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.@ScienceInc has quietly been building a mobile lab and a bunch of awesome apps. congrats @mjones @peterpham and team
POTUS goes all quantified self for his Golf Game
Instagram getting serious about Advertiser $ appoints the awesome James Quarles to work with brands
Uber launching API makes sense. Esp if they are willing to rev share for it
.@tgr Women in tech: stop blaming the "pipeline" Great piece
VCs flying entrepreneurs in private jets??!! Like @chrisarsenault all I can afford is dinner
Since @Marthalanefox is Baroness of Soho @joannashields should become Baroness of Shoreditch. Congrats Joanna!
The Twittersphere doesn't seem to be too pleased about @tumblr blocking RSS readers like @bloglovin
Why the founder (and not a banker) should lead an early stage funding round by @JohnEHenderson
Said it a few years ago: take a @BlaBlaCarUK and then @parkatmyhouse Now @IndexVentures has backed them both
RT @rbnmrny: Twitter launching payments marks the occasion to retire "China's version of Twitter" and start saying "America's version of WeChat."
RT @shak: BBC News - Britons spend more time on tech (8 hours 41 mins) than asleep (8 hours 21 mins), - (& 4 hours watching TV)
Peng Peng, the fast rising social/gaming/messaging Chinese App. The app is the platform. CC @BenedictEvans
RT @bloglovin: Tumblr has blocked all of their blogs from @Bloglovin Please tweet @tumblr @davidkarp @marissamayer
Wireless power might come from a Penn grad's search for Aliens (uBeam)
Marcelo Claure (founder of BrightStar) named Sprint CEO. What a story for this Bolivian entrepreneur!
UK startups: Complete the UK Startup salary suvery and get insights cc @rsohoni
RT @jamesharveytm: Someone took a candid photo of a fight in Ukranian Parliament that is as well-composed as the best renaissance art
Brightstar (who was valued at >$2B by SoftBank) is a great entrepreneurial story in an unsexy business.
Motorola used to "own" China, then Nokia and Samsung. Now local hero Xiaomi takes the crown congrats @hbarra
Facebook goes down and the impact of "dark social" traffic by @Chartbeat
Tweeps: Camera options. Panasonic GM1 vs Panasonic LX7 vs Sony RX100 vs Leica(s). Advice?
What's the deal with London tech-scene folks breaking their toes/feet at the same time? @jd @jaggeree @bindik and I all sporting 'the boot'
To put WWI in context. The number of dead (37M) is greater than the population of Canada, Peru, Malaysia. Truly a lost generation #WWI100
Apply for the first Sport Startup competition at Sportel backed by @deltatre (cc @amfsd @Andycru_mp )
The instant gratification economy. An in-depth look by @lizgannes
Taboola (whom you might not know but certainly use) raking in $250M this year
Helicopter to the Hamptons? There's an app for that
In the East the app is the platform by @BenedictEvans
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