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Agree. Removal of "orange badges" and support infrastructure they provided is a bigger signal from Microsoft CEO
Go @KHelioui ! Big Point buys Little Worlds to accelerate Mobile focus
.@Uber_LDN driver "Uber is fantastic. It allows me to drive when I want. Go to College when I need to and run my own business"
As a European tech investor told me recently "We [the founders and funders] are the ones that will define what Europe looks like in 20 yrs"
Epic. Royal guards play Game of Thrones theme dog during Changing of the Guard
Epic. Royal guards play Game of Thrones theme dog during Changing of the Guard
The Lisbon startup scene. I've been impressed with the global ambitions of the Portuguese entrepreneurs I've met
RT @codeorg: Seeing our impact: A record year for computer science
"The venture capital model has hardly evolved since the 13th century" and Marco Polo. #moneyquote from @YULDom
Immigrants in a Robotics Club beat MIT students 10 yrs ago. Instead of a job at Apple, the system spit them out
Microsoft job cuts: Make it simple and just wipe out Levels 63 to 66 and let pent up talent rise. (You ex-softies know what I mean)
Congrats @seedcamp on unveiling the new $30M fund. Proud to continue being part of the story via @WhiteStarVC
Line IPO ($10B valuation) Alibaba NY IPO. Coming of age for Asian Tech?
The Google "algo-travel policy" is now a YC startup: Rocketrip
Sign of the times. Microsoft's Partner conference is Monday. They buy ad in Techmeme to make me realise event exists
A woman I respect and admire @scoutu on the role we all play in inspiring young minds by going back to school #TEDx
Tesla S is the best selling car and has a higher market share than the VW Golf in Norway (due to gov't incentives)
If you see someone pushing a pram while wearing Google Glass in London, it can only be but the one and only @ediggs Good seeing you!
RT @ML_Hipster: A machine learning researcher, a crypto-currency expert, and an Erlang programmer walk into a bar. Facebook buys the bar for $27 billion.
The potential impact of @GoogleVentures in Europe with data crunched by @stephenpiron and @BrightSunVC
Picking Chinese up again with @Hello_Chineasy Thx for the tip @rohan__silva The makeup of "Mrs." Is funny
.@passioncapital @techstars @playfaircapital @WhiteStarVC and now @GoogleVentures all in Clerkenwell/Farringdon. New London VC hub.
RT @Alicebentinck: Overheard @CodeFirstGirls "a friend asked 'r u into tech so you can marry the CEO of google' and i said 'no i want to build the nxt Google'"
Time flies. 1yr ago today @emf andI unveiled @WhiteStarVC It's been an awesome ride thus far #bestisyettocome
Google Ventures comes to Europe!! Huge validation of the opportunity. Congrats @ediggs @thulme @petermread @avidl
I never thought I would say this but am cheering for #ARG mainly because I hate Robben and I want to see some Messi Magic in the final
Is there a HomeJoy/HandyBook for IT? Something like a modern Geek Squad? @rstephens ?
Congrats to @Busbud on their $9M round and expansion into the UK. Bravo @lpmo
Want to feel small and insignificant (or awed by the scale of the universe)? Fermi Paradox
In the late 90s one of the largest commercial databases was First Union's "massive" 27TB data warehouse
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