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Chicagobound jerk that thinks he is cute being anonymous in cyberspace
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RT @stevebenen: Head of Missouri GOP calls Ferguson voter-registration drive "disgusting," "inappropriate" What a bizarre perspective
RT @AmnestyNZ: The situation in #Ferguson has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we've deployed inside the US.
RT @Chuck_Cason: 500 police, 200 media, 100 protesters. Police and media are obviously outnumbered. #Ferguson
RT @RaeBeta: REMINDER: Lists of journalists on the ground in #Ferguson:
RT @ParallelMatt: Dude got shot and continues the broadcast, holding the cam and commentating. Legend. @TimCast
RT @iAustinHunt: "I just got hit [rubber bullet] in the leg" –@TimCast
RT @mtracey: Tim Pool (@Timcast) of @vicenews says he was shot with a rubber bullet #Ferguson
Self Fulfilling prophecy right there ---- #Ferguson
RT @jonswaine: Gas fired by police. Flashbangs
RT @mataharikrishna: CNN: 2 white guys frm Illinois threw 2 bottles of fluid at the police - anarchists trying to cause unrest. Locals asked for them 2b arrested
Come to the conclusion that some of these cops just love to play war games ..... SMH.... #Ferguson
So Westboro Baptist peeps or Anti Abortion peeps have to keep moving ? Unlawful Assembly ?! #Ferguson
RT @TheZOMB: Command from Police "members of the press separate yourselves from the protesters" timcast stream #Ferguson
RT @jdeloma: .@jaketapper: Individuals trash-talk and provoke police. Police then swoop in and make arrest. Cops then retreat. Cycle repeats. #Ferguson
RT @CamericaBITW: Police just arrested a woman who was trying to get to HER HOME. #Ferguson
RT @SportsTaxMan: For those who asked about Manziel fine $ amount #NFL schedule of fines for 2014 season, Part II h/t @BenVolin
RT @ArtsMic: BREAKING: ‘SNL’ announcer Don Pardo has passed away at 96 -@CBSRadioNews
New PR firm RT @Salon: .#Ferguson's police chief won't be able to spin the horrific autopsy report of Michael Brown
RT @D_Towski: Three apcs here. "DISPERSE NOW! BACK UP NOW!" #Ferguson
RT @forestparkreads: RT @brookfield_zoo: Today until Wednesday, Aug. 20, general zoo admission is FREE to kids 11 yrs. old and under! #KidsFreeDays...
I want to see that coaches speech on a split screen with scenes from #Ferguson #LLWS2014
Kudos for @espn shutting up and letting the coach's speech flow. Whomever in the truck made that call deserves a raise #LLWS2014
How long before that coaches speech is on YouTube ? #LLWS2014
RT @DAdamWHIG: This coach from Cumberland might be the best youth sports coach I have ever seen. #LLWS2014
RT @KBarker_AHL: This Cumberland coach is giving the speech of a lifetime @espn #LLWS2014 #CumberlandRI
RT @Suntimes: RT @suntimes_sports: Jackie Robinson West stays alive, advances with wild 8-7 #LLWS win, @SethGruen reports:
RT @Suntimes: Jackie Robinson West wins 8-7! #JRW #LLWS
CHICAGO !!!! #LLWS2014
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