National Gang Threat Assessment 2009 -
Pedestrian navigation: @occipital doing cool #AR with GPS & @earthmine pointcloud -
"Please...validate your follower request...allow user to know you are not a them the confidence to follow you." WTF TrueTwit
@ronjon Right & it totally matters. No driving.
"The thing you have to understand about Dubai is – nothing is what it seems." Great reporting from The Independent.
@ronjon Hey, I got one of those! The Boot.
Good overview of the semantic web. Video interview with @NovaSpivack - #twine #search
@pkedrosky I ride a Blur. Amazing machine. Local pride, too. :)
@frankspencer Thanks for the RT, Frank. Cheers!
Important article on networked third generation gangs in global cities -
Gang Proliferation - National Gang Threat Assessment 2009 -
Street Gangs: The New Urban Insurgency - http://www.strategicstudiesins...
"AR is self-selected mediation of the world. It lets us choose the glasses we want to see through." - @warrenellis
Securing the Border: Challenges for the U.S. and Mexico - Part 3 | STRATFOR -
@gronumbulator Your sleep number is zero. :(
@HipGnosis23 I used to spin a lot of Freaky Chakra back in the day, bumping dancefloors in SF & SC. :)
Global cities – global gangs | openDemocracy -
networked ‘third generation gangs’ in increasingly ‘global’ cities - chris arkenberg
New post: "Come Help Define the Future of Augmented Reality" - #ardevcamp
Come Help Define the Future of Augmented Reality -
RT @tubatron: Vince Guaraldi's music for Charlie Brown Xmas always puts me in a good mood. [Me too, I must admit.]
Canada: Thuggish PetroState. GuardianUK - (via @GeorgeDvorsky)
@caseorganic LA traffic may be augmented, vizualized, but rarely avoided.
@gregorylent I'd say capacity to manage paradox is a function of language and logic structures, eg english & descartes.
Vanity Fair on Erik Prince (Blackwater, Xe) and his double-life as a CIA asset -
I don't think any discussion of Afghanistan is complete without considering its proximity to Iran & Pakistan. #oil #nukes #fundamentalists
@sauravj Thanks, Saurav. I'll check it out.
Financial Reform Debate May Influence Future of Climate Bill - -
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