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RT @VictoriaPericon: Hi Friends! Did someone you know lose a @lenovo laptop at JFK? I have it and I'm trying to get it back to its owner
Wide awake on EST in California. Guess I'll work before Pathfinder! #BlogHer14
...and I forgot to bring sunglasses to California. So smart.
I'm all checked in and unpacked. Time to hunt down food! #BlogHer14
Waiting to deplane. (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) - @flysfo w/ 140 others)
RT @99designs: In the spirit of summer & exploration, @Cecilyk shares 5 must-see #travel sites on the web:
Ug. I have to be that girl that asks to move seats on a full flight. Some in front of me is wearing so much perfume I can't stop sneezing.
Really amazing crew today on Delta flight 1497 PHL to Minneapolis today. A pleasure.
Just saw Keith urban.
Does one really need Rolls Royce luggage?
Security lines extra long at PHL today, but who cares cause I'm off to #BlogHer14?
I'm at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) (Philadelphia, PA) w/ 38 others
RT @violentfemmes: “@Cecilyk: OMFG the @violentfemmes just favorite a tweet. I'm having a massive fangirl moment. I DIE.” Please don't die!
OMFG the @violentfemmes just favorite a tweet. I'm having a massive fangirl moment. I DIE.
A client just set an invoice payment record: submitted and paid in under a minute. *clapping*
Ha! Just got to explain a Lorde line to our 11yo guest today. “Cut our teeth on wedding rings.”
RT @Margit: What's your favorite position? @feministabulous asked women, and their answers are awesome.
I’m really loving @buffer’s customer service emails. Well done.
Checked in for my #blogher14 flight. Cannot wait to get there!
RT @LynetteRadio: Contrats @ScottMonty! Well played Sir... well played. "Shifting into Gear"
Just watched Last Week Tonight's segment about the American prison system. God, what a fucking mess.
RT @HeatherBarmore: In two days I get to see like 20 of my favorite humans. Suddenly everything is all rainbows and butterflies. #BlogHer14
I may currently be blasting the Violent Femmes and reveling in awesome new hair and an awesome new client.
RT @anniemal: #Client, @ReykaVodka, is giving away a pretty spectacular trip to Iceland. (Must be 21+)
I love the smell of a new client contract in the morning.
RT @1732Meats: 2-7 tomorrow we will have all 4 bacons, Pancetta and guanciale @N3RDMRKT Come on over and see us and all the other great vendors!
RT @SteveLevine1: Your Racy Photos Are 'Fringe Benefits' at NSA: Snowden - Naked or sexually compromising photos intercepted by the ...
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