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Michael Nielsen
Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable « Clay Shirky -
"When a 14 year old kid can blow up your business in his spare time, not because he hates you but because he loves you, then you got a problem." - Michael Nielsen
Konrad Förstner
Public domain publishing made easy with CC zero Two life science projects as good examples.
Michael Kuhn
I successfully defended my PhD this morning with the best mark ("summa cum laude").
I'm not a PhD yet, though (this is Germany!) -- some formalities still tbd. - Michael Kuhn
Congratulations! - Bill Hooker
Congrats anyway! It's all over bar the shouting. Do you feel special yet? - Chris Cotsapas from Nambu
Gratuliere! - Björn Brembs
congratulations :) - Pedro Beltrao
Congrats - Deepak Singh
well done - well deserved (if brief) rest coming? - Cameron Neylon
thanks for the congratulations. :) I'll take two-weeks break between PhD and Post-doc in June. - Michael Kuhn
Congratulations! That was certainly well deserved :) - Lars Juhl Jensen
Congratulations! - Shirley Wu
Way to go! - Nir London
Super! Congratulations! - Konrad Förstner
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