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iOS apps are becoming the Sunday brunch special menu items of the tech industry's largest companies. Try this, try that, keep trying.
So Instagram/Facebook is testing yet another iOS app, Bolt, in Singapore, South Africa & New Zealand. That's at least 12 iOS apps for $FB.
Intriguing Tumblog; James Harden Illustrated /cc @jkottke
Played some lunchtime bocce with @kyleruane and @cfehnel. Slaughtered them.
Seventh new follow, David Scheirer @dswatercolor watercolorist from Woodbine, Maryland. He's got a terrific site/shop
Interesting, @ProductHunt partnered with @500Startups for their latest batch.
Dropbox, Box, Picture Life. The choices these days!
At @plainmade we’re having a sale today Also, some things on sale through end of August.
RT @plainmade: We’re Having a Sale!
$AMZN could make up that difference by purchasing different coffee for employees. From their own site.
$AMZN increased revenue by 23% but missed projections by 0.3% (3 tenths of a percent) and shares went down 9%. Makes sense.
RT @danrubin: Get 15% off my photography workshop at @frontendconfch in Zurich next month with code DAN15: — who's going? :)
Basketball in 85F is always fun.
Tried to catch a turtle from the kayak. Failed. Need turtle catching tips.
I made a Wolfgang Puck style omelette. Now time to go for a morning paddle.
Sixth follow, @TomVCarroll big wave surfer from New South Wales. See Storm Surfers on Netflix. Tnx to @deanjrobinson for finding him for me.
Wow. Crazy easy scam and a big hole for debit cards.
It feels as though Australians haven’t taken to Twitter nearly as much as the US and UK have.
I'm very surprised that Instagram still hasn't added a retweet-like feature.
I'm pretty happy with how things are going with @plainmade these days. Last few months a hard battle. Now going well, exciting future.
Super simple update to the blog for mobile peeps. Puts the content front-and-center. E.g.
Fifth follow, @dudara is a food blogger from Dublin, Ireland who also bounces around Europe & US. Check out her blog
Fourth follow, @stevebooker lifestyle blogger in London. His blog: /hat tip @spencerbackman
Don't watch any clips of Johnny Carson. Because then you'll just end up missing Johnny Carson. Terribly.
RT @brianherbert: @cdevroe Try @whiteafrican @kenyanpundit @mentalacrobatic and @afromusing to add some Kenya to your timeline.
RT @spencerbackman: @cdevroe I really enjoy @stevebooker & @MrBenBrown from the UK.
Any follow suggestions for interesting tweeters from Europe, Africa, Australia?
RT @BG_Nelson: @cdevroe Love my standing desk. Going on 3 years using it.
RT @jschuller: @cdevroe Stick with it, you won't look back. I do little movements all day to keep my feet from aching.
RT @TomSennett: @cdevroe switched a year ago and I love it. Feet still hurt at end of day if I stand the whole time - actually a good reason to move around
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