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Hearing prayer shuts off believers' brain activity -
I could have told you that their brains shut off. - Chantal
New iPad ad evokes the spirit of the Newton -
I should break out my Newton and tell people it's an iPad. - Chantal
ipod Tax Backer Pens Op-Ed Defending Measure -
I think they should give a cut to photographers who could have their pictures burned to one of those CDs or DVDs. And while we're at it, let's tax paper just in case someone photocopies a book that's copyrighted. - Chantal
Tell Focus on the Family About Your Loving Gay Spouse -
I really hope that a Chris and Pat win the contest. - Chantal
Chicken Cooked in a Pig's Bladder (Chef Eric Frechon at Daniel) -
Everything looked wonderful until they flopped a pig's bladder onto a platter. - Chantal
Google to send Internet Explorer 6 users packing come March -
Good riddance, IE6. - Chantal
Moscow's Stray Dogs Evolving Greater Intelligence, Including a Mastery of the Subway -
WTF?! - Chantal
Pen vs. Keyboard vs. Newton vs. Graffiti vs. Treo vs. iPhone -
Aw. I miss my Newton. I wonder if it will still power on after all of these years. I still have the external keyboard too. - Chantal
Internet Explorer, Now Powered by Google Chrome [Chrome] -
Do people still use IE? - Chantal
Robert Scoble
Does anyone care about the new Yahoo homepage changes coming tomorrow? Twitter and Facebook have incompetent competition. Sigh. Bing indeed!
I do, it is like yahoo is my first love =] - Özgür D. Cyric
Google should worry more about Bing. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
who cares? - Madhav Tripathi
What's this Yahoo you talk about? - Chris Mayer
Yahoo still has a homepage? - James Watters
Chris the news is all over Techmeme. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
ahh c'mooon these are low blows, tho funny =] - Özgür D. Cyric
yahoo is late. - Rachael Depp
I don't use Yahoo, only goolge - Mostafa Lameei
Robert, just kidding! That's how much I use Yahoo - Chris Mayer
yeah i love google :) - Rachael Depp
Ozgur: someone cares. Yahoo still gets 300 million visits a month. But not me. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Compuserve has a new homepage too. It says "Out of Business" - Yahoo probably has that one in QA. - drew olanoff
Yeah I was wondering , yahoo still has a page? (kidding) nice one @james. - Omar
What's Yahoo? Oh! Isn't that that chocolate drink? Tasty stuff.... - Rahsheen
My home page is Seesmic Twitter Ap, and Google reader. - James Watters
I use Yahoo Finance but thats about it - Kiran Patchigolla
"When competitors fight,customers win" Go Figure! - Ajay Nair
Robert, what's your iPhone ff app of choice? I've been using motherfeed. it's workable - Omar
There is an iphone app for FF?! - Rachael Depp
Omar: Safari - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Same pig, new lipstick. I have no loyalty - even tho I have 10 yrs worth of pre-gmail email saved there. - Penelope Mudd
there are so many wildly smart people there. hope they are able to focus. - michael sean wright
The soviet union had wildly smart people as well, but the wrong framework... - James Watters
ahhh. thanks Robert. Hadn't actually tried it from there. shows you how much I come around. making an effort, I do enjoy the concept here - almost like a collaborative IRC on steroids. @Robert - Omar
nicefishfilms: it took Microsoft six years to get Bing. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Yahoo doesn't have that long. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Don't care. I use My Yahoo! and Yahoo! Sports sometimes, but never the home page. But my wife may notice. - Louis Gray
I agree Robert. I think Yahoo's final days are ahead. - Omar
Unless they innovate quite out of the box. - Omar
My mom uses Yahoo, so there. Actually, I use Yahoo movies and Flickr. Don't count Yahoo out. - Gus
Yahoo's charter was simple, to show you all of the web's best content; life has changed, thats now our friends job. - James Watters
I miss - monkeystick
Yahoo is irrelevant to me. It gives me nothing I can't get elsewhere. - Jim Connolly
Compuserve has new page.. yay.Wait looks like AltaVista changed something too. in other words- meh! But that is from a techie- general public still uses it and AT&T DSL subscribers use it. - Alyx
They're still a traffic juggernaut thanks to the SBC|DSL deal. Millions and millions of SBC (Now AT&T) home DSL users have Yahoo set as their homepage and have no idea how to switch it and in most cases don't want to because their e-mail is run through there too. - Adam Turetzky
I don't even use the yahoo weather feed on my iPhone. The hack putting the temp next to the battery is lovely though. @ Jim !! That's exactly the crux... imho - Omar
RS: but I said I care =] i mean i am one of those 300 million i mean several of them =] - Özgür D. Cyric
I stopped using Yahoo because the home page had too much crap on it. Google kept theirs simple. - Chris Mayer
Yahoo messenger is still popular. - Gus
Flickr became irrelevant once I started using webspace more. Am an oldschool member though. - Omar
There is an important strategic difference between no longer growing and dead. Yahoo is no longer growing; they own the wrong market segments. - James Watters
And I don't know why people would knock them. Yahoo!'s homepage and the page have so much more to offer than what Google gives you. The search results are only mildly different, at least in my limited testing. - Adam Turetzky
I never said Yahoo is dead. I said I don't care. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Scoble: Why do you "not" care? - Hoop
@Robert; yeah, just reacting to a few, they are toast comments and people talking about a few apps they still have left as if that matters. - James Watters
I think there are still many who care abour Yahoo, as Robert said over 300 million page visits a month. I just think there is room for improvement. - wiredgnome from iPod
Hoop: nothing is there that makes me care. My friends and news are elsewhere. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Hoop: why should I care? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@jamesurquhart had an interesting twitter discussion today asking how many comcast people use their provider as their homepage; Apparently comcast has stats saying many many do. I think I'm very out of touch with the average internet user, as are most of my friends out here. - James Watters
Scoble: You probably shouldn't. For some reason when I read you saying you don't care I infer it as an implication that you don't think other people should. Truth be told I'm not sure how much time I'll spend there but if Yahoo's homepage turns out to be a better FriendFeed, I'd give it a week try-out - Hoop
I guess one or two of us here will peek at Yahoo tomorrow to see what they're up to.... - Gus
@Hoop, their new homepage will emulate FF? - James Watters
Not really. I stopped using Yahoo! in 2001. - Chantal
I just looked at their home page for the first time in years...ick! - James Watters
@James, only in the sense that it seems to let me pull content from lots of other sites togeter. That's the main value I get from FriendFeed, pulling together multiple social networks including my friend lists. FriendFeed is fantastic but far from the ultimate experience - Hoop
@Rutger - just from my perspective, and most people who have been online for a good period. It's still a solid offering, just not as innovative as it was in the early days vs comparative products. It stood on its own then... - Omar
@Hoop, if they made it primarily about social feeds that would def be big news, esp in an innovative way. But I doubt they will go that far, their existing users would bark. - James Watters
@Hoop - I still want to find a team to build into an intelligent intake mechanism - what I'm calling the neural extentive internet, in my head.. I do not code however. wrote a short abstract on it, would be happy to email the concept if requested. Intelligent metrics, full customization, etc. . . - Omar
@hoop - Abstract topic - Topic: true data singularity or the neural extentive humanistic content management system, [considerations leading eventually to "the neural extensis," a proposed eventual website.] - Omar
Omar: please explain data singularity? - James Watters
@James, agreed but if they found a way to bridge that it woudl be huge news. The FriendFeed experience with really simple UX and heavier weight on Yahoo's own content feeds woudl be huge. Alas that's not what I'm seeing on the new homepage and like Scoble, I don't care about anything I see so far. - Hoop
I am another of those that hasn't looked at Yahoo's home page in years so I couldn't care less about there homepage changes. - russellcoleman
@James - well I'm not a CS head, so the terminology isn't a declarative absolutism, just what I decided to call it.. this is an abstract developed in a vacuum, thus far. All your data, encapsulated and delivered to a single point. Much like we do google reader for RSS (those that do), however every source in your social media net and ALL your other browser based http traffic can be drawn in. . . - Omar
YHOO and AAPL both issue earnings Tuesday .... any guesses ??? - Charlie Anzman
Just posted the neural extensis concept (what I've typed formally thus far) as a blog entry::: - Omar
oops, shit. forgot return maps to submit here! my bad:: - Neural Extensis. - Omar
Omar: slightly OT but my dream site has a little of "my" data and a lot of data for other sources. I'm not as fascinated by the site as I am about the liberation of my data, what Doug Purdy calls the infobus. maybe it starts with a more federated/open FriendFeed. But eventually I do want an app to show me all the data in one place and organized and it will come down to the App with the best experience. Owning my data shouldn't be an advantage. If Yahoo gave me that, I'd care. - Hoop
@Hoop - You've given me some interesting things to think about. The beauty of the idea I am proposing is you can pull other data you'd read regularly,, or for a short time into the offering. Completely customizable. Think of it as a fully customized scraper of sorts, for things that don't already have a feed, or an API, that you're interested in reading and or keeping track of. And yes, it'd be pulling in things like google calendar, etc of course! Please elabourate a bit on "owning data," ? - Omar
I cant tell the difference to be honest. Is it really different or am I being punked? - Ron George
Omar: I dont' want to monopolize the thread, here are some links from Dave Winer, Doug Purdy and others: DM me if you want to discuss further or we could create a public group to discuss:,,,, - Hoop
Ron: I thought the changes are coming later today. has the news. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I had a different site a second ago now it's back to the old thing :-( - Hoop
Scoble: go to (via Bubba Muraka) - Hoop
Ya-who? - mrbrown
Yahoo's web presence is done IMHO. The only people that care are your grandma who hasn't changed her default home page that Dell specified. - Alex Knight
I guess I'm in the minority here, but I still like (and use) my MyYahoo page. Granted I spend more time in Google Reader than probably anywhere else, but I still use MyYahoo (and I'm not even a grandma or grandpa ;p ) - Michael Pardee from iPhone
Is Yahoo still around? I thought they were bought by Mattel. - Ernie Oporto from iPhone
I stopped using Yahoo years ago. Yahoomail has a pretty incompetent spam blocker. The Yahoo page is much too busy. I went All Gmail/Google but of late, Gmail's been pretty flaky. Yahoo search is probably pretty good, but we're past the Good Enough stage, now. For something new to elbow in, it's got to be very significantly better or different (and engaging). - Murli Nagasundaram
You just compared a content portal refresh to two social networks and a search—nay: decision—engine. Pretty sure you're way off base Robert. - David Chartier
Also, I'm no fan of it myself, but according to the last stats I heard a couple months ago, Yahoo's home/start page had about 250 million monthly uniques. Pretty sure that's still slaughtering the competition. - David Chartier
If Yahoo is failing, I'd like to fail too. - Bwana ☠
I never use Yahoo - Randy Allen Bishop
Robert - its 2009, are hompy's still important ?? Think of it !! - Peter Dawson
Does Yahoo have a page. They have more traffic than any site in the world. - Stephen Pickering
I don't use Yahoo that much anymore but to they will not become irrelevant until someone else provides the same services they do. Anyone who thinks FriendFeed and twitter do that for people like my mom and my grandma doesn't get it. - Hoop
It does not matter to me at all. - Ashish
I don't see Bing or Yahoo as a threat to Google. Bing is a great product but it doesn't seem like anything that Google couldn't create with less effort. - Hugh Isaacs II
Hoop: Thanks for the link! Tried to see new homepage earlier and wasn't prompted by Yahoo, as I expected. My first take is that the redesign is cleaner and more flexible. The bad thing -- and I mean *really* bad -- is that they have now dedicated even more room to display advertisements. That's a deal breaker for me; no way would I use the redesign. But I'll still hit My Yahoo daily. - Larry Hawes
I stopped using Yahoo for my home page a long time ago. Rarely use it these days, so no I don't care. - Kirk Bryan
yahoo! is still around? Oh yea, they own Flickr. :) - Kreg Steppe
Yes cuz I have to use them everyday and my service provider partners w/em! - polou/indigo_bow
Except for Delicious, MyBlogLog, Yahoo Pipes, and occasionally Flickr, I don't have much of a use for anything else that is Yahoo. - April Russo (FForever!)
I'm more interested in Gmail's new changes. - wiredgnome
Delicious Library iPhone app yanked from App Store -
Good thing I already got the app. - Chantal
Strange. This posted twice. - Chantal
News: Apple rejects ‘South Park’ iPhone application -
Potentially offensive? Tee hee. - Chantal
The Erectile Quality Monitor Review [Penis Tester] -
roflmao - Chantal
*Persona Non Grata:* Aston Martin V12 Vantage won't make it Stateside -
Unfortunately, "stateside" usually includes Canada too. Oh well. I'll have to find something else to spend my millions on. - Chantal
imobForums • View topic - GUIDE: Getting most ROI from Properties -
imobForums • View topic - GUIDE: Getting most ROI from Properties
Add me to your mob! 118851350 - Chantal from Bookmarklet
GUIDE: Getting most ROI from Properties -
Add me to your mob! 118851350 - Chantal
mashable at Center of Steve Jobs Heart Attack Hoax -
@SteveNimmons Agreed. - Sonya Smith
I agree....leave the guy alone good grief - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
This is getting tiring. I wish these people would leave Jobs alone and let him recover in peace. - Chantal
Heh noobs - Eric Rice
EA to distribute Red Eagle's 'The Wheel of Time' adaptations -
woot! - Chantal
Make Magazine Debuts Their Own TV Show [Television] -
It's never a bad idea to be prepared by installing a virus scanner, even if you don't feel the need to use it on a regular basis. Just don't forget to update the virus definitions. - Chantal
Star Trek Online Takes Us To The Year 2383 [Boldly Going] -
This is definitely on my to-read list. - Chantal
RT @pcnerd37: This is retarded, you can't wish people a Merry Christmas on PlayStation Home because the Christ part of Christmas is censored out. Fail.
Am I the only one who thinks that's hilarious? - Chantal
Fail. - Kevin Nunez
Vatican tightens in vitro opposition -
The Vatican calling something immoral? What a joke. When their priests stop diddling little boys, maybe their opinions will matter a bit more. - Chantal
A good friend just sent me an email: Two of her closest friends were crossing st. to go to church; both were struck by an auto. One die. So very sad.
Very sad--my sympathies to her and the family. - Jennifer McSparin
That is truly horrible, especially so close to the holiday season. My sympathies as well. - Chantal
The Fat Oracle
This is what the simplest possible South indian Meal looks like - at least a variation -
This is what the simplest possible South indian Meal looks like - at least a variation
That looks delicious. - Chantal
Makes me Salivate. - Parth Awasthi
Nom! - Sally Church
Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged -
Relying on god? It's probably a good thing that terrorists don't care about Kentucky ... - Chantal
Robert Scoble
Are you on FriendFeed and NOT in the USA? wants to subscribe to you. Leave URL here:
Graham is looking for some good FriendFeeders who are not in the USA. Me too. Leave your URL here. Like this: - Robert Scoble
yep.. am from Mumbai and helped spread the Mumbai attack news on twitter at - Asfaq
Yah, I'm in Australia :) - jjprojects
Damn, Scoble. You're fast! :) - Graham English
Graham: I thought it was a great idea! Already I found a bunch of cool people to follow. - Robert Scoble
This turkey from Turkey ;-) - Erhan Erdoğan
Anyone from Barcelona? I'll be there Sunday. - Robert Scoble - another Warren from Aus - Warren Butler
Robert: You're telling me! Holy tidal wave. :) Love it! - Graham English
twitterer from bangalore - Prakash
from Bangalore, India - Mahesh CR
Canada... is that too close? - Ken Morley
Mexico!... - technocrat.... - Jorge Avila
ITALY: - Christian Grassi - Christian
Romania/Italy - Monica Muntean - Ioana Monica Muntean
Toronto, Canada: - Shey Gary from England :-) - Gary
India - Bangalore - Ritesh - Ritesh
Robert, I've not seen a single Spaniard here, and I've been looking. Don't know why! - Richard Walker and hi, from austria - vienna / viennawoods - Margit Hinke
Salzburg, Austria (sound of music town) - Alexander Kohlhofer
Netherlands - Peter de Haas - dehaaspeter - Dutch entrepeneur from The Netherlands - Berry Groenendijk
Barcelona, Spain - :-) - eduardo
Hi! Alberto from Milan, Italy - Alberto D'Ottavi
This feels like a party! Hi from Greece: - Panagiotis Astithas
Athens, Greece -Vicki Kolovou - Vicki Kolovou
From Turkey. - İbrahim Uzun [ j ] In the UK, south, on the beach. - Nicola Quinn ... UK, East Anglia (it would be good to get some UK feeds, had enough of US politics now!) - Ian
Why do you want to subscribe to people you do not know? - Divided By Zer0
London UK - Dave Nattriss - I'm somewhere in North Yorkshire, in the UK - Tyson Key I'm currently in Liverpool, UK - Adam - Vancouver, Canada - Vedø
Divided: why do you want to read a newspaper made by people you don't know? Or buy a car from people you don't know? Or eat a meal made by people you don't know? - Robert Scoble - Philip Ferris - Cornwall, UK - Philip Ferris
A large part of the membership of The Life Scientists room is non-USA. - Mr. Gunn - north wet coast of turtle island, courtenay, canada - ernie yacub - currently living in Hong Kong. - Vinko - Bulgaria, Europe - Dimitar Vesselinov - Dimitar Vesselinov
8-year-old writes to Obama, gets response -
"I'm betting that Obama is the final Cylon." - Chantal
Server Maintenance November 6th -
More maintenance! - Chantal
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