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Louis Gray
Hey @Brizzly, if you can do real-time search, how about real-time search definitions as well? Is that the next step for microblogging?
Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 10.27.33 AM.jpg
Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 10.28.24 AM.jpg
Note the previous definition for Michigan on the left... and the one I posted on the right. - Louis Gray
I'm thinking Live Wikipedia. :) - Louis Gray
W00T. Jason Shellen liked this. Win. - Louis Gray
I'd like real-time notifications on top of the search. Google Wave==live wikipedia. You'll see that soon enough. - Jesse Stay
I know they are making an API out of that trending topic explanation bit. - Manuel Mas
Manuel, they released an API on it earlier this week, called Let's Be Trends. See my post from Tuesday. The idea here is to update it as the data behind the trend changes. - Louis Gray
Michael Kuhn
For the past hour, I’ve been trying to write something funny - the way I used to write, the way a couple of years ago I could sit myself down and write a bunch of one-liners one after another, after another. This was my identity, the guy that can write funny shit. And now I don’t. I got nothing. I got this blank textbox staring me in the face. It... -
Comedy is therapy. I make jokes for my own sanity. Just don't obsess about the unfixable and you'll do fine. Oh yeah, and never forget you have friends. - jr conlin
I faced something similar when my blog died its protracted death. Creativity is its own punishment. Having a creative outlet is so incredibly awesome that you can put up with a lot of really hair-raising crap, and then when you suddenly don't have that outlet anymore, hair-raising crap just piles up. This is especially horrible when the reason you don't feel like creating is because... more... - jrhyley
Tudor Bosman
PRO TIP: never use local time in your code, unless you're displaying to the user or reading input from the user. Always use UTC internally.
It really seems easier to always use UNIX timestamps, because any other date structure is a pain in the ass to manipulate and store (and can represent different time zones if you aren't careful about making sure you use UTC APIs). It is easy to convert from UNIX timestamps to dates for formatting when you need to show stuff to the user. - Bret Taylor
This isn't a bad additional point: "If the local time perspective is important, store your dates in UTC along with the current local time zone offset in another field (minutes in a smallint column, for example). That way you'll always know the date in absolute terms while also knowing the local time with confidence, regardless of what changes to the time zone or daylight saving time may occur in the future." - Micah
Bret: yeah. UTC or equivalent: Unix timestamps, number of microseconds since a pre-determined time, whatever. As long as it's something that ticks monotonically and at constant intervals, it doesn't really matter what. - Tudor Bosman
In general, always store SI units as well. I also prefer storing radians instead of degrees. I've seen number bugs crop up because of that one. - Ray Cromwell
It's fine to store radians, but don't make your users use them, or at least not by default. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
+1 Bret: If you can't store a date as a single number, you're doing it wrong :) - Joel Webber
I made the mistake of trying to get artists to use radians once in my UI. I'm lucky to still be alive :) - Joel Webber
I wouldn't advocate displaying radians, but I think it's good to be consistent and store fundamental units and convert only for purposes of display. Since in non-brain-damaged platforms, most system functions take radians as input, I think radians should be preferred. If your language/OS happens to use degrees for everything, then it would probably be less error prone to store degrees. - Ray Cromwell
About angles: back in the days when I toyed around with game programming (or even before that -- C64 demos), I'd choose the unit so that one full circle was a power of two, and then use that as an index in a sine table. So your choice of unit doesn't matter that much as long as you're consistent and the values are unambiguous. Local time meets neither of these criteria. - Tudor Bosman
Atul Arora
Official Google Reader Blog: Following, liking and people searching -
Official Google Reader Blog: Following, liking and people searching
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"Today, we're pleased to announce that we've made four improvements to give you more sharing control and help you easily find other people's publicly shared items within Reader." - Atul Arora from Bookmarklet
I just can't find the new features in my reader. I also don't know how to get Google friends. I have one friend. One, measly little Google friend who happens to actually be my son's friend and so we don't really talk. I tried to find the button to invite friends. Can't find it. Do they have to sign up for GMail, or what? - Kimber Scott
I don't like this idea at all. Good thing I've stopped sharing articles in Google Reader last March :-) - Miguel Caetano
I think this is great, but there may be a few bugs. If you see that others have liked an article you like, you can click on those users to get an idea of what they share. If you like what they share, you can then "follow" them. However, I've "followed" a few people and they either don't show up or make other users disappear. There also seems to be some Twitter-like feature I may not... more... - Jack
I'd also like to see if this makes it way into the mobile version. I can see whether or not people liked an article, but I don't see something to let me "like" an article. They should replace the star with like. - Jack
Jeremy Zawodny
I really hate dealing with dates and times in code. We need a metric calendar.
Decimal time is definitely the way forward: (10 hours/day, 100 mins/hour & 100 secs/min) - Tony Ruscoe
I concur when coding Python. Ruby (specifically Rails) makes it so much easier. - Damon Cortesi
...and then someone should speed up the time it takes the Earth to go around the sun to 100 days. I never liked the idea of changing the world solely for us to make it easier to model. There has to be more reason, and I couldn't ever find it with metric time. Besides, there are better ways to do it, See: Ruby on Rails. - Ryan Massie
I agree that python is particularly bad. - Joe Beda
Only use datetime.datetime objects (always in UTC, although you'll probably end up with naive objects that are in UTC by convention), or a Python float (seconds since Epoch, UTC). Converting to/from local time is a pain in the butt. - Tudor Bosman
Why doesn't Python provide a way to convert to/from an arbitrary timezone in the default distribution? (Except, on Unix, time.tzset() and friends, which requires you to set the desired timezone in the TZ environment variable. An environment variable? Really? Threads, anyone?) Why doesn't Java use the system's zoneinfo library, and so you have to upgrade the JRE whenever some government somewhere decides to change the rules? Why doesn't pytz (a decent third-party package) use zoneinfo, either? - Tudor Bosman
Of course, the rules are dumb, too. From Wikipedia's entry on Daylight saving time: Start and end dates vary with location and year. Since 1996 European Summer Time has been observed from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October; previously the rules were not uniform across the European Union. Starting in 2007, most of the United States and Canada observe DST from the... more... - Tudor Bosman
"Congress retains the right to go back to the previous dates now that an energy-consumption study has been done." -- really? - Tudor Bosman
Anyway, </rant>. I hate DST with a passion; I hate timezones slightly less. - Tudor Bosman
Sure, decimal time is cute, but it doesn't solve the hard problems of dates -- namely, dealing with the fact that they have to correspond to astronomical events to be useful, but said events have no integral relationships among them. What *I* really can't understand is when I see dates communicated *among computers* in any form other than (seconds from some fixed point). Seriously, why... more... - Joel Webber
Ugh. I hate all those ISO dates, too. I mean.. day of the week?? really, international standards bodies?? Unix time is a nice format, or at least something like YYYY/MM/DD HR:MIN:SEC -#### easily human readable and easily parseable. And since 4 digit year is first it clearly isn't one of the american/euro which is first month or day issue. - felix
Jesse Stay
Hey Google Reader guys, what's the best way to get Google Reader to recognize a particular website's Flash in feeds?
In case the team hasn't responded yet... there used to be a whitelist of sources for Flash media, this may still be the case. I'll "like" this message for visibility and can shoot them an email. Before, we (meaning: mostly me) conducted a review of the site and got in touch w/ site owners. Whitelist was needed b/c of plug-in security holes (mainly in IE). - Chris Wetherell
Yup, that's exactly the case. They added Qik and Kyte just a week or so ago. I'll have to dig out the email of the team and bring this one to their attention. - Robert Scoble
Additionally, another way is to use a source that's already approved. (e.g. YouTube, Hulu, Soapbox,, Metacafe, MySpace, and others...) but this mainly works best for video. - Chris Wetherell
I've got a new feature of SocialToo I'd like to show them and get whitelisted. If you know how I can get in touch with them or get it on the whitelist I'd love to know. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Any news on this? I too have a video platform that needs to get on the Google whitelist. Any contact info to assist with that would be much appreciated. - Ian D. Miller
Ian, I've never had Google Reader respond to me on anything - no word yet. - Jesse Stay
I thought Dewitt Clinton was a Reader guy, but I could be wrong. He is a friendfeeder too. - Rob Diana
DeWitt works on Chrome. - Louis Gray
A few months ago we set up a form to collect embed whitelist requests: - Mihai Parparita
Thanks Mihai! - Jesse Stay
I love these google inside baseball threads - Zaki Manian
Jason Goldman
Sometimes the problem is overcome by cleverness. And sometimes the problem is overcome by realizing you've been kicking yourself in the nads
Christopher Sacca
Meatballs - It Just Doesn't Matter -
Meatballs - It Just Doesn't Matter
I am going to keep this handy. It was quite useful this morning, and I am sure I can play it again and again when dealing with entrepreneurs, customers, investors, etc. - Christopher Sacca
Matt Haughey
"Buy some land, fuck spinnin' rims" may just be the best line in hip-hop for 2009 (YT music video)
"Buy some land, fuck spinnin' rims" may just be the best line in hip-hop for 2009 (YT music video)
Louis Gray Google Reader Adds Comments for Social Conversations - Google Reader Adds Comments for Social Conversations Google Reader Adds Comments for Social Conversations
"Google Reader, the RSS feed engine that has become a major hub in my daily information gathering, pulling in feeds from the hundreds of blogs and Web sites I follow, is taking a step forward in terms of making the service more social, by integrating private conversations between friends. With today's release, every post and every share has an option to add a comment, which will be displayed to your friends who you are connected to." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
We're spiraling out of control with all the places comments are sprinkled around the web. Is there any cohesive end in sight? Can mashups really keep it all together or are end users bound to remain confused by the sheer mass of options? Also, any plans for FriendFeed to release a Wordpress comments widget? :) - Ryan Stanley from IM
O HAI - Shey
So...when will these comments be integrated with FF? - Shey
@Ryan You mean Backtype? - Shey
The comments on Google Reader are intended to stay between friends of the service, and not to be exported to FriendFeed or the original blog. Notes, on the other hand, can still flow to FriendFeed. Also, you won't see the comments on my shared items feed if you go to the direct URL. - Louis Gray
And Ryan, Backtype is an excellent solution. - Louis Gray
Probably a good service for people who use Google Reader as their main interface to the world. - Ontario Emperor
Backtype is a great solution, albeit yet another layer. So share on Google Reader, which gets picked up on FF, siphoned over to Twitter, and sync'd with Facebook. Conversations can begin with different people in all those places. Bedlam! Does anyone make effort to siphon discussions to one place or another? - Ryan Stanley
It looks like the Reader team was inspired by FF in terms of the layout & functionality (middle comments merge into link eventually). - Paul Arterburn
Just started using it - a very cool new feature! - Sonya Smith
Then Is not Twitter the "first enemy" of new FriendFeed, but Google Reader .. - CantorJF
Nelson Minar
Great description of why this game is so compelling - Nelson Minar
Special Effects Collection (Adobe After Effects) -
Special Effects Collection (Adobe After Effects)
Tudor Bosman
Reed Elsevier: I hate you, and I hate paying for the full text of articles. The fruits of scientific research should be free.
To start with, government grants should require that the results of the research (including associated data) must be freely available.' - Amit Patel
Amit: yes, please. - Tudor Bosman
What's that quote that goes something vaguely like "/this/ information wants to be packaged up and sold to you for $4.99"? - Andrew C (✔)
Why don't people remember the other half of the Brand quote? "On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it's so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life. On the other hand..." and you know the rest. - Paul Mison
Totally agree. I was on a library board once and they were trying to get some schools together to break the stranglehold Elsevier had on their journal budgets. The prices of some of the Elsevier journals are ridiculous. - Michelle Fullwood
What's even worse is when the research group decides to patent before publishing. As taxpayers, we paid for that research! - Private Sanjeev
Well, maybe his name isn't co-incidence: Read Elsewhere :P - Jemm
For high drama in the world of publishing, there is Dr. Grigori Perelman and the Poincare Conjecture. Is Academia even worse than a large corporation for political drama? - Tracy
Tudor Bosman
A (Reader-)Lock-Free Sorted Array « Juggling, Photography, Software, and Atheism -
Again, shared so I can find it later. - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
Trying to make this fully lock-free would be a very interesting exercise, but reader-lock-free is more than enough for what I'm planning to use it for. - Tudor Bosman
Bob Lee
RT @stevej This has to be the best programming book cover ever made:
I never wanted to learn Forth so bad in my life. - Robert Konigsberg
Tudor Bosman
If you post Battlestar Galactica spoilers, I will use my FriendFeed superpowers to post Goatse pictures in your account :)
Turns out the Borg and Wraith working together destroy the fleet, killing Adama as well as Darth Vader. - Jack&Cleo
+1 -- I still need to watch season 4! - Karen Padham Taylor
Clare and I finally finished watching season 4 (first half) last night, then watched the new one on tv. 4 hours of Battlestar! It was rough, but it was really good. I hope that no one spoils it for you Tudor. Battlestar Galactica is much less suspenseful when you know what is going to happen. - Robert Felty
Matt Haughey
Google search results for "KH(Ax)N" for x=1 to 100 -
Google search results for "KH(Ax)N" for x=1 to 100
Mihai Parparita
Obligatory "we won a crunchie" tweet.
congratulations to the Google Reader term for continuing to make a good product and being recognized at the Crunchies. @cw - Louis Gray
Congrats Mihai (and I need to talk to you about whitelisting surveys) - Jesse Stay
Jeremy Zawodny
I battled MySQL replication and won.
Michael Herf
"Michael He--MAGGIE NO!" has joined the conference...
relol - Kevin Fox
Nelson Minar
Major security flaw, unfixed - Nelson Minar
"Microsoft said it is investigating the flaw and is considering fixing it through an emergency software patch outside of its normal monthly updates, but declined further comment. The company is telling users to employ a series of complicated workarounds to minimize the threat." -- could they at *least* make IE7 part of that "emergency" update? I'm so so tired of fighting IE6 CSS bugs... - Joel Webber
Kevin Fox
Google friends: Zoe Keating (techno-cellist) and Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) are passing through SF next week and would like to play at Google. Amanda has a new song 'I Google You' penned by Neil Gaiman. Can anyone ping me privately to tell me who the events person I should talk to is? Thanks!
Are they going to play at friendfeed too? - Jim Norris
@Kevin Did you get in touch with anyone? - EricaJoy
@Erica, nope. Got someone I should talk to? - Kevin Fox
@Kevin Yep! How do I ping you privately? - EricaJoy
Zoë is awesome. During a few years of junior high into high school, she lived near Batavia and attended Eastman. For those who haven't heard her, listen at or demand performances at - John Lam
I love Zoe's music. Sadly, I don't know anyone on Facilities who can arrange this this stuff. Also, I will be traveling out of MTV starting tomorrow. - Thaths
I would come and record a concert at FriendFeed's headquarters. - Robert Scoble
Jeffrey Veen
Trying to calculate the amount of time my team has spent working around IE bugs; wondering if I could bill Microsoft for all that.
If that doesn't work, you could bill Bill? - Isaac Sparrow
Dan Hsiao
The Google SearchWiki 'promote' and 'remove' icons/links are really starting to annoy me.
So much so that I'm actually going to try other search engines for the rest of the day. - Dan Hsiao
No, don't do that. That's not very nice. Are you really gonna go back to Alta Vista?! (I just didn't activate SearchWiki...) - T-Ho
I don't recall being asked, it just happened. - Dan Hsiao
hmm...hasn't anyone whipped up a quick greasemonkey script to fix that for you yet? brb... - Trent Olson
looks like someone beat me to it: localized for us & uk, i had to add canada - Trent Olson
thanks a lot, Trent! that rocks... - Ashwin Bharambe
The icons really are surprisingly intrusive. It feels like there are lumps of dirt on my screen :) - Paul Buchheit
Whatever happened to the Note this link in the Search Results? - vladimir gareski
You can use "&hl=all" as a parameter to hide the SearchWiki UI if you want. - Matt Cutts
if not yet, i expect they'll soon make them switchable for logged in users. - Steven Livingstone-Pérez from twhirl
So my workaround for now is to do all my searching while signed out of Google using Safari and keeping my Gmail, etc. in Firefox. I literally sighed in relief when I saw the unobstructed search results when not signed in. - Dan Hsiao
I seem to be able to avoid those links by browsing in IE 6. - Gabe
Uh, is it not turned off by default now? It's opt-in here: so you should be able to opt-out. - Tanath
@ Tanath: that experiment is something different, it's an additional feature for SearchWiki. I removed the SearchWiki icons using a GreaseMonkey script: - Ionut
Mihai Parparita
A public service announcement: GUIDs should be immutable. Looking at you Gawker Media.
I remember when MS shipped a nasty bug in their WinCE tools, simply because someone forgot to update a GUID. Systems that use them really need to provide some way to hunt for accidental dupes. - Joel Webber
April Buchheit
The YouTube Presidency | 44 | -
"Today, President-elect Obama will record the weekly Democratic address not just on radio but also on video -- a first. The address, typically four minutes long, will be turned into a YouTube video and posted on Obama's transition site,, once the radio address is made public on Saturday morning. The address will be taped at the transition office in Chicago today. "This is just one of many ways that he will communicate directly with the American people and make the White House and the political process more transparent," spokeswoman Jen Psaki told us last night. In addition to regularly videotaping the radio address, officials at the transition office say the Obama White House will also conduct online Q&As and video interviews. The goal, officials say, is to put a face on government. In the following weeks, for example, senior members of the transition team, various policy experts and choices for the Cabinet, among others, will record videos for" - April Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Great. I can't wait for the Barack Roll! - Gabe
Jason Shellen
Grudgingly removed No on 8 lawnsign. Considering some sort of permanent civil liberties installation though.
Brian Oberkirch
we blew up the Death Star.
i used to bullseye womp rats in my t-16 back home. they're not much bigger than two meters. - Karim
Canvasser - Mission Street, SF (Quick Shots) -
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