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Chicagobound jerk that thinks he is cute being anonymous in cyberspace
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Cleveland fans that 'hated' LeBron are suddenly in love?
So questions/comments: Miami bandwagon fans fade away?
LeBron: Seriously. I. Don't. Care. About. Your. Life.
If you dress like a cow I'll buy you a Chick Fil a sandwich. Really. I will.
Go to a 7-11 from 11am to 7pm. Grab a small Slurpee. Tell them to put it on my tab... Seriously !
Maximum number of people that can be on a room and all watch TV is ?
I've decided watch parties at bars suck. Always that table that can't shut up and is extra loud and find themselves overly interesting fans.
Boom. Just like that Antares Spica Mars and Saturn appear.
Free Slurpees, free Chick-Fil-A if you dress like a cow and Super Moon - all tomorrow !!!
What ever decision LeBron or Melo make it will not change my life
I know that guacamole is extra white tshirts for by Stupidfashion
Florida Man With Car Logo Tattooed on His Face Arrested for Identity Theft
Coca-Cola goes green with a colorless, 100% recyclable can. via @psfk
You can trademark 'No Tech Tuesday'? Well I'm trademarking Hump Day, Throwback Thursday & Follow Friday
So Mexico holds this US Marine in jail while we do not aggressively deport Mexicans ?
Breaking out the cow spots for free @ChickfilA on July 11th to celebrate #CowAppreciationDay!
....and I'm still in the murda bizness
First things first , I'm the realest
REALLY ? "With 35.6 million tweets, #BRA v #GER is the most-discussed single sports game ever on Twitter"
Sorry but things happen on the fringes. Nothing is a sure thing but death @FiveThirtyEight didn't screw up.
RT @fredneil2: Mobile Now Exceeds PC: The Biggest Shift Since the Internet Began by @VirtualMarketer via @sewatch
RT @grace134: Pornhub pleads with users to stop uploading videos of Brazil 'getting f**ked by Germany' in the World Cup -
Who watches The Chew?
Baseball has gone too far >>>Jerseys Designed by Vera Bradley via @MiLB
Chris Froome
Are Brazilians poor sports ? #WorldCup
You get beat this bad you should no longer have the right to the single player name business #WorldCup
Dear God I hope this ends at 90 mins. Do we REALLY need 3 minutes of 'stoppage time '? #WorldCup
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