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Ken Stewart | ChangeForge

Ken Stewart | ChangeForge

Challenging conventional paradigms with lots of innovation and a dash of common sense:
People work for profit, but win with purpose!
Customers are tolerant of closed ecosystems UNITL it gets in the way of their experience. #heed
Information should find you.
FLIP it! @Photizo_Group is flipping the business upside down to serve our clients with purpose!
Wi-Fi speeds about to triple
Spying costs US companies money by @clairecm via @nytimes
Courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence of faith... quote adapted from FDR. Take heart if you are discouraged, my friends!
Tesla Can Topple the Car-Dealer Monopoly
Re: 3 Time Management Tools to Stay Focused -
"Thanks for the tip, Mary. I'll have to check this out. I've been using a Mac for some time now, and one thing I've found about Basecamp is that there doesn't seem to be a good Mac time tracking widget. We used to use Basecamp religiously in an IT group I managed, and the Windows version was wonderful. I think you may have given me something new to go and review! Keep in touch and let me know how you fair with this. I'm building out a resource page, and would love to include useful tools and other resources for good folks like yourself." - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Re: Shed the Stress of Scope Creep -
"Bren, it sure sounds like you have a challenging role. I have to imagine this "ready, fire, aim" mentality has to be very frustrating. Do you feel like the issue has to do more with the client or with your managers? In other words, do you think a lot of the message is lost in translation, as it were? I wonder if you have the opportunity to reach out to your clients directly? Is this overstepping your imposed boundaries?" - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
How (NOT) to Gather Customer Feedback that Instigates Positive Change -
Greatest Exit Memo Ever! by ousted Groupon CEO. Andrew Mason is a class act!
Are Millennials a “Lost Generation”? (video)
What’s Missing in Your Business? Take a Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes via @photizo_group
Is US Economy Worse Than the Data Shows
Tech support at its best! hilarious!
Secrets to Earning More in 2013
Dell nears buyout that could top $24 billion
Behind Every Great Tech Company is a Loyal Channel Base via @thevarguy
Intel Gamifies Pepsi Vending Machine Why would you want to encourage people to hold up the line?
Intel Gamifies Pepsi Vending Machine Why would you want to encourage people to hold up the line?
Decline in IT Outsourcing Market Challenges Service Providers via @CIOmagazine
Update your Barracuda appliances. Backdoors found according to @CIOmagazine
Can Dell avoid "desktopolypse" with PC-in-a-stick, Ophelia (using Google Android OS)?
Microsoft's Windows 8 sales sluggish. Learn why...
Thinking About New Business Opportunities? Consider the Spork. via @Photizo_Group Hilarious!
Top 100 MSPs: 7 Managed Services Trends Revealed (Right Now) via @MSPMentor
Register for Thursday! Is 2013 the calm before the storm, or the perfect storm? https://photizogroupwebinars.w...
Cisco Tweaks Fixed-Price Professional Services Model by @theVARguy I really like this model by @Cisco.
Microsoft Sells 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses (But to Whom?) by @theVARguy
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