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We are starting to implement the @AwesomePaaS app store with the #awesome team #node #js #paas #mean
"@PagedeGeek: 10 open source projects proving the power of Go" cc @slemaistre86 @AwesomePaaS
RT @PagedeGeek: 10 open source projects proving the power of Go
"@ReactJSFrance: Premier meetup ReactJSFrance, le lundi 8 décembre" cc @AwesomePaaS
RT @Linagora_Canada: La nouvelle équipe @Linagora_Canada enfin installée et prête à se mettre au travail! @Montréal
RT @jacksondevs: material ui - CSS Framework & a Set of React Components that Implement Google's Material Design #reactjs #javascript
RT @heisenbugger: Reminder. Today Mozilla announces its new browser for developers. #Fx10
RT @FatMike_of_NOFX: Rockin and Rollin in GongRT @ElHefeNOFX: Hell yea! RT @Tim_stew: That moment when everyone is welcome at a punk show
RT @jamesurquhart: My favorite beer glass ever...
RT @nodejs_code: Raspberry Pi, Camera and Node.js – Live Streaming with Websockets #IoT by @arvindr21
RT @WOWPicsOfLife: A solar eclipse, viewed from the I.S.S.
RT @ippontech: [BDX.IO] MongoDB Internals : La vie d’une écriture et sa réplication
RT @0x604: I can deploy a massive clusters to handle millions of concurrent requests from scratch in minutes... but dns updates may take up to 24 hours
#Home après une bonne grosse semaine parisienne pleine de code cc & #FF @rootsikal @AwesomePaaS @mmaudet @Graham_lng @slemaistre86 @linagora
Yet another awesome barcamp with awesome colleagues @AwesomePaaS @linagora
RT @accordionpeas: Parts of JS engines are written in JS because its faster than c++. FTW. #ffconf
RT @BenNadel: After yesterday’s post about multi-priority directives in #AngularJS, I wanted to quickly refactor my repeat-switch.
“@k33g_org: invits #inbox, MP si intéressé :)” pareil ici
RT @mikemaccana: NPM starts talking about front end packaging
Encore une bonne soirée chez @linagora
RT @alex_zapolsky: Bravo à @clementoudot et @xguimard : le logiciel LemonLDAP vient d'être élu logiciel communautaire de l'année par @ow2 ! Bravo !
RT @rootsikal: @lemonldapng nominated best community enabled project of OW2 ! cc @linagora
RT @gruffatti: #ow2 awards winners. Best projects in #opensource including @SpagoBI @EngineeringSpa
YEAH!!! RT @jplorre: LemonLDAP to receive Community Award from @ow2 @linagora
RT @jplorre: OpenPaaS presentation as new @ow2 project by Michael Bailly from @linagora #ow2con @AwesomePaaS @rootsikal
RT @AwesomePaaS: #merge barcamp at @linagora with LORIA and Mines d'Albi... Great things to come !
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