Charlie Anzman
Apparently just got 'a few' more Google Wave invites ... drop your e-mail below if you wanna play :)
Please? - Sam Markow
I wanna play :). - alfred westerveld
Make that 16 .... Sam, Alfred ... Let me know how long it takes ... Just curious - Charlie Anzman
Ok, fine, I'll cave! tinapbeana at the gmail - FFing Enigma
I'll give it a whirl: slowe64 at gmail - Steve Lowe
could I please have one ;)? - Luke Wilson - thanks in advance - Christopher
Are random people allowed to play? If so, :-) - Jerry Spiderman
Slow down you guys!!!! Up to Lucas so far :) Chris, Jerry next. (Can I charge money for these ??!! :) - Charlie Anzman
Hey Charlie, late to the party but thanks for the great offer. If any are left: Cheers! - smoMashup
9 down ... 9 to go (Now THIS is real time ....!) - Charlie Anzman
omaitargh (at) thanks in advance"!!!!!! - Omaita
@charlie. Thank you very much :) Now I can finally play with google chrome because you hear a lot of people talking about it :). - alfred westerveld
Mine hasn't come in yet. But thanks a bundle in advance :)! - Luke Wilson
Nothing yet, but thanks much for the chance! - Sam Markow
Oh yes, please! - Ciaoenrico
Ummm. maybe I am just super impatient but do the invites take a while to process :P? - Luke Wilson
Luke - Experience from the last round was 1-3 days .... We'll see this time. Mark ... on the way .... 7 left ... Google's definitely getting one of my famous invoices ... they won't pay it ... but they're getting one. - Charlie Anzman
You're freakin' awesome, Charlie! - Jerry Spiderman
I know Jerry - Charlie Anzman
help a brother out ;) - Kevin Kruger
Done Kevin .... 5 left. I'll hang-out another few minutes to see if we can wipe them out (and wave at each other later or something .... ) - Charlie Anzman
I don't have one (abouey at gmail), but may i ask for someone else; I know my son would appreciate one even more than me, jnorris at gmail (ff co-founder). - Anne Bouey
Jnorris is a ff co-founder?? Hmmm .... Sent it anyway Anne. - Charlie Anzman
Yes, he is! - Anne Bouey
Must have missed the memo ..... but OK. In that case .... he's getting an invoice too (a big one :) - Charlie Anzman
There are four co-founders: Paul, Bret, Jim and Sanjeev. - Anne Bouey
Thank you for sending one. :) - Anne Bouey
Thanks - am I good? Did I make the list? - Ciaoenrico
anytime .... - Charlie Anzman
Everyone here did with 4 left - Charlie Anzman
I'd love an invite thanks! - Russell G
both ... done .... home stretch (I guess this was fun??) - Charlie Anzman
Appreciate it Charlie and Thanks again! - Russell G
No sweat Russ .... Now I really gotta get some stuff done ... Hope I helped a little. (and Hi Carlos!) ... later gang ... - Charlie Anzman
Sweet, thanks Charlie. - Mark Trapp
with apologies to Jim Norris (Duh?) - Charlie Anzman pls - Fixter Victor
Gotchya Victor .... For the record .... all out now ... but it was kinda fun. Did someone say FF was dead? I think not! Later crew :) - Charlie Anzman Thanks :) - fatmen
if you have anymore..? thanks! - Hans Hvidberg-Hansen
Please send me an invite: - Brian Clanton
If anyone has any Wave invites left please send me one palmerm10 (at) - Matthew Palmer
Guess it's taking a little longer than usual to 'lick stamps'. Not seeing you guys yet .... hang in there! FYI - Ran out totally after fatix54. Have fun! - Charlie Anzman
Yep seems things are taking a while as nothing here yet :) - Russell G
Russ - First batch I got were received in 1-2 days. Still not seeing anyone here yet Russ ... We'll see what the deal is this week I guess?! - Charlie Anzman
Yup still no invite. I guess the are rolling them out in time ..... :) - alfred westerveld
Yeah. haven't gotten mine yet either. But it hasn't quite been 3 days, so I haven't quite given up hope yet :D. - Luke Wilson
Anyone get one (from these) yet? - Charlie Anzman
Would love one if possible! Thanks a lot - - Daniel Pate
Charlie, Thank you! Just got it over here!!!! ;) - Omaita
Daniel - Ran out after fatix54 above..... If Google sends a refill, I'll re-post here. Just glad to see the others are finally being received. - Charlie Anzman
Thanks for sending me one in the first place! - Ciaoenrico
i want a google wave invitation can u send it to if u have plz - Ajay