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Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

Biz Anthropologist. Content Marketer Extraordinaire. Snarky but helpful. Lover of heavy metal, beer, & red meat. Dad & hubby. Currently for Hire.
Re: Automatic Renewals: Realistic or Too Good to Be True? -
"While auto-renewals can definitely save the association time and money, it can also create a sense of complacency around value. Membership always centers around delivering new and compelling reasons to remain with the association. So, while these barriers and hesitations are real, we need to also stay focused on the reasons why members want to renew in the first place - whether automated or manually." - Chris Bailey
Re: Maybe I’m Not An Extrovert After All -
"Cathy, you are so not alone. I've struggled with the bastard called anxiety for the better part of my life. I have my very good days as well as my dark days where I want to cling tightly to the safety of my home and shut off myself from the outside world. Like you, I've gone to events recently and within 5 minutes said, "To hell with this, I gotta go." And you know what? There's no shame in this. Not one bit. We do what we need to do to survive. Know that there is light and goodness and hope. Those who love you will accept you and never turn you away. You are - and always will be - enough. And if you ever need to talk to someone who understands the pain of anxiety, know I am here for you." - Chris Bailey
Re: VIDEO: Building Your Brand Ambassador Program -
"I appreciate your comment, Simon. All best wishes to you and your nonprofit venture." - Chris Bailey
Thoughts On: Will Moneyball Analytics Kill Loyalty and Leadership? -
How To Piss Off Your Employees the Yahoo! Way -
Re: What Company Culture IS and IS NOT -
"Rand, this is a thoughtful and eloquent post. Trying to understand organizational culture is one reason I chose to pursue a post-grad degree in anthropology. There are a few other issues that plague how businesses of all sizes and stripes conceive of their culture. And they're all interrelated: 1. A belief that culture can be built, top-down. Yes, as you mention, it's important for leadership to clearly articulate values, mission, etc. But these elements just provide the loose structure, a direction. They are really not culture themselves. Also, just because the CEO says, "This is our culture" doesn't make it true. It's way bigger than that. 2. A belief that there is just one culture. No matter how many people call an organization their professional home, there is not just one culture in play. There are multiple subcultures that often get overlooked. Think about the differences between accounting and sales. Yes, they may adhere to the same shared norms and values of the company, but..." - Chris Bailey
Re: Aspects of narrative work: III Power - Cognitive Edge Network Blog -
"I love what you say here, Dave. I wrestle with these very concepts daily as marketer, anthropologist, and business consultant. It's all so easy to gather stories from individuals and then undermine their full power by driving as quickly as possible to quantify for results. But I do have a question: What happens when the story teller doesn't fully understand the meaning of their story? Is there not a space where the audience helps add to that meaning? Perhaps this is what you're saying in the final paragraph. Thank you for giving me something to carefully consider today." - Chris Bailey
The Importance of the Father and Daughter Relationship -
The Global Square = The End of Facebook? « Dan Cull Weblog -
Tribler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
zopeproject 0.4.2 : Python Package Index -
Grok - A Smashing Web Framework — Grok -
"The AlvisP2P IR engine enables efficient retrieval with multi-term queries from a global document collection distirbuted in a P2P network. In such a network, each peer publishes its local documents (or local indexes) and invests a part of its local computing resources (storage, CPU, bandwidth) to maintain a fraction of a global P2P index. This investment is rewarded by the network-wide accessibility of the local documents via the global search facility." - Chris Bailey
4th Generation Peer-to-Peer Technology - YouTube -
4th Generation Peer-to-Peer Technology - YouTube
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, "Here Comes the Groom" - YouTube -
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, "Here Comes the Groom" - YouTube
Ting - Mobile That Makes Sense -
Verizon Wireless « Customer Experience Matters -
"The GeoNames geographical database covers all countries and contains over eight million placenames that are available for download free of charge." - Chris Bailey
MLM Help Desk Home Of The Maverick Leader - Troy Dooly : Breaking MLM News: Troy Dooly's Top Four MLM Penny Auction Picks After Zeek Rewards and Two Ponzi Wa -
"Troy, If you are so big on people/companies having their "day in court" and "innocent until proven guilty", why would you call JSS Tripler a ponzi? Just like Zeek, they claim to have a "compliance team". Just like Zeek, they advise members to avoid terms like invest, compound, etc. Just like Zeek, they claim they are selling a product/service. With Zeek it was bids. With JSS Tripler, it's "advertising packages". And just like Zeek, they offer an ROI on your "purchase" that is greater than 1% per day, but is not "guaranteed"(wink-wink-nudge-nudge)." - Chris Bailey
MLM Help Desk Home Of The Maverick Leader - Troy Dooly : Breaking Zeek Rewards News: SRN Denton To Represent Zeek Affiliates United Against What is Believed -
"Gee, what an absolute shock that Mr. Craddock left out that small detail about SNR Denton not actually representing all the affiliates that he is soliciting money from. Even though you did mention it in your second video, I think it bears repeating in print as it was finally updated on the zteambiz site. "SNR Denton’s legal representation is limited to Fun Club USA; SNR Denton does not represent and does not have an attorney-client relationship with affiliates of Zeek, Zeek Rewards, Rex Venture Group LLC or with any individual or party that chooses to provide funds to Fun Club USA." More lies and deception fed to the Zeek affiliates with the help of MLMHelpDesk. Great idea to trust the guy that lied to HubPages about trademark and copyright infringements in a failed attempt to get KS Chang's hub permanently removed. You call it a class action suit Troy. What is it, a class twelve? Also, how can a law firm bill a client for calls from people that they don't represent? If that's the..." - Chris Bailey
MLM Help Desk Home Of The Maverick Leader - Troy Dooly : Breaking MLM Penny Auction News: Zeek Rewards aka Rex Venture Inc Opening In Europe -
"You had a number of posts to your YouTube videos spouting the same nonsense. Whether or not someone is going to launch something with a similar name or not doesn't matter. The ponzi regulars have probably already found their next one. If they got in earlier enough, they pulled out their seed money and milked the house money for all they could before it was shut down. If they got in too late to profit, they knew better than to invest more than they could afford to lose and some even stay on top of the refund process so that they can get their "spend" back and throw it into their next ponzi game. Whether this new Zeek launches or not, there are already several knockoffs for the players to choose from. Given the dollar amounts and highly visible nature of the Zeek ponzi, I think you will get to see your trial. You seem to have the false impression that Paul's deal with the SEC precludes criminal actions. Here is a recent blurb that PPBlog just posted over at BehindMLM highlighting the..." - Chris Bailey
MLM Help Desk Home Of The Maverick Leader - Troy Dooly : Why Does The Network Marketing Community Shoot Our Wounded? Zeek Rewards Affiliates Shot Dead -
"For whatever reason, this comment system is flaky on my end. Keep getting session expired messages, so I try one here. Troy, do you believe that Paul Burks fabricating the daily RPP payout percentage is "doing everything they thought was needed to stay inside the letter of the law."" - Chris Bailey
MLM Help Desk Home Of The Maverick Leader - Troy Dooly : Breaking MLM Penny Auction News: Zeek Rewards aka Rex Venture Inc Opening In Europe -
"LOL, welcome to Ponzi Land, Troy. The type of stuff critics deal with every day." - Chris Bailey
Taste of Ethiopia (5/5) -
"My wife and I had had a rather tough week with our business. The kind of tough week that makes you really look forward to Friday and a date night where we could just get away from it all. We needed…" - Chris Bailey
Re: Why Twitter needs to learn a lesson from Apple. And FAST. -
"Thank you, Mark. I read your kind thoughts last night and they made me smile. I needed to read them after a tough week. I promise to not be such a stranger and hopefully we will get that chance to catch up very, very soon. I can sometimes err toward the side of criticizing Twitter execs for their actions but I can also appreciate their dilemma. It's hard to chart a different course, get everyone on board to make the shift, and then execute the change. Old businesses and relationships may need to get tossed. The question is will it enhance Twitter's business over the long haul or curse it to the fate of something like AOL which lost its way?" - Chris Bailey
Re: Why Twitter needs to learn a lesson from Apple. And FAST. -
"Mark, I've been wondering about the private conversations, the hidden dynamics that are taking place within Twitter (and really any other companies that rely on third-party developers to accentuate their business). I imagine that these changes are fueled by funders who are tiring of not seeing a full return on investment. But in the balance is the culture of outside developers who have made Twitter every bit of the success it might be today. A culture is a fragile thing and I wonder if the braintrust at Twitter fully grasps this reality. Maybe they do and choose to take the risk. They've backed themselves into a pretty tight corner. Only time will tell if Twitter thrives or wanders into obsolescence within the next few years." - Chris Bailey
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