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Liza + = ?
Confession -can't stop looking at @50cent's tweets. If it's really him, it's sad for his fans. If it's not him, it's sad for Twitter.
classy. :P - Big Joe Silenced
I can't find a Tweet to cite w/o something to offend all. I thought it was joke. Was told his "rep" was at a recent SF conference and that it's real. If not him, someone taking ghost tweeting to a new level. - Liza + = ?
Verified Twitter Account. - Liza + = ?
... it's not him. the speling [sic] of 'm****rf***er' is a dead giveway. That don't sound like Fitty—.LOLz! - .LAG liked that
What is the point of a verified account? Who's game for documenting the verification process who has a name....LOUIS? I will call on your behalf and act as your "rep":) - Liza + = ?
Verified accounts are for celebrities or those who have had impersonation problems. - Louis Gray
Roids - start 'em young.
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Jesse Stay
Chris Cornell – Billie Jean - http://www.last.fm/music...
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