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Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

Biz Anthropologist. Content Marketer Extraordinaire. Snarky but helpful. Lover of heavy metal, beer, & red meat. Dad & hubby. Currently for Hire.
Re: Why It’s Hard to be a Volunteer (And Even Harder for You to Find Them) -
"What continues to shock and frustrate me is how many of my fellow NPOs don't even bother to respond to requests to volunteer. They put the volunteer forms on their site and then when interested folks sign up.......nothing. Which, while I understand we're busy, starts off the volunteer experience in a very poor way. If I'm not important enough to get a simple response saying, "Hi. Thanks. We'll be back with you soon.", then why should I think I'm important to the org's needs and mission?" - Chris Bailey
LeBron’s Homecoming Story Mirrors Our Own Journey -
Re: Are Groups Next on LinkedIn's Chopping Block? -
"Excellent observations. One reason why it's essential to remember that when we rent space online with FB or LinkedIn, there may be benefits to getting eyeballs but we really don't have control and ownership over our content. And the landlords can kick us out without much notice or care." - Chris Bailey
Summits Wayside Tavern (3/5) -
"I want to like this place. I really do. The beer flows freely and the food is pretty tasty. But I was just underwhelmed by the service. I practically had to beg to get any food, a second beer, and my…" - Chris Bailey
Re: 20 Awesome Nonprofit Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading -
"Excellent list. Lately, I've been impressed with the quality of content from Bloomerang:" - Chris Bailey
Re: Wake Up – Why It’s Now About the Media not the Social -
"Thanks, Carrie. Given the problems that PBS and NPR have had lately with funding, I'm not sure who wants to tackle this...but this may be just the opportunity to innovate in a way that folks might gravitate toward. Imagine a social network that isn't about selling your data to the highest bidder, but one that genuinely wants to keep you in touch with friends, family, and the greater societal good." - Chris Bailey
Re: Wake Up – Why It’s Now About the Media not the Social -
"Yes, I can understand the disappointment, but in hindsight it feels almost inevitable. Which leads to a couple of questions/thoughts: 1. What will it take for us to be more conscious participants in this new media landscape? If more of us saw the reality of our participation in providing FB, TW, and LI with their means of existence, would they choose a different course? Perhaps not. Perhaps it's the price we're willing to pay for our amusement and sense of connection (if we can still call it connection). 2. Is there a potential opening for a nonprofit-like entity to enter the scene? Think NPR/PBS model among the major broadcast networks. How could something like this gain the needed audience to become a viable enterprise? Just some ideas that your post provoked, Jay. Thanks for nudge." - Chris Bailey
Re: 10 Things I Learned In 2013: The Year Of The Existential Speedbump -
"Thanks for sharing John. When my Inner Critic whispers to me about my failings, I respond that each time was an example of me courageously taking a risk. It's how we learn and challenge ourselves. I'm excited about the work you're doing now and look forward to watching you thrive in the years to come. Be well and strong." - Chris Bailey
10 Things I Learned In 2013: The Year Of The Existential Speedbump -
Video: Being Real, Telling My Story -
Re: Video: Being Real, Telling My Story -
"Thank you, David. I haven't read Learning to Fall and that excerpt was beautiful. There is so much truth in his words and appreciate you sharing it. Here's to appreciating the strawberries that are all around us...and the courage to fall with and to grace. Be well, my friend." - Chris Bailey
Re: Lunchtime Links: Leading Your Clan Of Loyal Volunteers: Associations Now -
"Not all members value the same thing about their association. When it comes to demonstrating membership value, it's also critical to know what each important segment values most. Instead of pitching a one-size-fits-all value across your entire membership, build member personas and segment your database accordingly. That way, you can highlight the different ways your association creates value." - Chris Bailey
Re: On Letting Go and Letting In -
"Thank you, Wim. The realization that my best is yet to come in my 40s and beyond is exciting. Here's to us doing great work in 2014." - Chris Bailey
Re: Donations Through Facebook? I'd Think Twice About That -
"Oh, don't feel bad. I think we have to be skeptics (or at least thoughtful objectionists). Lest our organizations go all-in on the next bright-shiny-object, then wonder why they've lost money, time, resources, and credibility on a half-baked - though well-intentioned - idea." - Chris Bailey
Re: Donations Through Facebook? I'd Think Twice About That -
"Maggie, I was thinking along these similar lines yesterday. Yes, the potential to clear out a little bit of friction from the donation process sounds intriguing...but the trust between donor and nonprofit is too important to leave open to Facebook's whims and frequent snafus. I'll be curious to see what adoption looks like in 6 months and wager most nonprofits will also be in a wait-and-see mode. Too much risk for too little probable reward." - Chris Bailey
"Thanks, Tommy. I admire what you're building through your own business. Having been through it all before myself, I know how hard you work to build something you love. Cheers to you, my friend. Here's to a great 2014 for us both." - Chris Bailey
Reclaiming My Purpose…Oh, And Depression Sucks -
Re: Automatic Renewals: Realistic or Too Good to Be True? -
"While auto-renewals can definitely save the association time and money, it can also create a sense of complacency around value. Membership always centers around delivering new and compelling reasons to remain with the association. So, while these barriers and hesitations are real, we need to also stay focused on the reasons why members want to renew in the first place - whether automated or manually." - Chris Bailey
Re: Maybe I’m Not An Extrovert After All -
"Cathy, you are so not alone. I've struggled with the bastard called anxiety for the better part of my life. I have my very good days as well as my dark days where I want to cling tightly to the safety of my home and shut off myself from the outside world. Like you, I've gone to events recently and within 5 minutes said, "To hell with this, I gotta go." And you know what? There's no shame in this. Not one bit. We do what we need to do to survive. Know that there is light and goodness and hope. Those who love you will accept you and never turn you away. You are - and always will be - enough. And if you ever need to talk to someone who understands the pain of anxiety, know I am here for you." - Chris Bailey
Re: VIDEO: Building Your Brand Ambassador Program -
"I appreciate your comment, Simon. All best wishes to you and your nonprofit venture." - Chris Bailey
Thoughts On: Will Moneyball Analytics Kill Loyalty and Leadership? -
How To Piss Off Your Employees the Yahoo! Way -
Re: What Company Culture IS and IS NOT -
"Rand, this is a thoughtful and eloquent post. Trying to understand organizational culture is one reason I chose to pursue a post-grad degree in anthropology. There are a few other issues that plague how businesses of all sizes and stripes conceive of their culture. And they're all interrelated: 1. A belief that culture can be built, top-down. Yes, as you mention, it's important for leadership to clearly articulate values, mission, etc. But these elements just provide the loose structure, a direction. They are really not culture themselves. Also, just because the CEO says, "This is our culture" doesn't make it true. It's way bigger than that. 2. A belief that there is just one culture. No matter how many people call an organization their professional home, there is not just one culture in play. There are multiple subcultures that often get overlooked. Think about the differences between accounting and sales. Yes, they may adhere to the same shared norms and values of the company, but..." - Chris Bailey
Re: Aspects of narrative work: III Power - Cognitive Edge Network Blog -
"I love what you say here, Dave. I wrestle with these very concepts daily as marketer, anthropologist, and business consultant. It's all so easy to gather stories from individuals and then undermine their full power by driving as quickly as possible to quantify for results. But I do have a question: What happens when the story teller doesn't fully understand the meaning of their story? Is there not a space where the audience helps add to that meaning? Perhaps this is what you're saying in the final paragraph. Thank you for giving me something to carefully consider today." - Chris Bailey
The Importance of the Father and Daughter Relationship -
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