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RT @clientjs: How #AngularJS implements dirty checking and how to replicate it ourselves | via @rynclark
RT @sfui: great! RT @Cloud9IDE: Announcing the all new Cloud9 development environment! Read all about it on our blog:
Nice to have @pkewisch hacking with us on @AwesomePaaS! Let's build awesome stuff!
RT @ScripttheWeb: Google's officially supported Node.js client library for accessing Google APIs -- #nodejs #javascript via @PINTSD
RT @dscape: @indexzero @github also maybe translate the coffee script to js so i can understand code :P
RT @AIexMoran: Always leave your hotel room like this
RT @sfposhy: Wow! Only 10% of tech at @twitter are female?!
RT @thomasfuchs: I kind of want bathroom tiles like this
RT @InfoQFR: #Docker : ignore et pause automatique des conteneurs au commit, traduit par @happynoff -
Congrats! RT @OBM_en: This is a great day! OBM 3 is available now and it's huge! #03M #Cc @linagora @Linagora_region
RT @OBM_en: It's also Opush 3.0.1 Release... It's raining releases ! #Cc @linagora
RT @OBM_fr: C'est un grand jour ! OBM 3 est disponible maintenant et c'est énorme ! (anglais) #Cc @linagora @Linagora_region
RT @AwesomePaaS: WIP: user experience when creating a community in the @linagora AwesomePaaS ESN
RT @vikram_nz: Nice. UK Govt makes open standards default with .odt over .doc
RT @ILoveSete: Festival photographique Images Singulières de Sète ..Suite avec 30 photographes qui racontent la France d’aujourd’hui
RT @othiym23: npm 1.5.0-alpha has become npm 2.0.0-alpha because of these exciting changes: Try it out! File bugs! Enjoy!
RT @embee: what happens when non-tech people discover web developer tools
RT @k33g_org: A Private Raspberry Pi Cloud with ARM Docker via @Prismatic cc @eDenayrolles
RT @SciencePorn: It's called "reading." That's how people install new software into their brains.
RT @cblavier: J’ai une idée de loi : interdiction de regarder #Netflix si on a pris un #VTC dans la journée. Certain que ça pourrait passer !
RT @LegNeato: "Tests aren’t needed because there’s a great community." Hhahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahaahaha. Oh man.
RT @Linagora_region: Aujourd'hui c'est notre #Twitterversary ! Trois ans de tweets et de projets libres en régions pour @linagora ! #bébégrandit
git commit -m 'dodo'
Old stuff for hacking night : Full Circle @pennywise on #deezer
RT @jasnell: W3C Social Workgroup has launched.
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