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RT @SamHarrisOrg: Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Laureate, Is Assailed by Schools Group in Pakistan, via @nytimes
RT @KathrynBertine: Ooh, interesting! "Bobsled declares four-man event gender neutral, meaning women can compete alongside men” @nytimes
I'm at The @CowandSow in Kawartha Lakes Division, ON
RT @bikejourno: @AsraMiftah If you wish to kill for your belief, please do start with yourself. Thanks.
RT @patcondell: Pakistan: Christian couple have legs broken and are burned alive on fabricated “blasphemy” charge. Police do nothing.
Mmmmmm! - Drinking a Chimay Bleue (Grande Réserve) @ BOFH Cave -
Busy sexting. Awesome dad. -- Justin Ross Harris charged with murder in toddler's hot SUV death - World - CBC News
RT @CBCNews: Rob Ford campaign volunteer charged with assault
Westboro Baptist Church announces intention to picket Robin Williams’s funeral to protest gay tolerance -
Morgue worker admits to having sex with up to 100 dead women -
Welsh Fried Chicken Brand Defends Logo -
RT @CBCHealth: Dying Sierra Leone Dr. Sheik Umar Khan never told Ebola drug was available
O rly?! Handicapped parking at churches?
I took the Twitter spelling test and scored: 100% (A+) from the enchanting @oatmeal
My soundtrack: ♫ "Girls/Girls/Boys" by @PanicAtTheDisco (@ Willowdale, Toronto, ON, Canada)
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Ferguson Police Chief admits robbery had nothing to do with shooting
People of colour can be blindsided by skin cancer | Toronto Star
Rob Ford going public with bomb threat results in grievance filed by city workers’ union | National Post
Pastafarian Argues Religious Right To Wear Colander In B.C. Driver's Licence Photo #fsm
RT @LIONS4Mercy: FACT: In a sport, both sides know they're playing the game. Hunting is NOT a sport. RT if you know #HuntingSUCKS!🐘🐯
This is what I constantly see on @tumblr ...
Texas Activists: Gays Will 'Obliterate' Freedom, Imprison Pastors | Right Wing Watch (Hint: Pro-family = Anti-gay)
Happy belated International Left-Handers day. -- Why Are So Few People Left-Handed? #longreads -
I have been on Twitter for 7 years and 1 day (since 13 Aug 2007). And you?
Um ... apparently it's my #Twitterversary. I'm 7 now.
RT @Diablo: A hellforged high-five to Gabynator#1902 for hitting Paragon 1000 this week! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GO GABBY GO ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
TIGRESS SHARK – World first, woman dances with tiger sharks -
Just bought this @PanicAtTheDisco t-shirt. Proceeds to go @HRC (Human Rights Campaign).
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