The Associated Press: Experts: Man controlled robotic hand with thoughts -
Web giants attack Digital Economy Bill - -
Awesome conference coming to ASU - "Social Biomimicry: Insect Societies and Human Design"
@klintron @jmatheny Wait. What about this secret Bacon Manuscript?
Had a crazy hyper-realistic dream this morn that I was walking around in a super hi-res Judge Dreddish virtual world awed by the detail.
Can't wait to be able to drive again (or at least walk/bike a significant distance). #broken
Cloud computing, virtualization, open source IT spending considered deflationary -
Stanford humans consider legal challenges of personal robotics - (I for one welcome our higher education overlords.)
Ah even better! RT @CaseOrganic: I meant that I wanted Adobe Creative Sweet - software to make cupcakes with.
Timely & awesome Sabbath vid via @BoingBoing - War Pigs
@danielsoneg Re: Somalia... Some her language is misleading and she seems to only cite one source, Michael van Notten.
Huzzah! Google is bringing coffee & donuts for @ardevcamp this Saturday. Not sure but I'm guessing they'll be geo-tagged & indexed. :)
"Ransoms have increased... because of the increased number of shareholders & risks." Somali's learn from Wall St.
Pirate stock exchange helps fund hijackings -
Next American City » Columns » A Recipe for Slums -
But embedded in its list of progressive sounding “pro-poor” innovations is the - chris arkenberg
Energy Bangla - Climate Change Puts Bangladesh on Frontline of Mass Migrations -
From personal upbringing, I absolutely agree. RT @anselm: study suggests time spent in the wild changes our values -
@monkchips oh sorry it's actually Acquired Investment Deleveraging Syndrome #aids
Very happy for @jingleyfish. She's been published in Core 77! Designer's Accord Summit on Education & Sustainability -
Hurtling towards PA with my driver, @jingleyfish. Wait, now we're stuck in traffic.
Food Stamp Usage Across the Country - Interactive Map - -
Quintessential & Consummating Discourse o/t Unwholesome Whole That Is Neoliberal/Neoconservative Corporate-Militarism
The Economist special report on Brazil reinforces the gap of ignorance & disregard between Wall St. & Main St. It's all roses for $$$.
Flabbergasted by Bernanke reappointment, Nassim Taleb checks out, bets against coming failures. #trustyourmechanic
Land Rush in Africa - BusinessWeek -
Poverty & corruption sending Juarez into anarchy - Consider US unemployment and political incompetence...
Somali pirates seize oil tanker bound for US -
@Rhymo Thanks for the #ardevcamp promo!
Private Military Companies (contractors, firms) - The Private Military Industry -
Somali Pirates Seize U.S.-Bound Tanker - -
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