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Wirbelsturm: 1-Click Deployments of Storm and Kafka clusters with Vagrant and Puppet - Michael G. Noll -
./bootstrap - choonkeat
Chu Yeow
A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously (i.e. forever). - Chu Yeow
there was a nice article sometime back, about how the popular approach of daemonizing, monitoring and restarting should instead be old school running non-daemon process + init / upstart instead. i subscribe to that school of thought - choonkeat
"Really Good Steak" at "Food for Thought" isn't that good. Missing Japan already
"Really Good Steak" at "Food for Thought" isn't that good. Missing Japan already
Nippon saikō! - Chu Yeow
ah.. when i sort out my flickr/iphoto, i'll show u the pictures i took of sato's steak! heavenly.......... - choonkeat
well, that took a while glad it is out! thanks @5w @rmdort @chuyeow @drq @iamclovin for testing :-)
Those zhi char towkays must have this app installed. Otherwise why the person in your group that ordered first got his food last. :p - Zhenyi Tan
quite true! - choonkeat
Now I need some SIM card -
Now I need some SIM card
thanks for the link - choonkeat from iPhone
need to remember to set cullular data > apn settings, e.g. SingTel APN: e-ideas Username: 65IDEAS (or blank) Password: IDEAS (or blank) - choonkeat
Are you having problems with wireless connectivity? Overall verdict? - arunthampi
Only on 2 wifi network so far (office and home). Both had no issues. I turned off wifi now, will see how 3G goes. So far so good!!!!!!!!! This thing is BEAUTIFUL - choonkeat
Touch, pinch Is fast. Safari crashed thrice on me already though.. Weighs like a dinner plate, so will need support generally. A little too wide to thumb-type portrait mode with hands on either side - choonkeat
Ah nice! :) I read some people had to switch off passwords on their wireless networks to get it to work properly. - arunthampi
Deepak Jois
Overcoming Bias : True Tolerance -
"“Tolerance” is a feel-good buzzword in our society, but I fear people have forgotten what it means.  Many folks are proud of their “tolerance” for gays, working women, Tibetan monks in cute orange outfits, or blacks sitting at the front of the bus.  But what they really mean is that they consider such things to be completely appropriate parts of their society, and are not bothered by them in the slightest.  That, however, isn’t “tolerance.” “Tolerance” is where you tolerate things that actually bother you." - Deepak Jois from Bookmarklet
Added 5p: Note that the people who are actually the most tolerant are marginalized folks with strong opinions, like fundamentalist Islamists in the US, or politically-right profs in academia. By necessity, most such folks frequently tolerate bothersome behaviors by others. - Deepak Jois
When my US colleagues first asked me about "racial tolerance" in Singapore my reply was, " *tolerance* sounds like something you do actively.. I think folks are just ignoring more than anything else" - choonkeat
Deepak Jois
Time for public announcement. I now work in the Amazon AWS team here in SEA. 'Onboarding' has been fun :) #fb
Congrats! - Parry Pon
Woo-hoo! Nice going! congrats :) - Balaji Dutt
Congratz!!! You're still based in Seattle? - choonkeat from iPhone
Yes.. Seattle. And thanks! - Deepak Jois
John Mettraux
Metaprogramming in Ruby: It’s All About the Self « Katz Got Your Tongue? -
the table at the end is very useful - John Mettraux
I recommend reading Yugui's entry too (linked at bottom of Yehuda's entry) - choonkeat
Giles Bowkett: Coyotes, A Pulitzer, And DHH's Lamborghini -
If I had taken that and just made it gradually cleaner day by day over the course of a few years, we could have had Rails in 1997 - and I could have done it. But I didn't. And neither did anybody else. Why not? What did this guy know that nobody else did? These questions fascinated me. - choonkeat
That book looks interesting. - arunthampi
John Mettraux
Unlimited Novelty: Twitter: blaming Ruby for their mistakes? -
the real good stuff is in the comments - choonkeat
OK, I usually skip the comments, but this time, I'll get back at them - John Mettraux
Finished a Rails plugin called Paperback Writer. Naming the plugin was the fun part.
What does it do? - Winston Teo
How was the naming part done? - Lim Chee Aun
@Chee Aun it probably involves playing lots of Rock Band:Beatles tracks. - Chu Yeow
@winston it's meant to handle cms-y stuff for hotels. people enter stuff into a google spreadsheet, and paperback writer converts it to a yaml, and then the plugin helps to use it inside the app (similar to the i18n plugin) - arunthampi
@chuyeow @cheeaun hehe yes, i was thinking of beatles and CMS. - arunthampi
cms-y stuff... meaning it is an app (with views & controllers) living inside vendor/plugins? - choonkeat
coincidentally i'm in the middle of a project codenamed "i am the walrus" - Redha E
@choonkeat - i should clarify, it works like the i18n rails plugin by loading a yaml file into memory and the plugin then 'chooses' the right content for a page based on URL and section (section can be header/footer/meta-description/etc). - arunthampi
Chu Yeow
rstacruz's sparkup at master - GitHub -
"You can write HTML in a CSS-like syntax, and have Sparkup handle the expansion to full HTML code. It is meant to help you write long HTML blocks in your text editor by letting you type less characters than needed." - Chu Yeow
hmm. gonna try it - choonkeat
Little disconcerting on Chrome...the first item on the right-click menu is open-in-new-tab (as opposed to open-in-new-window on FF & Safari)
makes your open-in-new-tab slightly faster? sounds like a more reasonable choice - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
yup it's a good choice, just that i'm so used to open-in-new-tab being the second option - arunthampi
Use middle-click or Cmd-click (if you're on a trackpad) to open a new tab. Better than click - move - click. - Chu Yeow
i can't believe i've never tried cmd-click on my trackpad before. thanks @chuyeow - choonkeat
me too, thanks @chuyeow that's awesome - Sunny Wong
i cant believe i forgot that! apparently answering the question with a one-tracked mind, and not really thinking about it... - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
Chu Yeow
All of the top Rails Rumble entries look pretty! Wonder if they have a designer or are using bought artwork.
Omnominator would be useful for us if Yelp works for SG. - Winston Teo
Wow Omnominator's using some cool CSS for box shadows and rotation. - Chu Yeow
yeah! omnominator looks awesome! - arunthampi
Would upvote it just for the name. - Sunny Wong from iPhone
Apps that I like: Tablesurfing, Lowdown, Hurl Omnominator, Pockets and Minutes. - Winston Teo
Pew pew! - Douglas from twhirl
Serious... ALL of them look good. WTF - choonkeat
I started a thread: what's the best (readability) pdf reader 4 iphone? i hv 20h flight & ∞ *.pdf
"∞ *.pdf" ingenious short form lol - Chu Yeow
80 character limit was pushing it :-P - choonkeat
come on - compress ur message!!! - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
no. I mean come on, css and js can be compressed. Why not ff messages too... - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
ah sorry - didnt see the url there. Hmm... - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
I guess this is compression: - Chu Yeow
cant believe it. har, har... Great, if only it were smarter. Like it just did a replacement of an 'f' char with another character... Well, no space saving there! - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
Chu Yeow
$27m over the next 5 yrs on super-accurate interactive map of Singapore Wonder if (and hope that) @gotheresg's involved
Just pray that silverlight isn't require. Or "works best with IE 6" - kimyong
super accurate as of now, or end of 5 years - choonkeat
Compressing PHP code - Make the Web Faster | Google Groups -
"Yes, by all means, please let us know how this goes." awesome response - choonkeat
lol - Chu Yeow
I got a kick out of reading that, the funny parts were where he feebly attempted to assert it still had merit. Poor guy shoulda run for cover after the first response or two, and changed his username. Too bad his learning experience had to be so public 0_o - Gary Theis
Chu Yeow
Looking forward to working with @cheeaun at @wego!
wego is slurping in talent and keeping them.. good things going on there! - choonkeat
Now if only we could put that talent to good use. - Chu Yeow
I like what @chuyeow said.. - Winston Teo
Give me an idea or mockup or something and I'll make sure it gets seen! I doubt anyone here would sit on a gamechanger :) worst case we should kick off a side project. - Gary Theis
Damn, sounds like I'm the bad blood that left. Sob. - Sunny Wong from iPhone
Programming wisdom (Scripting News) -
Every year or so, re-read the docs for your programming environment - choonkeat
Nginx upload module (v 2.0.9) -
Very easy to setup and works flawlessly - arunthampi from Bookmarklet
noob question... why would you want to use this? - Jarrold Ong
I'm guessing to upload files with purely just Nginx. If you're using Rails any uploads can safely bypass your Mongrels or Passenger. - Chu Yeow
@jarrold - Yup @chuyeow hit the nail on the head. You can actually configure it to have a Rails controller as kinda like a callback after the file has been uploaded. So you can do all kindsa stuff like queue the file to upload to S3 or image post-processing, etc. after Nginx takes care of all the heavy lifting of actually saving the file to disk. - arunthampi
i'm confused then: "What’s not the problem? Some people seem to think that the File Upload problem with rails is that the entire process is blocked while the browser sends the encoded body to you. This isn’t not true, and hasn’t been for a long time. Whether you’re using nginx + mongrel, apache + mongrel or apache + passenger, your web server buffers the entire request before rails... more... - choonkeat
I think what the nginx module (and also koz's apache module) does is handle the parsing of the encoded body of the file. Probably the Rails parser is inefficient, and that's what locks up the process? Thanks for bringing this up, I was under the wrong impression that the process is blocked while the file is being *sent*. Will dig deeper. - arunthampi
Chu Yeow
Don't you just hate it when you find out you've been working in the wrong terminal window or remote server?
Tell me about it. That time I deleted a database still gives me nightmares. - arunthampi
I don't hate it. I fear it. I am in constant fear of "rm *" and "drop table" in the wrong terminal! - Winston Teo
many moons ago, I typed "sudo poweroff".. and went home. nobody got any emails til the next day. - choonkeat
Hahaha.. good 1 CK. I dropped a DB accidentally too .. thank goodness it was a report db. - Parry Pon
That's why Apple sells hardware too -
That's why Apple sells hardware too
Lol @ "years later and we're still googling forums for Linux driver issues" - Chu Yeow
Obviously you didn't pay for Linux support or pay for certified hardware. Try apple's Xserve then you know why most ppl aren't using it - kimyong from iPhone
I think the point is more that this is one of the reasons Apple sells hardware with their OS. Of course there is a joke in there about the challenges of rolling your own Linux desktop/workstation with your own hardware... - Chu Yeow
I had managed xserve-raid servers, it wasn't fun. kernel actually panicked. This i feel the statement is grossly inaccurate. - kimyong from iPhone
@kimyong I have the good fortune not to work with Xserve before then :-) I was actually comparing the desktops... and just wondering how I'd manage to put up with it for years? - choonkeat
well, you either take the "set meals" that people give you... or you make your own. - Jeffrey 'jf' Lim
Chu Yeow
jakimowicz's longurl at master - GitHub -
Ruby library for API. - Chu Yeow
er.. quite a lot of code to just peek into a response Location header no? what am i missing? - choonkeat
btw, i borrow google's infrastructure for my jsonp purpose - choonkeat
Wah that's great... I honestly didn't look at's API docs, just grabbed the 1st ruby lib available. - Chu Yeow
you probably only need 3 lines from this instead of a gem! - choonkeat
Chu Yeow
My jeans are noticeably looser after coming back from Japan. I thought I'd get fatter, not thinner!
I seriously cannot imagine u getting any thinner! - choonkeat
Keeping Google Ads, document.write() and browsers all happy -
Not really suggesting you run Hpricot over your generated HTML on every request, but that's the tightest way I can pull off this proof-of-concept plugin. Trying to get some peer review / bug report, because I'm currently using this technique at slideshare - choonkeat
Deepak Jois
Winston Teo
@jasonong You're the champion of the SG Ruby Brigade!
The author spelt Herry's name wrong :) - Chu Yeow
hehe the .NET developers have to reassure themselves that they are cool ;) - arunthampi
Hai that Bernard. I merely updated him on the state of SRB n he's calling me the champ? LOL. I think he's trying to get all the user groups to connect with each other. Maybe less clashes in meetings.. - Jason
Well, Jason, you are probably the most active guy now together with Sau Sheong in getting the meetings going, so you're both champs. - Chu Yeow
What's up for the next meetup? - Winston Teo
SRB lacks of speakers/topics. Maybe once a month's too often for such a small group... What you guys think of hooking up with Ruby usergroup in aussieland? :) - Jason
kudos to @jason's efforts! - choonkeat
@Jason interesting, what do u mean "hooking up with"? As in video conf meetups or something? - choonkeat
Startups in 13 Sentences -
my own notes on some of his points - choonkeat
Winston Teo
I am an INFJ, which is the rarest MBTI type (about 1-3% of the population). What MBTI type are you?
I took the test before but never noted down what type I was. Where did you take the test this time? - Chu Yeow
I took the test at the Marriage Preparation Workshop that I am attending. There should be some online ones available, but I am not sure how accurate those are? - Winston Teo
i took the test because i like yes-no questionaires - Redha E
mmmm....MCQs....mmmmm - Douglas
@Doug don't fight it man - Redha E
@douglas Only takes you about 15min. - Winston Teo
Just took the quick test at (I'd done this same one before in the past) - I'm apparently INTP (Introverted 89%, Intuitive 25%, Thinking 38%, Perceiving 44%). - Chu Yeow
I'm a INTJ. Btw @chuyeow any idea what the % stands for? - Sunny Wong
@draco Hmm I'm just guessing that it's just a rough score. - Chu Yeow
@draco It's the percentage/scale to which you belong to a category. - Winston Teo
Can try this site for further insights on your type as well: - Winston Teo
Thanks! Mine has 1% thinking, makes one worry man. - Sunny Wong
Moi ish an ISTP (I:22%, S:12%, T:62%, P:22%) - Douglas
@draco Nothing to worry about! It just means that your decisions do not always fall to one side of the scale. In fact, I scored equal for F-T, but according to the tie-breaker rules, I am a F (and I feel so too). - Winston Teo
Ah so the lesser the % the closer to them being used as equally, hence lower % the better eh? Nice! - Sunny Wong
There's no better or worse too.=) It's just your personality. - Winston Teo
Gotcha! Thanks! - Sunny Wong
apparently i am the same type as Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes) - choonkeat
@chookeat Better than being Dilbert? - Winston Teo
Exactly between INTP/ENTP which fits me to a "t" - iTad
@winston I'm happy with it :-) - choonkeat
mbti is more useful in a group context, since it explains how a person go about to do what they do. being aware of these different types help communication between different types, e.g. to S-people, tell them the gist, the problem, quickly; to N-people, motivate with possibility; to T-people, explain situation logically & end result desired; to F-people, frame problem in terms of people, what it means to them. - choonkeat
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