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Esther Bell new curator of European paintings for SF museums - SFGate
@ClaireAkebrand Yes, it was an elegy for elegy.
RT @bookforum: What the world would look like if we took global warming seriously/The real reason we can’t stop global warming
RT @evgenymorozov: Install it like now: a browser plugin that replaces the word "disrupt" with the word "bullshit" via @lumoren
“Apple’s multi-terabit, $100M CDN is live—with paid connection to Comcast”
RT @Megan: This Baffler article has issues, but the phrase "exclusive grifterhood of future-of-media experts" is inspired:
Del Rey and Maleficent > Once Upon a Dream – The New Inquiry
Surf's up > Giant Waves Observed In Arctic Ocean For First Time Ever, Scientists Warn Of Ice-Free Summers
The Believer Gears Up for a Bi-Monthly Relaunch | New York Observer
RT @LAReviewofBooks: Around the World: Alex Baumhardt interviews Iceland’s Sjón, novelist and Björk’s former songwriting collaborator.
Every talks about the weather, but... > Cloudy With a Chance of War - Issue 15: Turbulence - Nautilus
“Last Call A Buddhist monk confronts Japan’s suicide culture.”
Is it still a bubble when it was only ever the idea of a bubble? > “Is the MOOC Bubble Bursting?”
@believermag @AimeeBender What about in the case on untagged indirect speech as in Jane Austen?
Nuisance may be more motivating than catastrophe >Sea Level Rise Driving 'Nuisance Flooding' Higher in Coastal Cities
We shouldn't do this >> Pangolins may be eaten to extinction | MNN - Mother Nature Network
RT @LAReviewofBooks: Barbara Johnson's posthumous A Life with Mary Shelley is "a work of tremendous economy, wit, and insight."
Hear Roland Barthes Present His 40-Hour Course, La Préparation du roman, in French (1978-80) | Open Culture
YouTube's invisible standards
Brazil bans catfish fishery that used dolphins as bait - life - 30 July 2014 - New Scientist
Always already hacked > Top 5 Internet of Things Security Concerns by @druadh20
RT @LAReviewofBooks: "A Life with Mary Shelley" is also about the critical difference a supportive circle of women writers can make.
I'd pay to see that movie >> Godzilla vs. Godot | Peter W. Wood
Applied agrilogistics > @the_eco_thought > Solve climate change … make people smaller | Education | The Guardian
Economist's View: Why the Rich Should Take the Lead Income Redistribution
This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like | Business | WIRED
RT @dark_shark: "If you make something that is the right slowness, people are very happy to slow themselves down to meet it." - Brian Eno
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