Charlie Anzman
Microsoft Search Engine - Looks like Bing, not Kumo -
Shhhh! It looks like Kumo is gonna be Bing ! - Charlie Anzman
Think back to the old days (maybe) Steven. They were really slow (if not invisible) on copyrights and trademarks. - Charlie Anzman
Chandler? - AJ Kohn
Chandler?? - Charlie Anzman
Gosh! - Charlie Anzman
Maybe they want you to be 'Friends' with the new search engine. [Sorry, I can't help it!] - AJ Kohn
If there's one thing I've learned, names don't matter nearly as much as other stuff. A bunch of years back, who would have ever thought of being proud to use a site called Yahoo? Or Google? And what kinda lame name is ebay? Craigslist? ;) Make it good quality, and people will come... and stay :) - Adam Lasnik
Can always count on you for an 'interesting' headline Steven :) - Charlie Anzman
I would guess that all of this is very much true ... and Microsoft's lawyers did their homework. On the other hand ... with an 80 million dollar ad campaign ... what's a few million to shoot a lawsuit? - Charlie Anzman