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She gave you the wrong number. lol
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Abu Azmi says the rape victim should be put to death with her rapist
Japan Invents Disposable Masturbation Toy for Men -
This is the first time I've seen this place busy. So much for getting here before 3 and beating the crowd.
RT @Slate: Congrats, @JennyMcCarthy. Now you're a liar, on top of being a dangerous opponent of vaccines:
Knocking on my door at 9am? Really? Fuck you and your sky daddy. #jehovah
RT @CP24: #AMBERALERT Matthew Zhang, 8, five feet, thin, short hair. Last seen wearing blue/green coat
'Bully' Serves His Punishment: Holding Sign In Public -
I'm listening to Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens. @audible_com
A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science (via @Pocket) -
“@MuslimsInUSA: May Allah swt guide #WillSmith to #Islam #Ameen” No thanks. There's no need to worship sky daddies.
RT @twittwootwiggy: Happy Easter with Love from the pagans RT @crazyreligious Are your kids playing with Lucifer's testicles?
RT @Ex_Xtian: God is good all the time! All the time, god is good!! Happy Sunday! #atheism #jesus #christianity
RT @brainpicker: Christopher Hitchens, who would've been 65 today, on mortality – remarkable read
RT @lorabruncke: @MHallFindlay @MartinPatriquin At 60 I know women on both sides: those who chose to end life suffer, those who didn't can also. Quilt.
RT @CommonWhtGirIs: "fuck the police" you don't have to tell me twice
RT @MHallFindlay: @lorabruncke @Melindhra @xarelto82 @MartinPatriquin Yeah, that clearly worked well for women...
RT @causticbob: I'm a gay Jehovah's Witness. I'll only knock on your back door.
"whose members were like those of donkeys, and whose issue was like that of horses." #sacrilegesunday (
RT @StewyDaB: We have robots wandering around Mars yet my fucking phone battery lasts for half a day, max.
Happy Palm Sunday to all of the masturbators out there!
I'm listening to a loud-mouthed South African try to explain what's going on in Ukraine to a well-informed Ukranian. #megalomaniac
Dear parents, you are being lied to. - #antivax
RT @Sid_and_Geno: @heydamo you sir, are the definition of a fucking moron. Bible's dead, there is no god and change does not stop. good luck! @andersoncooper
RT @jim_fletcher: I unfortunately know this creep. Gross
RT @TarekFatah: Islamic Republic of Iran plans to hang Reyhaneh Jabbari on Tuesday. U can help save her life.
RT @causticbob: Virginity is a lot like rational thinking. If you happen to visit the church regularly, you'll probably lose it before you're 14.
RT @ScandicAtheist: Don't hide behind the bible or the constitution. -Henry Rollins
RT @kate_silv: This is actually what I saw on my way to work among many commuters @ 8.30am this morn! What's going on?! #farringdon
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