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Sound of the day just before holidays: The Shell Corporation #letshack
RT @JavaScriptDaily: immutable-js: Immutable Data Collections for JavaScript -
Flight rules for git - a work in progress!
RT @sfposhy: I'm available for contract prototyping and web development work if anyone needs or knows someone that needs some help!
Not sure it is the right time for a coding session + listening watcha
J'en ai marre de toujours RT @k33g_org #tuesmonmaitre
RT @startupvitamins: A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.
RT @glaforge: #Devicons, the developer-friendly font, now features the #groovylang logo!
RT @nodejs: Building Node.js Together
Time to hack on activity streams @AwesomePaaS #hackingnight
Connexion internet en carton #orange
RT @joyent: Node.js Developer Resource Center: Get battle-proven practices for designing, deploying & debugging #nodejs:
RT @miktam: Luca Maraschi, Architect at Icemobile, talks about their move from Java to Node.js #Java #NodeJS
RT @mozhacks: Resources for HTML5 game developers -
Deep-water soloing competition in Spain - Red Bul… :
Deep-water soloing competition in Spain - Red Bul… :
RT @h2non: WebTorrent: Bringing #BitTorrent to the Web (with #WebRTC and Mad Science) #js #javascript
RT @h2non: WebTorrent: Bringing #BitTorrent to the Web (with #WebRTC and Mad Science) #js #javascript
Offline storage, improved. Wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage using a simple but powerful API.
RT @compay: The most perfectly Apple thing ever: a Bash environment where you have to pay each time you want to run a script.
RT @NachoNavaReus: "@toddmotto: Open sourced my opinionated AngularJS styleguide on GitHub: #angular #javascript"
RT @clientjs: How #AngularJS implements dirty checking and how to replicate it ourselves | via @rynclark
RT @sfui: great! RT @Cloud9IDE: Announcing the all new Cloud9 development environment! Read all about it on our blog:
Nice to have @pkewisch hacking with us on @AwesomePaaS! Let's build awesome stuff!
RT @ScripttheWeb: Google's officially supported Node.js client library for accessing Google APIs -- #nodejs #javascript via @PINTSD
RT @dscape: @indexzero @github also maybe translate the coffee script to js so i can understand code :P
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