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Paul Buchheit
Google Points At WebFinger. Your Gmail Address Could Soon Be Your ID. -
Google Points At WebFinger. Your Gmail Address Could Soon Be Your ID.
"It’s taking something everyone knows on the web (your email address) and making it immensely more valuable as a way to identify yourself and information about you. Exactly what kind of information? Here are some of the ideas from the WebFinger Google Code page: * public profile data * pointer to identity provider (e.g. OpenID server) * a public key * other services used by that email address (e.g. Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, Twitter, Facebook, and usernames for each) * a URL to an avatar * profile data (nickname, full name, etc) * whether the email address is also a JID, or explicitly declare that it’s NOT an email, and ONLY a JID, or any combination to disambiguate all the addresses that look like * or even a public declaration that the email address doesn’t have public metadata, but has a pointer to an endpoint that, provided authentication, will tell you some protected metadata, depending on who you authenticate as." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I don't want my contact information to be my identifier. I shouldn't have to give a website my email address, just like I shouldn't have to give a store my phone number. - Daniel Sims
Daniel, I think it just takes the form of an email address, but does not in fact have to be one (or could be a "throw away" account). - Paul Buchheit
It would be cool if we could get our act together (as an industry) and make this stuff happen. I'd also like to see ENUM deployed to the point that my phone number can be linked to my identity. ( - Joe Beda
This is a bad idea in so many ways I can't even begin to list them. - April Russo (FForever!)
If a site wants my email address, it's probably in order to spam me. It's usually a bad sign. If legit sites ask for my email more, it will make it harder to identify the spammers. - Tim Tyler
Do gmail users seriously still have problems with spam? I don't. - Robin Barooah
Personally this sounds great - as long as it really doesn't force you to use your actual gmail address. - Robin Barooah
I loved finger. - j1m
Does this mean I can have a .plan again? - Benjamin Lee
Sounds like the .plan which is (again) accessed via an id in email format and returns different information/metadata about a person depending on who's accessing it. Email id is used to do a DNS lookup in order to discover URL for the XRD file (accessed with a HTTP GET) containing the metadata about the person being, er, WebFinger-ed. - Nenad Nikolic
it is like user authenticating, having two three ids won't hurt ;) well i don't want to be identified, they are going same as gravatar - testbeta
It's so curious to me that people have concerns that WebFinger would lead to more spam, and yet don't like the "format" of URLs for IDs. Personally, as far as OpenID is concerned, I don't care what the identifier looks like as long as people can remember it — typically email seems easier to recall than URLs (for most people in today's world). - Chris Messina
Some users who have an email account with Google, myself included, have oodles of incoming mail both standard and secure so it fits the bill to increase security for both vendors and marketers. - frank burns
I have no problem with the idea, but it seems to me that it won't help the current state of affairs much. The kind of information I'd be interested in sharing via Webfinger (my OpenID, a URL to a FOAF file, etc.) will have no better adoption, so the Webfinger configuration doesn't buy me much. I'll hold out hopes that after a couple tight integrations between Webfinger and OpenID providers (say if Google, Microsoft and/or Yahoo provided and consumed both) things will improve ... here's to hoping :( - J. McConnell
Years ago I experimented with FOAF. I didn't fully understand nor appreciate what I was doing. To serve as a warning, if you take this example, ensure that it is blocked. #Example: I sent a file to Adobe which in turn, was sent to another email account I had at the time. I verified it's sender (ME) and sent it back in the direction of travel. A signed FOAF (API KEY) was then returned... more... - frank burns
Laura Norvig
SXSW: Boyd Calls Out Google and Facebook for Abusing Users’ Privacy – GigaOM -
SXSW: Boyd Calls Out Google and Facebook for Abusing Users’ Privacy – GigaOM
Jeremy Zawodny
Sierra On-Line Electronic Christmas Card "A COMPUTER CHRISTMAS" AGI 1986 -
Sierra On-Line Electronic Christmas Card "A COMPUTER CHRISTMAS" AGI 1986
well that sure brings back memories - Jeremy Zawodny
For me, too. I really miss the golden age, as it were, of adventure games. I've played a few through emulators, but it would be nice if the genre hadn't effectively died. Gabriel Knight III was the only game I've ever managed to get my wife to play with me :) - Joel Webber
Dion Almaer
diagrammr is interesting (not sure when I would use it). Would be cool to do the diagrams clientside w/ Canvas/SVG too
Chris Messina
Bret Taylor
Geek Deal: Seinfeld - The Complete Series on DVD for $85 -
Andrew Sheppard
How Big Social Games Maintain Their Sticky Factors -
Dion Almaer
Andreas Ritter has ported a AS3 JPEG Encoder to JavaScript to give variable quality (vs. toDataURL)
Paul Buchheit
Imagine that you are about to be reincarnated (as a baby human) and can pass along 140 characters of advice. What would you say?
Assume that the baby will be born into circumstances similar to your own, if necessary... - Paul Buchheit
Wow, that's a stumper of a question! :) - Susan Beebe
Learn all that you can, be noble, true, humble, love much. Seek wisdom from your family and friends - Susan Beebe
I would say: pls take a picture of me using your iPhone and post it to Posterous and capture that 12sec video of reincarnation process : ) - Vic Ted from iPhone
I wouldn't need 140 characters: "in whatever you do, strive to do it as well as you possibly can." 64. - Bren from iPhone
Floss. :) - AJ Batac
"It's mostly an illusion" - Paul Buchheit
Never stop learning, enjoy the little things, cherish friends & family, try your best, keep an open mind, and indulge yourself occasionally. - Nathan Chase
chase your passions, the rest follows. observe everything. work, love and play hard. change happens. live full and balanced. 3 - Charles Ying
What goes around comes around. - imabonehead
I think Nathan has it! At least he said exactly what I would have written. :-) - Victoria Plautia
Don't panic. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from fftogo
Risk is not an option. And eat your vegetables. - Micah
Study Thomas, he has more answers than anyone else you will read. - Alex Scrivener are we trying to guess the meaning of life here? essentially I think that's what this question boils down to. I only need two characters: - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Fear the fail whale. - Jim Norris
"If you think you already know the answer, you will never know the answer" - Paul Buchheit
Alex, which Thomas? - Paul Buchheit
You're a towel! - Vezquex
Don't fear the fail whale. - Paul Buchheit
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, if you were in their position. - Ruchira S. Datta
Everything is transitory. - John E. Bredehoft
Don't tell them I told you this. They'll think you're nuts! - Larry Hosken
"There's always an easier way" - Paul Buchheit
I'm surprised no one's quoted Kurt Vonnegut yet. :) - April Buchheit
April, is that your advice or an observation? - Clare Dibble
Observation. - April Buchheit
Stay away from the mohel. - Leo Laporte
Crush the enemy. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of the women. - iTad
"Think big. Code small." - Paul Buchheit
For April: "There's only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you've got to be kind." - Paul Buchheit
Phase 1: Collect Handerpants; Phase 2: ?; and Phase 3: Profit - imabonehead
Just wing it. It'll be cool. - April Buchheit
Let's git rid of 140 chars nonsense limid. - pb:
"Reasonable men adapt to the world around them; unreasonable men make the world adapt to them. The world is changed by unreasonable men." - Paul Buchheit
Paul, try telling April that next time she is frustrated with you; I'm sure it will help ;) - Clare Dibble
Just told my son this tonight -- Leave the earth better than the way you found it. - Joe
Don't be such an asshole, asshole. - Rodfather
@Paul, Aquinas - Alex Scrivener
Assuming my reincarnated self has wifi and a smartphone, I might point him to Des'ree's 1990s pop hit: - Doug Beeferman
Treat others with respect. Feed your intellectual curiosity. Don't accept limits others place upon you and often, patience is required. - Louis Gray
LCD is better than plasma - Scoble, Alex Scoble
"Its not that bad, stop sh*tting yourself, ;)" - chaz2b
++Leo, that sounds like very useful advice. :) - Ruchira S. Datta
In the end it really doesn't matter, enjoy it while it lasts, do what makes you happy, try not to sabotage the happiness of others. - April Russo (FForever!)
Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff. - Laura Norvig
"Dear Reincarnated Self: my head is frozen with the Life Extension Foundation. To get cool advice pls unfreeze me at ur earliest convenience." - Philipp Lenssen
"Dont be afraid to take chances or march to a different beat. In the end only the soul counts, don't sweat the small stuff. Listen, learn." - Grant Bierman
Dr. Cable. Watch it. ;-) - Franc, a rememberer
I dare you to do better. - Charles Ying
"Please ask the next generation to increase maximum message length." - Ray Cromwell
BTW, Commander Data was able to get away with sending only 2 *bits* of information into the future/past to break out of a 'groundhog day' scenario. The message: 3 - Ray Cromwell
There once was a site called Twitter. It was worth a billion dollars... - Sean Kelly
Exercise every day, learn to program asap. I have discovered a truly marvellous proof that these are the right things to do which this twee - j1m
"I've finally discovered the secret to a contented and effective life, which for you, begins now. This joy can be yours. Just claim it by t" <snipped by character limit> - Kurtiss Hare
Search for the will of the creator. Prefer the heaven of love to the hell of power.Every moment is unique.Train empathy. Give. [ yeah, I kept in the character limit! Twitter is like life sometimes, only, hu, more limitted :-] - Willi Schroll
L^2>∞ love of life is greater then time and space. Compassion destroys the destroyer peace above me below me around me down me radiate peace - Robert Higgins
That's easy: Join friendfeed as soon as possible. - Jim #teamFFrank
H4sIABnpA0sCA+3KOw2AMBQAwB0VTwEeWHFRPhOFEgghdU91kFsvN+Qcb7m2SMcSR4kzpxp72tY7 xjQ3juVpZSq1j8F1Xdd1Xdd1Xdd1Xdd1Xdd1Xdd1Xdd1/327D0m3yMZIHwAA - Edward Coffey
"Propose multiple solutions to every problem. Or choose your own life." - Ivo Danihelka
Learn Math. - Comics Forge
"Context is everything." - Bruce Johnson from BuddyFeed
@RayCromwell - see my first comment ;) - Charles Ying
"Listen." The other 133 characters are superfluous. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Like to quote Einstein on this one," As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness." - Ashish from iPhone
Ray Cromwell has said it best *rofl* please increase message length!! It doesn't get any better than that! Words of wisdom!! :) - John Tastad
Seek truth - Shakeel Mahate
Love always wins. Don't sweat happiness: find joy. (ponders how to translate the "becoming a man" speech from Secondhand Lions into 140 characters...) - Ordinarybug Heather
Ignore advice. You'll figure it out. - Todd Hoff
I won't develop the ability to type until years later, so I guess my only advice is "Ga Ga" and "Ball." - Fleagle
It's not just you, they're all crazy. Make as many friends outside the family as you can. You'll want to leave home. Do it. Don't look back. (this is a seriously awesome topic!) - Lo
Follow your heart. Don't worry about failure because apparently reincarnation is real. Snooches! - Kevin Fox
Dont let others decide for you what is good and right for you. Not even this message. - Iphigenie
Learn your math. Especially Geometry. It will make your coding SO much more compelling! - Joe Nickence
"Don't tweet"? - Marcos
Actually, I prefer FF.. - ★ Soner Gönül
Well I won't list all 140 but 1 I will is: Do not live your life to live..Live it to die. In other words, prepare for death because all life is about is another chance to get it right so you can end Samsara. - Merlyn Seeley
"In your past life, you never understood why people liked Twitter." - Ryan Kaisoglus
the world is made of atoms - bob
Crawl back in? - dannysullivan
Use the force. Search your feelings. Live long and prosper. - Charles Ying
When the time comes, cut the blue wire. - David Gaw
There's always something bigger than you. - Daisy
Don't put twinkies on your Pizza. - Will Higgins™
Find Stuart Diamond and take his negotiation course when you're 16. Love yourself so you can love others. Also, reincarnation exists, and you were a geek in your previous life. - Daniel Dulitz
Don't wish for what you aren't. Life will be far more interesting than you could ever expect. Play with the cards you're dealt, and have fun - Bette Cooper
don't play safe gamble every day - WarLord
Focus, be patient. Never give up. Timing is crucial. - Mr. The Jason Fleming from iPod
Call me Stewie, bow now and pay later. Put another coal in the power plant so you can continue watching this homage and choke on the fumes. [140 and referenced Family Guy, ideology, commerce, ecology, choice, and lost will.] - William 'Bill' McPhe
Otto, you have room to add "--your mission, if you choose to accept it." - Micah
Life is all about ass. You're either covering it, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, laughing it off, or trying to get a piece of it. - Mona Nomura
Mona, you forgot the part about being one. - April Russo (FForever!)
live! - Barbara R. S.
Be kind to animals, nature, others & yourself. Do what you love. Love what you do. Never stop learning about the world around you. - Bronson Harrington
Nap. - A Mitchell
Paul Buchheit
An early birthday present: The Gmail Javascript compiler was just open-sourced! (it compiles JS into smaller, faster JS)
We first started work on it almost 8 years ago. It has come a long way since then :) - Paul Buchheit
Happy Birthday Paul! - AJ Batac
Today is actually just my internet birthday. - Paul Buchheit
Well, thanks :) But for a verbose API I'll stick with YUI :P Have to inspect the power of templating and compiler, though. - Claudio Cicali
I wonder what happens when you apply it recursively -- can you get down to 1 byte of code that takes no time to execute? ;=) - Brian Sullivan
Finally! This is great. - Tudor Bosman
Happy Birthday! - Robert Scoble
Nice! - Micah
Unfortunately it looks like the internationalization features may be missing. I wonder why those were removed? (or if I'm just not seeing it) - Paul Buchheit
if you were starting a new site today, would you use this over jquery (which friendfeed uses)? - Karl Rosaen
Karl, jquery is a library, this is a compiler. I would use them both. - Paul Buchheit
well, i mean closure library :) but yeah, they could be used together - Karl Rosaen
ah, i see this is a link closure compiler, not the broader closure tools. - Karl Rosaen
Refactoring, JS style. - Gabe
Now, this is a good news - Özkan Altuner
@Paul the Closure project has three components: compiler, library, and template language. Looks like the Closure/library might be competing with jQuery. - Shakeel Mahate
this is sweet! - Jay
I think jQuery does a lot of stuff that might confuse the compiler, e.g. iterating over an array of string function names and creating new function wrappers (look at the way the parent/child/next/prev/etc functions get installed) The Closure library is also full of type annotations that help the compiler make better optimization choices, so you're likely to get a better compiled outcome using Closure than jQuery + fixes + compiler - Ray Cromwell
@paul -- I know you've been wanting this opensourced for a long time. sorry it took such a long time. Nick Santos and the jscompiler team has finally done it! Cheers! - Jing Lim
Happy Birthday - Ashish
Many happy returns!! - Starepolsky smok
Happy Birthday, Paul! - Andrew Terry
Happy Birthday Paul - Sandeep Kalidindi
Happy B'day Paul! don't be evil :) - sirishkumar
Congratulations to the team (and @Paul & Jing) -- I know everyone's been waiting a long time for this. For anyone considering whether to use jQuery vs Closure, consider that they're meant for largely different purposes. jQuery's good for enhancing static web pages; Closure's much better at building large apps. And as Ray points out above, Closure the library is going to get much better results from Closure the compiler than an arbitrary js library would, because of all the type annotations. - Joel Webber
Paul Buchheit has been at the top of my best of pages all month. Rock on, Paul. - Donald C. Lindsay
Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL !!! Cool present!! <insert CAKE> :D - Susan Beebe
Paul, any comment on this write up? - Sachin Sebastian
That writeup is trolling for traffic IMHO. Nit picking 50 lines out of 200+ thousand (written for readability, which get compiled and optimized), providing no benchmarks for claims, and spending half the time bashing Java, it just seems to be struggling to find something wrong with Closure. - Ray Cromwell
Sachin: he seems to be commenting on Closure the JS library, not Closure the JS compiler (that Paul's post was about). And he may be a douchebag, but I haven't seen anything I disagree with. - Gabe
@Sachin: I hate to be too harsh, but that post is pretty much garbage. From what I can tell he's pretty much managed to enumerate some of the worst things about Javascript -- nitpicking the code for referencing "undefined" directly without declaring it as an uninitialized local? That's insane. Following this advice is mostly a recipe for an unreadable mess. Also, look in the comments for several refutations of the idea that some of these are even optimizations. - Joel Webber
Joel, you're just not man enough to handle a language where 'top' is an implicitly reserved keyword, and 'undefined' which should be, isn't. But it could be worse, 'null' could be something you could override. :) - Ray Cromwell
Paul Buchheit
WHOA! Cool! - AJ Batac
awesome! - siniradam
you just made my color blind self cry tears of joy - I can now click that to discover all of the links that some crazy color mad designer has "hidden" from me by their color choices - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
is there a bookmarklet to make hackernews look good on the iphone? - Ivan Kirigin
Add this to FriendFeed and you've got Wave :-) - Jesse Stay
Reminds me somewhat of ClutterMe - they figured out how to make a whole page in-place-editable (javascript of course) - just click anywhere and start typing: - Christopher Galtenberg
Nice, discover links obscured by CSS - Orlando Pozo
Cute trick. Not being familiar with java script (at all) what is the void%200 statement there for? - Eric Borisch
Without the void 0, the browser will navigate to a page showing the result of the computation. - Paul Buchheit
Not grasping the %200, though - Rahsheen
But that's not the case when I just execute it in the (safari) address bar. I take it that's expected? - Eric Borisch
%20 is a space. I'm not sure about safari -- I use ff. - Paul Buchheit
Cool. This + FB + malcontents + screenshots = ??? - Eric Borisch
What is this supposed to do again ?-- it does nothing that I can discern in IE, FF or Chrome (on Vista). - Brian Sullivan
OK I see what it does on FF. - Brian Sullivan
But only in FireFox presumably? - Brian Sullivan
It works on IE - AJ Batac
So it does -- first time I tried IE8 crashed. - Brian Sullivan
Works in Chrome, too - Jan Ole Peek
It doesn't seem to work in - Brian Sullivan
I'm still on Chrome but it says no update detected... this is in Win7. Pretty sure my OSX Chrome is though. - Jan Ole Peek is the latest in the dev stream. - Brian Sullivan
Works on Chrome Mac version here. I added the script as a new bookmark in the menu. - Jesper Lind
Try this instead to avoid the %20 weirdness: javascript:void(document.body.contentEditable=(document.body.contentEditable!='true')) - Matt M (inactive)
Doesn't seem to work either -- maybe a bug in the dev version? - Brian Sullivan
World's coolest bookmarklet, especially those who are creating demo apps. - Mike Reynolds
Wow, this is awesome (works perfectly for me in Firefox 3.5). Simple Bookmarklet code that makes Web pages "editable". Now if only there were save + back buttons or something = Instant Wiki. - Alex Schleber
this is the fundamental line of every wysiwyg editor you use. for IE use allowEdit - Tzury Bar Yochay
Clicking it a second time makes it un-editable (and therefore it should respond to events and such). - Paul Buchheit
So how do you discover 'hidden' links.? - Franc, a rememberer
Cool, worked for me (the box is Windows Chrome - eugenio
Figured how to make it but what's it good for - pretending to rip other people's stuff to sh*t? - Michael Slattery
Michael - I'm thinking about possible use as a minor webdesign tool. Of course other tools are more powerful, but this is a nice simple one. - Deborah Fitchett
Ok, I finally get it - Michael Slattery
this is the worlds best website - Grant Rhoades
Matt Cutts
If you're a web developer, you'll want to check out the new Closure web tools that Google released:
Very impressive. My first test of Closure here: - Mike Koss
Paul Buchheit
Almost nobody understood my earlier webapp idea, so I'll try again. Imagine you were looking at a website such as FriendFeed and you wanted to create a near pixel-perfect copy but in a way that you could move things around, adjust shadows, etc. I want a tool that makes that easy.
And without taking screenshots or copying the html, since the point is that it should have the power to quickly create something that looks just like our current ui. Also, it should be web based, because then fonts, etc will be right, and also I hate installing things. My previous attempt at explaining this: (Balsamiq is not what I want). It does not need to produce html though, so it can cheat anyway it likes. - Paul Buchheit
So you wanna something like "html to png/psd"? Editable graphical interface with layers and stuff? - Selim Yoruk
No, not at all. My point is that you could look at the the FriendFeed ui (with your eyes) and then create something that looked just like it. - Paul Buchheit
Fireworks is pixel perfect, correct font sizes and previews image in browser. Yes/No? - Toby Graham
Are you looking for something like what is mentioned in this article - - Atul Arora
Are you want something like web-based rich page editor which works with objects in manner the human see them and want change them? - gmarketer
I guess it's difficult to explain something that doesn't exist :( - Paul Buchheit
thats piracy!!! - Arjun
Paul, I like the idea, it's got merit. There's plenty of tools that do half the job, that is, snip the page. The second part, i'm not overly familiar with the tools out there. The manipulation. I guess you could snip the page, and embed into your tool a js library, like scriptaculous, and attach special event significance to the controls/tags, for moving, dropping, dragging. - Stu Andrews
I think I get what you mean now and I agree. That's not very helpful but hey. In the mean time you could edit the page live using firebug maybe? - Toby Graham
It seems to me like you want the Visual Studio Win Forms designer for web apps hosted and served to designers as a web app. Drag and drop elements onto the page and adjust their properties in a property grid. Then send a link to others so you can share your concept. - Eric Schoonover
For this, I use simple vector graphics editing app, like Xara or InkScape - I just make screenshots and use them as raw building blocks - usually I cut out from them small elements like controls/text-blocks/images/etc... In vector graphics enironment managing such kind of blocks is much more easier than in photoshop. - Phil Smirnov
remembers that this idea has been described by David Siegel in 1997 in his book : Creating Killer Web Sites ( - Oaksun
Paul, i think the edit-page command on ubiquity with the ability to: visually edit css and publish the changes is close to what you are describing. - Ian
Eric pretty much nailed the description of the dream tool that I think Paul was asking for. In my dream the web app is truly collaborative and has an active GUI. So you can adjust those properties using a mouse or tablet and anyone else on your design team can watch as you do it so they can make suggestions and modifications as you work. - David Muir
Let's say you want to make a mockup of FriendFeed called "FriendFood". You want it to generally have the same layout, only the top blue bar will actually have a background made of lasagna and a font that is made of French fries, and what shows on the page is everything people write about food on the regular FF, like "pasta OR bean OR potato OR steak". But you'd like someone to be able to do that from the web and without messing into much coding. Is that it? - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
I use OmniGraffle for this purpose. - Jason Wehmhoener
Could you achieve it by using Firebug and tweaking the CSS? - Shakeel Mahate
So something with the usability of say, omnigraffle, but that only used webkit for its rendering. With text controlled and positioned by actual css so that line spacing etc were correct, although again with a simpler UI than CSS has. - Robin Barooah
Paul - I _just_ came across a site that did exactly that. Unfortunately, Safari's browser history is failing me and I can't find it anymore. Doh! - Patrick Lightbody
Paul, not sure if you're still reading, but are you looking for interaction design changes as well, or just appearance? - Mark Trapp
Did you try "PENCIL" an add-on for Firefox - Francois Lamotte
I had never heard of Pencil, but it sure looks a lot like what I think Paul is describing. - Jason Wehmhoener
I use ScrapBook Firefox extension to capture the page as is, and then edit that using Firebug. - Jughead
Thanks @Francois. Pencil looks quite promising... - Ashwin Bharambe
Firefox Webchunks? Does only the snipping part though. Perhaps an add-on to webchunks that will let us use all those chunks together. - Vamsee
it'd be kind of like pushing edit on a wiki, right. like, firefox would have an edit button then you could visually redo the page - Coleman Foley
There's also Axure RP, something I found a while ago. - jho
Dosen't ASP.Net do that already??? - Roberto Bonini
One quick tip in Photoshop is to turn off anti-aliasing and use your various web fonts (Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, etc.) and use your preferred font size in pixels/points... This will provide you with screen accurate font appearances and sizes. The biggest problem with a "pixel-perfect" browser rendering is that it will never be consistent from browser to browser. They all render ever... more... - Nathan Chase
Paul Buchheit
Idea for a useful webapp: A tool for doing web page mockups that's better than Photoshop because things actually look right (because it's rendered by the browser). It doesn't need to generate good html, so absolute positioning, etc is ok.
FrontPage? DreamWeaver? - Lindsay
Um, isn't that what Balsamiq does?? - Cyndy
Please god no, don't create another "doesn't need to generate good html" code generator. srsly - Jason Wehmhoener
Well, as for the mockups, there is really great Firefox extension called Pencil. You should try it. - Mladen Srdić
using Cappuccino, an open source framework that makes it easy to build desktop-caliber applications that run in a web browser? - huixing
Paul, have you checked out Axure I've typically used Visio or resorted to whiteboards/paper as they are easier to edit. - jho
Jason, I would be fine with it not generating html at all. As for Balsamiq and some of the others, the idea is actually that it would look more like the final product instead of less. Photoshop gets fonts wrong and stuff because it isn't a web browser, and yet people still keep using it, so it seems that it must have some advantage over the other tools. - Paul Buchheit
Are mockups that look exactly like the finished product even desirable? I'm reminded of the "Napkin Look & Feel" ( - Laurence Gonsalves
Depends whether your goal is to sketch and idea or create a final design. For the latter, you really do want it to be pixel perfect. For the former, you want a "wireframe" or whatever the cool kids call it these days. - ⓞnor
What ⓞnor said. For "wireframes" a whiteboard is fine, but eventually you want pixel-perfect designs. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, you should check out Denim, - imabonehead
Paul have you tried Fireworks, that's what our designers use. - Michael I got this link from Cooper U boards a while back, and a lot of my co-workers have found it very useful. While it's not pixel perfect, it allows for really quick mock ups with the idea that the design of the end product will be done by actual designers. - Sam Ee That's a better link. The demo video sold me on the idea. - Sam Ee
I've been looking for something like this for years. Balsamiq is definitely a good start, but I feel like there's not quite enough depth yet. Has anyone had luck with stencils like the ones found at (for Omni Graffle)? - Sutee Dee
pixel perfect? The web isn't print. Complete control over the rendering environment is an illusion. Don't submit to it! - Andy Bakun
Paul, have you checked out Axure RP? - jho
Vi is pretty good. You just write some text and point a browser at it. - Cliff Gerrish
Try wireframing and prototyping apps - I am not sure if output is rendered at browser level though.,, - TrafficBug
Done, already - Özkan Altuner
Jeremy Zawodny
Using Erlang to Build Reliable, Fault Tolerant, Scalable Systems -
finally, an article that tells me some benefits of Erland and OTP without all the hype - Jeremy Zawodny
Ah Erlang - one of the great Danes. The father of building telephone central offices. When i was at Lucent they always spoke of central office capacity in terms of "Erlangs". - Lars Rabbe
MG Siegler
Paul Buchheit
Facebook news feed implemented in Javascript:
It's a pretty cool fb app. - Paul Buchheit
reminds me about friendfeed :) - Chris Hofmann
Wow. I do get that immediate comfortable feeling with it. It's FF minus share and hide plus the miniavatar hack - Micah
Very cool. And so much snappier. Lovin' it already. And Paul, I'm assuming you're going to try to move Facebook in that direction. - Johan Bakken
I love it. Now if only we could use it in Facebook. - Faraz Mullick
Excellent! A bit of real-time here, a bit of hiding there and now we have the best Facebook client. Congrats! - Andrés David Aparicio
The implementation of read state in kind of confusing. I look forward to more iteration in this space... long overdue. - Michael Leggett
awesome - andy brudtkuhl
Paul: does the BSD-CC license apply to code files in the dev URL? - Andrés David Aparicio
how come that it does not update in realtime ? ah, okay,it's not ff... - Lode Nachtergaele
I'd like it more if I could hide individual posts on a one by one basis like I can on FriendFeed. - Thomas Hawk
It also seems like it only went three pages back for me. Would be better to page indefinitely. - Thomas Hawk
To clarify, this isn't something that I or anyone else from FriendFeed created -- it's just a cool app. I don't know anything about the licensing terms. - Paul Buchheit
Our wishful thinking got the best of us, it seems :) - Andrés David Aparicio
I wonder who is behind it, I'll repeat my question in the Fan Page then... - Andrés David Aparicio
it may not be something that FF created, but it's something along the lines of what the FF team ought to consider creating -- maybe as a place to test and experiment with engagement before considering features for broader roll out at Facebook. Creating a FF version of Facebook's news feed, complete with hide functionality, thread bumping, etc. would seem like a far more interesting way to interact with Facebook. - Thomas Hawk
Paul, thanks for sharing it. Andrés, it is indeed BSD-CC licensed and the code is hosted on GitHub: - daaku
Excellent! Thanks, Daaku. - Andrés David Aparicio
nice! I never want to goto again! - Jay
Robert Scoble
A master sushi chef (not scalable, and demonstrates a major shortcoming of @yelp reviews)):
This is Yoichi Arima sushi chef and manager of Yuzu Sushi & Grill. It is the best sushi I have had in Northern California and I have been a lot of places. Problem is he isn't scalable. Right now he is serving about 20 people. His restaurant can't seat many more. This restaurant also points to a huge problem with Yelp. Many people simply have no clue what they are talking about. I am reading the reviews and many of them are simply wrong and were written by people who have no business being anywhere close to a sushi restaurant. This place absolutely rocks but you MUST love sushi to get it. - Robert Scoble from email
Just to confirm: you've been to Sushi Sam's in San Mateo, yes? - Grant Goodale
Yes. It isn't even close to as good. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I bet nothing can top Zen in Boston, MA. :) - Molly Song ;)
I don't think it is a problem with Yelp. Clearly the overwhelming majority of the reviews are positive and the negative ones (as you point out) are from people with no clue about sushi. I will definitely try it out. My favorite Sushi places in the Bay Area include Kaygetsu in Menlo Park, Angel FIsh Sushi in Alameda and the hole-in-the-wall Homma Sushi in Palo Alto. Also if you like... more... - Matthias Zeller
@Molly - If we are talking about sushi outside the Bay Area, I really like Blue Ribbon Sushi in New York, but my absolute favorite is the Tomi Zushi Bar in Kyoto - Matthias Zeller
Katsu-Ya one of the best I've ever had - Kevin Russell
Bret Taylor
The source code for my blog (, which I converted to run on Tornado this weekend, is available at
No, I was inspired by you :) - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
I think you both are inspiring :-) - Jesse Stay
Where did you find the social icons? - Jason Williams
Jason: I am searching for the URL. I was googling for free social media icons, and it was on a page with a lot of them. - Bret Taylor
Looks like you came across Handycons 2 ( via Woork's "Best 5 hand-drawn social icon set" post ( - Ken Sheppardson
Tornado is now replacing twisted in its native domain - Tzury Bar Yochay
Thanks Ken and Brett! - Jason Williams
MG Siegler
MySpace Has Built Its Own Recommendation Engine, And They’re Open-Sourcing It -
Bret Taylor
The technology behind Tornado, FriendFeed's web server - Bret Taylor's blog -
The technology behind Tornado, FriendFeed's web server - Bret Taylor's blog
We have open sourced our web server. Download it at Check out the Facebook announcement at - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Wow! Thanks so much, Bret and co! - Doug Beeferman
this was very interesting; good job - RAPatton
neat - anna sauce
I wonder what the engineering decision was to not use a WSGI interface. - mikepk
mikepk: it supports WSGI, but it is not WSGI by default because WSGI does not support non-blocking I/O for things like hanging connections. See - Bret Taylor
This actually is a very good piece of code! Thanks folks! - directeur
cool, Bret, thanks :) I was just heading through the docs now. - mikepk
oh man, this is so awesome, thanks guys! - Charles Ying
Is "tonado" a typo? - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
I'm hacking my own python web framework at the moment, so now the choice on whether I want to switch gears to this or not. I'm liking what I see so far. - mikepk
Bruce: Yes - Casey Muller
Wow.. Thanks!! pretty much makes my day.. which is scary in it's own rite. - Chris Myles
Great news! Cheers to the FF team! - Egon Willighagen
Nice new title Brett.."Facebook Director of Products".. a good sign of things to come! - Chris Myles
very very glad to hear this bit: "Tornado is a core piece of infrastructure that powers FriendFeed's real-time functionality, which we plan to actively maintain." - Chris Heath
Great work - James Myatt
Franz: enables widespread adoption which leads to greater influence of the technique - Mike Chelen
So excited this is out. So many personal projects I have been wanting to build with it :) - Bret Taylor
Fantastic, Bret (and team)! - Micah
A very good project! know if will be possibile to use Tornado with other technogies except Python (such as JEE, Ruby On Rails, etc.)? - Nicola Junior Vitto
Cristo: we tried to use the official Python coding conventions, though we may have inadvertently strayed. Those conventions are: ClassNames, method_names, variable_names - Bret Taylor
Brilliant! I hope you can provide very valuable input for the next round of #python WSGI, which desperately needs a next round ;) - Uche Ogbuji
Re: WSGI needing help, see - Uche Ogbuji
grt - Xitong Liu
Onur, worked for me - and still works now - Chris Heath
Very cool, in case someone needs a high-end Web Server for a project, FriendFeed just open-sourced theirs, & apparently, it screams.. - Alex Schleber
Nicola: there is a Ruby example - - Mike Chelen
thx Mike, but this is a kind of eventmachine (that sounds good) for Ruby, not a Tornado client or wrapper...isn't it? - Nicola Junior Vitto
Excellent! Thank you. Was eagerly waiting for the day to come after looking this just 1 month ago; "changeset: 5afb8a445cad / date: 2009-08-11 16:34:48 / description: Initial open source packages" - NaHi from
Good catch, NaHi. :) - Micah
Thanks guys. Really appriciated. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
That's great. thanks Bret :-) - Nimaa
Nice job on the non-blocking stuff Bret! - Mitchell Tsai
"We have open sourced our web server" @bret took over a year but is worth the wait. thx for the follow through ~ - Peter Renshaw
Ohhh, ummm, btw, your underhanded behind the scenes sell out still rankles my human decency, & a lot of others too, as should yours...thumbs down/dislike x 47.5 million dollars, however not being bitter of course, keep ignorance & bliss - sofarsoShawn
that's the sound of I believe 100000000? or so hands clapping...& giving you the BOOOO-URNS if I'm not mistaken... - sofarsoShawn
oh you sonsabitchez this fscking rules! why so badass, ff? thank. you. :) - mike
So, can we say; Python is the future? - Özkan Altuner
Nice code. Started to look at it today. Thanks for doing this. Now to start testing this on some projects I had been working on. - Altan Khendup
Diego: we run on Linux. - Bret Taylor from email
@bret just out of curiosity - what would necessitate usage of such an engine for a *personal* project? :) - Michael Bravo
Michael: it is a nice framework to use for any project in my opinion (though I am clearly biased). If you are doing anything real-time like the chat demo, something like Tornado is certainly necessary/useful regardless of the size of the project. - Bret Taylor from email
@bret and for little-sized hardware? should have try it on Maemo based :))) - A. T.
@silpol I kinda fail to see Maemo devices being used for servers (unless it's some kind of satellite-based or other covert server maybe :) ) - Michael Bravo from IM
@mbravo you never know... there are some unusual (and cool) apps for web servers, granted you abstain (on purpose) from classical models, e.g.server farm somewhere there and herds of clients connecting to it... - A. T.
I think this is the best answer for the ultimate question: "Does python needs yet another web framework?" While most of us would say why, when one come across this, a real world proven technology, serving zillions of pages a day, one would say, well, why not. actually, why not even take it an try to integrate out next web app with it? great job! seems like joining FB won't do you any harm ;-) - Tzury Bar Yochay
We've seen tornado vs twisted, how about tornado vs rails? - Tzury Bar Yochay It doesn't work. I'd like to see chat.js :) - Анатолий Шарифулин
FriendFeed's web server, open sourced? This is great! Welcoome, Tornado! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Bret: how do you proxy long-living connections through nginx? Vanilla nginx buffers everything. -
nginx has a configuration option to turn off buffering. - Tristan Seligmann
Paul Buchheit
Wired 6.11: What If Cold Fusion Is Real? -
"While JET's 15 European sponsor-nations have paid about US$1 billion for their hardware, and the US government has spent $14.7 billion on fusion research since 1951 (all figures in 1997 dollars), Storms's apparatus and ancillary gear have cost less than $50,000. Moreover, he claims that his equipment works, generating surplus heat for days at a time. Storms is not an antiestablishment pseudoscientist pursuing a crackpot theory. For 34 years he was part of the establishment himself, employed at Los Alamos on projects such as a nuclear motor for space vehicles. Subsequently he testified before a congressional subcommittee considering the future of fusion. He believes you don't need millions of degrees or billions of dollars to fuse atomic nuclei and yield energy. "You can stimulate nuclear reactions at room temperature," he says, in his genial, matter-of-fact style. "I am absolutely certain that the phenomenon is real. It is quite extraordinary, and if it can be developed, it will have profound effects on society."" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This article is from 1998. I wonder what the latest news is from all the researchers mentioned. It seems unfortunate that people are so resistant to researching more "fringe" areas of science. - Paul Buchheit
"In a huge, grandiose convention center I found about 200 extremely conventional-looking scientists, almost all of them male and over 50. In fact some seemed over 70, and I realized why: The younger ones had bailed years ago, fearing career damage from the cold fusion stigma. "I have tenure, so I don't have to worry about my reputation," commented physicist George Miley, 65. "But if I... more... - Paul Buchheit
You should read: The author discusses cold fusion research in much more depth and discusses the scientists that are currently in these fringe areas, what they have found, how they are going about research and the criticism they face. - Bill
A non-fusion theory on what's happening: - Ray Cromwell
And nice to see you back paul..... long time no see. - Roberto Bonini
Chris Wetherell
"In all groups of users, keeping the page blank resulted in lower usage statistics." - Facebook intern Zizhuang Yang -
That first one is something - RAPatton
worth watching? - Melissa
after the first 5, I think so. - RAPatton
I liked it from the jump actually. The concept was interesting enough to keep me coming back until it hit it's stride. It also helped that I watched it via hulu which allowed me to watch several eps in a short period of time. I didn't get into the show until it was around 6 eps in. And even after I caught up I time shifted. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Andru Edwards
Check out our Zune HD video preview, in HD:
Check out our Zune HD video preview, in HD:
Why is MS not letting us see the browser in action? - Manuel Mas
Erick Schonfeld
BTW Google Appengine is awesome. Overage due to being techcrunched was like a dollar. (via @joshu)
Paul Buchheit
Obviously I can't provide a lot of detailed plans and guarantees, but I can tell you that I'll do my personal best to ensure that the FriendFeed users and community are treated right. I love this product too, and don't want to see it disappear.
:) - iTad
Thank you, Paul. Hearing something is always better than hearing nothing =) - FFing Enigma
I think this was a smart move fore FF and FB - Joe Hall
What about the service? - Amit Morson
Thanks Paul. - sean percival
Thanks Paul - Mike Doeff
We don't want it to go either. - Yolanda
I would not expect any less from such a cool guy like you, thanks! :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Please keep it going for as long as you can or until you can make Facebook actually work. - AJ Kohn
That's heartening, Paul. Thanks. - Anika
We love you guys and FriendFeed.. we are just a little hurt and worried.. just please give us details as soon as possible. - Tim Hoeck
FriendFeed lets me use people as filters to turn data into information. Facebook doesn't. Until it does, please, Please, PLEASE keep FriendFeed as a destination alive. - AJ Kohn
congrats guys! facebook needs what you got! - Lorna Herf
I'm sorry that I haven't said more about this. As you can imagine, it has been an extraordinarily busy day (and I've barely slept in the past week). - Paul Buchheit
I'll add my plea to the chorus: Please don't take FriendFeed away from us. And don't make us go to Facebook (because we won't). FriendFeed means a lot to a lot of people and the thought that it will dry up and blow away shortly is very disturbing. - Lindsay
It's still great to hear from you Paul. Congrats on that new swimming pool full of cash. :D - iTad
Simply glad you're here now. You've always been a very responsive and transparent team. As much as I cringe at the thought of FF going away, I *am* happy for you and the team. - AJ Kohn
Thanks Paul. - John (bird whisperer)
Thank you kind sir. - Andrew Smith
I request you make it to the next scheduled FFundercats podcast to talk to the community. This announcement deserves a live appearance to the community. - Eric - Final Countdown
Have been dealing unsucessfully with Twitter for two days, trying to get logged in...Their password reset page says"Snap we can't find you." I keep writing to Tech Support at Twitter and get their helpful auto-generated Twitter Trouble shooting email. My problem is not there. =( Hope FriendFeed does not get that blaise about helping users. @EV - SashaKane
If FB can't keep the service running, would you consider open-sourcing the thing, so we can? - Christopher Galtenberg from iPhone
Hi Paul, thanks for the assurances. In the future, I would highly suggest that you make this sort of statement shortly after the initial merger release. Thanks again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks for keeping the passion! - Shane
Nice to hear Paul. Thanks. - Mark Krynsky
I would like to give you a hug right now Paul. However, that would be awkward and April might beat me up so I will just say thank you and press the like button. - EricaJoy
Best news I have heard today. - Angus Burton
Thank you for affirming that. Much appreciated. - Karoli
A few more points that would be nice to have addressed soon. Ability to export data, tool to import friends to Facebook, and will urls continue to function? - Mark Krynsky
Amelioration?? - heretic_twit
Those that like friendfeed as is should be most pleased with this statement, as it probably means maintenance to keep the current system as is, without as much attention to new features. It's also good news for all those who like both friendfeed and facebook, as facebook will likely adopt the better features from friendfeed - Ivan Kirigin
That means an awful lot to me. - Absentee
This has been quite a day! Can't wait to hear what is next! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Thank you, Paul. Thank you for coming out from behind the curtain and finally giving us some communication, some semblance of hope. - Akiva
So we can expect a Facebook adaption of this? I like this technology over everyone else! - Shaggy Jenkins
Eric, my schedule is still a little uncertain at the moment, but I'd be glad to appear on a future FFundercats. - Paul Buchheit
That would be a good thing Paul. Thanks. - Eric - Final Countdown
Cool :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
I like this. - Ashish from iPhone
Thanks for making FriendFeed what it is, and lets hope it stays that way, though there's slim chance of that - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Now that I think about it: are you kidding me? They've already stated that FriendFeed's going to be absorbed into Facebook. What kind of sleight-of-hand are you trying to pull now, Paul? - Akiva
@EricaJoy: I have nothing against hugs. :) - April Buchheit
Thanks! - Vincenzo Piromalli
Thanks, Paul. I've been getting more and more depressed thinking about the bad ways this could go. The reassurances help a bit, at least. In fact, just hearing you speak on the point is encouraging - the open lines of communication between the FriendFeed team and its users has always been one of the great things about FriendFeed that I'm afraid will be lost with the Facebook buyout. And yes, a FFundercats appearance would be a great idea. - Jandy
I don't want to read too much into this reassurance but the "personal best" remark made me think like there is not a united FF anymore and that it's up to your personal efforts to prevent it from being eaten by FB :) - Turker Keskinpala
you can sell the tech but the community can not be bought sold transferred or merged - Robert Higgins from
Turker, I do believe that this deal was the right decision -- I'll write a bit more about that when I get a chance. I say that I'll do my "personal best" because I will -- it would be misleading to make promises on other's behalf :) - Paul Buchheit
Hoping so... practicing patience - Majento
this echoes star wars galaxies, incredible unique community. but they upgraded it to be like world of warcraft. this is a replay of the devs soothing messages. the forums were livid the community evaporated. - Robert Higgins from
When socialmedian was acquired by Xing they left it alone. I hope the same happens here. I'm sure you will do your best though! - Michael Fidler
On behalf of the Dutch citizens our Queen wants to let you know: Thx Paul. - Ton Zijp
Don't know what to say, so lets start with big congrats! from one hand, as an early member of Friendfeed I think we've created here a very cool, collaborative and tech-savvy/passionate community of great people that all probably wish to stick around as much as possible. From the other hand, I know how corporates work and it takes one small decision of share holders to close Friendfeed... more... - Nir Ben Yona
My first reaction is disappointment. I don't believe big corporations do better than small ones. Facebook is inferior to FriendFeed, although it's user base is much larger. Clearly FriendFeed won't survive in the long term, unless it is open sourced. Why not open up and embrace the wonders of the GPL instead of joining forces with the Walled Garden no #1? Facebook don't even operate with permalinks,. - Morten Blaabjerg
Thanks for the explanation Paul. Of course, I congratulate you guys. I think anyone would do the same thing if they were in your shoes :) - Turker Keskinpala
A big congrats for you guys.. However, I feel kind of sorrow :) - Özkan Altuner
good to hear - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Thank you - but I would very much like our content to stay intact. :) - Mona Nomura
Ryo: if you delete your account everything goes away. I totally disagree with you about Facebook, but that's OK. - Robert Scoble
Good to hear. Unfortunately I think Facebook are going to download the brains of all FriendFeed staff then kill FF. - Michael McGimpsey
but Paul it is going to disappear - Facebook bought FF not for the site but for you guys. So obviously once its integrated into Facebook, development on FF will stop - Anthony Feint
If FriendFeed and all of it's functionality get integrated into Facebook I'm all for it. - Hugh Isaacs II
Thank you Paul! Congrats on the deal! - Garin Kilpatrick
Paul - that's great news. It surely can't cost a lot to keep this place running and it's a good place to try out ideas before they move to FB. - Martin Bryant
what about improving the product and making sure it gets more users, not only supports those who stay? - Ihar Mahaniok
Ihar - unlikely. Facebook bought FF for the developer talent, not for FriendFeed itself. - Martin Bryant from iPhone
Martin - I also think so, and it is most likely. But I could still have a hope - Ihar Mahaniok
Paul, please - underpromise & overdeliver...they say it works. - A. T.
FriendFeed is Dead! Long Live FriendFeed! (nice name for Facebook skunkworks) I'm sure everyone would love to see FriendFeed itself stay around, even if the innovations that happen are geared towards implementation at Facebook. Thanks for this note Paul! :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
There are a few promises and guarantees that you SHOULD be able to provide. Like, that our network of friends will remain intact and that the features that make this site great will remain. If you can't make those promises, then you shouldn't have done the deal. I sure do hope that the real-time search engine wasn't the centerpiece of this deal (it probably was), because that certainly... more... - Brad Williamson
Paul you did such a nice job with friendfeed, and I so want to believe you, but I'm not sure I can. Not because of you, but because of your new employer. Because your new employer is no longer you, and while I have kind of come to trust you, I do not trust your new boss. Not at all. Please prove me wrong, if they'll let you. - Jim #teamFFrank
Paul - thanks for that reassurance. PLEASE stick to that! I was in the middle of reading and participating in a lengthy discussion off of a Robert Scoble post yesterday ... then I came up for air and saw your news. Congratulations - I have no idea what that feels like or how pumped you must be. There are so many things FF does that I LOVE...I know you know that. Please Please PLease dont' go away! Thanks! - Tobin Truog
Thanks for the personal note Paul. - Mike Reynolds
Phewww..relief ;-) - Ritu
First zombie/mafia request and we're all outta here.... - Fossil Huntress
+1 Fossil Huntress The partitioning of the networks between friendfeed and facebook was a major feature that many people made use of, lacking appropriate controls for who sees what. Merging the two groups of friends isn't going to work, at all. - Mr. Gunn
It doesn't sound like you understand what has people worried. I wrote this to help: - Bruce Lewis
Maybe Bruce analysis is too imaginary, but the question is THE question nobody answered: why did you do it, Paul? - Luca Sofri
I left a response on Bruce's entry ( I'll write more about this on my blog when I get some free time. - Paul Buchheit
Thanks. - Bonnie Foster
we all know what needs to happen. the question is, where? ... FB needs, - apart from being/it is, a large, general, open application platform, - 1. Smart keyboard shortkatze - and Im a kbsCzar to go to, 2. Aggregating facilities, smart /RSS/ .. 3. Full blogging facilities, capabilities, not 140 chars. 4. Full real time comments facilities, capabilities. 5. Real time, live, but ALSO... more... - pb:
I hope you're being open and honest with us. This time. :( - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Good to know , we´ll see :) - Yahya
Thank you! I am sure you will do great things at FB. I just hope that the great app you built here isn't destroyed. I don't know of any other aggregation app that I can embed into my site like this one! - beersage
Congratulations on your successes, best wishes for more. And thanks for continuing to look out for us loyal, addicted FFanatics! - Rob Schieber
I hope it continues, i'm a new user and absolutely love it (wish i knew the value of it before)! Congrats! - Luis D. Santos
and let me add second, obvious, "Facebook needs" - Friendfeed bookmarklet, and Friendfeed tools - widgets, embedding - real time and not - of posts, and groups embedd, to inject oneself into this thing called Internet ..... so, if FB listens to FF engineering long enough, they are going to get it .. right - pb:
Paul, what I am worried is not that you're brainwashed, but that there's simply no business need for Facebook to improve FriendFeed from now on, period. - Ihar Mahaniok
I have confidence Paul. While some of the comments were probably uncalled for, covering an investment (of time and money) in these times to move on and hopefully provide even 'better stuff' makes sense to me. It's pretty obvious there are a LOT of people that don't want to 'lose' Friendfeed. (I wouldn't hold a town hall for a few weeks though :) - Charlie Anzman
Congrats, Paul. It's sad that people have to make these uncalled for hatred comments about Facebook though. Why can't both sites work together. I think Facebook will do better with FF and vise versa. Take the good features of both services. Don't boycott FB, enjoy it. I'm sick of the negative comments going on, that's all. :( - Molly Song ;)
Because I don't think Paul and the other FF developers would allow FB to do anything. I'm sorry, I am not going to think negative here like some here are. I guess I'm a fangirl for FB. - Molly Song ;)
Finally something about the changes on the horizon that isn't all d0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0om and whining. Thank you, Paul! :D - Christian (Simply X)
Paul, what about the content scam that FB T&C is, does it apply to Friendfeed now? Should we all start writing scripts to retroactively delete all content ever uploaded to Friendfeed? Elaborated a bit here - - Michael Bravo
We know you'll try your best, Paul. But sometimes, you just can't win the dark side... - Winston Teo
Thanks Paul for all your efforts. Founders often want the best, but acquiring companies often have people with political/power issues or different/limited visions. - Mitchell Tsai
*throws a sheep at Paul* is that a good thing? - Joe from iPod
Yeahhhhhhh BOoooiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! - sofarsoShawn
yes, thank you, Sergeant Paul ... well, good to hear we go on ... because if not, how about starting ... or, ...... anyway, lets boost blogging capabilities, post more than current amount of chars, lets have TOP POSTS / clicks count list at the head of each group, some stats, lets index group headers, lets have MORE keyboard shortcuts .. - now ...... more... - pb:
Paul Buchheit
That's nice. Just random, or in response to something. :) - τorƍue
Does that mean you got a little sleep? - Anne Bouey
Good news? People like Paul don't usually get in the office so early especially after a lack of sleep, on a Monday morning, if there wasn't a great reason. - Louis Gray
this could be big. - vijay
Aww Man, see now I am not going to get any sleep tonight! DAMN YOU PAUL and your teasing little smiley face. OK, must go and get some coffee! - travispuk
O.k., I'll smile too :) (and open my ears and eyes) - Martha
10 bucks says that they add emoticons soon. :) - Joe Beda
This emoticon makes a little more sense now... - Stephen Foskett
Guessing this was about the Facebook announcement? - Ben Hedrington
Cheshire cat? - Hutch Carpenter
Good for you, Paul. I can't help but feel a little let down, though. - Matthew Gifford
well done! - michael sean wright
Congrats! Let us (well, our chef) cook you lunch before you're no longer walking distance! :) - Don MacAskill
I have the same feeling as Matthew Gifford... Congrats to you, Paul, but I'm not sure this bodes well for the rest of us. - Lindsay
Congrats, Paul. :-) - Jordan Hofker
Congratulations! - Ethan Herdrick
Congratulations to the whole team, Paul! - Ryan Kuder
yeah they signed away the community :(- - Peter Dawson
Congrats Paul if they're truely in order :) - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - andy brudtkuhl
congrats to the team, but to be honest i'm not liking it at all - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Good news or bad news? :) - Arda Çetin
Congrats Paul! I was really hoping this would happen. Friendfeed and Facebook need each other. Cheers! - Akshay Dodeja
Now I get it. Congrats on the $$. - Yolanda
Now I know...and knowing is half the battle - Bwana ☠
:( - TiTi
Congratulations!!!! A 'worthy' smiley ... ;-) - Bo Stern
I think Paul's emoticon was charming and that Louis Gray is either super discerning or super informed. - Michael Muller
Congrats to the FF team you guys are awesome (keep this place awesome) - Ryan
congratulations, may your road ahead be smooth... - Nathan Chase
That can imho only mean good things for the FB UI ... - Bo Stern
Congratulations, definitely. - DGentry
Congrats to you and the entire FF team. I hope you guys are in it for the long haul. - Mike Doeff
hey congrats to the FF team! I look forward to seeing what the future holds - (jeff)isageek
Congratulations Paul & FF team! - Charles Ying
congrats dude - Jason Pollock
Congratulations. - Antoniu
congratulations.. but liked the whole UI & funtionality of ff than fb!! it'll b gone!! - Gtp19
You're totally ::stpd:: - AlpB.
its business after all, sell it but get back to make a better product for your old users. dont 4get the users !! - Peter Dawson
:( - acedanger
the results of good work - Juan Pablo Ruiz
congratulations! - Hareesh Nagarajan
GZ! - Sarp
:) we will learn from the process - abdellah
Paul, will you respond to this? This is *bad* for FF users. Best case: it continues on, but distracted by Facebook and with stagnated feature development. Worst case: it's gone. Middle of the road: Facebook forces its ads into the timeline and friendfeed starts acting like Facebook by ignoring its users. - tollie williams
@tollie, I imagine Paul's ability to respond is now constrained, which is just one of the changes we'll see coming. There's new management in town, folks. - Ken Kennedy
scared!!! - abdellah
Good luck Paul... it's gonna be a great partnership. - Andrew
Congrat's Paul. Great news, and I'm really happy for all of you! - Michael Fidler
Congrats to the whole FriendFeed team! - John McCrea
Way to go Paul - bet you sleep like a baby tonight whilst Biz and Ev scratch their heads once more! - Jan Simmonds
Sure congrats to you!!! - susan mernit Hold on! markzukerberg?!?! - Lora Lufark
Congrats! - fbrunel
congratulations! - Loic Le Meur
Congratulations Paul - I am very proud of you... no wonder you couldn't sleep! :) Now we know why! As you know, I am a huge fan of your FriendFeed product. I am very happy for you guys and hope you keep your fabulous culture of innovation going strong. This is really amazing.... nice exit! :) - Susan Beebe
I have been wishing facebook could get more like Friendfeed :) awesome. - Christian Burns from iPhone
Nice job, Paul and team. Congrats! - Rob Shillingsburg
many congrat. from UK. ;) @GarethWong - Gareth
I bet you never forget your anniversary EVER ever now. - Pete D
boo-urns - Vezquex
:D - paniaguai
Congratulations, great for you and the team. - Rocky
i like the way the deal was done! - Siddharth Parmar
G.Z.s - Ugur Akdmr
Bret Taylor
Official Google Reader Blog: PubSubHubbub support for Reader shared items -
"One place that takes advantage of this pinging is FriendFeed. This means if you have added your shared items to your FriendFeed account, you and your friends will see them there within a few seconds the "Share" link being pressed in Reader (special thanks to FriendFeeder Benjamin Golub for making sure the experience was as smooth as possible)." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Ben, you rock as usual - Bret Taylor
PubSubHubbub is awesome. I've noticed that, thanks to FriendFeed and Feedburner supporting PubSubHubbub, entries from my blog show up on FriendFeed faster than I can switch tabs. Google reader support is sweet. - Mark Trapp
I literally checked in and pushed the last fix to make this work about 5 minutes ago :) - Benjamin Golub
I've noticed that in the past ten minutes, cool - M F
Nice work guys! - travispuk from iPhone
Kevin Marks
@othermaciej yay for out of process Flash. yay even more for <video> so we dont need it.
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