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Disability Is Not Just a Metaphor - Christopher Shinn - The Atlantic
@the_eco_thought Are you going to have a chance to see Holdsworth on his current tour?
Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Zizek |
Fight Club Sequel Coming as Graphic Novel Next Year - GalleyCat
The Problem With Yammer? People Don't Use It via @CMSWire
This made me smile > George Lucas encounters the City of Cold Shoulders - SFGate
RT @RichardScheinin: John Adams on Eric Dolphy, @CabrilloFest, @kronosquartet & getting stung by bees in Golden Gate Park @destinationOUT
Science makes a case for crushing all other academic fields and taking their lunch > In Defense of Science -
Posted by a human > [1407.5225] The Rise of Social Bots
Policy cloud > @davidsherr > Why We're Building A Policy Machine
think "magazine" separate from physical medium > Why digital publishers want to be in the magazine business | Digiday
Explaining Continuity: The tech tying iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite together
161 page dissertation > @the_eco_thought > Allan Holdsworth, Reshaping Harmony >
Tim Morton's "Hyperobjects" reviewed in "Reviews in Cultural Theory" | Home
Climate change is far from the only cause of a rapid rise disasters | Doug McNeall | Environment |
Sherlock Holmes’ Resume: INFOGRAPHIC - GalleyCat
Raindrops keep not falling on my head > California drought will only get worse, experts say - LA Times
A Note to Readers--The New Yorker has a new online design >
RT @RonCharles: Today @TheBafflerMag relaunches its Web site w full archive access. Details here:
echovar: Readings: Tabs Won’t Close
Readings: Tabs Won’t Close -
Is global warming causing extreme weather via jet stream waves? | John Abraham | Environment |
The Sex Pistols Do Dallas: A Strange Concert from the Strangest Tour in History (January 10, 1978) | Open Culture
Now Playing at the Longhorn Ballroom, The Sex Pistols and Merle Haggard >
"human logic" What a concept! > What will hypercomputers let us do? Good question -
Physics: Wave of the future : Nature News & Comment
As Arctic Ice Shrinks, Can Polar Bears Survive on Land?
Not so you'd notice >> Economist's View: 'Do Patents Stifle Cumulative Innovation?'
Ad Hoc networks > No Signal? goTenna has a messaging gadget that will work in the middle of nowhere —
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