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Ken Stewart | ChangeForge

Ken Stewart | ChangeForge

Challenging conventional paradigms with lots of innovation and a dash of common sense:
Re: What I Learned From Growing My Email List 3,418% (Nearly 200k) in Just 11 Days -
"Josh, excellent post. I appreciate the candor and tactical walk-through. I really enjoyed the advice, and especially tips on what not to do." - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (featuring Melissa and Mazey Stewart) -
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (featuring Melissa and Mazey Stewart)
Teleworking Truth #9: Kids and work-at-home parents have exactly the opposite reaction when it’s time to go back to school.
Teleworking Truth #8: For teleworkers, a victory lap usually means spinning around in your office chair.
Teleworking Truth #7: Suck it up, cupcake—pointless meetings are just a reality no matter where you work.
Teleworking Truth #6: Do you really miss the coffee at the office? Really?
Teleworking Truth #5: Mute is your friend: Don't take us to the bathroom with you.
Teleworking Truth #4: Getting stuck in traffic is no longer a valid excuse, but the dog eating your homework might actually work, now.
Teleworking Truth #3: Not wearing pants is an option. Telling me about it is not.
Trust is a heartbeat, not a drumbeat.
BlackBerry launches square smartphone me: Printers have been square for years and look how well they've done!
Teleworking Truth #2: Remember, the little, green light means your webcam is on.
IBM's Quest to Make Selling Chocolate Seem Difficult Choice article by @valleyhack
IT Concerns Over Ransomware Increasing featuring @StuAllard via @thevarguy
Supreme Court to Police on Cell Phone Searches: Get a Warrant by @zdfyrashid via @pcmag
Teleworking Truth #1: Camouflage cargo pants covers coffee spills the best.
Who says MPS has to be actively managed?
"Transformation often occurs when we simultaneously embrace things that often look like opposites." - Ben Saltzman
Disturbing Truth About How Big Food Companies Exploit Your Shopping Habits
Four Tips to Achieving Work Life Balance for Teleworkers -
Pentagon has zombie apocalypse plan #goodtimes
National Security Agency or No Safe Airwaves? NSA caught over-reaching again!
Google receiving take down requests after 'right to be forgotten' ruling via @V3_co_UK
Are you an ANT, a SHARK or a TIGER? Find out more in my Transform Global 2014 session by @Photizo_Group
Teleworking: Pants or Pajamas? -
MPS Verticals: What's Hot or Not in Western Europe (infographic)
Net Neutrality Company Sign on Letter
Courage is best seen when you are most vulnerable.
Army or Air Force vets seeking seed funding for startup? Interesting contest by @s88security to award $5000 to winning vet...
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