And if you're watching the #CometLanding you too can get that guy's cool @esa hoodie
Yes, there is indeed a spaceship that is about to tether to a comet with hooks. Watch it live #CometLanding
RT @leweb: Are Europeans "slackers", as Peter Thiel put it recently? @WhiteStarVC's @christianhern responds, on #LeWeb Blog:
My post from last year on Being Long on Europe still stands #madeineu
Deutsche Telekom pledges 500M EUR for VC investments with strong focus on DE.
If you care about tech/mobile and don't follow @BenedictEvans or subscribe to his newsletter... You should.
RT @alauraschneider: One of the most impressive photos ever! Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, 25 years later. #fallofthewall25
The founders of Adobe. 1988. Where did it go from style to hoodies??
Finally signed up for @pactcoffee. Get some cnetral american coffee goodness for £1 here:
RT @shak: Follow Friday = @China
3 different discussions this wk on why EIS/SEIS is mutating ecosystem in bad way. Thoughts on same from last year
King reports $1B run-rate for non CandyCrush Saga games, now 49% of revenue.
RT @businessinsider: Sorry, New York, but London is actually the world's real capital city
Is co-working spaces the modern pick axes ? WeWork valued at $1.5B seeking $6B next
Raising Seed in US vs Europe. Some very valid points on supply of $ and FOLO. Thx for sharing @collinmathilde
Some tech conferences offer complimentary Uber rides. #NOAH offers free NetJets time. #baller
Great write up on @Mosaic_VC in @Informilomedia and the rise of early stage funders in Europe
Mayfair, London a few minutes ago. Lots of Guy Fawkes out tonight #MillionMaskMarch
Terra Recovery does for landfills what oil exploration co's do for oil fields: tap into valuable resources #pitchatpalace
An inspiring view of how much potential lays ahead by @cape at #websummit
.@ScienceInc has quietly been building a mobile lab and a bunch of awesome apps. congrats @mjones @peterpham and team
POTUS goes all quantified self for his Golf Game
Instagram getting serious about Advertiser $ appoints the awesome James Quarles to work with brands
Uber launching API makes sense. Esp if they are willing to rev share for it
.@tgr Women in tech: stop blaming the "pipeline" Great piece
VCs flying entrepreneurs in private jets??!! Like @chrisarsenault all I can afford is dinner
Since @Marthalanefox is Baroness of Soho @joannashields should become Baroness of Shoreditch. Congrats Joanna!
The Twittersphere doesn't seem to be too pleased about @tumblr blocking RSS readers like @bloglovin
Why the founder (and not a banker) should lead an early stage funding round by @JohnEHenderson
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