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Via @pears, everyday I learn new names for places. 1) Mpumalanga: 2) Masovian Voivodeship:
A million times yes for this direction: (Avocado upped equity via the pool on hi performance as things got dilutive.)
Helped a company with potential competitive overlap. Feels great! Because, if you believe in your ability/product why not help all users?
RT @rizzledizzle: We've open sourced a reusable pre-permissions library for iOS from "The Right Way to Ask Users for iOS Permissions"
I'm not yet feeling hurt by eng ageism in Silicon Valley. But "undermine and exploit"-ism? It's real & culturally pervasive. e.g. #wagefix
RT @pears: Just a month after launch, spans one third of the globe. How we got here and why couples are joining:
2 people who can do more push-ups than you: Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama.
Porting some of Tornado's crypto cookie methods to node.js for fun. too? (Small world!)
My trainer needs a website (he's great and looks like Isaiah Mustafa) and if you build it he'll trade for free sessions. Interested?
So what word did y'all choose for your State of the Union drinking game? Unfortunately I chose "jobs". #fucked
#SOPA would be a dangerous law. Bad for jobs, bad for the economy, but mainly bad for the world. Let Congress know:
More video fun. This time, a great compilation of point-of-view shots made on Breaking Bad:
More video fun. This time, a great compilation of point-of-view shots made on Breaking Bad:
Yesterday would have been my father's 71st birthday. Miss him.
For a friend: best place for bar brawl near SF Bay Area? Maybe Oakland, Merced, or Tracy? (Trying to avoid drive to Fresno, obviously.)
The best movie trailer of 2011 is a supercut of scenes from movies made in 2011. Fun to watch and well-edited.
A GIF that doesn't move hasn't yet realized its full potential. #hateThePlayerNotTheFrame
Remember all, "failure" is just nature's way of marking your worth as measurably less than others in a way that's memorable and defining.
My trainer is interested in my death as a side project. #humblebrag #someoneCall911
The new web UI for direct messages on Twitter is excellent. Amazing work, y'all.
Finally, San Francisco has a response to the question: where do rich, good-looking white people hang OUT in this city?! #arizmendi #tartine
If you make it look easy, no one'll ever realize it was hard.
RT @anildash: Gee, I wonder why Facebook killed support for importing RSS feeds into notes? #gaslighting
Awright, people. Which one's better? Cabulous or Taxi Magic?
We launched! Nerf guns were fired, a plan made, and our team's *ready* (great work y'all) but-- I'll be leaving AOL soon to make new things.
Does anyone know, what AOL product Chris worked on ? - Space Cowboy
If you told me I'd be crossing Baltimore harbor in a tiny boat to see 18,000 bras tied into a ball I would've said, "Figures."
Heading to Baltimore. 'Cause SOMEONE had to cover Bodie's corner. #re-up
RT @delbius: Forever disconsolate that no one will heed my demand that the next conference on Hadoop be entitled "Hadoop! There It Is."
Dear thirtysomething, the TV show. Y'know where your characters endured amid an oh-so-aching point of contact and conflict? Heh. AMATEURS.
Dreams, discernment, and Google Reader -
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