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Bret Taylor
Right now FriendFeed supports multiple photo upload using Flash. I want to convert it to use HTML 5 multi-file upload if it is available, then Flash if it is available, and then fall back on standard HTML otherwise. Is there a good article demonstrating this approach?
Specifically, is there a way to have a link trigger an HTML 5 file upload? shows a standard INPUT element, but we want to make it trigger from our "Add: Photos" link. - Bret Taylor
Your best bet will probably be to set the alternate content for the upload swf to be a proper HTML upload form. If you're using SWFObject to place the swf, this is fairly easy to do. Not sure about HTML 5 since it's penetration is probably pretty small (sadly) - Brett Kelly
Brett: We already have the Flash working, and it gracefully degrades. I am interested in supporting HTML 5 in addition to that. (You can try it with the Photos link above) - Bret Taylor
btw, I hope Adobe will correct the problem that makes Firefox on Linux hang horribly when trying to get the upload progress via swf upload (and you will not get the progress at all!) - Claudio Cicali
Claudio: yep, it is so bad we don't load the Flash uploader for Linux (it just uses standard HTML file upload). I use Linux all day, so it is a big pain. When the next Firefox release comes out with HTML 5 support, hopefully it won't matter. - Bret Taylor
What if you did something like this: Render out the HTML 5 form and the SWF for photo uploads and adjust the event handler for 'click' on the 'Photos' link depending on what the browser is capable of - in other words, if the browser can do HTML 5, click would reveal the related form; if not, click would launch the flash-based upload stuff. Obviously, you'd have to use javascript to... more... - Brett Kelly
Do you use a javascript check for Flash and then javascript write to add the Flash upload embed? - Chip Ramsey
Chip: not really, but sort of. We load the flash, which then calls back to our JS when it successfully loads, which then changes the DOM to replace the link with the Flash control. That solution is a bit more robust in case the Flash control fails to load for some reason (even if they have Flash installed). - Bret Taylor
If on php+apache, I would rather use the upload progress meter. No need for flash. But you do need js. - Vivek Puri
That makes sense. I'm sure this isn't what you're looking for, but I think you have to use user agent detection. You could start off with your basic HTML form with the input field with multiple attribute (which should degrade gracefully right?) and then detect the user agent. If it is a user agent that doesn't support multiple and isn't Linux, then you could add the Flash control to the... more... - Chip Ramsey
BTW, initially thought you could use JS to read the attributes of the input field and the multiple attribute would be missing for browsers that don't support it yet, but that doesn't seem to be the case in FireFox. - Chip Ramsey
Had a little more time to play with this tonight. Because you guys use jQuery, it looks like you may be able to use $("#test").attr("multiple") on <input type="file" id="test" multiple> and it will return the true boolean on browsers that support the attribute. On browsers that don't support it, either an empty string or "multiple" is returned. Didn't test thoroughly, but maybe somewhere to start. - Chip Ramsey
Thanks, Chip! Really helpful - Bret Taylor from email
hey bret -- in Firefox now we do support file upload without page reload and without user interaction, and you can do one file upload while picking another one -- probably not totally what you want, but maybe helpful. here's the writeup: - John Lilly
Thanks, John, that's helpful - Bret Taylor
Chip Ramsey
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Chip Ramsey
Q:What's your favorite horror film? A:Tough question, since I'm not that big a horror fan and ha...
just say Halloween - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Except I haven't seen Halloween. See what I mean? - Jandy
If you ever see it playing in a theater get thee to that theater! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Does science fiction horror count? - Tinfoil 2.0
The Signal (2007) - Jennifer Dittrich
Hm does Cape Fear count as horror? - Rodfather
The Serpent and the Rainbow - Jim #teamFFrank
Glitter - Morgan
I can't think of shoe-in favorite. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is probably up there. Exorcist. Witchboard. Amityville. Children of the Corn. Misery. If I saw these now, I'd probably more likely to laugh than be scared. - Rodfather
Oh, also The Shining. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, has to be The Shining. But if Kubrick is disqualified for being too good, I think I would say 28 Days Later. - Chip Ramsey
Does Zombieland count? Shining is way up there also Christine and the Thing - Kelly W.
Chip Ramsey
New HTML5 video player that gracefully degrades to Flash. - Chip Ramsey
Paul Buchheit
Finally catching up on yesterday's 300 comment flame-fest. I only posted about my own personal privacy settings, but I was immediately accused of drinking the Kool-Aid, and I believe the words "Nazi" and "pimp" were thrown around as well. This is an incredibly emotional issue, which unfortunately makes rational discussion very difficult.
I suspect that it's actually the issue of control (people aren't confident that they have it) more than privacy that causes so much angst, but I could be wrong. - Paul Buchheit
*wondering what the Kool-Aid Man looks like in a brownshirt and fur hat with a pheasant feather* - Spidra Webster
That's an awesome image Spidra! - Paul Buchheit
This is what happens to alot of the active users, we started turning on each other after the purchase, because there wasn't any new blood to interact with. I think some of us have gotten used to it by now, it happens a few times a week. - NOT THE CRICKET
Both Google and Facebook are asking people to trade privacy for value. Google has simply been smarter about it IMO. They've been *marketing* privacy (catch that 100K/day visits to dashboard post). Whereas Facebook has been marketing feature value - perhaps in hopes of convincing people to exchange that privacy for value. I wrote a bit about this today: - AJ Kohn
Paul for all of the irrational name calling, there are many more who admire you and like you. Don't be discouraged. - Shakeel Mahate
Thanks Shakeel. - Paul Buchheit
Privacy is what other people agree not to pass along; Publicity is what they are willing to pass along. - Cliff Gerrish from iPhone
Paul, I have a lot of respect for you and did not make any comments around your words but I am very opposed to the auto-opt-in stance that Facebook is taking. It shows little respect to FB's users. The difference with FF vs FB is that FB started out being a 'private culture'. A site should not switch that mid-stream. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Mark, I don't agree with everything Facebook does either, but that's not what I was posting about :) - Paul Buchheit
Sorry, still worked up about that and didn't see the 300+ topic I guess. ;-) - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
=( - Shevonne
*fist bump* Paul. - Derrick
I think that it is because Facebook made a promise initially to offer a space where people could share privately things with their friends. People are feeling betrayed. Emotions are a lot more powerful then reasoning when it comes to decision making. Aren't you the one who needs to know why a startup is doing what they are doing before investing? In this case, facebook seems to be changing the why/what they believe in. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Paul, I think the people here hold the FriendFeed team in high regard, and you personally. Resorting to name calling is always a bad move, and those who went that direction made the wrong move. I hope you can help your new colleagues make sharp decisions and help them become more transparent - so that we can understand what is currently not understood. - Louis Gray
Not just a chat room over at FB, Increasing Journalism, Political, Bricks and Mortar Interface new territory. - Thomas Page
Edwin, Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Although I don't always agree with their methods, I believe that's a good and valuable mission. - Paul Buchheit
@Paul: I think share is understood but open can be scary and connected even more so once people ... connect the dots. - AJ Kohn
That's a good and valuable mission, but they mean open in the sense of "open book" and not "open platform". Furthermore, I get the impression that they're deliberately letting confusion over that distinction remain. - Mr. Gunn
Paul, decent people (which were a majority of voices in that thread I believe) respect you, as do I. I've had some of the most rational, constructive discussions I can recall right here on FriendFeed - you and the team made that possible, and a whole virtual community here knows it. It's also an outlet for passionate expression and I have good friends here because of it. Just wanted to say thanks again. - Micah
I wrote a somewhat confusing blog post about that last year Mr. Gunn: - Paul Buchheit
Paul. This is a good mission statement. I was just trying to give you the perspective of the users and what they think the purpose of facebook is. I think that the good news is that there is probably a balance (example: facebook connect is great where the instant personalization is perceived as just a way to make a quick buck - and very damaging to trust). To facebook's credit, although... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
Paul, that you claim to have no idea what kind of information people might want to post to Facebook but keep private seems like a problem. One clear example that I often think about: a mother who left an abusive partner and now wants to be able to post updates and kid photos etc. but only let approved friends view them, not for example family members of the abuser. Very reasonable, and... more... - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall, I never said that. It's easy to imagine things that people don't want public (pretty much everything in my email, for starters). What I asked is not for hypotheticals though, but what people here were concerned about personally. I find it's much more informative to get direct concerns rather than concerns that people imagine other people having. - Paul Buchheit
Ok, fair enough, sorry to have mischarecterized this: "I'm curious what everyone here is putting on their fb that is so secret? Maybe I'm doing it wrong. There are certainly things that I don't want out there (like my credit card numbers), but I'm not going to put that on my fb profile." The scenario described above isn't a hypothetical, fwiw, it's exactly where one of my close friends is on Facebook. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Paul, if I'm worried about certain things becoming public on FB, why would I tell you exactly what I fear becoming public when this is a public thread on FriendFeed and will be on Google in 5 minutes if it isn't already? - Spidra Webster
Spidra, I meant the class of info (e.g. my credit card number), not the specific info (559234325323425). - Paul Buchheit
Paul, you are so pimp and I mean that in the best way possible. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks Alex :) - Paul Buchheit
I like Friendfeed for these kind of discussions. - Ashish
I understand, but some stuff doesn't neatly fall into that category (credit card #, financial details) and even talking about it in general would basically give the game away. I don't think it's a coincidence that most of the folks who take the attitude "there is no such thing as privacy on the internet and you're a sucker for expecting there to be any" are men. Men, as a general category, are not as subject to stalking, domestic violence and rape. - Spidra Webster
Paul, I think you've hit the nail on the head, if only for my own issue with Facebook. I don't mind that there are services that are public: I'm fully aware that my FriendFeed and Twitter profiles are public, and I want them that way. What gets me about Facebook is that, ostensibly, there's some claim Facebook is making that privacy is an important thing, but it's so incredibly... more... - Mark Trapp
Thanks, Paul. And the expiration date? - Bruce Lewis
Being a man, I can't win that debate Spidra. - Paul Buchheit
10/10 I think. - Paul Buchheit
I personally consider facebook to be a private sphere (following people/family that I know enough that I would consider inviting them to my daughters wedding). There are a lot of things that I currently share on facebook that I would not share on twitter. For example, one of my daughters is having a heart surgery on Monday. She is getting a lot of support on facebook and I will use... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
Mark, part of the problem is that efforts to simplify the privacy controls (which I agree are very complicated) are generally not well received, because it means taking away options. - Paul Buchheit
Edwin, I posted all of my daughter's surgeries on her blog (not that I'm saying everyone should do that). I can understand that not everyone feels comfortable with that, but I'm still curious if there's a specific fear, or just a general discomfort? - Paul Buchheit
My take is that it is not so much privacy that people are upset about (although I'm sure that there are people who are genuinely upset about privacy), but an interrupted feeling of closeness. - Clare Dibble
Paul, maybe it isn't about "winning". Maybe it's about entertaining the idea that some people have different experiences in life. That while you and others may be fine with the wall of the garden being knocked down, others aren't. And those others may have very valid reasons for feeling that way. It's about trying to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what it might be like to be in that position. - Spidra Webster
Paul, I understand that, but there are still things that just seem anti-user, even considering how much pushback you guys get on changing things. A couple of examples: you can't wholesale delete classes of items (like the activity on the wall), you can't prevent activity (like commenting and changing your profile) from appearing on your wall or your friends' newsfeeds, and, if you've been able to find the option to do so, deleting an account takes two weeks to do. - Mark Trapp
You're right, winning is a poor choice of words. What I meant to say was that the statement implied to me that I simply couldn't understand because I'm a man. - Paul Buchheit
I love social media and have participated in it extensively since getting on the 'net. It's not that I don't want to participate. It's that I want to be in control or at least notified AHEAD OF TIME of what is public and what isn't. Facebook keeps moving the goalposts and not being upfront with users about it. They do a piss poor job of communicating with users. They implement new... more... - Spidra Webster
My person view is that I'm very likely to share information publicly but get hesitant when settings are changed without me changing them. I like the concept of Open Social but let me decide that I want to share my Pandora channels with my Facebook friends, not the other way around. The fear is that FB is deciding what info to link together and if you don't pay attention new links will... more... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Hey, Paul, I was just kidding with you about the Kool-Aid thing, man. To lump my light-hearted jest in with 'Nazi' is a bit much and I think you know that. - Akiva
Sorry Akiva. - Paul Buchheit
What I mean is like a group of friends hanging out, cracking inside jokes in a public place when and outsider wanders by and tries to join the fun. Following peoples daily rituals and struggles is a form of intimacy and people literally feel a bit naked in front of the world when that goes to a close group of friends to "everyone". But we have seen communities of strangers become good friends because of it here on friendfeed. - Clare Dibble
Yeah, I think that's a pretty good example Clare. It changes people's behavior when they don't know who is listening. However, once all of your family, co-workers, etc are on there, I feel like a lot of that is already lost because it's such a diverse group. - Paul Buchheit
No social network has gotten the "Circles of friends" piece right yet. There are friends and then there are FRIENDS. Then there are co-workers and CO-WORKERS. Then family, classmates, etc. Each of those grouping a person has a different set of "openness" with. I want a professional image with Co-Workers but maybe be a little more open (passing a NSFW joke) to other sets of friends. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
The controls for privacy (and much of the UI in general) are too byzantine on Facebook. One gets the feeling it's set up like insurance, where you're meant not to get past certain steps. I'm not saying that's how it was designed - just that it feels that way. All that said, people need to take more personal responsibility for what they share online. And there IS reason to be careful. I... more... - AJ Kohn
Using the Pandora example: I may listen to Death Metal and now my HR rep looks me over for a promotion as they now have a new image of me. HR would have never looked at Pandora before this FB linkage. It's a hypothetical but those stories will happen. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Paul, I think you provided a public service yesterday by kindly allowing people to flog you as an effigy for their anger over the Facebook changes. Kind of like being in the wrong place at the right time. - Martha
Not a specific fear. Just a feeling of discomfort. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Mark, if your HR rep overlooks you for promotion based on musical tastes, you should consider looking for a new job. I know that's not practical for everyone, but in general we should fix problems, not hide them. - Paul Buchheit
It would be convenient if no one ever felt any discomfort about sharing personal information with arbitrary people, but I don't think that's likely to be common any time soon. I think people will always be embarrassed about something. That's just the nature of social groups. - Seth
Paul, do you really think there is a place where promotions are not based on what the powers that be think of that person? - Clare Dibble
It was an example but one that can happen. Openness will not fix stereotypes and bias. Many non-web companies and people are not ready for this new world of full transparency. I'm only playing Devil's Advocate btw because I believe in privacy/security first, openness as a feature. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Of course it's an issue Clare, though I expect it's a bigger problem for things like race and gender, which are much harder to hide. - Paul Buchheit
Seth, I suspect some cultures have much more fear and embarrassment than others, and that the difference is driven in part by secrecy. People are embarrassed because they feel uniquely weird/defective. They will feel better if they know they're not alone. - Paul Buchheit
I'm still proud of my bus/taxi metaphor. =) - Andrew C (✔)
Paul, I'm sure there's some of that, but there are lots of other issues tied to the things people choose not to share. For example, if I had an ongoing serious medical issue, I might just not want to get into it with everyone I meet, even if it's not something I'm ashamed of. - Seth
Just so that no legends are created here, here is the actual "Nazi reference", which was specifically NOT raised against either Paul or Facebook, but against the WORDING of some of the arguments: "Chris/Darren, just because 'they did it in a VERY impressive and powerful way' doesn't mean we all have to like it. The same could be said e.g. for the Nazi's taking over Germany. [Later..]... more... - Alex Schleber
Yeah, it's just that the arrival of Nazi's are usually a bad sign for a discussion. - Paul Buchheit
Well, Facebook's 500M users raises the stakes by a good bit. Don't forget, Paul, you're on the inside looking out, we're on the outside looking in. There's no getting around that. - Alex Schleber
Paul, you say: "I suspect some cultures have much more fear and embarrassment than others, and that the difference is driven in part by secrecy. People are embarrassed because they feel uniquely weird/defective. They will feel better if they know they're not alone." --- Now you're really starting to freak me out with this Orwell-Speak. I am dead serious, maybe check for group think every once in a while. - Alex Schleber
What Orwell-Speak Alex? People form support groups for a reason. - Paul Buchheit
Alex, I get the impression that Paul's question isn't about Facebook at all. This is something he's been talking about since before Facebook approached FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
Yeah, I'm one of the people who thought Facebook was too closed. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, I thought Facebook was too closed, too. That's why I chose to use networks like Twitter and Friendfeed. I left Facebook for the people who wanted a closed network, because that's of high value to a lot of people. With Facebook abandoning its original vision of a closed network with close control over who you share information with, I'd argue that it's lost the very thing that made it different and valuable. And opening it up hasn't made it more valuable to me, either. - Jandy
One question: it seems that with likes improving both user profile information and metadata around a lot of the fresh/interesting content around the web, Facebook has enough moving parts to, in an aggregate/privacy safe fashion, create a very competitive search solution, one that Google might have trouble competing with because of inferior profile information. Is there a reason why Facebook is so aggressive with regard to privacy? Isn't search the big monetization opportunity? - Edwin Khodabakchian
Fine, that's your right, Paul. But why do all of the other FB users have to be on board? If they wanted super open, they would have been on Friendfeed like the rest of us, no? But people flocked into FB to a large extent because of the "Walled Garden" feel. - Alex Schleber
Edwin, I doubt that you'll believe me, but I contrary to popular opinion, it's not about monetization. - Paul Buchheit
So then what is Zuck's grand ultimate vision, Paul? If you're allowed to say, just tell us. - Alex Schleber
Alex, "to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected". - Paul Buchheit
I have huge respect for you so I believe you. May be you should have started instant personalization with some non profit organizations and demonstrate the power of more open in a different context. Specially given how much bad rap Yelp has been getting lately. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin, if it were up to me, that's not the only thing that would be different about instant personalization. - Paul Buchheit
"they will feel better" = Orwell-Speak. And BTW, support groups place an absolute premium on privacy. If you're found out to be divulging details spoken in private within the group, you're likely to be booted. Please, leave the psychology to the psychologists/counselors (and Zuck's bit of undergrad psych that Scoble is so in love with doesn't count either - I'd say he knows just enough to be a little dangerous in terms of sucking people in). - Alex Schleber
"to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected" --- I thought that's what the entire Web was for?! It would seem he took a rather indirect path to that then, wouldn't you say? - Alex Schleber
Alex, my daughter was in the hospital for three months and we chronicled the entire thing on her blog. Not only did we meet other people as a result, but other people in similar situations said that it really helped to see her story. This isn't theoretical for me, and it's not "Orwell-Speak". - Paul Buchheit
I thought FB was just private enough (before). Again, different tools, different benefits. For example, allowing just everyone to email me on LinkedIn would /reduce/ LI's utility, not increase it... - Andrew C (✔)
Why does he think he needs to "give people the power"? Are we all defective then in his view? - Alex Schleber
Seriously? - Paul Buchheit
Paul, I am very sorry about whatever happened to your daughter, and am glad if you and/or anyone else found comfort in sharing very openly online. But you cannot simply extrapolate from your experience to everyone elses. Therein lies the rub exactly. You persist despite the fact that people on the prior thread were disagreeing with you somewhere around 5:1. - Alex Schleber
How do you mean? - Alex Schleber
Your "we are all defective" line, as though every tool-maker is insulting humanity. Is truth a matter of opinion for you? - Paul Buchheit
People aren't socially broken when they adjust their behaviour and public face to fit certain contexts. I would argue that (within reason) such behaviour is actually well-adjusted. (sorry, I'm catching up in bits and pieces here and my point with this was related to the Pandora/death metal hypothetical.) - Andrew C (✔)
Also, if everyone agreed with me, there would be no point in discussing it :) - Paul Buchheit
Not every toolmaker gives out business cards that read: "I'm CEO, Bitch!" - Alex Schleber
Alex, I think he (Zuck) sees the software as a way to HELP people more easily share and connect. Of course, we can do that without FB (or the internet for that matter), but these tools allow us to do it more efficiently. For example, right now FF is allowing us to engage in a discussion about our FB privacy concerns with Paul. I would say that's incredibly empowering. - Chip Ramsey
Maybe "incredibly" is a bit of a stretch, even though, as we all agreed on above, Friendfeed has been pretty awesome. Facebook is another story... - Alex Schleber
Well, you have access to someone who can make a difference at Facebook. I wonder if the opportunity hasn't been squandered. Paul, do you feel you actually have a better understanding of people's concerns than before you made your initial post? - Chip Ramsey
Not dramatically, but discussing something with a semi-hostile crowd is always somewhat enlightening, often in unexpected ways. - Paul Buchheit
Thanks for taking the time to try to understand Paul - Chris Myles
Flame fest turned into BBQ. Lemonade out of lemons. I like. - Josh Haley
See, the world is good. I love BBQ :) - Paul Buchheit
Semi-hostile = less heated = slow-cook BBQ - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Paul, FWIW, I know you're a smart guy, and I sincerely hope that you're a good guy too, who would speak up (and maybe even quit) if something at FB became a real problem. Of course for that to happen you first have to recognize it as a problem, so if this discussion sticks in your mind someday in the future, then it will have all been worth it. - Alex Schleber
Alex, I'm sorry if I'm asking you to repeat yourself, but would you mind listing the top few things you think Facebook could do to alleviate your concerns? I know this is an emotional issue for a lot of people, but I think the less emotional and more concise the list, the better it will be. Although there is nothing I can do about FB, I'm working on a business collaboration tool (that... more... - Chip Ramsey
Stepping back, I think that I understand better Paul's passion about making the world more open. I think that there are 2 issues: 1) the perception that facebook is doing this to better profile people and better target them with advertisement. 2) it will take time for people to overcome their "discomfort" of living in the open and it is very important for them to feel in control - right... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
Paul: You make a lot of good points regarding FB and your personal ideas on privacy. Paradoxically, by trashing privacy, what you and FB are ACTUALLY doing, is making people less transparent, because there's no trust that we can keep private info (or conversations) safe on FB any more. I wouldn't worry though - 99% of users have no idea what FB are doing regarding privacy and you are way too big to suffer. You can (literally) do anything you want. - Jim Connolly
Privacy / control settings should maybe just be a first-order element on the page, not a tab in a settings area. The mechanism should be simple enough to fit in a 100-200px tall box. If home page is a dashboard, then this control panel should be somewhere there, wouldn't you think? - Christopher Galtenberg
(Not do this with all control panel elements, obviously. Just those of first-order importance. FB should want this, to obviate its most prominent achilles heel.) - Christopher Galtenberg
Under Get Connected, a Privacy section with 4-6 simple on/off toggles. Sweetness, problem solved. - Christopher Galtenberg
I am so going on a spending spree with Paul's credit card. First purchase: BBQ for everyone! - Laura Norvig
Chip, I've been writing up some points late-late last night, getting things in order for a future post. As for Paul/Facebook, it seems pretty clear that they've made up their mind, even though their users already told them with Beacon that they didn't want all of this automatic public stuff, thank you. Apparently, that's not what Zuck wanted to hear. - Alex Schleber
...Paradoxically, it is FB's either/or stance on this that's at the heart of the problem: Who says they couldn't keep their users' privacy as protected as possible, while also doing useful/innovative/profitable things with the data? I fundamentally disagree that it is somehow necessary to hand as much data as they are doing off to either FB Apps (that's long been a thorn/nuisance) or now to all sorts of 3rd party sites. - Alex Schleber
I just have to say, OOOH YEAAAAH!!! :-) - Jesse Stay
+1 Sam Wood. - Alex Schleber
Well said, Sam. "Why can't you change the nature of what you want? Glass house and all, it's the ideal, haven't you heard? Why can't you just conform?" Well, dammit, because I don't want to, ok? Do you want me as a user or not? - Christopher Galtenberg
Alex, you wrote to Paul: "You persist despite the fact that people on the prior thread were disagreeing with you somewhere around 5:1." These statistics are flawed. People who disagreed were much more likely to comment. I am not particularly exercised about the issue and have higher priority uses of my time than getting into an argument here. I suspect the same is true of many others. The "5:1" comes from a highly biased sample. My lack of comment should not be taken to mean anything. - Ruchira S. Datta
And we have already given a fair number of specific examples where privacy is still a desired/assumed good. And while Jesse has been busy calling us paranoid (the only ad hominem in the entire debate so far BTW) and that we should assume that anything we put into the Internet to just be public, the reality is that that would simply reduce the number of Internet based services we use SIGNIFICANTLY (online banking, shopping, IM/email, dating, etc.). ... - Alex Schleber
...See, the assumption used to be that if your site is password protected, then the stuff inside is at least a lot more private than the Internet at large. Yes, there can be screw-ups/glitches/what have you, but those AREN'T BY DESIGN. Facebook used to be that way: Without login, you couldn't see much of anything. Without somebody being your friend, you couldn't see much of anything about them. - Alex Schleber
Ruchira: Well, obviously I cannot say anything about a sample that doesn't exist (I was talking about the thread). BTW, your statement that "People who disagreed were much more likely to comment" is merely your opinion. Unless you get some stats to back that up (always question when someone trots out the "silent majority"). And fine, even if it were an even split, are therefore our... more... - Alex Schleber
Here's an idea that could settle things pretty quickly a to user intent: With no equivocation, Facebook could do a forced choice for each user on login: 1) I want everything to be completely private, no one but my friends sees nothing. 2) I want everything to be completely open. 3) I want to muddle through with the detailed settings somewhere in the middle,which will be my responsibiliy. - Alex Schleber
...THAT would be transparent. A fair up or down vote, with no one left out due to misunderstandings. Of course FB/Zuck/Paul et al. will never go for that, given how much they've already finagled past users. - Alex Schleber
FWIW I stopped trying to defend it all in that thread because it became hostile. I'm sure there were others afraid to comment, on both sides, as well. - Jesse Stay
Unsurprisingly, a 300 comment flame-fest erupts from a post about a 300 comment flame-fest. - Carter ♥ JS
Someone needs to create a plugin that when you click on it the Kool-Aid man comes out and says, "OOOH YEAAAAH!" - Jesse Stay
Kind of like the Duck plugin - Jesse Stay
Really this has been remarkably reasonable thread given that the subject matter is charged IMO. No one threatened to delete their Friendeed account yet... :) We know how some of those emo threads on here can go... - Alex Schleber
The Facebook Kool-Aid Man? I.e. Mark Z.? - Alex Schleber
i'm deleting everything everywhere! *stomps off whimpering* - Big Joe Silence
+1 Carter, though I disagree with the "flame-fest" characterization. Paul is thereby making this too easy on himself IMO. - Alex Schleber
I don't think I ever saw Zuck (or any Facebook employee) deleting their Buzz account after their privacy problems ;-) - Jesse Stay
Okay, done flaming... ;-) - Jesse Stay
"to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected" - Paul, I think if, instead of changing the visibility status of previously posted content to a more public setting, FB had said "going forward, your posts will be more public, but the privacy status of your past posts hasn't changed," users would feel that their 'contract' with FB had been changed without... more... - John Craft
There was rightly a lot of scorn heaped upon Google for that and all the other Buzz screw-ups (one of the key one's being not being Friendfeed :). You're evading, Jesse. - Alex Schleber
Alex, I'm just saying, so long as we're talking about Kool-Aid and pointing to Zuck: - Jesse Stay <- good timeline, so we have a bit of a basis to discuss from - Alex Schleber
Jesse: Haha, while we're on the subject of distracting from the subject at hand... -> - Alex Schleber
"good timeline, so we have a bit of a basis to discuss from" - and for many (all?) of those expansions, a user's awareness was "hey! we just made you more public!" not "in a few days we're going to make you more public." The end result is a loss of trust from FB users who valued the privacy. - John Craft One great thing for Facebook about all of these Facebook privacy angst stories is that, for the first time, these posts get significantly more "Shares"/"Likes"/etc. than Retweets. Usually, as can be seen from Jesse's Chrome OS post above, tech/geek stuff has 65 Retweets and 3 FB Shares... ;) - Alex Schleber
Two great lines sum it up: “Facebook has become more scary than fun”, “If I’m looking for a day care for my 6-year-old, I’m going to put that in my status message, not do a Google search.” - Christopher Galtenberg
I love how the mainstream press refuses to print danah's name in lower case. Or it just gets copyedited out all the time but that would bother me if I were her. - Laura Norvig
BTW, here is a great tool to verify what Facebook currently really makes public about you, you can see that most everything has already been subsumed into a huge mish-mash of "Likes"... and apparently, Hawai'i is now an organization, and Psychology and Philosophy are "Book Genres"...sigh. - Alex Schleber
Wow, just saw that Facebook "disappeared" my work & edu data in the transition...smooth DB work, will be interesting to see how much data is actually lost in these coming days & weeks. I have pretty recent counts from FB Ads on about 50 keywords, will compare those with the new #s soon and report back. - Alex Schleber
I'd feel a LOT more comfortable if Facebook's misson was "to give people the power to share and the power to be open and connected (when appropriate)", and if the tools backed that up and retained the choices *not* to be more open (when appropriate), instead of "to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected". That whole *MAKE* thing is just way too tyrannical. - Tinfoil 2.0
@LogEx: Interesting, I hadn't really caught 'make' as a forced connotation but can see how it could be interpreted as such. Would "enable a more open and connected world" be better? - AJ Kohn
Yes, "make" is what FB has been doing at least since November and "enable" would be better, but the flipside should be explicitly stated too... to allow each user to choose where they want to live on the publicity-privacy spectrum is also essential (even moreso for vulnerable populations). In real life, most people have more privacy [read: choice and control] than publicity. Online communities should support that. - Tinfoil 2.0
@LogEx: prezactly! - Half Pint
Oh, and apparently now FB will stab Farmville in the back too...the nerve...what about the animals... :) - Alex Schleber
Alex, thank you for the detailed response. I think your suggestion for a simplified three level system is reasonable. I was leaning towards a similar approach as well – settings that are very easy to explain and should rarely (if ever) need to be changed. Although, things get tricky when you're trying to implement an API that provides useful functionality to the third-party apps users choose to authorize. - Chip Ramsey
It seems to me that the only way to keep API access simple (and useful) is to tell the user that they shouldn't authorize any application they don't want to have full access to their information. In my opinion, expecting users to manage privacy settings on a per application basis is asking too much. Also, allowing customized settings per user and application makes life much more difficult on application developers and probably renders a whole class of collaborative applications useless. - Chip Ramsey
^^ I'm talking about my own experiences designing an app BTW. Not trying to get everyone riled up again. - Chip Ramsey
Inspired by this discussion, I have a FB feature request: Facebook Embarrassing Trends, a list of text strings updated hourly. These would be text strings that appeared in a high percentage of Facebook updates that were explicitly made private recently. "Photos from last night's drunken revel" for example. The data would be aggregated, so it wouldn't embarrass any individual. But we'd learn something about ourselves as a society. - Larry Hosken
Another real example of unintended consequences even only social graphs (i.e. friends lists): And in case Jesse or anyone else wants to say something like: "Well, you shouldn't want to keep that private anyway" --- this is NOT a discussion over whether anyone anywhere has legitimate privacy wishes, about their sexual orientation or anything else. - Alex Schleber
...Which BTW still can have immediate real world consequences for members of the U.S. military as you well know. Also, here's this: - Alex Schleber
Chip, that's the thing, if you asked any users straight up whether anything should be loosened up for the particular delight/easement/practicality of any third-party apps (or even FB itself for that matter), you know the answer is extremely likely to be a resounding NO. Given that, if you are changing things in the background, largely in the fine-print so to speak, just don't delude yourself that it's not sneaky. - Alex Schleber
Also, is Louis Gray paranoid too here? -> "Facebook has added many FriendFeed-like features, but they have also acted in a way that makes me uncomfortable in terms of changing the rules of privacy in the middle of the game, while also locking away other pieces of content that should, in my... more... - Alex Schleber
Chip, interesting that WIRED just said about the same thing as I did: "Facebook could start with a very simple page of choices: I’m a private person, I like sharing some things, I like living my life in public. Each of those would have different settings for the myriad of choices, and all of those users could then later dive into the control panel to tweak their choices. That would be... more... - Alex Schleber
Here is an interesting post from Jeff Jarvis on the subject: - Edwin Khodabakchian
Here is an interesting visualization which showcases the perception problem facebook is having of pushing too aggressively users towards public - Edwin Khodabakchian
OK, so Scoble, after initially being somewhat reserved about the consequences of Facebook's actions, is now 110% on board it seems, spying on people's odd musical tastes on Pandora was just too much to resist I guess... -> - Alex Schleber
Thanks for the discussion, (gg Alex, Edwin you held for some good points) I enjoyed those two threads a lot. If anyone wanted to know what I think: I share a lot, web pages, thoughts, etc. And any private stuff, I keep in my head for now as it's lot more work openly. We'll see with examples in the future. Got a theory on private stuff: Unless it's data like address or financial details... more... - Zu from AOD
Dude. Flash is dead. In 6 months.
That's an aggressive timeline. I say no. - Louis Gray
No way. - İlter Kalkancı
In the same way FriendFeed is dead? Then yes - Johnny from iPhone
I'm confused about what people think is going to take the place of Flash for animation and interactions. The type of people we hire for that work would not be able to hand write javascript and HTML or code for canvas. Well, maybe some of them could, but it would be really slow going and I bet the overall design quality would suffer. On the other hand, it doesn't look like we will need... more... - Chip Ramsey
It'll take a while, but it's coming. It's interesting how the flash "issues" with mobile both has Adobe totally pissed off at Apple, and on the other hand, refocusing all their efforts on HTML5. The lynchpin is still IE, which needs to get their house in order ASAP. - Steve and 4 other people
I'm thinking there are multiple timelines for its death. It will die at different rates for video, for stupid games(i.e. Facebook games), for annoying ads and for misc(annoying menus and interaction on web pages). It could die in video pretty fast, though switching from Flash to H.264 is kind of jumping from frying pan in to the fire assuming MPEG LA eventually starts charging for H.264 streaming on the web. - Ed Millard
Chip Ramsey
Louis Gray
Sen. Chuck Schumer’s letter to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook privacy -
I don't like the government sticking its nose into this debate. The entire Facebook service is opt in, if you don't like their new policies opt out and go to MySpace, Buzz, or one of the other social networks. Why are these Senators and Congressmen, most of whom are barely technologically literate, compelled to offer official opinions on these matters? Should we expect a new social network czar in our near future? - Chip Ramsey
it's Google Power. - Thomas Power
Really? I never even considered that. - Chip Ramsey
Google are worried by Facebook. Thus to buy time bring in the politicians. Simples. Same ploy as every UK entrepreneur. We call it cronyism in the UK. - Thomas Power
I guess it should be relatively easy to find out if Google lobbyist have visited these guys recently. - Chip Ramsey
It's people complaining. Facebook has a monopoly on the social graph and (arguably) has engaged in deceptive behavior. - Tinfoil 2.0
Thomas: It's called cronyism over here, too, and the suspicions about Google running to tattletale could very well be true. - Dawn
Facebook is the first company to worry Google. Facebook ads are better than Google's. Google must buy Twitter to compete with FB. - Thomas Power
Chip Ramsey
Hoptoad's new architecture - Chip Ramsey
Chip Ramsey
Apple Gives Adobe The Finger With Its New iPhone SDK Agreement -
Usually this type of cut-throat bullying makes me angry, but for some reason the prospect of killing off the Flash plugin doesn't bother me. Maybe Apple is intentionally trying to drive down Adobe's stock price and is waiting for the right moment (IE 9 and universal browser support for HTML 5 canvas) to acquire the company. They would get Photoshop and could turn Flash (the app) into an HTML 5 authoring tool, knocking off some competing products like After Effects and Premiere along the way. - Chip Ramsey
Chip Ramsey
Screw you, Internet? Digital Economy bill passes in the UK -
Utter bullshit. Just another step closer to the death of net neutrality. - Chip Ramsey
AJ Batac
Dear FF Team, search is broken. It's been reported already, but it might help if more people confirm it. Please, please do let us know. Thanks in advance.
saw that hours ago... still seeing it now - Chris Heath
Broken for me, too. - Rochelle
same problem 8 hours ago, around 4 hours ago was working, now is unavailable again also here - Brixie
Yus, I've been having problems with search, it comes and goes. Seems ok at the moment. - Chris Loft
Broken on iPhone version too (just in case anyone doubted it). - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Search has been broken for months, just keep trying, it eventually wakes up. I have to hit refresh 5 or 6 times every time to get mine to work. - Kol Tregaskes
I haven't been able to use search in months either. - Beau Liening
Suggested groups seems broken, too. - Beau Liening
Agreed. Been broken for a while. I wasn't sure, since we're forced to use IE6 at work, but yeah, I get the same thing at home. - Steven Perez
Haggis, yeah the poor performance it really pulling down the service. Boo! - Kol Tregaskes
Damn, Bunneh, IE6 at work? =( - Beau Liening
Yes. It makes me cry. - Steven Perez
Me too... makes me sad... :( - AJ Batac
search has been slow for me (at times) recently but i haven't seen the service unavailable message like i have today - Chris Heath
OH and it seems to be back up and searching again (by the way) - Chris Heath
Seems to be working! w00t! - AJ Batac
It's broken a lot - Shey
Apparently hiding stuff isn't working either. Multiple items from different sources/people are showing up again. =( - Beau Liening
This is so sad. I used to love FriendFeed so much. Oh well. - Mona Nomura
Nobody is home. - Louis Gray
@louis, they're in Las Vegas, still counting their millions - Ibrahim Ozturkcan
Hmm, that didn't take too long to count unfortunately. We're working on moving the FriendFeed servers to the Facebook data center, which will have significantly more speed and capacity and (we hope) more reliable hardware. There are a bunch of difficulties we've run into though: FF has been running on Ubuntu Linux distributions whereas FB is based on various (old but stable) Fedora Core... more... - Jim Norris
Thanks for the update Jim. - Roberto Bonini
Excellent news! - Vezquex
YEAH ! wish I could buy you all a beer to thank you! Absolutely wonderful to see this continued support. - Bart LePoole
Go easy on Paul, Jim and thanks for the update. - Jim #teamFFrank
Jim, you guys ROCK. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
FAITH. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Dear FF Team, is this what you get from Facebook? - Zulkarnain K.
Thanks Jim. And take it easy on Paul ;-) - AJ Batac
Broken (still? again?) -- this type of abandonment is what will drive users to Buzz (despite all its shortcomings). - Brian Sullivan
I hate to be melodramatic, but this is not good for my usage. - Alex Scrivener
Nice to hear that you guys are doing something about it. Thank you! Could you fix emailing to groups as well? When I email a post to a group it goes into a 'can not be delivered' loop for a number of days until it finally tells me that the delivery failed. That feature worked up until a few weeks ago. - Chip Ramsey
It's broken again. - Zulkarnain K.
not working. - JECO Photo
And still broken! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
google does a great job indexing friendfeed so when the ff search is down you can use google with a modifier to get pretty good search results... only difference is that the ff search is real-time and google's is usually a day behind - Chris Heath
I had search working for a moment but it's gone again. Uploading pics doesn't work too. Boo! - Kol Tregaskes
Sorry everyone, we're still having issues keeping the search process running on the new servers. I'll try to post more details tomorrow. - Jim Norris
Thanks, Jim. - Anne Bouey
@Jim I tried the search 3 hours ago and was really fast. Great works. Thanks. - Domenico C. from email
Bumpity bump. Broken for me at the moment. - Louis Simoneau
Chip Ramsey
Apple exploring head-mounted display in form of glasses -
This is the only place we have to go after mobile and touch. Imagine any surface being your screen/input device – an overlay via Augmented Reality. - Chip Ramsey
Chip Ramsey
Collaborative bookmarking with lists -
Close Google. Now, integrate it with my Chrome Bookmark sync and you may have something here. - Chip Ramsey
Chip Ramsey
Paul Buchheit: If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good. -
An argument against the "more features = better" mindset, which focuses on consumer products, but I think is also valid for business products. - Chip Ramsey
Chip Ramsey
AOL’s Big SXSW Bet On Seed and “Bionic Journalism” -
This is interesting. Good for AOL. - Chip Ramsey
Is it true in the mind of the tech-sphere that everything Microsoft does now sucks and it's too late to suceed? Hell, I'm an hardcore Apple Fanboi and I wouldn't even say that. Apple sucked for while there too you know.
Apple sucked for years and years. I was a total apple fan in the 90s though when everyone hated them and got my first PC 6 months before OSX came out...and haven't gone back. It's been amusing to watch Apple regain prominence while not using ANY of their products. MS can certainly turn things around if they get the right people in the right positions but they have a lot of momentum into mediocrity. - veo
It seems like it. Tech bloggers seem to have short memories. I don't count out anyone who has been around. These days, people are quick to count out Nokia and RIM even though they still have a huge marketshare. It's all about the new shiny thing and through my phone purchases, I do the same. As for smartphones, I went from the Blackjack (WinMo 5.5) -> iPhone -> Palm Pre (webOS) -> Droid (Android 2.0). Maybe next in line for a killer OS will be from Microsoft again or something surprising from RIM or Nokia. - Rodfather
No. Bing is fine. Windows 7 is pretty good. Office has yet to be replaced. - Louis Gray
Microsoft does a LOT right. - Nathan Chase from iPhone
No. MS always succeeds to a degree because they have such a huge marketshare and brand recognition. Whether or not they are blogger and media darlings is a different matter. But being a media darling doesn't pay the bills, so why would MS really care about that? - Cheryl Jones
For the record I'm glad to see Windows Phone 7. The hubby and I were just talking about how the Zune "twist" UI is really good and that MS should expand upon it for their mobile devices. Looks like they knew that, too. - Cheryl Jones
I knew the Zune team would eventually be put on Phone duties, can't wait to see the finished products - Mo Kargas
The tech sphere has been saying that everything Microsoft does sucks for a long time, but they seem to still be raking in the cash... Honestly, I think they are doing pretty good. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
An MS backoffice is still a very powerful way of managing a network of users, computers, devices and to provide services for them to use. LCS is a great way of providing an inhouse IM and SIP service for example. Many of these bloggers don't have a clue about the depth of MS's strength and only ever see the consumer side of things. Also, MS are doing a *lot* of things right in the gaming scene. Apple are no where near being on the radar for gamers. - alphaxion
I can't think of any good comeback stories in tech. Seems more common to watch a slow painful/embarrassing death. Apple doesn't really count to me, because Apple sucked when Jobs was gone. When he came back, he made it good again. He has a unique ability to drive innovation and capture the public imagination, like Walt Disney or Henry Ford. How's that for fanboi? But seriesly, can you think of any good tech comebacks? - Chip Ramsey
Thought of one: Nintendo. Any other dominant tech companies that started their slow descent into oblivion and were able to come back? - Chip Ramsey
Here's the thing... Myspace... It's DEAD... yet has almost 50 million users. A service or product may appear to be gone or lame in a very small group of very noisy people yet be perfectly fine and even great for a large (silient) majority - Johnny
Yeah, don't count Microsoft out until they are no longer here. Apple should have been dead in the late 90s and look where it is now. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I give major props to Microsoft's WinMo team for executing a social centric data driven OS overhaul. Positive feedback all around - excited to see it! - Mona Nomura
Mona... You know me, total Apple Fanboi and I honestly went 'WOAH' when I saw it - Johnny
I just wish they launched it at the same time as the iPhone...I think they are already a little too behind. Also, I am curious as to how the browsing experience is. I do not want to be locked into any of their (sh*tty) products; Office, IE, and Silverlight, to be specific. - Mona Nomura
I know. My 3G contract is up in June... going to be hard waiting 4 months before I get hands on - Johnny
Microsoft is doing good things, just seems like people don't care...their marketing really sucks. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex: I was saying earlier that I attribute Apple's comeback to Jobs and he's an exception. I don't think anyone at MS is providing the singular vision required to turn the company around. Maybe I'm wrong and Ozzie's moves towards the cloud will make MS exciting again, but more often than not it seems that tech companies in MS's position slowly fade away. - Chip Ramsey
Johnny: Do you own a Zune? (not trying to be funny) - Chip Ramsey
Chip, no. But I would if I could. I like the UI and look while playing music (plus the subscriptions model etc) - Johnny
I am definitely going with the N1. Getting it on March 15th (during SouthBy!) - Mona Nomura
Apple still sucks. BTW, Win7 is the biggest win in desktop computing history. - LarchOye
Apple's comeback was a two step process...they needed a CEO who could come in and clean house and really make it lean. That wasn't Jobs...then they needed a visionary CEO who could come in and make good use of the interesting things the researchers were doing. That was Jobs. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
That sounds reasonable Alex, but I don't think anyone except Jobs could have been successful. - Chip Ramsey
Larch... See how we AREN'T bagging on anything here? Positivity is the game. We could get into a pissing match about corporate verse retail sales etc but that doesn't help anyone. - Johnny
I agree, Chip, but without the big cost cutting, I don't think that even Jobs would have been successful. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Is Ballmer the right figurehead? Do they need someone more... not... sorry to say 'un-car-salesman' like? - Johnny
I do think that the 7 Series software looks great BTW. Just skeptical. Also, as a Mac user there is about zero chance that I will get one, because I doubt there will be very good compatibility options. (Can't believe we still have to "sync" with our computers) - Chip Ramsey
ROFL Ballmer is a bit of a car salesmen isn't he? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex: because... uh, he is ;) - alphaxion
Daniel Dulitz
FriendFeed is a very finely crafted thing with many beautiful details.
like? - t toring
The way it clusters multiple shares of the same article, for instance. I also like how it manages the information flow. Very nice. On the other hand, those features aren't enough to get me not to switch to Buzz as soon as I can get everyone migrated over. :-) - Piaw Na
Two-stage hiding. The promotion semantics of Like and Comment. The visual design. When the realtime updates happen and when they don't. The way pagination works. One-paragraph comments. How it decides which names of likers to show. But the craft is not in the features, it's in the thing itself. - Daniel Dulitz
Totally agree. FriendFeed innovated in ways that will never be fully appreciated by most. In a way, it's like that Postal Service album. I'm kinda glad there wasn't a sequel, because where it froze in time was just perfect. - DeWitt Clinton
Agreed. The release of Buzz really underscores the attention to detail in FF and makes me appreciate the many design decisions that they got right. It's sad that the inovation had to stop after the acquisition. - Chip Ramsey
Agree. I feel strong information overload in buzz. Visual design of buzz is very ugly. Full of useless frames and icon. Why did google release such a immature prototype to the public? - Ted GUO
I've said it before: it's an elegant social networking site for a more civilized age. - Goran Zec
What really sets it apart is how clean it feels. I use it with the Helvetica theme (but Deja Vu Sans and banner hidden through adblock , since I dislike Helvetica), a greasemonkey script to color-code my friends' comments. It's all whitespace and well-formatted content. - Goran Zec
Chip Ramsey
Sergey Brin Used Google Buzz To Write His NYT Op-Ed On Google Books -
Perhaps he should have said Buzz was inspired by FriendFeed. - Chip Ramsey
Robert Scoble
If Apple gets even 10% of its iPhone customers to buy an ipad that will be millions sold. Apple will win even if 90% agree with my son.
With the iPad, you finally have a good vehicle for interactive textbooks, which one day could allow students to advance through subjects at their own pace and not that of the slowest learner in the classroom. I predict it will be a category defining device and a huge success. - Chip Ramsey
Of course, Apple wins in this Jack-of-some-trades, master-of-none category that consumers and other companies ignore. Couple of million Apple diehards buy it, non-Apple fanboi iPhone users have better devices to chose from- netbooks, tablets, ereaders, etc. As for school budgets, better to purchase netbooks for students than this iPad. Netbooks can do more- multitask, camera, more memory, for less money than iPad. - Tim Jones
Tim: It comes down to touch, battery life, software, and build quality. I've been disappointed with Apple lately, because of the poor way in which they've managed the App Store. Also, I'm not impressed by them ripping off the Delicious Library UI for iBooks (or Widgets from Konfabulator, or Spotlight from Launchbar/Quicksilver, etc.). Regardless, if you don't respect what Apple has... more... - Chip Ramsey
Multitasking may be a software update away but I have a feeling Jobs is going to hold off on that for as long as humanly possible. - rønin
Ronin: I would expect it with 4G iPhone announcement or at the next WWDC. - Chip Ramsey
I hope you're right but it wouldn't surprise me a bit if it weren't. - rønin
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