RT @whurley: @PamelaMalunat and I love using @avocado, the best app for couples. Check them out: https://t.co/GcIpGVMX6J
RT @charliepark: An app I take for granted because of how good / reliable / simple it is, that I want you to know about and use: @avocado It's so, so good.
Been building for some time that it's worthwhile to carry a smartphone as civil defense. (They still need to be cheaper, though.)
Well – @pears is in 92 countries now thnx to Krisli & Rasmus from Estonia. :) https://t.co/kwKe5I1G5c (Home of the Black Nights Film Fest!)
Amazing hires by Pinterest. Congrats especially to @rands! http://recode.net/2014...
The #YesAllWomen tag is worth reading every day for as long as it takes to sink in. We men contribute to this awfulness all the time.
RT @anildash: If you have ever seen a well-run, well-moderated community online, you have @metafilter to thank. Donate here: https://t.co/zSoEdI0tUX
RT @waxpancake: An unexpected casualty in Google's war against content farms: Metafilter's ad revenue. http://metatalk.metafilter.com/23245...
RT @phineasb: 3/ UX of VC is so F’ed
RT @phineasb: 2/ Founder - I don't meet with people who don't understand my business - you can imagine what a waste of time that would be
RT @phineasb: 1/ VC - I don’t read decks before I meet an entrepreneur - you can imagine how time consuming that would be
Hey Googlers, know anyone who works on Calendar API? Batch requests seem incomplete and nice people have questions: https://t.co/YFAWfdxbHr
This comic from @lubchansky about suppression of direct sexist experiences belongs in *so* many threads today. http://www.doctornerdlove.com/wp-cont...
More fun – @pears profiles in cities with state names: Nevada, Iowa: https://t.co/NyLUhGhMUr Oregon, Illinois: https://t.co/gmt0hjzMy0
A quiet, worldwide shift is happening: @pears is in 60 countries now. (Without ads, press, referrals, FB publishing, or mobile...yet.)
Crazy dedication to Game of Thrones from the team at Google+! #PurpleWedding
Via @pears, everyday I learn new names for places. 1) Mpumalanga: https://t.co/rxbMA89tsT 2) Masovian Voivodeship: https://t.co/TPT4PDNcKq
A million times yes for this direction: http://blog.samaltman.com/employe... (Avocado upped equity via the pool on hi performance as things got dilutive.)
Helped a company with potential competitive overlap. Feels great! Because, if you believe in your ability/product why not help all users?
RT @rizzledizzle: We've open sourced a reusable pre-permissions library for iOS from "The Right Way to Ask Users for iOS Permissions" https://t.co/qhp8MxMWva
I'm not yet feeling hurt by eng ageism in Silicon Valley. But "undermine and exploit"-ism? It's real & culturally pervasive. e.g. #wagefix
RT @pears: Just a month after launch, Pears.io spans one third of the globe. How we got here and why couples are joining: https://t.co/4pUuUquygq
2 people who can do more push-ups than you: Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama. http://curiositycounts.com/post...
Porting some of Tornado's crypto cookie methods to node.js for fun. What...you too? (Small world!)
My trainer needs a website (he's great and looks like Isaiah Mustafa) and if you build it he'll trade for free sessions. Interested?
So what word did y'all choose for your State of the Union drinking game? Unfortunately I chose "jobs". #fucked
#SOPA would be a dangerous law. Bad for jobs, bad for the economy, but mainly bad for the world. Let Congress know: https://www.google.com/landing...
More video fun. This time, a great compilation of point-of-view shots made on Breaking Bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch...
More video fun. This time, a great compilation of point-of-view shots made on Breaking Bad: http://t.co/TMUaQNEX
Yesterday would have been my father's 71st birthday. Miss him. http://www.facebook.com/login...
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