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Charlie Anzman
Gustav - From a TS to Cat-3 Hurricane in less than 24 hours -
Mark - Intensified faster than most of the models had predicted so definitely bears watching. Hopefully it'll do something 'Hurricane finicky' ... like go away :) - Charlie Anzman
Where are you at Mark? Oh, I was checking out this site the other day.. really cool for current and historical storm tracking: - Tim Hoeck
it looks like we (florida) may get spared this time. but considering what this storm did earlier where it hooked south then turned northwest...well, it can easily pick up steam and turn east right at us. once it hits the warm gulf waters anything can happen. we will be watching this closely. - Carlos Ayala
Here's another good all-in-one portal Carlos - You should be watching Hanna - More likely that one 'may' head your way - Charlie Anzman
believe me Charlie, we are watching both. did you see my hurricane sandwich post? - Carlos Ayala
It just left Jamaica; best of luck to you guys in it's way - Gordon Swaby
Accuweather is saying it may make it to CAT4 before landfall. I hope the dumb masses who didn't evacuate the last time got the message. - Dave Roth
Here's my favorite hurricane tracking site du jour: - Dave Roth
Stormpulse is a gorgeous site... ty - Michael W. May from twhirl
I also found Stormpulse impressive. - LiquidLag
Carlos - Saw the post. Incredible graphic (At least from here ?!) - Charlie Anzman
@Dave its a cat 4 now. and the 'dumb masses', as it were, have been threatened with arrests if they do not comply. i hope it does not come to this. - Carlos Ayala
Just added a few more to, including your stuff .. That's eye looked ominous right before going over Cuba. I'd love to go with my own forecast right here but with something this huge, I'll leave it to the professionals ... and pray a little. - Charlie Anzman
I'm getting a sense for evacuation procedures by watching the local news sources: - Bwana ☠
Bwana - excellent - watching it now - may update my blog post - As you and Chris Baskind have been echoing here. Mandatory evacuations of New Orleans begin tomorrow morning. Airport will be open until 6 but you need a plan to get there because shuttles have already stopped running (except for one). Gustav nearly 'the perfect storm' approaching Cuba. Latest 'official take' has it 5 MPH short of Cat 5. Regardless of the final path (which is still uncertain), there's some history about to be made here. - Charlie Anzman
Good map Charlie, the wind probability is one of my favorite maps. It shows how much of an impact it'll have, not just at the eye, but elsewhere. - Bwana ☠
Bwana - Have been watching WGNO is another window since you posted that link. Actually first time I used the WMP add-on to FF. Clean as a whistle ... and excellent coverage - Charlie Anzman
Louisiana DOT Webcams Main Routes appear heavy at 4 AM ET - Charlie Anzman
DirecTV overnight launched a Gustav Hurricane Info Channel (363) with evacuation routes and procedures - Charlie Anzman
.You guys all did a GREAT job. I'm convinced the early interaction here on Friendfeed was as effective (or moreso) in many ways than the Twitter feeds. Kudos to Chris, Bwana, Sarah on RWW, and everyone else. Let's hope the 2 million displaced folks don't return to too much of a mess. - Charlie Anzman