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Burning question of the day: French Fries, Onion Rings, or Tater Tots?
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Onion rings...especially if I'm going to Sonic...Fries if I'm going to In N Out though. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I dunno, dude... Sonic has some pretty jam up Tots. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
french fries, 'cause this is FF! - Jim #teamFFrank
Frickin' fries dude! - Eric - Final Countdown
Jim of the Fresh Hair Cut... you are Fired! That is most certainly the cheese we were missing ;-) LOL - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Tater tots with nacho cheese. - Anika
You forgot waffle fries! This is hilarious because we actually had a very heated office debate on Friday about which was better waffle fries or tater tots. Waffle fries won out. - James Poling
Fries, with Onion Rings a close second. - Michael Fidler
Tater Tots - Brent - Yes I am
Fries - Elena
Fries, w/ onion rings a happy periodic indulgence. - Ayşe E.
I just saved the French Fries picture as my wallpaper... - Jackie
All three like a sampler plate! mmmm - Tiffy Diamond
If they're sucky fries like the ones at Wendy's, I'll have tots. - MiniMage
I would have to say oldskool fries (done properly), which are called "Pommes Frites" here (and in France I presume). Especially since I haven´t seen "Tater Tots" before, but they look somewhat like our round "Pommes Noisettes" or maybe like a miniature "Rösti". Anyone know ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Tots > Onion rings > Waffle fries > Regular fries. The thin/short tots are especially good. - Alix May
Yes please. :) But usually Fries > Tots > Onion Rings. - Jandy
Onion Rings! - Sharon McPherson
I'll have fries with that, please! - Jeff P. Henderson
French Fries - ever so slightly > Onion Rings - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Texas toothpicks may trump them all, but it's hard for me to get them (and no, I will NOT try to make them, myself!). Potato wedges are also nice. - MiniMage
Depends on which fries and which onion rings. But hardly ever tatertots. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
Tots please... - Nikhil Dandekar
French Fries Pomme Frites - infodiva
onion rings & Alex is right, esp if they are from Sonic. - R. Ferguson
The best onion rings over the best fries. - mikepk
Waffle fries > fries > tater tots > wedges... no onion rings. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Tater Tots then Fries. Rings are disposed. - Louis Gray
When at home.. tater tots. French Fries any other time. Not a big Onion Ring fan. - Sean
French (err, Freedom) Fries :) - Roberto Bonini
Tots for breakfast and fries for lunch or dinner. - David Cook
Chili cheese tater tots </monkeywrench> - Ha3rvey (on hiatus) from fftogo
Onion rings FTW! - Michael Forian
Tater tots would never win with me. Tough call between fries & onion rings, depends where they're from. Tony Roma's brick onion rings FTW above all other fries, but typical fries vs typical rings I'd go with the fries. - Robert DeBord
I like all of them. Bring them on. :-) - Raoul Pop
fries. definitely fries. - Rahsheen
Fries, if I can make them myself. - Ian May
tater tots - Tony C (Unrated)
In order of preference: fries, tots, onion rings. But bring all 3, thanks - Andy Bakun
All of the above. - James Rishabh Mishra
McD's fries, or Arby's curly fries. Onion rings are good, too, but most fast food places have crappy ones (Sonic's are pretty good). I hardly ever have tater tots even though I like stuff like hash browns. - Cheryl Jones
Fries > Tots > nothing > Onion rings [OK, that doesn't parse right. I mean that I'd rather have nothing than have onion rings, but one could read that in part as "nothing is better than onion rings". What a crazy language.] - Fred Yankowski
Sweet Potato Fries. If that breaks the rules, onion rings. - Jeanine W.
Bleh, I hate this post. I'm broke ... and I want some onion rings! Lovely, batter that melts in your mouth, nice and hot onion rings. :-P - Matthew Horton
Jeanine W, I was about to say that sweet potato fries are the bomb!!! especially with a little butter. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Matt, right there with you. It keeps popping up and making me NEED to go get some chili cheese fries. But I'm being strong! - Jandy
I've gotten no end to the grief from various girlfriends about my love of tater tots. Apparently, I am not alone! - Seth Blank
I think Ms. Tinypants posted a recipe a while back with cheese and bacon wrapped tater tots. They were yum. - Alix May
Hold up now. CHEESE AND BACON WRAPPED TATER TOTS? I must find this. *goes searching* - Jandy
Haha, found it. I had already liked it. I = bad memory tonight. - Jandy
None of these. Chips rule. - Mo Kargas
LOL, Jandy!!! That sounds so decadent. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
fries - Herb Hernandez
Onion rings! Is this even a question? - Mark Horne
Onion Rings of the Sonic variety - tony
French Fries. Sick of onion rings and tater tots. Oh, and I really hate In-n-Out fries. - Wirehead
Toujours les pommes frites. - Kate Foy
The first thing I'm doing if I go to the US sometime? Eat something fried and cheesy:) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ from BuddyFeed
Completely depends on where I'm eating. - FFing Enigma
Oh, and might I add you left off floppy chips as an option which is a travesty. Floppy chips are teh nom! - FFing Enigma
damn important question. - Thomas Hawk
french fries please! - Simon Wicks
Onion rings. - James Myatt
French fries anywhere but Sonic then is is TOTS honey! No onion rings...EVER! - VP Medical
Had onion rings last night, I think partially because of this post. :) - mikepk
French Fries - Shevonne
Do onion rings count as one of your five a day? ;-) - Gee Ranasinha
Gee, if you put Ketchup then YES! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
i have slowly moved from fries at most places and gone rings or tots. - (jeff)isageek
To clarify on everyone's request to add chips, we must keep our British friends in mind here... I think everyone is referencing "potato chips" not what we Americans call "french fries"... - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Or Pomme Frittes :D - Tony C (Unrated) from IM
French Fries for me please. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Tater Tots, mashed up in a bowl with lots of ketchup! - Mike Reynolds
YES. - Steven Perez
Mike, that sounds like mashed potato crunch! Interesting casserole idea ;-) I dunno about the Ketchup though... - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge