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Peak Beard: Men's facial hair style trends evolve via negative frequency-dependent sexual selection -
I don't understand why 'Mr. Deeds' only gets one star. With that cast? At least two.
General Mills plans to sell oatmeal packets to be "brewed" in your Keurig coffeemaker...and I just barfed a little -
Eleven James is a "Rent-the-Runway" for men's luxury watches -
The line between advertising and editorial at some fashion websites is shrinking even further -
Fruit of the Loom has a new premium brand, Seek No Further, offering $70 t-shirts and $180 dresses -
Fruit of the Loom has a new premium brand, Seek No Further, with $70 t-shirts and $180 dresses -
Rizzoli Bookstore, #RIP. A eulogy -
RT @PaulRieckhoff: I have a strong feeling that #MadMen will let me down this season...and that #GameOfThrones will not.
When prostitutes in New York leverage Airbnb to up the margin on their hookups -
Great profile of the guy you've never heard of who founded "open data" startups Expedia, Zillow, and Glassdoor -
Detailed @washingtonpost article about Google's expansive lobbying and advocacy presence in Washington, DC -
Yahoo: "wandering around Sunset Boulevard with a big bag of money shopping for programming" -@carr2n
PYLOT is an analog-only, non-retouched, fashion photography magazine raising a round on Kickstarter (8 hours left) -
In the 'Indiana Jones' scene when Indy shoots the swordsman they cut out a huge fight because Harrison Ford was ill -
The interesting arguments for no tipping in American restaurants -
"Never turn down an opportunity for sex or being on TV." -Gore Vidal
Prediction: Bloomberg's IPO reporter @LesliePicker = huge media rockstar. Confident, concise, precise.
This brilliant mathematician I used to work with has a new iPhone app that helps you combat jetlag like a genius -
Peter Dinklage does a @reddit_AMA ("Ask Me Anything") session -
Reddit begins listing "trending subreddits" to drive attention to some of its smaller SFW communities -
Former NSA Condi Rice is named to Dropbox's board, media declares tone-deafness, customers threaten to boycott -
Peet's VIP opening in DC!! @ Peet's Coffee & Tea
RT @CrichtonProject: Really nice piece at @thedissolve about the 1970's-era technophobia of Michael Crichton's writing and directing -
Brands using pics of celebrities in public using their products in social media; some celebs are suing the brands -
Stephen Colbert to succeed David Letterman on 'Late Show' -
The @usairforce has a team codenamed BATMAN exploring battlefield applications of Google Glass -
The guy who invented the artificial heart also voiced 'Tigger' (Winnie the Pooh) and 'Mr. Owl' (Tootsie Roll Pops) -
RT @GameOfThrones: Raise a glass of Dornish wine. #GameofThrones is renewed for Seasons 5 & 6. Rally the realm & RT.
This super-secret U.S. spy agency is also doing #opengov with their code on GitHub -
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