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So if I "run" on my Oculus VR while using Moves on my phone and it's shared to my newsfeed, does it "count"?
You know what's cool? A BILLION monthly mobile users $FB
Four Seasons private jet takes the luxury hotel to the skies
Humble and direct as always @hoopeekoo congrats on the new fund
Aug '13 300M users, Dec '13 400M, Apr '14 500M @WhatsApp
Accelerating growth?! @WhatsApp hits 500MAUs, 700M photos shared/day. Feels like they announced 400M just yesterday
Interest background on why we never saw an Amazon Mafia from early employees
Getting locked INSIDE my office a strong signal that I shouldn't have been at office on a bank holiday in the first place cc @headspace
Creating a company culture is hard, exporting it correctly is 10x as hard [New post]
Right now wishing @onefinestay would hurry up and get into the summer villa market to help me out.... nudge.nudge @gregmarsh
Might want to reconsider that 100 year leasehold for your £2M London home. It might underwater (literally) by then
Happy Easter everyone! For next year we're totally getting an Eggbot
Faro airport. Easter break end. Thomson Air. Easyjet.Ryanair. Hell.
.@bubbam every time I switch to Android the lack of access to apps I have come to rely on (Evernote Hello, CityMapper) brings me back to iOS
.@bubbam agree that Android has the momentum but apart from entrepreneurs and VCs shouldn't Google be more actively supporting devs?
RT @WhiteStarVC: .@GolfDigestMag says @hole19golf " lets you map out your round like a tour pro"
Former FB office in NY becomes home for Startups. No rent. No equity. All goodness.
Someone thought themselves worthy of a Pulitzer. The results will astound you.
FB Nearby Friends is a great story of Italian entrepreneurs acquired by FB to make their app global
Parents out there: Is the Frozen album also on auto play in your heads?
.@obifelten you officially have the coolest job (and title) in the world
Very excited by @WhiteStarVC 's investment into @KeyMe to bring the locksmith market into the digital age
.@AndreasCB on why Sweden is emerging as a global hub for innovation (Skype, MySQL, Spotify) Int'l outlook from day 1
Pinterest to launch promoted pins at $30 CPM. A big believer in the power of this new platform
Reboot indeed. UK based @zeebox goes from social TV to Gal TV
Borrowing from @matbalez 's post my belief that we need more Product Managers and less Product Marketers in Europe
Epic interview with @fredwilson on being a VC, trends and the NY tech scene
Tough question asked by an Asian VC: Are there any $5B or $10B companies in Europe? Was hard to come up with an answer.
If there was a hashtag for my vacation in Portugal thus far it would definitely be #vinhoverde
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