My Daughters little video that she made with her toys! (song by vance joy) -
My Daughters little video that she made with her toys! (song by vance joy)
OOF RT @anniemal: Some days you get up and question the future of humanity, Other days? You see unimaginable bravery.
RT @Miranda_Paul: @elloecho @aishacs 2 late. You're gonna go viral on FB. I just posted this: Mwah ha ha ha #SupportWNDB #pieintheface
Ha! I woke up wanting to listen to @amandapalmer and didn’t realize it’s also her book release day. #fate
It’s an @amandapalmer kind of day.
Fighting a touch of a stomach bug by buying a new pair of glasses. What? It makes sense to ME.
RT @KidsRuleSchool: Are you an artist? Do you know one? Sign up to be a vendor at our Superfantastic Craft Bazaar on December 6th!
62 degrees and sunny = playground is required.
RT @AnatheaT: Experiencing gendered harassment on Twitter? Send @womenactmedia your report & they’ll work w/Twitter to address it.
RT @KeithMarble: RT @raykwong: APEC Photo of the Day. RT @Marc_Leibowitz: Photo of Vladimir Putin's motorcade. Posted without comment.
You know you’re getting busier when you have to buy yourself a bigger notebook to accommodate your to do list.
Thing that is awesome (not): transcribing notes from the notebook the cat helpfully puked on (yes, I take hand written notes in meetings).
RT @brainchildmag: Our LGBT blog series begins today with @uppoppedafox on the reasons for choosing an unknown donor for her children:
Good morning, Monday! You look… well, I was going to say lovely, but that’s disingenuous. Tolerable. You look tolerable.
She's telling me she passed he first assessment. Seven laps in two minutes. #rollerderby
RT @schmutzie: We Are Our Own Monsters: Lena Dunham and the Continued Shaming of Girls and Women
Hey @paypal, if we’re going to dream, I want a Dyson DC35 Animal stick vacuum. Please? #paypalgenie
You know what I need? To sit on the floor and play with a litter of kittens. Yeah. That.
People never cease to appall me.
I totally just bought something I saw on a Facebook ad (it was cheap). I guess they work after all, those ads.
That was a long motherfucking day.
This might be my favorite classical music marketing video ever. Playing after eating HOT peppers!
RT @MackCollier: #Blogchat got legal questions about blogging? @KerryGorgone will be here to answer as our special co-host, 8pm CT on Sunday night!
Thing that is not awesome: the cat puking on my work notebook with my list and meeting notes. Good Morning!
Attending a mock Justice Committee meeting at my daughter's school. This is the Democratic discipline…
RT @cc_chapman: For the evening crowd, have you checked out @NeverEnoughDays yet?
RT @Spacekatgal: Police investigating 4chan link to murdered woman. Gamergate, tell me again how my life isn't in danger.
RT @MuseFanMisty: WATCH: Newest Surveillance Video of Womans Abduction #CarleshaFreelandGaither didnt know him. she shook his hand
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