Charlie Anzman
Now I'm convinced. BING could be HUGE. -
Now I'm convinced.  BING could be HUGE.
I would love to hear which searches you tried and especially liked. I think Bing shows your previous queries on the bottom-left of the search results page. Plus you can click and see all your previous searches in the same spot--sharing the queries you liked would be wonderful. :) - Matt Cutts
Strange coincidence Matt (Really) since I just posted the Matt Cutts 'dual profile' bust here before seeing this :) Honestly, I didn't keep a list. Next time I will .... or do a follow-up. They weren't computational as in the comments. They were worded as actual questions "What time is it?" "Where is <town> <state>" were some of the simple ones. There were a lot of "how do I" type questions. I'm sure you've been there but just tried "Who is Matt Cutts?". Looks like that's fixed :) - Charlie Anzman
PS: I also did a few "Where can I buy <product> and received some solid organic stuff (in addition to the cashback sponsored stuff at the bottom ... which I didn't like .... IE: The log-through process). - Charlie Anzman
I must say I like it alot, I was mildly surprised. About time :) - lisa smith
I most also agree that I have been typing instead of -- now if only microsoft offered FREE exchange/imap service to hotmail to be used for the iphone, that will be the day i switch back to windows live from gmail - Bryce Campbell
I think the campaign is right on. Bing is about decision support rather than search. - Kathleen Gilroy
I tried the example from the article: "What time is it?". Google wins on that one. - Tim Tyler
Maybe I'm using it wrong, but I can't seem to find one reason why I'd choose Bing over Google. For instance, I search for 'gs605', a cheap switch that I have my eye on. Google's results are better, I can see immediately how much I can expect to pay. - Paul Grav
Paul - I 100% agree that Google 'search' is better. In fact, I think it would be VERY difficult for anyone to replicate what they've done at this juncture. The point was that (1) If you phrase your question ... as a question .... you get much better 'answers' than MSN / ever had, and (2) There has, in fact, been a significant amount of work done here ... not just a facelift. Frankly, it's probably Yahoo who should be ducking here?? - Charlie Anzman
Gonna be busy for a day or two ... but I'll try for a follow-up with examples ... There's big potential here. - Charlie Anzman
Without examples, that article is pointless. Show some example queries, side-by-sides, why results are better, etc. The article is basically: "Bing is awesome" with no backing evidence. - Steve and 4 other people
+1 Chris - Charlie Anzman
compare and contrast with - Chris Heath
my personal opinion is that google has the best number one result... the search engine watch page is 8th on bing - that's big, but bing's results aren't /that/ bad - Chris Heath
Top 3 visited post I ever wrote. Never saw it coming ... Ya never know. - Charlie Anzman
@Charlie. So I have to unlearn my usage habits in order to get the best out of bing? How many other people are willing to do this, or even know that they need to do this? Personally I don't know if bing is better than google or not, but I'm not seeing anything significantly better. I mean, I tried to get the plane ticket prices over time to apear, because that sounded like a great feature, but I failed miserably. - Paul Grav
you da man! - Mark Harai from email