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"Hey we're taking a photo here.." (in NY accent)
Picture 10.png
Isn't that just typical!!!! - Kevin J Hatton
One in a million. I love it. - Adam Reyher from Alert Thingy
That's insanely lucky. - James Rishabh Mishra
seriously this is not photoshopped? oh this is too funny, it's like that annoying kid that always jumps in front of the camera. - R. Ferguson
LoL. This is a true once in a life time shot. - Bluesun 2600
precious! - Tammy Hoeck
LOL! Adorable! - Kevin Winn
Quelle jolie photo!! Très originale, j'adore;-) - Orangeade
Cool - Bob Lyr
uhuh, just excellent - TiTi
I think that must be the 'mini-wanker' the lake is named after. - Ken Morley
I love how the camera focuses on the squirrel rather than the people - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
This shot is hilarious!! This is a totally gorgeous spot. been there once. - Nathalie
Begging to be captioned ~ :3 - CannonGod
That's one photogenic little critter. <3 - Sung W. Lim
haha @ Jake Fudge. spot on! - stefan
It's so cute! It almost doesn't look real. Loving it!!! - Jennifer Medlin
So awesome - Mitch
love how its head lines up exactly with the horizon line. *So* much better than it would have been. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Unbelievable. - Ramene Anthony
See more about this story in CBC news - Carloe Stamp
I laugh ever time I see this. It is so great. - Jim Williams
^^)b - YungSang from FriendFooV2
lol ( in NY accent :) ) - Pinkpackrat
Isn't there a website where you can submit pictures of photo-stealers? This should totally be submitted. || Edit: Found it. - Miss Elle
excelent - Rui was only after Chipper received his prints from the local PhotoMat that he realized two humans had snuck into the background of his lakeview self-portrait. - .LAG liked that
haha picture? lol just kidding =] - Marissa
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Still funny! :) - Ken Morley
Nice Photo really ! - Michael Stuart
GOOD - hongyanself
jan zuppinger
I LEGO N.Y. by Christoph Niemann -
"It’s easy to imagine how hard it would be to make something complex out of LEGO bricks. But let me try to convince you that the opposite – making simple things out of LEGO – is just as hard if not harder." - jan zuppinger
Marcel Weiß
Every time an engineer joins Google, a startup dies -
"Whenever I see a brilliant kid decide to join Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, or Google, I think to myself: a startup just died, and as a result our world is a little less wealthy, innovative, and interesting." - Marcel Weiß
Paul Buchheit
Great systems presentation by Jeff Dean: (I especially like slides 23-35)
Picture 130.png
I liked this part: ---Users specify high-level desires: *“99%ile latency for accessing this data should be <50ms” *“Store this data on at least 2 disks in EU, 2 in U.S. & 1 in Asia” - AlpB.
Don't just like it - read it. - Hayes Haugen
I would love to see more information like this :) Ideas on where I should be looking (other than FF of course!) - Susan Beebe
Interesting stuff. I'm downloading the PDF now... - Tyson Key
Marcel Weiß
The lock-in of Facebook takes away our freedom -
"While Facebook tries to redefine the web to its own platform, forcing both users and developers in, never letting them out. Google adds value to each part of the web, and in most cases tries to open it up as far as it can for its users and developers. Google’s walled garden is the planet and beyond, Facebook is the walled garden, Big difference." - Marcel Weiß
Tempted to modify to point @vasile23 last link to
My Yellow Surfacemarine - thanks liip! -
My Yellow Surfacemarine - thanks liip!
Jeff Atwood
after the last 2.5 months with a newborn, my opinion on daycare has gone from "sounds expensive" to "cheap at any price"
Sascha Lobo
Wettbewerb Facebook vs. Twitter - bekommt dieser Beitrag mehr Favs auf Twitter oder Likes auf Facebook? #freitagsquatsch
Dazu möchte ich mich unbedingt hier auf Friendfeed äußern! - Thilo Specht
Friendfeed!! - Hans Kainz
FriendFeed FTW und so - Marcel Weiß
FF FTW! - ※Fu※
Guido Gloor Modjib
One Div Zero: A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages -
Guido Gloor Modjib
RT @halbluchs: If you need help deciding whether you should forward that funny e-mail:
Aydin Senkut
Cultural differences between the US and the UK (via
as a engineer it irritates me that so simple apps make it so far , as an artist it delights me - Ian
Chris Messina
rev=canonical: url shortening that doesn't hurt the internet -
"RevCanonical is url shortening with a twist. Instead of creating its own super short versions of links, it checks to see if the link owner has published a shortened version of the given page using HTML link element. If not, we just return the original URL. And you should bug the link owner about providing a better alternative." - Chris Messina from Mento
Dion Almaer
JSTalk: AppleScript without the weird language -
Dion Almaer
"You may be running non-free programs on your computer every day without realizing it—through your web browser." -- Ah Stallman. Always good for a bit of a laugh. If anyone needs to take a chill pill..... - Dion Almaer
More crazy talk from the big hairy guy. - Joel Webber
"News at 11." - Jim Norris
"I'm shocked -- shocked! -- to find that there's software running on this computer." - j1m
"It is possible to release a Javascript program as free software, by distributing the source code under a free software license. But even if the program's source is available, there is no easy way to run your modified version instead of the original. Current free browsers do not offer a facility to run your own modified version instead of the one delivered in the page. The effect is comparable to tivoization, although not quite so hard to overcome." --- Isn't that called GreaseMonkey? - Robert Cooper from twhirl
I'd say, have fun coding up your own GMail front-end to swap-in via GreaseMonkey, and then making sure you don't get broken when AJAX interfaces change. :) I suppose there's direct IMAP with Flash or Java bridge. - Ray Cromwell
He actually mentions GreaseFire as one approach. - Jim Norris
Keep in mind we're talking about the same guy who thinks that code running on servers should be forcibly opened up to users of said server (hence the GPL3 fiasco). - Joel Webber
@Joel, well, there's also the idea that giving source code isn't enough. Tivo gave out the source, but they can't allow people to install recompiled firmware that removes broadcast copyright protections (especially on HD) since they'd be sued into oblivion, but RMS demands Tivo hand out the encryption keys needed to install recompiled firmware on Tivo. Seems he'd rather have no Tivo, or Tivo as closed src, rather than allow them to have security. - Ray Cromwell
Frank Hamm » Blog Archiv » Intranet 2.0 - Beispiel aus der Praxis -
Raiffeisen intranet-2.0 von liip ist für best of swiss web nominiert. Via Link kann man sich in eine Test-Oberfläche einloggen - Frank Hamm
Denis De Mesmaeker
Coding Horror: Procrastination and the Bikeshed Effect -
"I find that the amount of discussion on a software feature is inversely proportional to its value. Sure, have some initial discussion to figure out your direction, but the sooner you can get away from airy abstractions, and down to the nuts and bolts of building the damn thing, the better off you -- and your project -- will be" - Denis De Mesmaeker
Martin Weigert
Verlosungs-Retweets sind sehr sehr nervig.
Chris Messina
"Compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies" - Chris Messina from Mento
IE's list of supported technologies makes for a depressing read. - Paul Grav
Chris Messina
AmpliFeeder - Open source lifestream platform -
AmpliFeeder - Open source lifestream platform
I wrote a preview of this here: - Mark Krynsky
I really like the name. Even fun to say. - Dylan Parker
my good friend @jonpauldavies developed this and it is awesome to say the least. - Paul Kinlan
Cédric Hüsler
Architecture of (S3, SQS, SimpleDB) -
Jeff Atwood
Demian Turner
TrailRunner - Mac OS X route planning and training software for Garmin GPS or Nike+ SportBand -
Why NDAs are mostly a joke:
Jeff Atwood
Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work -
Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work
laughed until i cried. ok so far they have perfectly skewered apple ( AND sony. who's next...? - Karim
Chris Messina
Pepsi Logo Response - artwork by Lawrence Yang -
Pepsi Logo Response - artwork by Lawrence Yang
Too funny. I think I'll now always see their logo as just a big fat belly. If I was the lead on this logo redesign I think I might start getting my resume ready ;) - Dylan Parker
pepsi redoes logo every few years to be " upto date " - GEN X then GEN Y, Coke hasnt changed much in years and still kicks ass ! - atul abraham from twhirl
looks like Strongsad :) - Iain Baker
I think some exec said "We need our version of the Nike swoosh!" and this is what came out, after some huge faceless committee all had their say. It's doubly funny since I'm watching Mad Men now. - Chris Messina
Gotta say, I keep expecting to see plumbers crack. - Kevin Fox
Is the new Pepsi logo riding the Obama wave, or something else? (pic) - Matt Albiniak
@Kevin rotate! - karl dotter
Andreas Goeldi
Amazed that Americans always think Europe equals France (i.e. socialism). Newsflash: There are 50 countries in Europe.
Ján Sokoly
prepending all HTML select element options with a » is like smashing web usability in face #usability
Marcel Weiß
Printing The NYT Costs Twice As Much As Sending Every Subscriber A Free Kindle -
Printing The NYT Costs Twice As Much As Sending Every Subscriber A Free Kindle
"Are we trying to say the the New York Times should force all its print subscribers onto the Kindle or else? No. That would kill ad revenues and also, not everyone loves the Kindle. What we're trying to say is that as a technology for delivering the news, newsprint isn't just expensive and inefficient; it's laughably so." - Marcel Weiß from Bookmarklet
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