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RT @sarahkliff: Kentucky’s uninsured rates, before and after Obamacare.
RT @lukew: “It's very un-Samsung-like to leave an entire inch between Galaxy devices.”
To break 2:30 in the #nyctriathlon on Sunday, I need my 2nd best swim, 20MPH on the bike and a 7:30 run pace. (Yes, I suck at swimming.)
RT @MCPMONE: @johnnyraff @ceonyc @MPLaValle one week of John Donodeo Cross country practice
You wouldn't like it when I bike angry. #citibike #bikenyc (Found it like this, I swear!) @ Pearl…
RT @Steven_Strauss: @ceonyc #protip if you have an urge to get up early to ride 8 times around a park, lay down until the urge passes :-)
Protip: Start your day with 8 speed loops around Prospect Park. #bikenyc
How long do sneakers last you?
Looks like Vicki is two timing Lucas.
RT @endeavoringE: Physicist concocts ice cream that changes color when you lick it #becausewhynot
Beautiful night for a game. #mets @ Citi Field
RT @picklesnumber1: We can all relax now, the lizard sex satellite in outer space is now back under control...
Has anyone checked to see if Murph is using one of Jeff Kent's old gloves? #Mets
RT @Paul_Hadsall: If the orange "Los Mets" jerseys are a stealth market test for a future alternate, let me weigh in & say I'm not a fan of the color. #Mets
Ryan Howard is a shell of his former self. Wonder how many homeless people could live in that shell. #mets #Phillies
RT @megtkel: Not sure why I thought Young would actually get a hit there. #Mets
RT @sal_licata: Outside of Chris Young, there really isnt much to complain about these days with the #Mets. Feels weird.
Nicole Toro just rocked the anthem. #gogoya #mets
RT @ckurdziel: @khuyi HR infra is really underrated - especially since HR needs to be implemented BEFORE high growth periods, not during/after
24 ppl on line for the @patlafrieda steak sandwich. 0 for meatball sliders. The people have spoken. #mets
RT @cindygallop: "Amaze each other everyday on what you do for each other" @ceonyc on what gets your team through #startupstress
OH: "Olive oil is where cheese was 20 years ago."
hot seed rounds” everyone is fighting to get in are anti-correlated with very successful investments." Sam Altman -
RT @blissfulthinkin: Challenge for every #startup / #founder from @ceonyc: Wanna change the world? Step Up. Be a great team/teammate.
Re: - - Step Up -
"Works for everyone. :)" - Charlie O'Donnell
RT @SekaiFarai: "Never leave someone behind in the office that you can help" + other advice to a jr. startup by @ceonyc in Step Up @
RT @rongoldin: Really enjoyed reading @ceonyc's letter to a young new startup. Core message: look out for one another.
RT @gregory: @ceonyc Another example of #ConferenceGentrification, but this time I was on the other side...
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