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RT @coalwork: If you’re following us on Twitter and would like information about membership to #coworking in Scranton please
RT @ugmonk: It's never as easy as it looks. Trust me.
Tweetbot isn’t showing me favorites as retweets. So, if you don’t like favorites as retweets try using Tweetbot. Tweetbot.
Three markets that are already quite large and will explode this fall: personal health, mobile services (think Uber), and home automation.
RT @dens: Did you know about 2,000,000 business are "claimed" on @Foursquare? If you know a local biz owner, send them to:
“adventure is curiosity”
Five hours to go on this Kickstarted country/folk album by Matt Haeck. Nice, honest, kickstarter. /via @timwco
RT @flyosity: The creator of Flappy Bird has a new game coming out. Gameplay trailer looks like it'll make millions.
Congratulate before you ask
RT @RaviVora: There's a big difference between taking photos and making photos.
RT @zoltanhosszu: The 2009 eruption of the Sarychev volcano, as seen from the ISS
RT @stevesi: Email is dead the way radio, theater, film, tv, streaming were "replaced". The pie grows, scenarios shift, usage differentiates and refines.
RT @pmarca: For news junkies: -- Tracks edits to stories in place, over time, on major news web sites. Shows how news evolves!
RT @cdixon: Lawyers are the only people I know who still send Word files.
RT @mathowie: I wrote a blog post for the first time in eons, and its about a plugin sent to me but it's actually pretty amazing:
RT @kyleruane: I'll be at @TEDxScranton tomorrow—anyone interested in hearing about/getting involved with @coalwork, hit me up!
Pipe Guy hits his stride when he covers Seven Nation Army 3 minutes in or so
Yesterday @kyleruane and I recorded the @coalwork podcast with @karla_porter about @NEPABlogCon. Mentions galore.
Is bike butt a thing? I think I have bike butt.
Going biking.
Slack got Sandwiched
How all athletes should respond to reporters immediately following pretty much any event.
Andrew Kim reviews the Leica T
I'd be totally OK with "Likes" disappearing from all social services. They are now the new "view" making them almost meaningless.
What a beard that Robin Williams could grow! It started at his toes. Such a sad loss. Still upset.
My boy @kneath is having a moving sale. You can buy his stuff before it hits Craigslist.
Great site and map for the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail in Scotland /via @SunartMedia
Of course, @jkottke has the Pyongyang video too… but, with a great addendum
Also from @kwhi02 is this excellent video of Barcelona
Awesome look at Pyongyang, North Korea by @jtssingh & @kwhi02 Also, they are my next two follows.
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