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The song “GMF” by John Grant took me by surprise and is making me crack up.
Requisite hotel room selfie. #typeacon
RT @RafiDAngelo: Friendly reminder that white men are still walking around with rifles in grocery stores.
RT @ShunStrickland: We can't allow the disappointment of things not changing fast enough stop us from fighting for justice.
RT @griner: Replace Birmingham with #Ferguson, and MLK's jailhouse letter seems written today:
RT @ShaunKing: Do me this favor. Ask @walmart why the video of John Crawford being killed in their store hasn't been released to his family. Ask daily.
Nina Simone is perfect for today’s mood. That is all.
RT @FreedomofPress: We are keeping track of the journalists arrested in #Ferguson and filing #FOIA requests for their arrest records.
Nothing says fun like an hour on the phone with technical support.
RT @Will_Bunch: A liberal journalist is a mainstream journalist who's been tear-gassed
This morning I just can’t even.
Anyone know a good coffee spot near @venturef0rth? #phillypeeps
RT @ShotAtLife: Help give children a shot at their 5th bday. Join @meaganfrancis & @ShotAtLife for #Blogust #MDGmomentum
RT @akacharleswade: You want to help #Ferguson and the Brown Family?! There are many options on http://DONATEFERGUSON.COM! Many many many options.
BBC Newshour just asked a black reporter if he feels #Ferguson is a “race issue.” Um. YES. #fail
RT @anniemal: #Ferguson protestors stand guard, protecting businesses from being looted. Powerful. (h/t @jspepper)
Today my daughter said she should be nominated for #PhillyGeekAwards. I told her to start coding. Heh.
RT @geekadelphia: You can see a listing of tonight's winners immediately after the #phillygeekawards over at @NewsWorksWHYY, our official media sponsor!
RT @mikeyil: 2014 Philadelphia Geek Awards (@ The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University)
Cleaning. Sorting. Packing.
Just saw my first Instagram ad.
RT @AntonioFrench: #Ferguson Police Chief: The initial contact between #DarrenWilson and #MikeBrown was NOT related to the alleged theft of cigars.
It’s August 15th, my office window is open, and I’m a bit on the chilly side. WTH, weather.
RT @BradGerick: .@ajam crew running from their equipment as police in Ferguson fire tear gas at them.
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