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robot wisdom auxiliary: everyone should (link)blog -
abstract heresies - exploring bayesian hierarchical clustering, III -
joe marshall continues his exploration of bhc & clashes nicely into the same obstacles I often face when reading ml papers; unlike me, that doesn't deter him. - Christian Langreiter
hublog: london age distribution maps -
abstract heresies - exploring bayesian hierarchical clustering, II -
what makes cuil different: index infrastructure -
hypothetical labs - erlang screencast goodness -
The New Atlantis » The Hydrogen Hoax -
internet archive: details: anti-carnegie scraps and comments -
"does andrew carnegie stand by the flag of this country?" - Christian Langreiter : rebase is not the only way to deliver clean code -
37signals product blog: how github used getting real to pick a fight, scratch their own itch, and stay lean -
kstephens's ll at master — github -
updated: 10 must-have python packages for social scientists <> zero intelligence agents -
numpy, matplotlib &c. - Christian Langreiter
mind hacks: waterfalls, adaptation and light -
deric bownds' mindblog: brain correlates of insight - the eureka! moment -
lost and found: dialogplattformen: friendfeed, disqus und seesmic -
interesting angle; ff: in-circle meta-conversations? - Christian Langreiter
ongoing · nine pictures of oscon -
twitter world by flowingdata -
twittervision redux, built with modest maps and osm. - Christian Langreiter
mind hacks: silence, but for the clouds moving across the sky -
hypothetical labs - erlang & single assignment -
"if you are chronically bumping into the limitations of single-assignment then you’re doing it wrong." - Christian Langreiter
lock-free data structures: the queue -
apod: 2008 july 22 - happy people dancing on planet earth -
dancing matt on apod. - Christian Langreiter
review: q for mortals | vector 23.4 -
extensive review of q for mortals by apl-oldtimer adrian smith. - Christian Langreiter
nabble - erlang questions - ideas for a new erlang -
probabilistic models for music -
introduction to information retrieval -
dinosaurs and robots: xerox star -
analyzing social bookmarking systems: a cookbook -
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