don with my rant. Good night. - Dave Mora
Luke some say Picasa is pretty good. Flickr is my choice too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Why we should care: Easy the market needs the competition Yahoo needs to keep up. - Paul Downing
Sure Dave, so if Yahoo! were in Burma they'd sell out dissidents there too? But of course, Yahoo! are not in Burma, are they? Why not? Not a big enough market. If there is a big enough market (like in China), ethics are for sale. - Tom Raftery
I don't think you'll find yahoo joining the chat here, so let me just echo what current employees of the santa monica office tell me. 1) Yahoo is too slow, its impossible to do anything new there 2) upper management doesnt understand or want to be part of the larger social web 3) management is also for the most part clueless to current online trends 4) employee happiness is at an all time low - sean percival
@Luke: Yahoo Finance is better than Google Finance and Yahoo Email is easier to use than Gmail for average users. - Edwin Khodabakchian
My content, news and email lives outside Yahoo. It doesn't really stand any ground on my turf. Even my Flickr mileage is bad. But it may not matter to me, but maybe to many out there. Many bloggers value their Yahoo SEO rankings that drive traffic to their blog/website - wiredgnome from iPod
Would MSFT be making an offer on Yahoo today? If it did, would anyone care? - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
yahoo is too "noisy" and when it does do something very well, such as "yahoo pipes", it doesn't know how to make it so that "simple things are simple, and complicated things are possible" - it just does the "complicated things are possible", thereby increasing the learning curve... and who's got time for that for most things on the web now! - simran
The question would be if yahoo went away tomorrow, is there 1 service that they do that is unique? is there any service that isn't done some where else as good if not better? - Luke Kilpatrick
I think that Yahoo and MySpace are at a very similar tough spot and they both need their ipod/hulu moment - Edwin Khodabakchian
Sean: I can tell. At least Microsofties would show up to try to convince us. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
that being said they own some monster verticals and will likely continue to own them for some time. they are simply too well entrenched with certain demographics of internet users. - sean percival
Yahoo is in too many directions and needs focus or at least a core focus. Search was it but seams to be diluted now. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Yahoo Finance is excellent, Yahoo Pipes is way useful and innovative - Bob Morris (polizeros) from iPhone
Taylor Microsoft should still buy Yahoo. Late adopters are very monetizable. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Yahoo is becoming the Tyco of the Internet. No one can tell you what they really do anymore. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
I think MS and Yahoo would be a good combo as they do get the internet, and really msn never really has. Full Disclosure: I have been a fan of yahoo for sometime and I interviewed for a few positions there recently. The one area I do think they might have a shot in is Mobile if they do it right. They are one of the few companies that supports the older "dumb" handsets. - Luke Kilpatrick
@JP Holecka: I think that Yahoo is an content/entertainment portal with a great email/communication component. We just do not happen to get it because as early adopters, we get most of our content through more social channels now. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Ah - that's a good point... Sorry I mixed topics, Scoble...I meant to focus on the has-been feel of both and not the economics of the acquisition. My fault! - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
@Edwin Khodabakchian I agree but to the masses it's hard to clearly communicate what Yahoo is anymore. What is there brand promise? - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
pipes, flickr, delicious, and that search engine people who don't know how to search use (whose name I forget) - Daniel Morgan
JP: exactly they are too all over the map. They used to be hand selected search back in the day, sort of like what mahalo is trying to do again. - Luke Kilpatrick
The promise is that they make it easier for you to access to good content. I do not think that their promise has changed over time. It just happens that their early adopters moved from homepage -> my yahoo -> rss reader -> twitter client. And now people look back and what they see is mainstream and boring - Edwin Khodabakchian
Most people don't associate flickr with yahoo. It has it's own brand personality and very little yahoo in it. From what I have read recently flickr is still not in the black. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
I look at Yahoo Movies before I see a movie. I like Pipes, Flickr, Messenger... Observing my mom, she's been using Yahoo Mail for almost a decade and I doubt she'll ever switch. She's probably like most loyal Yahoo users and will never change, not even for Google Wave. - Gus
Flickr is the _first_ online service I've paid for. And it's been the only one in a long time (until I met the RTM Cow). - Jean-Charles VERDIE
They have outstanding backlink tools - martin121
I see a lot of people using it around the world.. - Mason Legg
Zimbra zimbra, zimbra zimbra zimbra. Man I hope it doesn't get brought down w/ the ship! I love me some zimbra! ;) - not to mention zimbra works great on a rackspace cloud server! - JP Maxwell
Having more web hits per month than Google has got to be worth something - Stephen Pickering
flickr and delicious are the two I use the most - Logan Lindquist
Isn't Yahoo Pipes pretty powerful? I have never really tried it out, but that's not the point ;) - Frankie Warren
Yahoo has plenty of valuable web properties. They have obviously had a great fall since their height, but considering all they own, they could even make a comeback (dare I say) if they play their cards right. It is such a shame their current homepage looks like a tabloid. - John Wright
There are few better sources of comedy than Yahoo Answers. It must survive! - adam garrett
Yahoo Answers is another thing, its :( - polou/indigo_bow
For me, Yahoo is only good for instant messenger because it is the only one I can get in text messaging.. AIM keeps telling me my password is wrong and I have no idea hor to use msn in sms. - David Gross
Yahoo is soo much of an "Also Ran". From the ordianary user perspective - the Yahoo IM was really cool - until all of us got texting on our phones. The e-mail was nice, but them we all got unlimited Gmail with our own names (Yahoo increased the size later), they bought out GEOcities which is where I learned to code and made my first web page - but oh ya, they closed that down . . . I... more... - Sonya
Yahoo does some pretty cool behind the scenes integration stuff - Pipes is their most well known option but the YQL stuff they have worked on is a really cool abstraction of a ton of web services; it's a killer powertool for mashup creation. - Bill Rawlinson
Nobody has said YUI and Douglas Crockford yet. Yahoo is one of the hubs of web frontend engineering innovation, and YUI is #2 Javascript framework, right after jQuery. :) - Jaanus Kase
Well I certainly use more Yahoo stuff than say Google. Yahoo mail, flickr, and delicious to name three. - Quasar
Dave Winer
Just talked with Scoble for an hour on the way to SFO. Man I love talking with him. Neither of us like white papers, we like software you can use. I asked if he knows how to get a permalink to a message on FriendFeed. He says you click on the datestamp. Sure enough, it works! He says you can 2click it for a fun trick too. I haven't tried that yet.
Wow I didn't know that trick. Thanks you two. - anna sauce
Scoble is one smart mofo, and a nice guy too. - Dave Winer
Sweet trick, I was just looking for that... - Thom Kennon
I would recommend they use the purple hashmark as the permalink symbol. Pretty much the standard in the blogging world (which is where permalinks come from, btw). I use a gif for the permalinks on - Dave Winer
Cristo - I believe Dave was referring to Robert Scoble @Scobleizer, Alex's brother LOL - Susan Beebe
Really, no way? - Susan Beebe
who's Cristo? - Thom Kennon
He *loves* FriendFeed. - Susan Beebe
hahhaha! (Edit: I was referring to Robert Scoble) - Susan Beebe
2clicking the datestamp pops up the post in it's own window ..pretty sweet. - John Blanton
I must not have my browser set up to recognize the diff. between the one-click and the texas 2 click. - beersage
i like alex too - everytime we talk its great - same experience you mention! - Allen Stern
You should check out if you're interested as well, a service to backup your tweets (as well as friends), replies, direct messages, and mentions to your email/gmail. - NerdyHearn
all that the second click is doing is adding a ?embed=1 to the end of the permalink... and I'm VERY surprised that Dave did not know about this since it was heavily discussed during live chats attached to the Gillmor Gang and TWiT Live streams... - Chris Heath
That's a great tip - James Stratford
You learn something almost every day from Scoble. Today, two things, the timestamp click AND the awesome 2click! Thankyouverymuch! - Mark Edwards
+1 what Chris Heath said. I thought this was an old thread or something. Leo Laporte has been talking about this clicking the timestamp thing for at least 3 months. - Adam Turetzky
I was looking for this for a long time.. Robert knows everything about FF ;) - Jacque
Me, tool. What's 2click? - Jason Miller
wow thats cool so now i can embed a conversation Thanks a million! - Robert Higgins
Yeah. FFundercats talked about this a long time ago. - Rochelle
Dave, and any permalink aficionados out there: individual *comments* are reference-able too, but there's no UI exposed, so I wrote a user script (greasemonkey/greasekit) to make it accessible: Cheers! - Micah
Wait until we talk about double clicking on hide! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Guys 2Click != DoubleClick instead 2Click=Click once + wait + Click the timestamp again, Result = new window with real time chat.... COOOOL - Amit Nangare
What Amit said. And one benefit of either the first or the second click is that it adds a comment window at the bottom. - Laura Norvig
Awesome, I always wondered how to get a permalink! Thanks Dave! - Mark Layton
Wow, I'm surprised people didn't know this. However, I'm kind of a friendfeed addict. It's a bit of a problem that so many awesome features of the UI are subtly "hidden". It keeps the interface clean, but it keeps newbies out of the loop and scratching their heads. - Laura Norvig
Wow. Thanks! How is that possible that so cool features are, not hidden, but, well... not made visible? As a wise guy said once : "a feature that is not accessible could as well not exist".(I know it sucks, but it sounds so much cooler when you say it in french) - Zackatoustra
Louis Gray
Ever wanted to micro-podcast to your FriendFeed? Try FriendBoo! -
Audio quality on the sample not as good as Audioboo however. Still, a nifty application if this doesn't matter. - Kate Foy
Do I have to ring a phone number? Is it US only? - Johnny
Interesting. I've done a proof of concept where a service receives a call and upload it to FF, that is able to receive calls from GTalk, Skype, SIP and a conventional telephone number - but stopped on the proof, maybe it's time to release something open. - arnaldostream
It is US and UK but we can open up a skype interface soon - Paul Kinlan
We should be able to open up the SIP soon I hope too. - Paul Kinlan
Just as an aside, this is built on our framework. - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan: Are there plans for messages transcription? Reading about your framework right now - never knew any of these tools/services, very nice! - arnaldostream
we need to see if there is a demand for transcription - it might be that the transcription can be crowd sourced through friendfeed - Paul Kinlan
Tumblr's iPhone app makes fantastic mp3 voice recordings. But getting them to play in FriendFeed is not that easy. Hm, actually.. maybe it just works! Witness: - Phil Glockner
Arnaldo, thanks we are aiming at rapid development for "vooice" apps but also easy integration into a 2nd factor, such as controlling a page directly with your vooice and/or other mediums... this is an example of how we quickly created (in about a day or so for the basic service) the ability to integrate voice into 3rd party sites. - Paul Kinlan
thanks must go out to friendfeed for making the new API super easy to work with, I had oauth working in about an hour - another project I worked on was the first external service to use the oauth functionality on Friendfeed and it didn't take too long to do - their python API includes everything you need.... - Paul Kinlan
That and I also hope to get FriendDeck ( updated on to the new API shortly (lots of real-time goodness) - Paul Kinlan
I've been using - integrates nicely with FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
Normality is a fine ideal for those who have no imagination - Carl Jung
Sean McBride
/quote Carl Jung; The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally insoluble. They can never be solved but only outgrown. #nml
Alasdair Munn
The Dancing Tree
logo fieldfair tiff.jpg uplifting sense of elation - Richard Reeve
Beautiful, grounded and soaring. - Lindsay McLeod Espinoza
Jeb Dickerson
having children is a little bit like being pecked to death by a chicken.
"There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness" ~ Carl Jung -
"There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness" ~ Carl Jung
Rachel E. Hill, C.Ht.
Finished reading Hypnosis: A Jungian Perspective. Two of my favorite topics, hypnosis and Jung... what could be better?!?!
Ryan Senator
This figure was given to me this way about 3 yrs ago and has manifested itself as such in my life for almost the past year; I am happy to report that I am grateful for it.
Alasdair Munn
Opps. Try again. Bears: Global warming (polar bears) Goldilocks (my two children), comfort vs fear (cuddly teddy bear vs power ,speed, anger of a real bear)
...our slow awakening to global warming a bit bear-like as well...I like the recognition of how swift and truly powerful they are as well. Thanks for the insights. - Richard Reeve
Robert Scoble
You think FriendFeed grew fast? Facebook kicked ass
Faster than Twitter or Ning. Wow. - Robert Scoble
Yeah it seems like *everyone* is one facebook now - Bill Pennington
but then facebook is talked about more general like ebay was years ago.. thats why. blogged about this a while ago. - Rob Sellen :o)
FriendFeed will be the service of 2009. I don't think they've even breached 1m user mark have they? FB at some 49m in foot traffic is ass kicking indeed tough - No Name from twhirl
incredible eh - Zee.
I cant believe still gets more traffic over facebook - Jeff Hoard from twhirl
possibly that is because of the music niche tho :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I mentioned that as in traffic size.. not sure who you are responding to tho ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
You can't really compare Facebook to Twitter or Ning can you. Facebook has been around for longer. Twitter is only just starting to hit the mainstream. LOTS of growth for twitter to come in 09 I reckon. Friendfeed too. - jjprojects
Twitter and Ning are both up almost 700% this year and FB is "only" up 70% -- why do you say FB grew faster? (obviously they can't grow that fast anymore though because they are so big already) - Paul Buchheit
jjprojects why not compare them? It's fun. Anyway, Twitter, even if it grew four times, which would be totally amazing growth, would still be smaller than Facebook and that's assuming Facebook won't grow at all over next year. - Robert Scoble
I second Paul's question... year-over-year Ning and FriendFeed had much higher relative growth. Of course, that's easier to do the smaller you are, but it's still worth noting. - Patrick Lightbody
Paul: which is more impressive? Growing from 0 to 100 or growing from 100 to 1,000? Most VC's would like to see 100 to 1000. - Robert Scoble
But, FB, FF, and Twitter aren't catering to the same userbase, it would be useless to assume that everyone who uses one will use one of the others. - FFing Enigma
Can you imagine 50 million people all tweeting at once? - Nicola Quinn
Percentages can be misleading. Two is 100% more than one, but isn't exactly "significant growth." - Tanath
Two is 100% more than one! - Gabe
Robert, ha yeah it's fun. Just saying it would be interesting to look at the % growth at the same stage of development of each service rather than the overall size. 4000% growth is impressive for Friendfeed for sure. It will be interesting to see just how much Twitter grows in 09 - If the @britneyspears' of the world continue to jump in. - jjprojects
Having said that, it's also interesting to look at the overall numbers. For instance YouTube just walks all over any other video service. Massively. - jjprojects
Chris: revenues almost always follow fast, continuous, growth in users. - Robert Scoble
Chris: they will. I'm not too worried about that. - Robert Scoble
If Facebook the social network ever goes down, I'm pretty sure that the ad system they have could quickly be turned into serious competition for Google AdSense/AdWords. Even if actual profit isn't there, the potential sure is, and it grows with each new user and each new advertisement. Facebook will do just fine. - Chris Charabaruk
I agree with Bindu. Facebook makes mistakes... a lot of mistakes... but they learn quickly from them. I've definitely found myself using it more (again) after the latest redesign. - Eric P
Purchasing Facebook would probably decrease its value. I think it's in some kind of corporate wonderland, where buying it or refusing to fund it each is a bad decision. Their data collection is probably worth billions by this point, however, especially to anyone wanting to compete with Google. - Chris Charabaruk
FACEBOOK IS ON FIRE... well noted. Everybody at my workplace is now on there, including our HR director... Note to self: BEHAVE YOURSELF ONLINE...damn! - Susan Beebe
Thought this was interesting from the LA times, Facebook didn't like names with one letter. - MedicalQuack
You can always tell what is or will go mainstream because people stop talking about it. - Jesse Stay
Side note: Compete is over a year behind Google Trends if you compare these two links -> - beersage
Chris Brogan
10 Reasons why Twitter is for you and FriendFeed is not -
Useful and something I've tried to articulate before, but not as well as this. Wow, two list posts from Robert within 7 days. :) - Chris Brogan
Robert Scoble
Twitter (and all social networks) will never be the same thanks to PeopleBrowsr -
I really like Peoplebrowsr and think it fills the gaps so many people have been whinging about. - Nicola Quinn
PeopleBrowsr FTW, that's for sure - Sociosophy Reviews from twhirl
No breakthrough:( - YaDuMMeR
It's very nice. Kinda reminds me of TweetDeck in the presentation. Now they just need to expand to some more of the social services. - R. Alexander Spoerer
I know its alpha and all that but it seems wildly over-hyped to me - Trevor Cook
Remember the scene in "Big" where Tom Hanks keeps saying "I don't get it" to the toy presentation? Well, "I don't get it". - Chris Stevenson
You can *tell* (ask?) it to refresh every X minute but it, uh, doesn't. Pondering. - techPR
I am still yet to check out PeopleBrowsr - Joe Dawson
Still needs work. I see the value in it, but it is slow...and odd to add panes. - Kreg Steppe
Geez, and I thought FF was overwhelming when I first signed in... - rønin
The really need to work on some of the usability / features around the non-twitter services. - Chip Childers
I just tried it out. At first glance I don't see any value here. Then again I don't really use Twitter very much. I couldn't find any interesting FF integration and got nothing from the Flickr integration. Maybe I'm just not using it right though. - Thomas Hawk
They need to pare down the number of features - much of what is there outside of twitter offers little to no clear value. That said, the twitter stuff has potential. - Andy Roth
Their UI is action packed and they have some great ideas implemented for grouping and messaging. I could see it being useful even if if you're not a power user. - Thropic
This looks fantastic! Thanks for the heads-up! - Flora from twhirl
Had a try with it this morning and it reckoned my name on FriendFeed and Flickr was Mohamed. Very strange... - Martin Bryant
Lovin' it so far - Charlie Anzman
I love the search feature, grouping, bulk messaging and the richness of user profiles. Definitely a fun app to hang out and explore in. - Maria Sipka
I loved it the minute I saw it... impressive concept, design and functionality. Needs on-screen UIX helps so users can easily navigate - too complex. I am very app savvy and had a hard time getting my way around ALL the features... I think I've got about 70% covered. The panes are a "pain" to use - Susan Beebe
Chokes on my primary browser. Not a fan of Flash. Seeing what other networks other people are on is interesting, although if they're on FF, then you can see that already. - Victor Ganata
great for alpha release...performance a little slow, but I like the concept - Tom Mack
I do like it, but the group function did not function as I expected. I tried sending to a group, but it just created a bunch of twitter messages with @ signs and just a part of my message. Will have to play a bit more. - Kenley Neufeld
Great interview, Robert. I'm excited to try this service. Is it something you're using on a daily basis? - Devon Campbell
Nice job Video man .... :) - Charlie Anzman
Cute, but slow and clumsy interface - Nick
Not impressed. Confusing and hard to use. Keep it simple. - David Jacobs
It definitely has potential, but at this point it has a clumsy UI and some performance/stability issues (understandable in an alpha). Does anyone else agree that it is just plain hard to beat the simplicity of the FF RealTime UI for following and participating in conversations? - Robert Clockedile
...Perhaps FF should just let us drop our other social streams into the RealTime interface. Add cross-service posting, a la Posterous or, and that would be the killer app - Robert Clockedile
Thanks for all the comments re PeopleBrowsr. Great feedback. We are working on UI and performance. And we improved the Groups feature. We use 'Live' tweets and messages from our Google Group to shape PeopleBrowsr in real time. The Alpha Release is updated every day. Very welcome all your ideas. Thanks again - SHHHE
Liz Strauss
People forget what you said. They get foggy about what you did. But they remember how you made them feel.
Robert Scoble
Just did a live video from Apple store in London at this place is nuts!
Welcome to the home of the spirit of consumerism ;) - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
Is there something special happening or is it just that time of year? - xero
Its the one day in the year when Regent Street and Oxford Street are pedestrianised. - Jack Tams
what recession? - Frank Scavo
Frank: I'm wondering the same thing, but I saw a LOT of people but only a small number of bags. - Robert Scoble
Hope you're having fun in London - I'm not going up to the smoke this year, as I'm keeping my Christmas shopping local. - Vicky
I wonder what the SF and NY stores are like today? Would be an interesting comparison. - Robin Barooah
Brian Clark gets a shiny new look. And it's built on...
Robert Scoble
Does bug you? If I were @ev I would block this ad network from Twitter. Discuss:
Twitter should make sure it is only one to build systemic monetization schemes on its service. But either way I don't like it when people "Amway" their friends. - Robert Scoble
That's pretty rude towards Amway, RS! So, tell Twitter to start monetizing already. - jamesdkirk
I haven't seen it in action yet and don't want to try it in fear that I will loose all my followers. - Sweyn Venderbush
I'm not a fan. and they will get unfollowed if I see it in my stream - Erin @queenofspain
should we not let the twitter market work it out? Is there a major difference between twitter ads and ads on a blog? - jason keath
Does it violate their terms of service or something? I don't see how they can block it if not. Sure, it's annoying, and if I start seeing folks I follow using it heavily, I'll probably stop following. - Ken Sheppardson
Wow, I was going to blog about this in a few days. I think Twitter might want to block magpie and instead do this themselves! - AJ Kohn
Social Media is about sharing interesting things with people who find those things interesting, not about soapboxing crap and spamming others with random junk. Magpie is a service that doesn't understand that, and though it attempts (poorly) at doing some level of justice to spamming, it's still spam/ads and unwelcomed in my book. - No Name
James: I was in Amway for a while. They totally try to get you to sell stuff to your friends. The comparison is very apt. - Robert Scoble
should Twitter create it's "magpie" rather than let magpie run riot? - Jansen Lu
I suspect this is happening already Robert. Everyone is gaming the system. - Mark Taylor
No, that was the training organization you belonged to. I was in for a while too. Amway products ARE top notch. And we all make recommendations ALL THE TIME to our friends. Plus you and I and others with online presence put ads on their blogs/sites/feeds. Is it any different? I don't really think so. - jamesdkirk
A while back I made a post that concluded that twitter is good for exactly one spam ( because you can drop anyone who uses their influence to start spamming. (And, yes I think magpie tweets are spam). I dont know if twitter should block it, but I will avoid folks using it. - Sean Reiser
It's close to what we have planned, but we think we have a better offering. Magpie bugs people, but I'd like to think won't. ;) - Andy A.
(warning, I talk about my company in this comment) - I believe our company has a better option ( Instead of having full SMS ads come from you to all your followers, our ad network inserts 40 character (or less) tagline ads at the end of messages. We don't integrate with Twitter at this time but instead offer a full micro-blog + mobile ad network. And I agree with Jason that the market will determine whether Magpie is viable and popular. If people like it, more power to them. - Doug
I've offered up this for @ev and my fellow tweeters: #tweetrocket - Jason Kintzler
Amway, er, Quixtar's products are fine. The marketing and distribution scheme is sleazy. - Robert Scoble
agree wholheartedly, Robert. Twitter is largely not a place for this type of marketing. I do not want ads in my Tweetstream. - Stephen Collins from twhirl
Robert, I'd love to tell you about OXY FRESH!!!!! KIDDING! But srsly, an Aunt of mine got sucked in to Oxy Fresh, another MLM scheme I think :) - Richard Walker
Nice intro, Doug ;) - jamesdkirk
yep, it sure does. Especially when those that I tend to click on their links more often have it enabled. Clicking on ads rather than a genuine recommendation from them is going against the grain of whay makes Twitter, friendfeed... all the SM tools useful. - Wendy Peters from twhirl
OK, I'll fess up. I've set up Magpie here. I've had it running about two weeks. I've had just one comment about it, and that wasn't really adversarial, and one person ask what it was, and they wanted to join. I've checked and it's sent out just 3 tweets since Friday, so not excessive. I'm monitoring it closely though, and if I got major objections, and/or lots of unfollows I'd review my participation. - Ian May
I'm not advocating one distribution system over another, but I find it interesting that a fellow who makes his living telling us all about the "latest thing" in order to inform us and let us know why we should like a service would compare this service with one that at base levels just uses social interaction to distribute its products - jamesdkirk
to those using magpie and claiming no negative vocal response I ask, have you monitored your unfollows? I know a lot of people will simply just unfollow you without saying anything, it's what I do. - Chris Pugh
but still, doesn't it all come down to "unfollowing" if you don't like what I'm sending in my stream? (presuming I was using this service?) Let's not forget that, folks! - jamesdkirk
I say "more power to them!" If people like what they do, it will succeed. If they don't, the people who sell their tweets will find they have no audience. Advertising runs our media-centric economy. As long as the market is free to opt out by unfollowing, Twitter will become what its users want it to be. - Kenneth LeFebvre will help out there CP. - jamesdkirk
dunno, Robert -- be-a-magpie says "scobelizer" is worth up to €22,816.42 per month. (presumably emphasis on the "up to") though one wonders if having your tweets BOOT CUT JEANS NOW ON SALE AT THE GAP constantly interrupted by BEN & JERRY'S VANILLA, NOW IN ORGANIC advertising will just make them TRY THE POPCORN SHRIMP PLATTER AT RED LOBSTER annoying. - Karim
@jamesdkirk that's exactly it ... the service pays by follower count, so the self defeating fact is simple. use magpie, get unfollowed, lose all your followers, stop using the service, start rebuilding your twitter network ... repeat? sounds stupid to me - No Name from twhirl
@Chris I've had a few people unfollow me, and a few more follow me since I've started using it. I haven't noticed a sudden increase in unfollows, just normal turnover, when folks realize that they don't find my inane drivel very interesting after all... - Ian May
I'd do this if I were Twitter since they could insert ads at an appropriate rate for each users (based on tweets/hour) and type (based on keyword filtering). Only Twitter would be best at ensuring the ad load wasn't too high. And face it folks, they have to make money someway. It's this, subscriptions or banner ad mania. - AJ Kohn
@Scobleizer None of the people I follow use it. I threatened to un-follow if anyone signed up ;-) - Joseph McLaughlin
Perhaps a service like magpie could work out a deal with Twitter of some kind? - Ian May
I'd agree with AJ Kohn. I like the service they provide, and would deal with "tasteful" insertions. It or something similar will happen. And it WILL HAPPEN here on FF before long as well. Wait and see. - jamesdkirk
one more thing - If I want to be advertised at - I'll follow one or all of the spam bots that follow me. heh - No Name from twhirl
If you are using magpie, your SNR inverts. It needs serious tweaking. Here's @geekmommy's post/discussion on #magpie: - Zena Weist
Is there an ad network where I can be paid to *refrain* from saying how much certain products suck? heh. - Karim
*thinking out loud* Could this be why Bezos invested ... does he see a massive new affiliate network via tweets? - AJ Kohn
it doesnt affect me as I have yet to see it in use. it seems everyone is looking out for retaining their 'Tribe' rather than making a quick nickel at their expense. . - timduke
One of my Twitter friends says he's unfollowed two people already after seeing their Magpie ads. - Michael Perlman
I think the difference between bloggers having ads on their blogs & using magpie is that an ad on a blog page is passive. Readers can choose to read them or not. It doesn't generate a text message or chirp or enter any life stream or feed. Personally, I think services like magpie somewhat "sully the stream" and make it less organic; more disingenuous. [disclosure - I am blogger w/ads in my sidebar - but don't use twitter to spam my readers/followers] - faryl
I also think it's a trust & etiquette issue. If I were John Chow (no offense to John) my readers might expect that - I'd be practicing what I preach. But as someone whose blog is about using social media to connect in positive ways, I don't know that it would be appropriate. Bottom line, if I have to think about "would this be ok to do", I probably should opt NOT do it. Maybe as twitter evolves and there are more filtering tools out there. But not now. I agree with geekmommy's post (thanks @Zena Weist) - faryl
Robert, I see this slightly different than Amway. With Amway you're directly approaching friends, which would be the equivalent of "DM"'ing all your friends a magpie. With this, you're simply putting an ad up above your house for all your friends to choose to look at or not. - Jesse Stay
this service caused us to write the only bad review to date - of over 100 reviews on --- - Sociosophy Reviews from twhirl
Not one person has complained about my magpie tweets to me. Maybe I'm not worth the time? - bill giltner
Wow, I touched a nerve here. Will write a blog about my thoughts. Be back later. - Robert Scoble
@bill giltner - do you use qwitter? after people become aware of what this service does, that might be something to consider using. - Sociosophy Reviews
Sociosophy, Bill, SocialToo does what Qwitter does too - tracks both people that followed and unfollowed you and sends in a batch daily. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
yes it does, well at least my experience with socialtoo has shown that as I received an email today telling me who followed and who unfollowed. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa from IM
@jesse_stay thanks for the tip! we'll have a look soon - Sociosophy Reviews from twhirl
Personally, I don't mind it. It makes Twitter into a real business tool. - Daniel Brusilovsky
Sociosophy I have to disclose my bias - I am the developer of SocialToo, so if it gives you any troubles let me know. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
We should be able to handpick ads we want to share with our friends, that's the most natural way to do it. - TunisianGuy
Social Media is not about having ads shoved at you without permission. If I see magpie in my stream, I will unfollow - Sylvia Webb
in a related question... how do you feel about a service like @breakingnewson inserting ads with magpie ... let's face it, it would be better then the tweet-a-thon begging they seem to do... an they are more a service then a person tweeting - Sean Reiser
Sorry, but I'm posting that link again ( it's packed with interesting discussion. Another teaser quote (from RMS---YES Richard M. Stallman, that 'RMS') "Well, Geoff forwarded me a copy of the DEC message, and I eat my words. I sure would have minded it! Nobody should be allowed to send a message with a header that long, no matter what it is about." - Micah
Thanks, Robert for starting the discussion. These are very intersting views, positive and negative. Thank you all for the feedback. We've silently introduced a number of changes to Magpie yesterday to give tweeps more control over their magpie-tweets. You can now hand-select ads, put up your own disclaimer (other than #magpie) and control the tweet/ad-ratio better. I'm looking forward to reading your blog post and to getting more feedback in the comments. Thanks again. (I'm the CEO of Magpie & Friends Ltd.) - Jan Schulz-Hofen
TechCrunch just wrote about this issue here: called it "PayPerPost for Twitter." - Robert Scoble
As of now, i haven't found Magpie to be that intrusive, probably because not many people I follow have subscribed for the service or there have been very few ads from Magpie. I might unfollow them if the ads starts becoming too frequent. I think the right way for Magpie to go is enabling only handpicked ads which users can share with their friends like any other info they want to share. However, if the same service was introduced by Twitter, I wouldn't mind at all. - Devakishor
@Jan It's great to see you here on FriendFeed joining in on this discussion. I've actually been very impressed with your service so far and the amount of consideration you've put into listening to users' feedback and adapting the service. As others have mentioned, I don't see serving ads in Twitter being much different than serving them in a blog. However, I do love the addition of your two latest features, as I think that puts even more control into the hands of the users, which is what we're all after. - Mike Templeton
@miketempleton thanks for your feedback. you one of the folks who mentioned that feature earlier on uservoice. it took us some time to implement, now let's see who people will like it. - Jan Schulz-Hofen
It's simple! If I see magpie in my stream, I will unfollow. - netvista
lain, you should just make a filter by keyword - tweets with specified keywords in the stream don't show - Jesse Stay from twhirl
As many people as I know who are having a hard time right now - or who would make a nice bit of change for doing, essentially, nothing - very few of them are actually desperate enough to do it. I'd love to have an extra $1700 a month, and I could easily double my follow count by following bots. Yet I'd never do this, not for 10x that. And I'm dumbfounded as to why anyone would want to monetize their personal conversations. "Brought to you by Carl's Jr." - Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Robert, I've never had more comments on a post (or more hits) than I did on my anti-magpie post. - it's still getting hits and comments. Honestly? I don't think it's viable. - Lucretia Pruitt
Its interesting to see how many out there are trying to monetize Twitter 'externally'. This is one but then there is also Tapulous with Tweetsville on the iphone - I paid $4 to them :) - Mrinal Desai
+1 for no ads by followers. I'm un-subscribing anyone who wants to monetize their twitter feed. There is already too much noise on twitter. If you think your content is monetizable, write a blog for Pete's sake! - Shivanand Velmurugan
I don't have a problem with people wanting to monetize their twitter accounts. I don't have a problem with selling ads in the network. My problem is that even if Magpie alternates 1 ad per 5 tweets, what if I follow 5 twits with Magpie. How often am I going to see an ad? The idea is pretty smart actually, but I think it needs a lot of work yet. - Jason Brett
It definitely bugs me!: Wrong medium, poorly formatted message, and it's (in most cases) paying people for things that they shouldn't be paid for (conversations with friends). If everyone was just broadcasting on Twitter, it would be a different story, but ads have no place in conversation (as seen by the anti-advertising backlash on forums) so they have no place on Twitter either, at least in this format. - Cory OBrien
PayPerPost destroyed blog valuations without adequate warning. Before loosing a Twitter account you spend time building it's best to take a wait and see approach. They are paying you because of your accounts value - will they reimburse you in the event the account is terminated? Just a thought. - Robert MacEwan
Magpie success will depend on the creative of the 'advert' - a cuckold tweet is likely to induce 'interesting' relationships. - zeroinfluencer
How is paid content different from any other advertising such as Adwords? Part of the visible site includes non-paid content, and some displays paid content. As long as they are accurately labeled, the reader can make an informed decision. - Mike Chelen
Robert Scoble
RSS Hat Meme. As shot at the Chinese BloggerCon in Guangzhou over the weekend. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
I want one that is for sure - John D. Lemke from twhirl
باهاش فید مغزمونو شیر میکنیم! بده که آخه! هیچی توش نیست! - Business Blogger 【ツ】™
Soooo if I want to subscribe do I go up and push them in the head ? :D What would be cool is if you could scan the symbol with a mobile phone and get the bloggers feed - Mo Kargas
Mo: Closer than you might think - David HC Soul
David, that's fantastic! Additionally, the last argument I need to finally purchase an iPhone. - Mo Kargas
I like it, how can i get one, scoble? - jimmy howe
I want one! - Michael Fidler from twhirl
I want as well. - Adam Helweh
Drew Olanoff has an RSS tattoo. Who's man enough to start that meme? - Louis Gray
I'll take an OPML hat. I look better in blue. - Mark Krynsky
ugggg, RSS overload - sofarsoShawn
Louis that is so tempting - wonder what my wife would say - Jesse Stay
Hotness. - Vera Hannaford
Every time I wear the hat I get a bar at the top that asks me if I want to wear it with Live Bookmarks, Google Reader or another outfit. - Kevin Leroux
I so want one of those hats. Where can we get them? - Rob Diana
Nice hat. I wonder if it comes in newspaper. - Colonel Tribune
You can contact @digitalboy at twitter for this hat :) - number5
I guess it has a QR-code pointing to the feed url at the back. Right? :-) - Panayotis Vryonis
WANT x5 or whatever. - Tamar Weinberg
This is my cap, pls follow me via Twitter @digitalboy. - digitalboy
OK...but where is the RSSmeme hat? - Shey
I Want!! - Sarah Perez
That is nice, I almost want to wear a hat now. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
I want one. - James Hull
@vista models the hat (which also comes in black): - Robert Scoble
Why do I want this? Why? - tehKenny
Where can I get one? - Aad 't Hart
I think I just found @marshallk's Christmas present - Rick Turoczy
I got one of their T-Shirts,I should have got the hat. - Steve Chou
我这里也有拍。 - 抽筋儿
Robert Scoble
I invested a lot of time this year in FriendFeed and Twitter instead of my blog. Was that the right decision?
I think so. - Robert Scoble
Time will tell, but I think it was correct decision. - imran
It's made you one of my favorite bloggers, if that makes you feel any better about it. If you weren't heavy on the social exploration I probably wouldn't read. - Daniel J. Pritchett
what outcome were you going for? - zach
From my perspective, yes. It's a much more interactive and broader experience for all. - Kevin C. Tofel
I like FriendFeed and Twitter, but don't see how they compare to developing thoughtful, deeper blog posts. Really, I think FF and Twitter have their place, and I love them as well, but that place is certainly not a replacement for blogging. - Michael Krigsman
I think yes. Most folks can read twitter 100% of the time -- blogs are scanned. You tend to link to good stuff from twitter and have good headlines. - badgerworks
No question about that. In the past, websites were static compared to blogs. Now blogs are static compared to microblogging services. - Berci Mesko, MD
Mark: Revenue? Didn't change much. Eyeballs? Well, I have almost 21,000 followers here that I didn't have at the beginning of the year. Zach: I just saw that FriendFeed was going to be one of the most interesting new services of the year. Seeing how it was on the screen at the Chinese BloggerCon I think I picked the right services. - Robert Scoble
I consider FF as blogging in many ways and more interesting than a blog. - imran
You certainly moved the ball forward for the two companies. And if you think they're a vital part of the "internet plumbing", you absolutely made the right decision in helping to secure their futures. - Christopher Galtenberg
are the 21K followers different from people who followed your blog already? if so that is in increase. if not then the eyeballs are moving from your blog to friend feed. - Jonathan Jesse
My twitter lives alongside my blog in the sidebar, and I keep track of all my tweets by feeding it into a lifestream stored on my server. i think that's the key, as the two platforms, microblogging and blogging, work nicely together. - C. K. Sample III
@Michael great thoughts on blogs allowing for deeper thought development. that greater development, might lead to more meaningful discussion on FF then what may occur in the comment section - Jonathan Jesse
Also, check out Twitemperature if you like Twitter. Tells you whether you're hot or cold based upon what you've tweeted and how it ties into online trends and community: - C. K. Sample III
It's a good question -- I've been thinking (and writing a bit) about the question of a blogging / microblogging balance. My working theory: that going forward the most successful bloggers will be strong microbloggers, and vice versa. - Eric Berlin
Robert, then I have a wunderbar über wonderful idea for you! You know, you can trust me :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
There are plenty of people up at blog-level covering "the scene". You're on the ground with people as they're trying things, talking about what's missing, what they need, what they like and don't. I think this is a good place for a tech-head to be. But blog posts to send signals up and out to the other tech-heads, reviewing your time embedded with the troops, will still be vital for growth of the net. - Christopher Galtenberg
No =) The audience for the standard blog delivery system is different than a hyper-conversation micro-blogging system. While these services are great with interactivity, they do not generate useful long term content in most cases due to short posts (usually under 120 characters) and basically being a link farm rather than useful content. The initial "posts" are not as in-depth as a typical blog post, and the comments are often "me too" type of responses as well. Balance your tweets vs. your blog posts =) - RAD Moose
I found I moved too much of my activity to Twitter and FriendFeed - I have tried to return to more blog postings, since I do have a community of readers that is only there. - Richard Akerman
Hard to say. Who are you, again? :) - Matt Tuley
Honestly? You put you in front of me. I would not have gotten to the blog as often, as I've seen you here. Just too much to read. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I personally miss the longer/thought out posts that used to appear on your blog. While I don't think that using FF/Twitter has been a bad thing, and I know that you don't have time for *everything*, your more "editorial" and reporting style of blogging is missed. - drew olanoff
Cross posting of comments between blogs and friendfeed would be an interesting development. - Andrew Leyden
Jonathan: I think I've gained a good percentage of new people who found me here on FriendFeed. That's why I have more followers here than, say, Michael Arrington does or Leo Laporte do (and they should have WAY more, because of the size of their audiences). - Robert Scoble
I ask myself the same question often regarding whether I should spend so much time on social media sites instead of just writing content on my blogs. What I don't think I realized is that I'm still creating valuable content at all of my outposts that are still ultimately leading to my blogging hub. I think its been well worth it. - Mark Krynsky
@Andrew WordPress has a nice plugin to link to FriendFeed activity. Unfortunately for my platform (TypePad) I don't know of an equivalent. - Richard Akerman
ppl will follow you anywhere on web i think, but this is the best place to folllow you. - imran
I find FriendFeed to be more engaging, but it would be nice to gauge the amount of traffic a post on FF gets. - Spencer
the #friendfeed, #twitter, #socialmedian instantaneous replies, directs, and comments distributed throughout feed aggregation access points establishes a better communication channel for your voice - shayne catrett
depends. did you sacrifice blog content & share it on FF/Twitter? - I stopped blogging about useless junk since I can simply throw that stuff up on FF or Twitter now. Less frequent are my blog posts, but more quality, at least I think - No Name from twhirl
Here's how you get your answer: (1) Go get some sleep. You just got back from China! (2) Wake up and look at the likes/comments on this item. (3) Compare those numbers against responses to your best blog post this year. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
It depends what you're after. Knowing you, it was the right decision - twitter and friendfeed are like a quickfire conversation, here there, lots of input, changing topics all the time. Blogs are the considered discussion...or lecture. Different methods of communication, you choose which one you prefer. - Rachel Clarke
Blogging is more of a one-way street, FF and Twitter are interactive. It's pretty obvious they are the natural evolution and successor to web collaboration. - Tyler Hurst from twhirl
Absolutely. FriendFeed and Twitter are so much more interactive and personal than blogs. I'm liking the transition to more personal mediums. - Mark Martinez
Add one more who simply wouldn't follow you regularly if not for ff ... No other method gives the constant positive reinforcement and active conversation - David HC Soul
For those using a blog for SEO and drive quality links to their retail or commercial site, the answer would be no. However, I personally find it difficult to follow all my favorite blogs in a timely manner, ever on a reader. So for me, Twitter & FF is a better avenue to follow your messages. - Rick Bucich
Less smack talk about Twitter on this thread (any?) than FF smack on Twitter. Me senses some insecurity about the topic from those not yet FF-savvy. - Christopher Galtenberg
welp -- yes. I think for reblogging and some conversation both are great. Cross the streams and have a Facebook page updated regularly too. Use a blog for long form pieces and comment threads (although I see less value frankly in the signal to noise ratio on blog comments), and feed your blog to Twitter/FF as well... at least that's my tack. - Robert Denton
It certainly was the right decision.. In fact I didn't even know about you before I joined Twitter and FF...:) and I don't think blogs will get feedback like the way you get on Twitter of FF. Also Twitter & FF can be a major source of traffic to your blog. - Devakishor
Yep. - Mitchell Tsai
It doesn't have to be either/or, but there's no one right answer. Do what makes sense for you. - Louis Gray
I don't know if it was the right decision, but it's the same thing I've been doing this year. - Paul Rodriguez
I'm actually coming to realize that spending more time on Twitter and FriendFeed isn't so bad. The integration of FriendFeed + Twitter + General Folksonomy is like reading the headlines, when I want to write an Op-Ed or unique article or just some General Musings then I do. - Daniel W. Crompton
@webhat totally agree, its a great way to see the important stuff as you need it, from people you respect, as opposed to slow and biased news websites. - Simon T Small
depends on what your end goal was. - Duncan Riley
Duncan: well, it got me kicked off of the TechMeme leaderboard! So, if that was my goal, goal accomplished! :-) - Robert Scoble
re drop kick from TechMeme leaderboard, also remember - on a slightly different note - Dan Lyon's Syndrome, Once Removed - David HC Soul
No - JMaultasch
Magelan invested a lot of time going round the globe. Was it a good decision, since he did not even make it back home? You bet it was. For the rest of us... - Nikos Anagnostou
I agree with RAD Moose. Each platform serves a different audience and a different purpose. - Yasser
This was the breakout year for micro-blogging and life-streaming to me. - rab
Plus, it's becoming easier to micro-blog, and to monitor the "bloglets" than ever before. It's mainstream! - Robin Monks from IM
No. Your blog is much better, and it's where the ads are that pay your bills, and the denser conversations. Twitter & FF shld only be the sprinkling on the icecream. - Prokofy Neva
[Bump] So whadya think this year, Robert? You happy with how/where you spent your time? - Ken Sheppardson
Robert Scoble
Yes, that's the power law. I read 700 feeds, follow thousands of people, so I see much. If you follow me, along with, say, 20 other people like me you'll see all the important stuff. What you'll miss is the small stuff (the birthday of a friend, for instance). I love where the real-time world of FriendFeed is going. Completely decentralized news distribution. No one is in charge. - Robert Scoble
Robert, are there 20 other people like you? - Michael Markman
The media being formed around the FF-Twitted-Greader matrix is not only "distribution" but a new amalgam of real-time broadcast (ok, almost) & fragmented conversation. - Brad Kligerman
Michael: actually, yes. You should see the crowd I follow on Google Reader. Freaking awesome editors who bring me stuff I never would have known about. I try to pass it along but don't always get to all of it. - Robert Scoble
I know Robert amongst your teeming horde of followers I am surprised that you consume as much as you do. (Ps. I realized you stopped following my tweets. ;-P ) :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
excellent info! Thanks! - Beth K
I feel as though i'm running to stand still with all the info on Reader, Twitter etc. Decided a while back that if i followed Robert Scoble i'd catch a lot of the good stuff. Just wish i'd more time to get involved in the conversation more. Perhaps my resolution for 2009. - Richard McKay
Robert Scoble
Three examples of great blogging -
This is the old Dave Winer that I used to love reading. Absolutely agree with all points here. Especially with tools like Tube Mogul that make it easy to distribute video to a bunch of services. But Obama is just buying into ye olde political and PR belief of going where the biggest audience is. It's why Steve Jobs only gives iPhones to four journalists. We don't complain about that enough, either, but you can't argue with success. - Robert Scoble
Barbara Rozgonyi
@lizstrauss - meeting new and intriguing online connections in person - one of the things I love about social networking live :)
Chris Messina
Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers | Blog.SpoonGraphics -
Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers | Blog.SpoonGraphics
"This set of free hand drawn doodle icons includes 14 graphics tailored specifically for bloggers. Including social media graphics for Delicious, Design Float, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter as well as commonly used icons such as RSS, Home, Comments, Contact and Wordpress." - Chris Messina from Mento
Darren Rowse
How to Improve Your Blog When You Don’t Have Computer Access -
:) Yep, the title made me go "Huh?", too, but it's a useful list. But I think the problem is that imagining a time when you don't have access to a computer so scary you won't be able to do any of them because you'll be hugging you monitor/laptop and telling them you'll never be without them.... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
great tips. I think it is necessary that we find time to stay away from the computer and do these things rather than wait till we have no computer access. - Dee @
Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan
Audience GPS Monkey- Presentation Tips from Gopal Shenoy -
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