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Todd Defren
@LenEdgerly I'm guessing @scottmonty is dreading that Sherlock Holmes movie. Looks schlocky, not sherlocky.
51 Conspiracy Theories That Don't Exist But Should -
51 Conspiracy Theories That Don't Exist But Should
51 Conspiracy Theories That Don't Exist But Should
"San Diego Comic Con is only the cover for an annual Illuminati meeting, where the world’s real money is divided up. The Illuminati are disguised as the booth babes." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Susan Elaine: BuzzEdition
RT @Emitstop: Frank McCourt, Angela's Ashes Author, Dead at 78 - (non digg url)
It is very sad that Frank McCourt passed away :( - Chris Abraham from Android
very sad indeed ;) - Susan Elaine: BuzzEdition
Sally falkow
Study shows deep engagement with consumers pays dividends - literally
Leon Ho
12 Free Android Apps to Help Get Things Done (Part 1) -
Chris Wilson
Twitter Generates $48 Million of Media Coverage in a Month
Shannon Clark
Closer to my own views. (the quoted section) I understand the appeal of belief, of a sustemthat once accepted defines right & wrong, good and evil, us & them and which at least claims to explain the complexity & discord of the world. But I reject the notion that such systems are right or necessary. - Shannon Clark
Being an atheist is such a waste of energy. And why can't it have a better word? Maybe a humanist? - Chris Abraham
not sure - it certainly isn't the best word (but then neither is non-believer though that too is accurate for me) I don't, however, find it a waste of energy - it is who I am, in fact if anything it is a savings of energy - I don't believe in the supernatural or spiritual so also don't waste energy on them or rituals around/for them. Humanist isn't quite accurate for me - though again it is close, for me Atheist is quite close - I am A- as in against Theism. - Shannon Clark
True. I take it back. I was being stupid. I do think that trying to disarm the human race of Religion-as-dangerous-and-controlling-weapon is a noble aim and is the aim of Richard Dawkins as well. So, please forgive me rudeness and I admire you for responding with such grace. - Chris Abraham
Perhaps I've grown inured after too long online but I didn't read rudeness in your reply - but thanks - Shannon Clark
Well, I didn't mean to be rude :) - Chris Abraham
Robert Scoble
Google Reader's shared item feeds now has a real URL. Here's mine: -- more RSS ahead!
How to get it ? - Jigar Mehta
Ok, I got it.. is the page where you set the URL. Late but nice feature! - Jigar Mehta
This new features is cool, but do you guys no what is now the difference betweet "share" and "like" on google reader ? - Nicolas Gosset
I tried to replace my reader link in FF and found that FF is parsing for the old link format (<user number>). - Tom Horn
Trying 2 find my URL...BRB... - CarolAnnB - CarolAnnB now on Google Reader - CarolAnnB
This is not a new feature. Its been there all along. I chose my name long long ago..You might want to check on your sources.. - Rohit
What about Google ads on this page? - Kris
Greader needs the realtime more than the real URL - Roberto from fftogo
no Kevin. I know the difference between my profile address and the shared reader page address. - Rohit
My shared items URL: - take a look. - Liza + = ?
Robert - deja vu, but I thought this was available a month or so ago??? Here's mine: - NOW, can we pls discuss Google's unfriendly Friend Connect. It is a bear to install, except on Blogger, as you have mentioned in the past. - Liza + = ?
Mines just engadget mainly... I wont share... - Chris Lloyd
Hoping to get mored shared items. - wiredgnome
Isn't anyone else concerned that this gives away your gmail account address? That is, if your custom reader url is, then your gmail address is necessarily That's why I didn't enable this in Google Profile before. Even though Google's spam filter if super, I'm not wanting to attract more spam. Am I being overly cautious here? - Chris Spizzirri
Naw, I am a complete whore, @cspizz - Chris Abraham
Wish it was shorter. Here's mine, though: - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Louis Gray
New Facebook Design Omits Major Features, Including Pokes -
Actually you can poke someone using the new design, but you must go to a specific friend's profile page to do so. I've had no difficulty with it. Check over on the left hand side of the page. - Jill O'Neill
After this was posted, I saw that Pokes were still available below friends' profile photos. Jesse is updating. - Louis Gray
Pokes are annoying, I guess they finally realized that! - Gavin
that's a GOOD thing. hiding pokes is a great feature of the new facebook design. you're looking at it all wrong - @baratunde
i'm glad pokes are gone, always thought they were super-lame unless you were a college freshman trying to flirt with a girl at your school (of which i am neither) - Morgan
I think the Pokes are innocent fun that I like. - Chris Abraham from twhirl
Hmm. Not sure I am missing something but all of these appear to be on Facebook... perhaps they are rolling out the features slowly? I definitely see ignore/poke/pages/groups. - Jamie
I have many "poke" wars going on with friends right now. The poke is still very much alive. - Shawn Farner from twhirl
This is why friendfeed is awesome. I was originally pleased that poking was gone (given my network friends are far too partial to messaging me asking why I won't poke back). Now, after coming here, I know where to find them (whether or not I would want to). It's just one of the benefits of FF --the follow up comments are quickly becoming the reason why I use FF more often. - Derick Valadao
Jesse is working on a follow-up. Though written with best intentions, of course, this post needs some changes. - Louis Gray
"Pokes" is a *major* feature? - Ron Emrick
The actual use of the "Poke" is misunderstood by many. It isn't there just for random use :-P By poking someone, you allow them to view your profile. If they poke back, you can see theirs too (albeit temporarily) without having to add each other as friends. - Shawn Farner from twhirl
The "Groups", "Pages" and email info are all contained in the new "INFO" tab. I can poke friends, no one else. - Susan Beebe
404 Error on this link...what happened? - Rahsheen
@shawn thanks for dropping that FB science! i did not know that! now it makes more sense .. still a bit creepy, but now not as much! - Morgan
Rahsheen's right - the blog post appears to be gone? Blog is live but this FB post is not. - Susan Beebe
It's a conspiracy orchestrated by FB to silence Louis Gray! - Rahsheen
Do people not actually read the comments? (rhetorical question!) The post is gone, because the post had incorrect info and is being updated. - Robert Seidman
Yea I read comments :) - ChaCha Fance from twhirl
Jesse "pulled" the post to "draft" mode and is redoing it. There were clearly some issues. :-) - Louis Gray
My apologies for the mistakes - it just goes to show how confusing the new design is! Facebook has also re-added a few of those omitted features in the last week, as they weren't there when I last looked at them. - Jesse Stay
It's a much cleaning looking set-up, most people had far too many things on their profile page. Me like the new "look" - Kol Tregaskes
I'm most annoyed by how useless the application updates in the news feed have become. Used to be that my Flickr updates would show up as thumbnails in the news feed. Similar thing for my Tumblr updates. Now it just says 'Michael updated My Flickr Photos' and people need to go to the Boxes tab and hunt around for my Flickr application. This is forward progress??? - Mike Doeff
Kol, I like the cleaner look as well. Today's mistakes just made me realize though that it's definitely going to take some getting used to. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Mike, that is mostly the responsibility of developers, but my issue there is that Facebook did not give developers much time to integrate, which is why you're seeing such odd application updates. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
This clearly was rushed Facebook release. - Vic Podcaster
Leigh, be sure to read the post - I made some mistakes. I wasn't seeing pokes last week, but evidently they're back now. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Louis Gray
snugglicious - jeneane sessum
But the weird thing is that these photos were already there, and I added *different* photos to the same album that includes these. Should be interesting to watch. - Louis Gray
Can I come sleep on your couch some time? ;) - Jesse Stay
Jesse, you have an open invitation. - Louis Gray
Cute. - Zulkarnain K.
Louis, I will take you up on that - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Must hide all of Louis' cute baby photos from my wife, before she gets any ideas... - Shey
Sarah sleeping like an angle, what a cutie!! - Mike Fruchter
She is one gorgeous little baby -- and a very new baby, too! - Chris Abraham from twhirl
Very nice. - Alex Hammer
Wonderful. They are sweet... Thanks for sharing Louis. - Mitchell Tsai
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
OS X = 1Password. Great app. - Adam Bullied from twhirl
I'd tell you but then I'd have to neutralize you. ;) - Jack&Cleo
1password is a good way to go. - Bill Sodeman
Until I can remember, I use KeePass, because it runs on my Windows PC, My MacBook, and my WinMo phone. - MiniMage from NoiseRiver
I've been trying to solve the dilemma of having them all in one place (which means I can't get to them if I'm not in that place) and storing them with a web service (which meant I am trusting them with my passwords! security could be fixed by encryption but what happens if the company goes away?). I haven't come up with a good solution yet. - Lindsay
one extreme password - Dave Martin
I can't because they are really long - up to 20 characters, symbols , and numbers. Naw, I just made that up. LOL - LPH™ and his dog P™
Never log out of anything, press the "forgot my password" link all the time, have a directory of stored gmail password directory/tag, and try to only use one or two super-passwords - Pete D
I am forever cycling to a new password, it does get tough to remember at times! - Joe Dawson
want funny? don't do what our 10 year old daughter does: "My Username and Password Journal" emblazoned on the front of a composition book. George says next up: "My Bank Account Numbers and Mother's Maiden Name" journal. - jeneane sessum
Just put this in 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99 - it is the md5 hash for password ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
Just use the firefox plugin: password maker and your problems are solved - Divided By Zer0
1) Make a phrase i.e. comic cupcakes 2) 1337 it i.e. c0m1ccu9c4ks 3) reuse it, but tack on a 4 letter abbreviation for each different site I use i.e. c0m1ccu9c4ksgoog - Dread Pirate PJ from Alert Thingy
The examples above use a phrase from a recent FF post I was looking at, it's not a password I intentd to use :-) - Dread Pirate PJ from Alert Thingy
I only have 4 passwords. One for my sensitive stuff (like email), one for webapps that require registration, one strictly for financial stuff only (online banking etc) and one for my work network. - Tadhg Kelly
I usually use 1Password on the Mac, and 4 easier-to-remember paswords for stuff in work or websites that I need to access from random computers - Hannes BrandstätterMüller from twhirl
1Password on the Mac with their great syncing service for all other platforms or when I am no way near my machine. - Alexander Kucera
Roboform - Soulhuntre from twhirl
i use a combination of 4 different passwords and 4 different usernames, mix and match 'em up for services. - FFing Enigma
Social engineering never dies eh ?? :)- - Peter Dawson
How about PassPack? - Thomas Ho from twhirl
I always get that 10 second dumb stare at the screen when I'm trying to remember what my password is. Then it's like someone smacked me in the head... "oh yeah, that's it." - Chris Rivait
1passwd = lifesaving mac app - @baratunde from twhirl
i use my brain. it seems foolproof thusfar. - Luis from twhirl
I use Keepass - (KeepassX for OSX) - Kreg Steppe
I have a couple different usernames and passwords for different kinds of sites/services, and write them all down on a piece of paper that I keep in a fireproof safe. I change them all every 6 months. - Brent Newhall
Egad! I have 1/2 dozen passwords I cycle in and out. - Chris Abraham from twhirl
I use Perfect Paper Passwords. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I use one really really long passphrase so that I can use it across multiple, yet secure, services but which would intimidate anybody trying to look over my shoulder. One thing I find important for sites is to use free text security questions so that I can be free to lose/forget my password but to have a unified security question across all services. This would be ideal but hasn't been implemented very well. - Derick Valadao
David Allen Ibsen
Oh, and two-thirds (67%) of San Francisco email users say they’ve checked their email from the bathroom.
100% of Chris Abrahams have checked email from the bathroom. TMI - Chris Abraham from twhirl
David Allen Ibsen
"Surging Eel" is the first eel drink in Japan:
If you can love Clamato, you will adore Surging Eel! - Chris Abraham from twhirl
Jeremiah Owyang
When I hit 10,000 followers, I'm giving away at Nokia N810 Internet Tablet that I've been reviewing.
do already following followers count? - Todd Jordan
I notice that you didn't specify the rules of this contest. Hmnnn. Very tricky. ;-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Ok does this qualify for Scoble's begging for followers rule? - Brian Sullivan
Existing followers count. I'm not begging Brian, when I said this I was just a hours from reaching this follow rate anyways. What's wrong with giving back. I hope I didn't come across that way, now I'm having second thoughts. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah: I thought it sounded a genuine offer and a nice way to give back. - Sally Church
I had to do a double take, I thought this was from Jason Calacanis - Shey
@Shey I did the same thing! But then I saw it was Jeremiah, and realized it wasn't a beg for followers but simply a prize to hand out once he hits 10,000. Very cool! - Nathaniel Payne
Danny (Who just removed his comment from here), Shey. I've just announced it from my twitter, BEFORE I hit the 10k mark. I really don't want to look like a begger, I didn't think this through clearly, my intent really was to give back to the community. As a result, I've announced it immediately after reading your thoughts here. - Jeremiah Owyang
so how many followers to you have now ? - Peter Dawson
9,973. I had aprox 9950 when I said I was going to do this yesterday, this is normal growth for me, there was no spike. - Jeremiah Owyang
@Jeremiah No problem, understood. - Shey
is it true @jowyang ? :) @kevin of diggs also is promising similar things but.... :) - Arjun
Nathaniel Payne, Sally Church thanks for understanding, read my post, I'll never do a giveaway tied to 'followers' again. Learned my lesson. - Jeremiah Owyang
Sorry Jeremiah but it sounds like you're begging and looking for an ego-boost. Your contributions here and in other social networks are too good to do stuff like this IMHO. We don't need handouts to continue to follow (or to be convinced to start). I enjoy following you (and others for that matter) because of what you say and offer to the community. We're not looking for "give backs", just valuable content and worthwhile discussions -- so please keep it coming! - Ron Emrick
Jeremiah, I definitely deserve it, right? :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
Even sophisticated electronic communicators can misconstrue messages. I saw your follower count as a "kickoff" for the giveaway. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
not to be rude, but for a guy who studies social media communities for a living, this was pretty tone deaf. what were you thinking? - Andrew Feinberg
This tweet came in: "@soxgal: @jowyang Even sophisticated electronic communicators can misconstrue messages. I saw your follower count as a "kickoff" for the giveaway." Yes, that was my intent, it was a countdown timer...not begging. - Jeremiah Owyang
Andrew Feinberg. well I guess not everyone agrees... @agfhome: @jowyang not to be rude, but for a guy who studies social media communities for a living, this was pretty tone deaf. what were you thinking? I apologized in public - Jeremiah Owyang
hey cut him some slack !! Jeremiah is one of those rare folks around here that REALLY genuiely has INTEGRITY. and NO HE IS NOT BEGGIN- so STFU and lets who is the luckly follower. Am in half a mind to unfollow and keep unfollowing and game the thing ..heheh :)- - Peter Dawson
Actually, Peter, the giveaway isn't based on his followers. You have to go to a special hidden page on his blog that he linked in a tweet and respond to a question there in order to be in the running. - Nathaniel Payne
Anyone who has followed Jeremiah for a while knows he isn't the type to do what he's being accused of. - Shey
@Shey: Come on... we all want that Internet tablet! :p (I swear that I'm kidding) - directeur from NoiseRiver
I subscribed to you, not for the tablet but for the value you contribute. - Mike Fruchter
20 to go! - Vezquex
lol@directeur the groveling hasn't started yet! if anything that would just eliminate me a possible winner :P - Shey
@Shey (shey): ;-) - directeur from NoiseRiver
9,980 :) - Morgan
I winked to show that I was joking. You all ready have me in your ranks. Jeremiah is good people. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Thanks for the DM Jeremiah! :-) Were you able to attain this milestone? - Mathew A. Koeneker
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