Chris Brogan
What I Want PR and Marketing Professionals To Know -
I've gotta say. As someone involved in the area - I am proud to (at least feel) one step ahead of the game. There is nothing out there I have ever felt as passionate about, apart from my baby, and I can't see the passion dwindling. - Zee.
btw, which plugin allows for friendfeed comments directly on the blog? Or is that a Movable Type blog you've got there... Oh, no it's not. Which plugin is that? - Zee.
Great post, you hit most of my recent peeves. - Heather Solos
strange - sure i have that installed but I'm not getting the ability to add comments directly on the blog which is awesome. Will look into it - cheers. - Zee.
I'm a long-time PR and Public Affairs guy, but I'm far removed from any metropolitan areas. Very few of my long-time contacts and colleagues are even aware of what Web 2.0 or Social Media are, much less what they mean. They may have a LinkedIn or FaceBook account,but they see such tools as no more than toys. The practical applications of this stuff are beyond them still. I hope to gradually pull some out of their caves and into the light. - Bob Finch