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RT @awwstn: My @lyft driver said that his first month driving in SF he thought there was a large company called Startup and everyone worked there.
Incredible graph: Newspaper advertising revenue adjusted to inflation has fallen below 1950 levels - (HT @cshirky)
Uber is testing on-demand delivery services in DC for a few weeks - (Available items = CVS, Rite Aid)
What if the Harry Potter books aren't about magic at all, but really a metaphor about children's mental institutions?
"There are a lot of things wrong with the Ice Bucket's basically narcissism masked as altruism."
Algorithmic is a startup that connects obscure academics' algorithms with app developers who can use them -
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Teddy Roosevelt
Larry Page uses a "Toothbrush Test" for M&A: Is it something you'd use 1-2 times a day to make your life better?
"It would be a disaster for [journalism] if academics became good at communicating what they know." -@ezraklein
I don't understand why Twitter experiments with small ideas when they should be helping their users master *curation*
"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is [or] how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." -Richard Feynman
If you're bored at work right now and want to brush up on how to commit crimes inside people's minds, this -
RT @anildash: Anybody who tells you "It's simple! This is public, so we can use it." is trying to profit off of you. Real life is really complicated.
How the Reddit community is stealthily beginning a content war with Buzzfeed and other 'compilation' sites -
"Is it melancholy to think that a world that Robin Williams can’t live in must be broken?" -@rustyrockets
"Periodic blockbusters, while a boon to the public interest, don't...provide the basis for a media business."
Thought-provoking read about Buzzfeed as a tech company, and the onslaught of "full-stack" industry disruptors -
Bill Murray calls Kelly Lynch's husband every time the sex scene from 'Road House' airs -
This is the world's largest backyard swimming pool. It's roughly the size of the Maldives.
RT @BleacherReport: The sale of the @LAClippers has closed. Steve Ballmer is officially the new owner
Is playing hooky to binge watch Robin Williams movies all day something everybody can get behind?
RT @samsteinhp: Interesting tidbit. Robin Williams was voted least likely to succeed in high school, per his appearance on Inside the Actors Studio
RT @USATODAY: BREAKING: Police say actor Robin Williams, 63, has been found dead in his home.
WSJ's @mims: "Yo could be bigger than Twitter" because it's actually a new mobile communications protocol -
Deliberately messing with Facebook's News Feed algorithms is now a thing -
Why is PR so female-biased? The answer is really complex, writes @olgakhazan - #SATC #longreads
RT @newscred: What Makes A Great Pinterest Or Instagram Image? Just ask @GoPro and @MichaelKors via @Forbes
Thought-provoking article about @Square's ups and downs caused by below-average strategy and misunderstanding users -
+100 Ann-Margret cameo as a wealthy retired actress on @SHO_RayDonovan.
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