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Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich

Biomedical Engineer. Interested in Information Theory, Evolution, Genetics, Digital Signal Processing, Theoretical Mathematics.
.@JenEDavison I wholeheartedly agree & literally just wrote about it! Thanks for serendipitously highlighting this
.@chrisgreenhow Congrats on the blurb in Nature and the BJET article! #HigherED #SM Science2.0
RT @WSJ: The number of U.S. jobs requiring math or science knowledge increased to 16.8 million - up 31% from 2000.
RT @googleresearch: Celebrate the 156th birthday of Max Planck, who ignored words against pursuing a career in physics, at
RT @NIMBioS: Live streaming tomorrow: Modeling Contamination of Fresh Produce Investigative Workshop #produceWS
Just noticed that @paulcoxon is following me. His follower list is so rich, my head may explode: #math #physics
Imagine being able to select, copy and even translate text as if it was plain text. #awesometechnology @antimatter15
chrisaldrich on BME Transfers? -
"Make sure you spend a few minutes from time to time in Cathy Jancuk's office to let her know and register your interest. She can also give you the best advice about changing and how to handle advising and timing. You don't really start taking BME specific classes until your junior year, so until then it doesn't matter a whole lot. In the meanwhile make sure you're taking all the appropriate pre-reqs. When you're ready to make the switch pull the appropriate trigger to put the paperwork in motion. In case you need it, make sure you've got a backup plan to be an EE, ME, CE major or one of the other related-BME program majors." - Chris Aldrich
Reframing What Academic Freedom Means in the Ditigal Age #HigherEd #DH #SM @ProfHacker
SCOTUS upholds Michigan's Affirmative Action ban. But we need @FiveThirtyEight to analyze the data to filter noise
RT @tcarmody: An argument that we've been listening to all of Robert Johnson's blues recordings at the wrong RPM: ht @maxfenton
QOTD: Publishers on Amazon: "You don’t want your father who abuses you physically to lose his job.”
Re: Things I Love: April 2014 - Leslie Farnsworth: Blog - Leslie Farnsworth -
"I love reading about what others use and love. I wrote something similar recently myself (which includes things I've loved for a long time):" - Chris Aldrich
RT @cxdig: Complexity Digest joins Complex Systems Society
.@HopkinsEngineer M Ostermeier can not only write on "In vitro recomb. of non-homologous genes," but he can jam!
CECAM Workshop: “Entropy in Biomolecular Systems” starts May 14 in Vienna. #ITBio
I think I should stop reading several journals, magazines, and newspapers and just follow @jafurtado and his excellent Twitter feed.
Is anyone else using @RapGenius or @PoetryGenius for digital humanities? #dhsocal
"You have a new follower on FriendFeed" - haven't seen that in a looonng time.
RT @DNA20_web: Paper/presentation/poster submission deadline is extended to 22 April.
.@HopkinsEngineer Justine Mink '09 has figured out how to run the world on spit: @JHU_Alumni
RT @preskill: Caltech Prank Club strikes: MIT coffee mugs, distributed at pre-frosh weekend, become Caltech mugs when hot.
.@SAISHopkins @HopkinsEngineer This is great! Imagine how much better the world could be with more #SAISers having engineering courses!
2014 Andrew J. Viterbi Distinguished Lecture in Communication on Thursday: Abbas El Gamal @USCViterbi
chrisaldrich on Science AMA Series: I'm Chris Adami, the guy that figured out what happens to information in black holes. Ask me anything! -
"Given your background in information theory, computer science, and physics, what can you say about the potential unification about the concept of entropy in these fields? That is, the equations for entropy are all fairly similar, but have different semantic applications in each of the fields. Are they all the same as E.T. Jaynes would indicate? Why does so much of the literature seem to divorce Shannon's entropy from that of statistical mechanics? Where does Kolmogorov entropy fit into this picture?" - Chris Aldrich
Why should I attend JHU over other schools? -
chrisaldrich on Science AMA Series: I'm Chris Adami, the guy that figured out what happens to information in black holes. Ask me anything! -
"Christoph, Thanks for the AMA! There are a few small references to math in the comments already, but for the budding scientists out there, can you outline the math curriculum you followed in university and graduate school? What math have you studied following this?" - Chris Aldrich
"Living in Cybernetics" - 50th Anniversary Conference of the American Society for Cybernetics
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