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A house full of tablets, phones and 2-in-1s but still the Kindle Paperwhite finds a place. Wife is loving it. I wouldn't mind one too!
Google Chromecast. I'm not over impressed so far (2 days) but it does fit well alongside XBMC.
My champion about to help me set up Chromecast.
Writing about Chromebook issues. Printing, DVD, Skype etc. The lack of AC3 passthrough is the one that really gets my goat though.
Really enjoying reviewing the ASUS C200 for @nbc_net They asked for a 'basic' review but i'm taking it much further than that! #Chromebook
As you get deeper into testing you see ChromeOS limits. AC3 down-converting and pass-through not working on the C200
Strange. ChromeOS 36 reduces sunspider and peacekeeper scores but boosts Google's own Octane score! (Testing ASUS C200 for @nbc_net )
That's helpful. ASUS C200 updates to ChromeOS 36 during my testing and the benchmarks go down...
ASUS C200 Chromebook. Streaming Google Music to BT speakers (screen off, wifi on) lasts for 18 hours on one charge. (@nbc_net testing.)
Remotely disable a Chromebook or account on a Chromebook? I don't think this is possible but I need the help of experts.
Disk speed on Chromebooks is so much less important than WiFi quality.
You can forget about ARM Chromebooks now. Intel Baytrail-T is incredibly efficient on the ASUS C200. Bring on the ChromeOS always-on and 3G
Up to 450MB of RAM needed to run my Google Music web tab. Woah!
Nice! Medion Akoya P7627T Gewinnspiel von mitmachen und ein Multimedia-Touch-Notebook gewinnen!
Lenovo are NOT getting out of the small Windows tablet market. New devices coming. -
High-end 8-inch Windows tablets – Where do we go from here? -
The ASUS C200 Chromebook is attractive from the hindquarters...
ASUS C200 video playback power drain is good! Thanks @Horgeluem for the tip.
Console OS reached its funding goal. Dual-Boot Android, Remastered for The PC
RT @nbc_net: Asus Transformer Book T300LA-C4006H Convertible Review - Tablet, transform! The Asus Transformer Book T300LA is a...
RT @msftsecurity: What's the risk between the time that a vulnerability is disclosed & when we first see active exploitation of it?
I think i'd like to see a Chromebook with detachable e-paper screen.
Next up on the review bench is the ASUS C200 Chromebook. $249. Baytrail-M, huge battery life, silent.
I really should do a review of this.
Acer Aspire Switch 10 Review–Video Overview
Acer Aspire Switch 10 Review – Video Overview -
Celebration with the neighbors. via @audioboo #wm14
No more streaming music account. :-( Xbox music was good but 10 Euro per month is too much when i'm buying-to-own/support too.
Based on 2 weeks of testing...the Acer Aspire Switch 10 Overview Review Video. Full review at...
Based on 2 weeks of testing...the Acer Aspire Switch 10 Overview Review Video. Full review at...
Acer Aspire Switch 10 Overview Review by Chippy -
Acer Aspire Switch 10 Overview Review by Chippy
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