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Charlie Anzman
Poll (Be honest ! :) What is your current start-up page set to? - Andy Murdoch
Andy - Google or iGoogle? - Charlie Anzman
about:blank - Mark Trapp
netvibes - Toby Graham
about:blank but I always restore the last Firefox session anyhow - Nathan Rein
about:blank - felix
Friendfeed! *puts head in hands*. It..took me by suprise - Mo Kargas
google with tabs to FF, Google Reader & AOL - R. Ferguson
gmail | gcal | basecamp | friendfeed in FF3 - Morgan
My blog :P - Michael Forian
Friendfeed, LiveJournal, and my Email. - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
Big G - AJ Batac - MikeAmundsen
Firefox Google start page: - Shey
iGoogle - Stellina
about:blank - Jordan Hofker
Remember the Milk - James (@willia4)
gotApi. as soon as I start firefox I load up gotApi, Gmail, Reader, FriendFeed and localhost:3000 all in tabs. - John Duff
FriendFeed/iGoogle - Brian Sullivan
It's dynamic for me. I have Firefox bring up my last session so it depends on what I had open last (usually 8-15 tabs) - Al Degutis
netvibes (one tab) friendfeed (another tab) - Sean Sharp - it's where I work - Didi Chanoch
about:blank - Lindsay
about:blank or better my last session. everything else is oriented in my bookmark toolbar. - Nicole Simon
My homepage is my iGoogle. But, I have it set in Firefox where what ever tabs I had open in my last session are what open when I open FF. So it can pretty much be anything. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
gmail | reader | google analytics | in FF3 | w/twhirl on side - Peter Troast
empty page - Soulhuntre from twhirl
iGoogle, although, based on my Most Visited links, it should be FF. - Jason Toney
I always use a blank home page, but I have Firefox set to load my last set of tabs on startup. - Kelly Fox is something like TechMeme that I wrote, which tracks specific topics I'm most interested in. - Loren Heiny
Netvibes. I see some people open up lots of tabs, doesn't that cut down on concentration or productivity? I usually have quite a few open, but I start with one in the hope I won't open up a massive amount :) - Patrick Sweeney
about:blank - Steven Perez
Well... I admit it. So far one that I haven't visited in over a year - NetVibes. (That was the idea :) For the record, mine is Friendfeed with Duncan Riley's Greasemonkey scripts turned on for Gmail, RB, TechMeMe, Facebook, TechCrunch, Mashable and Disqus. Hmmm.... - Charlie Anzman - RAPatton
about:blank - Paul Whitaker
about:blank like it has been for years. - xero
@rambn which one? :) - Paul Whitaker
Thinkin' Yahoo hates me at the moment :) - Charlie Anzman
about:blank - Vinay | विनय
Depending on browser and system it's either igoogle or nothing - Scoble, Alex Scoble - Scott Lockhart
about:time:I:had:a:shower - Josh Haley
SEO & Tech Daily - Mike Fruchter
google reader actually - Pete D from fftogo
about:robots - Vezquex
blank: - John Cooper
my blog at home, about:blank at work - Carsten R from twhirl
iGoogle - DGentry
FriendFeed and Google Reader - David Cook
Home - boring FF google start page; Work: techmeme - Eric Berlin
four tabs: FF, GReader, Gmail, and Techmeme - Frederic
igoogle - iTad from fftogo
iGoogle - richrecruiter
about: blank - Robert Seidman
blank - Mitchell Tsai - Steve Spalding
FriendFeed - Hutch Carpenter
Yahoo - Outsanity
speeddial FF3 extension. 8^D - Chieze Okoye
Google - Corvida
blank page. I'm a developer and i want my browser windows to open up quickly. - Glenn Batuyong from twhirl
Yahoo! Finance - Ricardo Rabago
Friendfeed, of course, I'm an obsessive and this is still the shinest toy. - susan mernit
iGoogle - Mike Reynolds
Gmail & Friendfeed - Bita
Friendfeed or about:blank - Kevin Fox
about:blank forever! - Bwana ☠
Man this is getting almost as long as a Mona post! :) Kinda interesting. Little worried about the about:blank'ers :) - Charlie Anzman
about:blank with restore the last session - Dobromir Hadzhiev - perfect - Cheryl Allin from NoiseRiver
google - kamla bhatt - ian kennedy
google and youtube - Jax Dragon
Tabs: Friendfeed,Twitter, Gmail,Techmeme - Igor Poltavskiy