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Chris Abraham

Chris Abraham

Chris Abraham is President and COO of the social media marketing firm Abraham Harrison LLC.
ALSA tries to trademark the term Ice Bucket Challenge. Is it a bad PR move? Find out on FIR 771.
Thanks so much guys! RT @eileenmmg: RT @chasingdrmz: Good read - Google is a lying liar that lies -
Thank you very kindly! RT @hughforth: Search marketing is way more than content marketing
Wonderful! RT @typodactyl: Hey @esurance, I think you meant "click" and not "dick". Stern words about kerning
.@GaggleAMP dispels 5 myths that cause problems for social media marketers who fall into the trap of believing them.
Don't Believe What Google Tells You About Search via @chrisabraham
"Companies who are smart about building community know you can lay a foundation by building from within." @JasonFalls
Also, if you actually wrote that article and then searched for "GOOGLE RULES ZOMBIE WORLD FULL OF SEO AUTOMATONS" li…
What's your point? First of all, I am talking BREAKING NEWS (hot donuts not arbitrary posts) that have a trending (h…
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is producing marketing lessons -- and questions -- galore. Hear some on FIR 769:
Write search optimized headlines but have a heart
Well, it is inexcusable, you're right; however, that's not my point at all. Were it not for this memo, you wouldn't …
The latest startup from my former best client @fabricegrinda! I wish I had me some pretty, pretty, handbags to sell!
Write search optimized headlines but have a heart via @cristinaeverett #news #journalism #seo #search #crisis #orm
Bombs Away A discussion of Rick Santorum’s "Google Bomb" problem #orm #ga
Amazon Local Register credit card reader for Smart Phone @ Dominion Towers
Amazon Local Register @ Dominion Towers
5 Social Hiring Hints for Busy Managers
Thank you, Eileen! RT @eileenmmg: Write search optimized headlines but have a heart
No such luck RT @CircleCityStyle: @nypost I'm seriously hoping this is satire. It's bad satire if so, though.
RT @AllyShoshana: @chrisabraham wait, that’s not a “real” post, is it?
RT @AllyShoshana: RT @chrisabraham: This happened: “Hey, ladies — catcalls are flattering! Deal with it” via @nypost <throwing up.
RT @AllyShoshana: @chrisabraham @nypost @DoreeLewak everyone's entitled to their "right" view, but at what price to call it news?
Thanks @nalts @rob_a_nielsen @RStephenson5 for being top new followers in my community this week (insight by
22 Best Social Media Books of 2013 & 2014 Back to School Reading List
Write Headlines to Dominate Google News
RT @biznology: Write search optimized headlines but have a heart by @chrisabraham | @Biznology
RT @MikeMoran: Write search optimized headlines but have a heart by @chrisabraham | @Biznology
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