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Re: - - What happens when you find the right journalist for the story -
"That's a great piece. Thanks! I'd never seen it." - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - A result.  Faster. -
"Thanks!" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - Excited to be the Least Stylish Investor in the Most Stylish Company: Backing Bradford and Bezar -
"Tell your friends!" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - Turns at Albuquerque: How I Measure My Career -
Re: - - Turns at Albuquerque: How I Measure My Career -
"So what's the right measurement? You know, one thing I didn't bring up was how I benchmarked... like... why was being an analyst at USV better than being a failed CEO? What criteria? How would you rate your current job to make it comparable?" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - Turns at Albuquerque: How I Measure My Career -
"There's nothing stopping anyone from being a big fish in a big pond... just takes time." - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: Finding ROI In Higher Education -
"Whoa... I was first to an AVC post. :)" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: Finding ROI In Higher Education -
"I don't believe a four year degree is worth it, but this math is wonky. You have a skewed initial pool. On one side, it's the pool of all high school seniors. On the other, what does the Flatiron School's initial pool look like? How many of them already have college educations, to start with? I'd bet 90%+ already have degrees... so the more apt comparison is some kind of technical grad school... ITP for example... not undergrad vs what is a continuing ed program." - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - How Not to Let the Crazy In -
"Not a high bar. 11 years of mostly dribble. :)" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - Congrats to Backupify! A Great Exit Story for the First Company I Ever Backed -
"Why not both??" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - Some Rules for Marketplaces and Distributed Workforce Platforms -
"I don't really understand why Thumbtack is so highly valued..." - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - What Salary Means -
"What exactly are you disagreeing with? That there's more to a job than salary?" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - What Salary Means -
"Whoa. I don't think a dev with 2 years experience should be making $160k anywhere... unless it's a place that they wouldn't actually want to work at and need to be compensated for their soul. :)" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - What Salary Means -
"Depends on the sale. ;)" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - What Salary Means -
"Well said!" - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - What Salary Means -
"Agreed." - Charlie O'Donnell
Re: - - Piers, Parks and Why White People Suck -
"You're a moron, and now, thanks to the internet, everyone can see!" - Charlie O'Donnell
RT @emilymiethner: Can't wait to kick off the @SarahLawrence Sophomore Career Symposium tonight! #FindSpark
RT @jrochelle: Avg age at which kids got a phone: 11. Avg age parents say they'll give kid a phone: 14. #thinkagain #kiddingthemselves #fosi2014 @FOSI
RT @drewbeechler: "Your success is never going to come down to 1 investor, 1 employee, 1 reporter or 1 job." Great advice, @ceonyc
RT @FastCompany: Looking to go beyond Greek yogurt, @Chobani is opening a food incubator in NYC. That's right. A food incubator:
New Post: > There are No Gatekeepers
RT @Oatmeal: Dear @SenTedCruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works
So @mcuban makes his first #brooklyn investment in @OchoVideo, but has he ever actually been to Brooklyn?
Finally, a female panelist in the same shoe level as me. #notoutshoedtoday
Oh, @DaniFankhauser and @AntDeRosa are also speaking at this random thing I hadn't heard of. I guess it's pretty legit.
Something fishy about this night of panels I'm speaking at.
I've got two slots open for a 10-12 min front end developer talk in NYC next Tues night. Come share what your startup is up to/working on.
RT @MLBcathedrals: Casey Stengel at Ebbets Field, 1915. #Brooklyn #Dodgers
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