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Good Friday, because I've got a few hours to finish and post the Dell Venue 11 Pro review. That's good!
Delivery date on my Baytrail Intel NUC has been pushed back into the unknown.
RT @przemyslis: “@chippy Is this new? Yes it's the new c class combi testing. Looks like your first spy photo chippy. Looks of companies test at the ring
Didn't know that the Dell Venue 11 Pro did this with the dock.
Is this new? Mercedes. Clad, possibly unknown 'combi' spotted at Nurburgring today.
Very strange corrupted wordpress file, for no apparent reason, on @UMPCPortal now fixed.
RT @tabtechde: Deal: Asus Transformer Book T100 mit 64 GB für 369€ -
One positive thing comes out of the scratched Lenovo Miix 2 10 - I will enjoy writing about it.
Dell Venue 11 Pro + Keyboard review coming along. It's a complex bit of kit! In the meantime, read Brad's review
Has anyone used a 10-inch Baytrail tablet as a midi sequencer or score sheet? Dell Venue 11 Pro is perfect for this.
RT @tonycossey anyone know of a rugged tablet that can run windows 7 and supports 16gig of RAM ?
RT @rmorenojr: can enable the power icon on tablet devices too!
Dell Venue 11 Pro (Baytrail) in Belkin USB3 display dock. A really impressive experience.
RT @babgvant: @chippy My understanding is that the N2820 is EOL. Getting replaced w/ N2830 in the NUC.
Looks like at least another week for the Intel NUC with Baytrail-M. Anyone got availability in their country? Mode:DN2820FYKH
Off-the-grid entertainment with DVB-T on a Windows 8 Tablet.
Off-the-grid entertainment with DVB-T on a Windows 8 Tablet. -
DVB-T live TV via Terratec Cinergy USB working. It needed a codec pack but after that-smooth. 15-20% CPU.
Running in to change passwords on non-patched services is probably not the best thing to do. #heartbleed
That HBO Silicon Valley thing. Yeah...crap. More so after 20 minutes.
Intel US, Intel Germany, Dell EU, Lenovo EU, Toshiba EU, Fujitsu EU have been a huge help too. @umpcportal @ultrabooknews (2/2)
Thanks to Acer Europe PR for continued Acer Iconia W4 loan. It's a huge help to @umpcportal when we can continue to answer reader questions.
Acer Aspire Switch SW5 shows-up at reseller.
Acer Aspire Switch SW5 shows-up at reseller. -
RT @twitlive: Windows Weekly is coming up next. @thurrott and @maryjofoley cover the Windows news
All the Windows tablets updated 8.1 here with no issues to report. Continuing with the Dell Venue 11 Pro review now.
Acer now offering Win 8.1 Pro on the Iconia W4 tablets. Get 3G, 64GB, 8.1 Pro and a keyboard case for 569 Euro. 449 without Pro.
I hereby rename the kitchen scales review scales and take ownership.
SEO optimizations can be brutal sometimes but this 8-year old site can't live from old blood any more.
One-at-a-time seems to be the answer if you're upgrading multiple Windows 8.1 devices today.
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