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RT @mygospelfriends: This week's show: As the Osteen turns, post modern evangelism, cereal trivia and more. Give us a listen!
"Daddy! You're good at making crackers for dinner!" #complimentnotcompliment (wife is away, and daddy has all the kids)
RT @mygospelfriends: Gotta get some of the new Mexican Cokes!
RT @mygospelfriends: We are so grateful to our listeners! Because of you, we made the New & Notable featured section on iTunes. THANK YOU!
RT @mygospelfriends: Ep 8 is available. We would be honored if you would check out the show, subscribe if you like it & leave us a review.
RT @mygospelfriends: Ep 8: Cliches Christians should not use, ‘As the Osteen turns’, & how the Gospel Friends almost went to jail.
RT @mygospelfriends: "A materialistic world will not be won to Christ by a materialistic church." David Platt. We need more Acts 2:42-47 and Col 3:16 Christians!
RT @mygospelfriends: Fighting and arguing…as per usual. :) (we really do like each other) @chaseathompson and @jdavidmcconnell
RT @mygospelfriends: This week @chaseathompson returns from his Ashram & is no longer dead or meditating (clip from last week's shownotes)
RT @mygospelfriends: Grow your podcast: Focus on a niche, be excited, great content and sound quality & get interviewed #forpodcasters
RT @baptistfixer: Like the gospel? Like friends? Like podcasts? Then hit up @mygospelfriends for gospelly-friendly-goodness. Tell em I sent u and get 0% off.
RT @mygospelfriends: “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter.” Francis Chan
RT @mygospelfriends: "There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man's power ends" George Mueller #forpastors #faith #quotes
RT @mygospelfriends: This week's show: Supergoalie Tim Howard is a Christian! "Proud" Whopper, Marcus Mumford, Barnabas Piper Subscribe!!
RT @mygospelfriends: And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone 2 Tim. 2:24 #forpastors Leaders should be peacemakers not firestarters
How to deal with bullies. :)
RT @mygospelfriends: This week's show: Naked worship in Virginia (?), Are Christian bands really Christian? Big Brother Facebook, tithing..
RT @mygospelfriends: Young people don't need cool, hipster pastors, but the true biblical God, and genuine and Godly pastors. #forpastors
RT @mygospelfriends: Episode5: How to approach tithing in #church. How do I know if I am drifting from God? And a naked church in Virginia?
RT @mygospelfriends: When Christians who understand the gospel see a poor person, they realize they are looking into a mirror. Tim Keller #forpastors
RT @mygospelfriends: “All God’s giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on God being with them.“ Hudson Taylor
Looking for a funny, and unique Christian podcast? Search iTunes or your podcast app for "The Gospel Friends" Follow us: @mygospelfriends
RT @mygospelfriends: "If you haven’t been jarred when you’re reading the Bible, you’re not reading it." John Piper #quotes
RT @mygospelfriends: "When I read things like this in the Bible they jar me. I really love to be jarred by the Bible." John Piper #quotes (from a sermon)
RT @mygospelfriends: mentioned on this week's show: @angry_code @justinmontsma @dustinkensrue and more. Click above to subscribe!
Shownotes updated for this week's Gospel Friends ep. Check it out! Mentioned on the show: @mattredmond, ConradMbewe
In your face, Ghana!!! #justkidding. #worldcup
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