Chris Wetherell
What should be the keyboard shortcut to the new "Share with -
why not 'n' within 2 seconds of hitting Shift-S. Shift-S alone just shares it Shift-S - n adds a note field. - Adam Lasnik
Shift-S-N all together. - Robert Scoble
I would say Shift-N unless you could free up n from it's current role. I don't think it's necessary to have the shift before since you can always simply close the resulting window. --Edit-- But since Shift-N is already taken I guess you could go with w or Shift-w for "write". Probably too much of a stretch though. Sorry Scoble, I think that Shift-S-N is too many keys. I like to be able to use one hand on these kind of things. - Brandon Titus
We were thinking of Alt-Shift-S to build on the existing share shortcut. Too many keys? - Mihai Parparita
What about detaching notes from sharing a post? You could replace "Share with notes" with "Comment" or "Add note" and expand a small box the same way you do for "Email". This way you could also delete the comment or edit it later. The shortcut could be "c". - Ionut
I'm with Ionut. "c" would be perfect. - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
Reader should use vi keys, not emacs keys! - Amit Patel
Just wanted to thank you for getting notes into Google Reader. RSSmeme is already pulling them in: (click Read Notes) - Benjamin Golub
Shift-N - Joe
Looks like it's going to be Shift-D (which is next to Shift-S), since Shift-N is taken, and Alt-Shift-S doesn't work in IE. - Mihai Parparita
I find it depressing that you can "share with note" a post that has all already been shared and you can do it multiple times, creating new copies. - Ionut
Slightly off topic but ditto what Ionut says, although "depressing" is a bit strong... It's a bit odd that the original feed item also doesn't appear as being shared, which I'm guessing is because it created a copy to share with the note. And if I then search Google Reader for that post, I get multiples - i.e. the original post and a copy (or copies) with my note(s). Couldn't you do a sneaky link / replace of the original post with the newly created noted copy? - Tony Ruscoe
Shift-D now works in Reader. You can select an item and use the shortcut to launch the note form. - Chris Wetherell