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“My dog is so popular that every time he barks, the neighbourhood dogs re-tweet him.” - @Pausedesigns
Dance like the photo will not be tagged. Love like you've never gotten unfriended. Tweet like nobody is following! - @Jason_Pollock
“Everything was aimed at eliminating luck.” The creative struggle behind the Angry Birds phenomenon –> via @kadavy
Facebook down?
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RT @mayhemstudios @Minervity Incredible 3D Calligraphy That Seems To Pop Out From Paper *Awesomeness!"
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RT @averi8: @cheth #Letsride Reduce Traffic. RT & Join (web-app) SHARE ur RIDE.
29 Awesome Before And After Photos Of CGI Movie Magic
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"@iconfinder: A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good."
RT @cloudmagic: We just added support for Android Wear. Email on your watch! - #GoogleIO2014
New report shows San Francisco is home to more startups than children. via @TechCrunchOnion
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You Can Now Embed Tweets Within Tweets on iOS, Android * has anyone tried this yet?
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Facebook is not friendship, Instagram is not photography and Twitter is not fame. #quote via @samalmightysam
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