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RT @alan_uplc: Nope, no racial prejudice in America. Laws are enforced without regard to race. Always.
RT @AboutFamilyFit: just adopted 2 a few weeks ago! RT @Cecilyk: Thinking of getting a pet this spring? Try your local shelter first!
RT @KidsRuleSchool: ATTN HISTORY BUFFS:We have 4 tickets to the Betsy Ross house from @HistoricPhilly up for auction at our Spring Fling!
Thinking of getting a pet this spring? Try your local shelter first!
RT @schmutzie: Without women, "the [@WSJD conf] won't… foster a fully-formed discussion about changes in tech." #GenderAvenger
This? IS AWESOME. from @DresdenPlaid 7 Billion Liters Served:
RT @metmuseum: Check out this fabulous post by @CarolACain on welcoming spring at the Met with her family!
RT @99designsBiz: Have site updates slipped by the wayside? Here are 6 ways to keep your website current this year: @Cecilyk
RT @LisaStone: Congrats @canva on landing @guykawasaki: "Ignore title and pedigrees.  Elitism is the enemy of evangelism." Amen
RT @Preeclampsia: The Preeclampsia Awareness Month page is officially live! Have you considered joining the "Kickoff to...
Anyone else get a copy of the book The Glow in the mail?
RT @campcreek: get a load of this sexist sign at my library - way to tell kids some books are for girls & some are for boys -_-
RT @billrowland: What SEO & online marketing questions do you want to ask @wilreynolds ? Ask him yourself tonight
Here comes some weather.
The internet is just filled with juicy little gems today. Like this one: ( @cebsilver, you’ll like this)
RT @mochamomma: Y'all know why it's snowing? All your damn viewings of "Frozen". I blame that.
The family that hikes together...
This is the dog on 2.5 hours of hiking. She does about four times the distance we do running back and…
My very very very favorite spring flower. I have some tattooed on my left arm and shoulder.
Time for a game of "spot the child"! Hint: she up there next to the Billy Penn statue. What, you folks…
Buddies. So sad she's moving away this summer!
Surrender (of a different sort): new blog post.
RT @addyeB: Calling All Women of Color Who Have Had Postpartum Depression or Anxiety via @postpartumprog
Good morning, Monday!
How's your morning going? Lol.
RT @chzstkprincess: @Cecilyk BAMBI-KOHLER: Upper Merion Sisters’ Cyrus campaign a mission of love #mileyvisitchrista
Just posted a photo
Jax does NOT think he would make a good Dalek.
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