Re: Justifying Android’s “Slow” Update Roll-outs, Redux: Who’s Really to Blame? -
"I think we tech-savvy consumers have had the option to simply buy the Galaxy Nexus since ICS has been open sourced October/November last year. And since then most of the newest devices from HTC, Huawei, etc seem to come with ICS pre-installed. And if they don't the ICS update is always promised for 1-2-3 months after the release. Because it's normal for example for the Sony Xperia S to need its couple or three months to get ICS optimized to its Qualcomm processor and Adreno GPU, which is not same as Galaxy Nexus OMAP4460 processor and SGX GPU. And by the time Tegra3 got all the ICS optimizations, now the HTC and LG phones with Tegra3 are coming out. As for SGS3 using newest Exynos 4412 also now comes out with ICS pre-installed as older Exynos 4210 devices released last year are all getting ICS firmware update about now also.. Those are each of the 4 major ARM chip providers, Texas Instruments (Galaxy Nexus), Qualcomm (Sony), Nvidia (HTC, LG) and Samsung (SGS3 and last years Samsung..." - Charbax