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Chicagobound jerk that thinks he is cute being anonymous in cyberspace
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RT @KBarker_AHL: This Cumberland coach is giving the speech of a lifetime @espn #LLWS2014 #CumberlandRI
RT @Suntimes: RT @suntimes_sports: Jackie Robinson West stays alive, advances with wild 8-7 #LLWS win, @SethGruen reports:
RT @Suntimes: Jackie Robinson West wins 8-7! #JRW #LLWS
CHICAGO !!!! #LLWS2014
RT @Kunu35: These Little League World Series games are more exciting than most MLB games. #LLWS2014 #truth
RT @Agridome: Cash #corn prices tonight....$2.15 bushel. #grains
RT @Possessionista: You know Elise will have crystal horseshoes on the back of her wedding dress #BachelorInParadise
So @JennaTordoff @dbentele & @nina_kult all sitting around tonight watching #BachelorInParadise and strategizing #Ferguson @CommonGroundPR
Seriously @CommonGroundPR - walk the walk. Please let me see you engage in the social space just once ! c'mon Denise you can do it !!
So @CommonGroundPR believes in "crisis-related [PR] strategies that include social and online outreach and community outreach - so far fail
. @CommonGroundPR >>> "We are journalistically trained professionals" Zzzzz #Ferguson
The #Ferguson PD narrative depends on these people @CommonGroundPR
RT @BleacherReport: VIDEO: Brian Orakpo sacks Johnny Manziel and celebrates by flashing Manziel’s signature “money” sign.
RT @AmirKurtovic: You know something went wrong when you have to take cops off the streets to restore peace on the streets. #Ferguson
RT @ToddStarowitz: Funny. @AmirKurtovic ripped city of #Ferguson this wk. Firm where he works, @CommonGroundPR, hired to do PR for city
RT @YourAnonLive: Long lost & almost forgotten rapper Nelly finally arrives to #Ferguson ... Good play sir, good play
Nelly has arrived in #Ferguson Y'all
Yessss Chicago #LLWS2014
Oh geeez. I got LLWS , MNF & Bachelor in Paradise going on
RT @attyddmorris: 90 year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein was arrested in #Ferguson for speaking out against police brutality."
And @CommonGroundPR staff ready for another nite of protests ! #ferguson
Would you trust your crisis PR mgt to this dorky person? @CommonGroundPR #ferguson
Here's a start @CommonGroundPR , how about you come up with a warm and fuzzy hashtag rather than #Ferguson
Hey, yo... Field some media inquiries why dontcha @CommonGroundPR #Ferguson
RT @Cheaptarts: @CommonGroundPR providing pr for #Ferguson - I see your IG is private. But everyone can see your posts on IG via Twitter 😳
I'll say it again. When you really need crisis PR you call the real ghostbusters Burson Marsteller @B_M not @CommonGroundPR #Ferguson
RT @Will_Woot: Surprise! City of Ferguson's new PR/Social Media team works for Monsanto: @CommonGroundPR #Ferguson
Is the only dude in this picture also this guy @AmirKurtovic ? #Ferguson
RT @MDretweets: @cheapsuits @SallyAlbright they took down their corporate facebook page too.
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