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Mona Nomura
i LOL'd - Mona Nomura
that is so wicked !! LOL - Peter Dawson
does anyone know how to press t-shirts? - Mona Nomura
Perhaps the most awesome thing I will see today. - Roger Benningfield
Roger: if you picked this over Edythe's boobie post, you are a true geek ;) welcome to the club HA - Mona Nomura
all you need is like iron on printing paper, print the image (backwards of course) iron on - Outsanity
Thanks guys, my half bday is coming up (july 29th), UPS comes to my house... just saying ;) - Mona Nomura
whats a half bday ? - Peter Dawson
my bday = jan 29th, july 29th marks my 1/2 year mark :) - Mona Nomura
Mona: Half birthday?? Are you still 5? :) - Justin Korn
i celebrate every year... i get half a cake and presents!!! - Mona Nomura
my 1/8 bday is coming up ppl. pls check amazon wishlist. - Hao Chen
Mona: So I'll make you this shirt, but you only get half of it...Hoa get's an 1/8 and the rest will be fed to my (imaginary) dog - Justin Korn
genius lol! - .LAG liked that
hey hao, i don't see a wish list! @JK: can i get the top half? - Mona Nomura
ahhahahh.. I did a double take. - Adam Helweh
this is the only place I know of where this many people would get that joke. Well here too - Doug Brooks
hmmm why does FF link to instead of your wishlist url? - Hao Chen
to get to the otherside.....crap i used that yesterday.. i'm recycling punchlines. me=fail sidenote:maybe instead of ads they're gonna generate revenue through clicks? - Mona Nomura
I don't know which is funnier - the joke, or the fact that I understood the joke and LOLed. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
*chuckle* it's still making rounds - Michael W. May from twhirl
i TOTALLY forgot about this! LOL - Mona Nomura
Guardian Media Group Buys paidContent for $30 Million -
Wow. Bloggers do well. Love this site. - Robert Scoble
big congrats to the PaidContent crew, they certainly deserved it - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Cream rises to the top, and gets quickly slurped off! PC rocks, glad for their good fortune. - Jeff Eddings
Thomas Hawk
In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many - The Lede - Breaking News - New York Times Blog -
In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many - The Lede - Breaking News - New York Times Blog
For its part, Agence France-Presse retracted its four-missile version this morning, saying that the image was “apparently digitally altered” by Iranian state media. The fourth missile “has apparently been added in digital retouch to cover a grounded missile that may have failed during the test,” the agency said. Later, it published an article quoting several experts. Throughout the day, several news sites have taken steps to disown the photograph that they ran on Wednesday, including and - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Oh come on - you'd think they would learn that we live in the 21st century by now? - DAVE ID
Idiots. - Shawn Farner
We should have caught this on the desk though. It probably got validated in a hurry and wasn't thoroughly checked - Jon Dillon
That's amazing. lol - justine
I find the enthusiasm of media funny. Media should better direct our country's foreign policy than scoring some brownie points on photoshop disasters. How does it matter if one missile failed. What matters is what we are going to do to stop missile proliferation without using our own missile. Scoring such brownie points are kid's play and not media's. - Krishnan Subramanian
The Iranians should be writing Photoshop tutorials instead of trying to mimic their missle supply! - John Barker
busted by the Lizard Army - Jeff Evans
Great story! - Daan
Nice catch ya'll. Wag the dog indeed! - Mathew A. Koeneker I suck at Photoshop :-( - AJ Batac
Good that AFP caught it. I've been documenting "fauxtography" in the media: - Kevin Lim
If the photo would have come the Pentagon instead of Iran's Revolutionary Guard the AP would have checked it out. - Robert Hafer
@Robert you mean the AFP - Rubin Sfadj
@RobertHafer, the AFP ran the unedited, doctored satellite photos prior to the war in Iraq. - Prolific Programmer
Looks like one of their missiles didn't fire! - Ben Metcalfe from twhirl
"If you suffer from Ballistic Missile Launch Malfunction, then Misalys may be right for you..." - Live4Emma (L4S)
5 to 1 they used a pirated copy...they need to download a few Photoshop Podcasts for some tips on cloning...better yet, download "You Suck at Photoshop"... - Live4Emma (L4S)
That is incredibly disturbing; the Photoshop clone tool will prolly be the cause of the button press on the next significant US-involved conflict. - Clay Newton
Photography can be a powerful tool and terribly politically influential. I watched a photography documentary recently that cited the famous photo of a buddhist monk lighting himself on fire as the tipping point on the Vietnam involvement with President Kennedy. - Thomas Hawk
My Dad told me that it was when Cronkite declared the war "unwinnable" after the Tet Offensive that America changed their tune on the war... - Live4Emma (L4S)
Let's just drop the old one down the memory tubes to get rid of the double-plus-un-true version. - Nicholas Molnar
The 50 Most Influential Female Bloggers -
one day I'll get there... - Orli Yakuel
50 bloggers X 10000 twitter following requests.. twitter will be down soon :):) - Naor Mark
Somebody make sure Playboy doesn't see that list. - Eric Schlissel from twhirl
Boo...No Sarah Perez or Corvida. But congrats to the ones I do follow: Veronica Belmont, Gina Trapani, Emily Chang, Leah Culver, & Justine Ezarik. - Mark Krynsky
There's always a few missing on these lists (especially niche bloggers including the above ... Ann Smarty, and Shana Albert) but this is an incredibly good list (with descriptions). Well worth exploring! - Charlie Anzman
Ditto Mark, plus congrats to our Tamar, and Amber MacArthur as well (fan of her stuff as well) - finally a list of females in tech and blogging that doesn't involve "sexiest" or "nakedest." - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
no Perez Hilton? - Jamie
I added my mom in the comments: - Steve Garfield from twhirl
congrats veronica.... #33, 32.... top 10 soon? already topping twitter's right? - Pajama Domain
good list - sent to my blogger wife :) - mike "glemak" dunn
Could Perez Hilton handle all 140 characters? like, that's a lot! - Herb Myers
This was a great list. Added a few new blogs to Google Reader. - Sean Brady
What... no Cordiva? :-) - Andrew Dobrow
Well Female bloggers usually gets 'popularity' faster...but nice list. - Saad Kamal
hey where's SarahinTampa, Cordiva, Cyndy or Svetlana? - update list please! ;-) - Susan Beebe
I'm just happy its up for discussion. - Erin @queenofspain
Only heard of 3-4 of them, Veronica included :D but if they are there, it means they deserve it - Dan V from twhirl
I knew about 3/4s of the list and they absolutely deserve it. These are all great bloggers, well worth checking out. - Robert Scoble
congrats Veronica! - Kevin Rose
This reminds me that had I not given up on the first blog I started back in 98, maybe I'd be on this list. But I don't have the drive and passion these very worthy women have! Congrats to you, Veronica and all on the list! More importantly, keep doing what you do, because it is important and valuable. - Shawna Benson
What an impressive list! Quite a few I follow already, but nice to have some more to check out. - Sally Church
ok which one s/we get Playboy to cover ? Remember TC's post of late ? - Peter Dawson
Why does there have to be a separate list for most influential male/female bloggers? Why not just a list for the 50 or 100 most influential bloggers? Why the gender distinction? - Michael Tefft
After posting about the bikinibloggers of Urlesque & the wish for naked bloggers of Playboy at it was worthwile to pay some attention to influential female bloggers. Really influential, I'm talking about. But why do all these American sites pay so much atttention female bloggers, I wonder. So sudden, I mean. - Ton Zijp
whole story is suspect due to claim that blogging pair coined term "fugly" - WTF! :-) - Deva Hazarika
Andy, just that the attention is there so suddenly, in such a way that they all make a list (20 bloggers Urlesque wants to see in bikini, 9 Playboy wants to see naked, 50 really influential according to N x E). I follow news about weblogs worldwide, I publish about it daily, so for me it's really surprising that in just a few days all these sites are concentrating at female bloggers. I don't take conclusions on that, but it really surprises me. July = bikinimonth? Like Urlesque said? - Ton Zijp
I know a few, and have a few others in my rss reader. But this blog post is screaming for an OPML. - Laura Scott (@lauras) from Alert Thingy
nice resource, re: formatteddad's comment- as long as there is no bias or exclussion. anything that brings more voices to the conversation- the better! sometimes we need to identify the voices that might not be getting the BIG exposure. - michael sean wright
where's corvida? where's corvida? - Sarah Perez
Congratulations for making the list! - Jeff P. Henderson
@Sarah - I was looking for Corvida too! - Yolanda
What about Paige and Gretchen from MommyCast? They deserve to be on the list. - Barry Reicherter from twhirl
You go girls!! But where are the AFRICAN AMERICAN & HISPANIC & INDIA, etc bloggers. A little discriminating, don't ya think? - ChaCha Fance
Scott Beale
MOO recently launched their fabulous new line of full-size business cards & each card can have a different photo
I ordered some last week, I will let you know how they look. While it is great to be able to put on photos, I was disappointed that they had so few font and layout options. - Aura Mae
Just went through the order process now to create cards for the company. It was a nightmare we had to re-upload the 50 images for each staff member , no way to reuse the images previously uploaded. Plus as Aura says we were disappointed by the lack of layout options. Hope they print nice though now we've been through that - Jon Dillon
pretty cool - D.J.
It won't load my images at all. is dropping the ball. It's too bad - Thomas Hawk
As a graphic designer, i'm going to check into these, thanks for the link! - orionstarr
but if only their website actually allowed you to order cards. sigh. - Thomas Hawk
I had no issues ordering some last week. Thomas, might it be they have a hard time supporting your collection of photos since there are so many? - dbcohen
@Dave -- The problem Thomas and ScottBourne were having was that the load time on Moo was just hanging because of their large Flickrstreams. I emailed them about it and got this response: "The size of the flickrstream shouldn't affect the load time. possibly if you had thousands of sets it might affect the sets tab, but otherwise it's loaded in pages." Tom also got this response, so I emailed them back and await another response. - Matt Donders
They told me the same thing Matt. I think they are lying. I emailed Richard Moross their CEO earlier today, we'll see if he writes back. Hopefully we'll be able to order some Moo cards someday. - Thomas Hawk
I made some buisness cards from their post cards, huge photo on front and a ton of space for anything you wanted on the back. They look fantastic. - Squid
Beautiful cards -- MOO classic paper has something called Matt laminated - is this a typo or is there a guy named Matt doing the lamination? ;-) - Helene
@Helene -- You got me! I am laminating the cards for Moo, haha. - Matt Donders
full-sized moo cards? Awesome news. Hello, Vistaprint-- you there? no? - Doug Haslam from twhirl
I attempted to put a batch of cards together a few days ago. The site layout (using FF3 under Ubuntu Hardy) was just not working. dropdown menu divs layered below other divs, among other errors. Made it impossible to see what I was doing. I eventually worked it out, but won't order until I know they've got their act together... not confident the transaction processing will work if they can't get some basic div layering right, ya know? - abacab from twhirl
Thomas Hawk
Yahoo and Getty Strike Deal to Sell Stock Photography Through Flickr -
SeattlePi: "Flickr users, many of whom are amateurs, will be paid in the same manner as professionals if their images are used commercially. Getty customers usually pay between $29 and $200,000 for an image, depending on how freely they may use it. Photographers receive 30 percent to 40 percent of the licensing fee if the customer's rights to use the image are limited in scope or time, or 20 percent if the image may be used with fewer restrictions." - Thomas Hawk
Sounds good to me, would be nice to make a little bit of money... Being that my current income is somewhere around nothing... - Grant Bierman
i guess we'll hear more complaints from "pros" about having more competition and how hard it is to make a living. - moogs
@grant bierman : don't count on it though. you'll be competing with bajillions of other flickr users, in addition to the seasoned pros. your photo really has to stand out. - moogs
I'll be curious as to how seriously Getty markets the "Flickr" collection. The cynic might say that Getty is simply locking in Flickr away from competitors, especially #2 Corbis which is 100% owned by Bill Gates (which would make for an interesting play if MSFT acquired Yahoo). Whether or not Getty seriously markets these images or is simply playing lipservice remains to be seen. - Thomas Hawk
Current Getty photographers are probably pissed as hell about a new bunch of amateurs joining their ranks. Getty has always put a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon between their Pro work and the "substandard" work of amateurs who have all been directed to iStockphoto where they can sell their image for $1. It will be interesting to watch how they finally handle the admission that many amateurs are in fact just as good as the Pros. - Thomas Hawk
i doubt this leads to much for either group. yahoo doesn't own the world's largest collection of images. they own the best site for image sharing. we own our images. yahoo/flickr can't make a deal to sell our images. they can make a deal with getty to give getty better access to our images and our data. getty still has to talk to us about getting permission to sell our images. and what... more... - sam b-r
@ramil Yeah I know, it's best pretty much treat it as a lottery. You might win, but there is a whole lot of other players, so just enjoy the ride and not worry about it. - Grant Bierman
Sam, very good points. I too wonder how seriously they will take this. And I also wonder how this will sit with the Flickr community when a few get selected to make money and most do not. Still, I'm excited about the potential of the deal and think that if it's done right this could be a great avenue for Flickr photographers to begin earning money from their photos. So much is still to be determined. I hope it's not lip service or hot air. - Thomas Hawk
I'd prefer that flickr just roll out a feature that a) lets me mark which of my photos I want to and CAN sell (have the appropriate releases, resolution and such). b). exposes a tool/service/whatever so that other people can easily query flickr for photos c.) handles payments for me. - moogs
ramil: I agree. I don't understand why Flickr hasn't rolled something out like this already. - Justin Korn
Ramil, Flickr's not equipped to handle the administration of the stock photography business and Yahoo likely would not be willing to take on the liability. Also Getty is ahead of anyone else as far as marketing stock photography goes today. They are the 800 pound gorilla. Partnering probably makes more sense. - Thomas Hawk
I don't mean that they'll handle marketing too. Just that, the tools they're exposing to Getty could be exposed to other stock photo companies as well.......I guess that is indeed a nightmare to manage. - moogs
I agree with ramil but Tom is right. Flickr, to me, might not have the ways to do stock photos. - Outsanity
I wonder how much of Getty's decision to partner with Flickr was defensive, i.e. if MSFT were to get Flickr #2 Corbis which is 100% owned by Bill Gates would probably be better positioned to do a deal with Flickr than a Yahoo owned Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: Is there any mention of who approached whom and when? I'm assuming Getty initiated it and if so, is there any reason to believe it was NOT a defensive move? - Justin Korn
pick me - Andrew Smith from fftogo
@Thomas "I wonder how much of Getty's decision to partner with Flickr was defensive" That sounds quite plausible, in which case, I'm skeptical that Getty will take this venture seriously, or only go through the motions to get their toe in the water so to speak. I'm also a little concerned about the rather low 20-40% cut that the photographer will receive. If that is the case, I would expect a significant amount of marketing and management services to be provided by Getty. - Jeff P. Henderson
Justin, no way to know. But I'm sure Getty and Flickr have been talking for years. When I met with the Getty BD people up in Seattle two years ago they told me about meetings with Flickr even way back then. My guess is Yahoo/Flickr was the hold out more than Getty. There was a rumor for a while that Yahoo was trying to buy their own stock agency. Could be that Getty sweetened the deal enough to keep Flickr out of the hands of Corbis, especially in light of a potential MSFT YHOO acquisition. - Thomas Hawk
What worries me about the deal is that it has the potential for Getty to make a deal and then just put it out on an island and not market it in order to appease their current stock pros who might jump ship and go to Corbis, etc. Plus I'm sure Flickr gets a cut and so they may make less money selling Flickr images than other Getty images. Who knows though, this is all total speculation. It will be interesting to see how it plays out though and I'm excited about the news and potential. - Thomas Hawk
I've always believed that Getty bought iStockphoto purely as a defensive play and purposely marketed it miles away from their Pros or fair prices for photos. it was giving lip service to the growing ranks of weekend warrior amateurs while keeping a potential serious competitor out of the business. - Thomas Hawk
What is funny is that iStockphoto in fact did steal business away from Getty's more lucrative high end core business. So their defensive move ended up shooting them selves in the foot so to speak. What photo buyers realized is that there were just as good quality photos in IStockphoto for a fraction of the cost. If Getty tries to categorize the Flickr photos into their high end portfolio, it may be a defensive move to try to gain back the high end market share they lost to iStock. - Jeff P. Henderson
Here is more details about what the licensing model may look like. - Jeff P. Henderson
I think this would make more sense if the majority of the accepted Flickr photos are sold through iStock. Otherwise, I feel the stakes are to high for Getty. The old pros could jump ship as Thomas writes. To appease the pros, Getty might see an opportunity to pay the Flickr photographers less than the old pros, and increasing their earnings. It's hard to predict how the different categories of people (pros, Flickr photogs, customers etc) will react to this deal. - Henrik Johansson
Thanks for the extra info on this deal Thomas, you've answered a few of the questions I'd posted elsewhere on another FF thread on this subject. Do you know if Getty is looking to boost its creative or editorial business with this or both. Do they see this as an answer to the Yahoo/Reuters iwitness style deal that was recently announced or more as a way to cut costs and boost their creative/illustrative businesses? - Jon Dillon
Do I have to relicense my photos, or does Getty want to pick ones and purchase them from me? - Andrew Feinberg
OH! how i wish for that future world you painted for me thomas, of zooomr's {original} "marketplace"... a real website where users had the power to take on stock image companies... for a second i thought that was what might be happening at flickr, but i'm still holding out for that ideal world.... i daydream about it sometimes.... - djp
Jon, I think this is a win for Getty largely because it will increase their breadth. Flickr has so many more images. When Choice Hotels licensed my Grand Lake Theater photo they did that directly with me because they found the image on Google Image search. Do a search for Grand Lake at Getty and you get nothing. This allows more meaningful search at Getty which will solidify them more as a first choice to look for photos with image buyers. - Thomas Hawk
@Henrik, Getty would be shooting themselves in the foot even more if they were to market Flickr photos though iStockphoto. It would further cannibalize their high end business. If you read the link I posted above it indicates that they will be selling Flickr photos along side their existing high end pro photos with a similar or the same pricing structure. What they are trying to do is keep from loosing sales from customers who are going directly to Flickr photographers instead of to Getty. - Jeff P. Henderson
Andrew, not sure how the relicensing might work. Details will be coming out in the next few months though I suspect. djp. yeah, Zooomr's original marketplace idea was a pretty good one. Photrade has a similar one in beta right now. Photographers get 80%. But neither Photrade nor Zooomr have the marketing clout of Getty in this business. I'm not saying one's better than the other. Much of it might depend on how well Getty ends up marketing this collection. - Thomas Hawk
My guess is that Flickr has a significantly larger selection of images in many categories. Savy Getty customers know this and go to Flickr to find what they want when they can't find it at Getty. Getty is smart to try to leverage this. I'm sure Getty knows better than anyone else where their collection is lacking and will be looking to Flickr to fill the voids. A smart move on their part. If they are doing this to fill voids, it should not piss off their existing pro photographers too much. - Jeff P. Henderson
Thomas: You underestimate istock far to much. If you look at sales volume, istock outranks Getty sales. While some photos are amateur, some are as professional as any at Getty. Each has their own niche. - CJPhoto
@Jeff: But what about those photos subjects that are already well serviced by the pros. Is there going to be some way of filtering out Flickr from your Getty search? If I search for the Effiel Tower on Getty, I get some great shots... Search on Flickr and you get some fairly average ones. Is Getty in danger of diluting it's photos catalogue and therefore souring their reputation for high quality? - Johnny
Marketplace was the reason why I originally choose Zooomr rather than Flickr. Now that Photrade has started it will be interesting to see if they ever get the numbers to make it a viable. Why doesn't Flickr just do it themselves? You don't need the marketing clout of Getty when you are Flickr! - CJPhoto
@CJPhoto, This is precisely why I believe that Getty will market Flickr photos along side their existing high end line and not through iStock. Buying iStock was a defensive move that ultimately hurt Getty's bottom line. - Jeff P. Henderson
CJ, iStockphoto has huge volume but never made any significant money. The real money at Getty was always made by their core traditional business. Getty kept the two as far apart as they possibly could. I agree with you though many of their photos are just as good as Getty's Pro stuff. - Thomas Hawk
@John, my guess it that Getty will be very selective as to what photos they choose from Flickr to add to their collection. Your example would suggest they already have an adequate number of Eiffel tower images, so they would not be looking for any from Flickr. This selective approach will not dilute their exiting catalog, but will only fill in where they have voids. - Jeff P. Henderson
While Flickr could "do it themselves" with a Photrade model, my guess is that they simply don't want to do the work or build the infrastructure necessary to compete in what is largely seen as a declining business. They probably also were afraid of the liability associated with screw ups and looked at Getty as the best in the business at this after coming to the conclusion that they didn't want to buy or build themselves. - Thomas Hawk
Getty likely gets to fill in holes in their library, add much greater depth to their search, and they probably have a contract that locks Flickr into an exclusive deal keeping them out of the hands of Corbis in the event of a MSFT buyout of Yahoo. - Thomas Hawk
These deals are rarely useful to the photographers. The trend is usually, sell your image for dimes with exclusive rights for ever and ever. - Mário Pires
I would like to point out that you will be very unlikely as an individual to make a lot of money if one or many of your images are selected, assuming of course this rumour does turn out to be real. In most cases rumours involving Getty turn out to be true as over the years they have aggressively taken over many picture libraries and indeed press agencies, including my old agency Wireimage and Filmmagic. So the news of Flickr getting involved disturbs me. - Nick Lewis
The explosion of "professional" photographers is driving the supply of product to record levels while the demand is rising modestly. The same could be said for blogging and journalistic product. Its not so easy to make a dollar any more at some very traditional jobs. Photography is one of those. - Robert
More details on the deal here: - Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk
The number one way I find people to add on FF? Nope, not FFs recommendations, finding little white bubbles next to people making interseting comments in conversations. These are the people that I want more of. Folks that participate intelligently are far more valuable than A listers who don't.
Agreed, when I find a thread I really like, I tend to add a bunch of commentors from it. - Phil Glockner
I'm only just now starting to use FF, even though I signed up months ago...and I agree, this tool is far more useful than even twitter. - Jeremy Botter
I agree 100% Tom. That is how I have been finding a lot of people. I am relatively new to FF so that and friend of a friend posts are the only ways I am finding people. - Matt Donders
Personally - that's why FriendFeed is differentiating itself from a lot of other sites. It caters to those active people that want to discuss, learn, inform - which makes it a resource that I come back to over and over again... - George Smith
I'm in absolute agreement but have to admit that I've added some of the A listers just to see who's talking to them intelligently. Granted, the ROI's a little low, but sometimes watching the fawning is reward in and of itself. <insert sarcasticon here> - Linda Mills
You get what you give - Dave Martin
Good point, this is one of the reasons why I'm spending more time on FF now - great way to discover and interact with new people that have relevant information/comments to share - Gabriel Biguria
So very true. My page of "recommended" friends is nothing but a bunch of A-listers that would fill my FF pages with mostly junk, and not a lot of substance. - Brandon Wood
ditto ditto and ditto - just added Gabriel and Jeremy in fact - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
we use the same technique - Fred Grott
I'd also add that you don't have to add a whole lot of people to get quality content thrown into your FF stream. I'm slowly adding people and the value of FF went up 10 fold. - Otto R. Radke
The goal of adding friends here is to have intersting stuff in your Friendfeed. And you do that by carefully watching the dicussion not just in terms of comments and likes ( as mentioned above multiple times), but what items are posted by people. Thats whats I look for. - Roberto Bonini
the ancient toad style of social networking - Anthony
Actually if you do that you soon realize that there's more content by interesting people here than time you have to read that. Then, the question stops being how to find interesting people (that you'll keep finding and following) but how to reduce the noise... - Marcos Marado from fftogo
So Marcos the task at hand is to become Jedi of the Hide button and learn how to fine tune everything. - Mark Forman
Hide is awsome, but I'm feeling it is not enough. I hope noiseriver ends up being the solution, but... it still hasn't the hide feature implemented :-) - Marcos Marado from fftogo
Hah! I just added everyone in this post who I wasn't already subscribed to. - Thomas Hawk
If the same friend of X comes up often, and I find them interesting, I will subscribe to them. - Hao Chen
No white bubbles here for me. - Robert Scoble
Thomas: I do the same thing too - Sally Church
I get zero comments on FF to my posts. I'm not A-list of course. I'm more like a lesser known Baldwin brother. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
LOL @ Scoble's comment!! ha, ha! - Susan Beebe
@Jason Participation is a two way street. - Hao Chen
amen brutha! - Scott Jarkoff
I, too, am just getting more involved in this social networking thing ... - Robert Couture
This taps into what for me is the stand-out experience FF. 'Common Interest' is _one_ facet, but there's more going on in deciding to Subscribe or not. It's like a first impression in person - the brain takes a bunch of behavioral cues builds a profile in seconds upon which decisions (sometimes lasting) are made. To balance the split decision weakness of not enough information, just cruise through the person's feed for 'background check'. All common sense I suppose. - Micah
Yeah but I frikin HATE the moment I add 1 person from a thread i like, I get bumped out of the thread & have to go back & search for it again to see if I want to add anyone else. - Mrsth
@mrsth, I agree 110% w/ that. It's easier to open a new tab then scroll down and locate the topic again... - Czar
Nah...I add completely based on superficiality and looks. :-P - Live4Emma (L4S)
@Czar- ah I didn't realize you could do that. I'll give it a whirl. Thx!!! - Mrsth
@Carlos Perez- Ahh. that explains alot. You can only see my legs:-) - Mrsth
i guess just a 'me too' here would be totally wrong. - MLx
I think the only way to find those interesting people you don't know is to subscribe to the popular people. I've been finding some interesting folks that way. Otherwise, no one posts comments to your own stuff. Oh, to be unpopular. Sigh. - Eric - Final Countdown
That's exactly correct. I don't auto-follow. I add people who comment and like and share things I'm interested in. - Louis Gray
wow, that's a super-excellent observation. i'm taking the hint with a few 'white-bubble' folks here too. altho i wonder if the FF folks shouldn't cue that behavior up with mouse-over info on the bubble icons... i had no clue why the color was showing up at first. (then again, i'm often an idiot) - dave mcclure
awesome. this reaffirms why i like ff better than twitter. the failwhale is kind of endearing, though. - Marissa "malouie"
Couldn't agree more! The Fancy Pants people are too fancy, I just want interesting conversation(s)! - Cheryl
Totally agree!! Wish I could get some of those people as my friends too!! - ChaCha Fance
I can't stand FF posts with more than 10 comments. I want to filter them out but there is no option for that. - Sam Pullara
What client are you using? twirhl makes comments on FF OK, but just OK. It's a shame that we're all this way and still don't have clients that support threaded conversations as good as tin or slrn on usenet... - David Molnar from twhirl
Good tip:) - Igor Poltavskiy
david let's agree on 'as good as on usenet' - i never could stand neither tin nor slrn *g* but yes. it is now 10 years ago that most decent usenet clients had a feature set still not rediscovered for everything feedish ... - Nicole Simon
Agreed as well I look out for the white speech bubbles as well to see what value they add to the FriendFeed community! - Joe Dawson
and little like icons ;) - Tyler Gillies
Occasionally I'll wander over to everyone and 'browse'. it's really eye opening as FF grows - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, I like doing that too, but we need a language filter badly! - Hao Chen
The number one trick A-listers use and I never liked? " hey I'm here now on friendfeed, comment on this if you want me to follow you". I don't want them to follow me because they are important. I want them to follow me because they feel I'm important to them! - Alexander van Elsas
Agreed- when I see opinions I like from someone several times, I check to see if I've subscribed to them yet. - Brian Carter
My first time on FF and I like the interaction I'm seeing. The "white bubbles" are a great way to find new and interesting people. - Tom Newman
That's a great way to find friends with whom you can actually talk and count as friends. And the comments are a great feature of FF. I'm just getting to know how to make FF useful for me... - Dan V
I haven't found FF list of recommendations terribly useful either. Although this is a bad example, because it brought me to this entry. - TDavid
The criteria of "participate intelligently" is a relative word. What is "intelligent" to you may sound "stupid" to others? I guess the more appropriate term would be "value-adding to the conversation".. But I agree 100% on how "comments" can really uncover hidden gems! - Winston Teo
I do this too. I consider the comments a kind of signaling (a concept I learned from economics). Too bad there are so little interesting people in FF (to me at least, my interests are a little "off" from the median). - Meryn Stol
Andrew Baron
Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning -
Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning
This will be a photograph in the top 10 of many future lists. - Andrew Baron
Explanation: "In January 2007, people from Perth, Australia gathered on a local beach to watch a sky light up with delights near and far. Nearby, fireworks exploded as part of Australia Day celebrations. On the far right, lightning from a thunderstorm flashed in the distance. Near the image center, though, seen through clouds, was the most unusual sight of all: Comet McNaught. The... more... - Andrew Baron
wow indeed - Michael W. May from twhirl
مثل ساحل لاست میمونه :دی - Mil∂d
wow, Greattttttt - Zahra HB
That is an amazing image - Kreg Steppe
It's worth being subscribed to friendfeed for that photo alone. I wouldn't have found it if you hadn't been a friend of Scobleizer. - James Robertson
So becoming my wallpaper. - Ben Parr
Very nice wallpaper for dual monitors setups! - Éric Senterre
What a spectacular photo !!!!! - Nellie Root
echoing what james robertson said......worth being here for that photo alone. amazing. - carlotta fancypants
I am setting this up as a dual monitor type display between my two work systems! - Joe Dawson
that is unbelievable. astoundingly awesome - Paul Rj Muller
Wow! That's amazing! - Marcus Beagley
That is gorgeous! Check this out: - Jeff McCord from twhirl
thanks for sharing, great photo - sean percival
Amazing! - Jiri Fencl from Alert Thingy
Incredible! Thanks Andrew for finding such a beautiful shot. Lovely to wake to up to such beauty on FriendFeed... - Mitchell Tsai
Breathtaking. - James Mowery from twhirl
Wow ... this is incredible - Nick O'Neill
Mind-blowing! - David Fendley
this is really kewl...!! - Peter Dawson
Wow - Aaron Myers
very hip, I've seen this photo before (might have been on APOD) - mikepk
sometimes good photography gives me goosebumps! - Phillip Jeffrey
great image - Pete D
Wow, 153 people 'liked this" so far and almost 30 comments. - Andrew Baron
Absolutely incredible shot! Then again some of the best shots on the web come from NASA, National Geographic, Discovery and, of course, Hawk :) - Charlie Anzman
Not to be too cynical but that shot seems to good to be true -- I wonder if there is more processing going on than the text seems to admit. - Brian Sullivan
I'm enamored with that lightning. - Jason Toney
ahhh good one - Dobromir Hadzhiev
I'm going to side with Brian here. What is right: Comet McNaught was that bright in WA (I use to live there), but I checked my attempted pics, they predate this by over a week. I'm sure the comet was only that bright for less than a week. Second, the main Australia Day fireworks occur in Perth City...which isn't near a beach . Maybe it's Leighton Beach with Fremantle to the left...but it doesn't seem right. I did check the weather records though, there was a storm that night, and it's in the right direction - Duncan Riley
I do hope it is real though...and I forgot how wonderful the environment there is - Duncan Riley
Now the wallpaper on my iMac - Adam Helweh
Duncan, last year both Fremantle and I believe Hillarys held their own fireworks for Australia Day. I myself was trying to guess the location this morning. Being a regular on Leighton beach though it doesn't look familiar so I was thinking it may have been taken to the north of Hillarys. It also made me very nostalgic for Perth :) - Penny
wow, just wow - Mark Douglass
Amazing shot! - Timo Heuer
Unbelievable! - fbrunel
This is for sure a record post for me! 333 people liked this! - Andrew Baron
Congrats Andrew... this is truly a unique share!! thanks! :o) - Susan Beebe
Though I like the picture, I do agree with Brian Sullivan :( - directeur from NoiseRiver
Crazy looking - didn't even notice the comet until reading the site... - George Smith
Kick ass photo. - David Risley
smoke on the water - Harry Myhre
At 302 likes, the #1 most liked post of all time on FriendFeed. Antti Kemppainen Photography - Here's Antti's original picture Antti's e-mail is, and you can scroll through Antti's other photos. - Mitchell Tsai
just incredible! - Geoff K
An absolutely stunning shot. - Brandon Wood
Still lovin this shot days later. :D - Andrew Baron
amazing. I guess the timing for this shot couldn't be better - Dan V
I forget which Greek philosopher said it, but "Right timing is everything is most important." - Great Scott!
Amazing photo!! - Kol Tregaskes
Amazing - Arash
F#$king Amazing! - Michael Fidler
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Robert Scoble
You can't use Qik in the Oval Office but you can Twitter. How do I know that? Because today Congressman John Culberson met with the President and he said the Secret Service wouldn't let him do live video but he did Twitter from there.
Oddly enough, xSk8rB0i899x - Mark Trapp
thats a security breach - but trust me the NSA is tracking that twit !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Heh, the Senator told me that limiting politicians to 140 characters is a good thing. - Robert Scoble
Chris, his twitter name is @johnculberson - Jason Shultz
@Mark quality response!! - Joe Dawson
Why do I find it hard to believe that the president who touts using "the Google" and the "Internets" uses Twitter? Lord knows, McCain has yet to master Windows solitaire. - Chris Reed
I wonder if Obama will tweet from the Oval Office - Mike Hussein Cohen
unfortunately you can't take pictures inside the West Wing either - WH press room is ok, Rose Garden is ok but not in - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Following. - Holy moly, he just followed me back (probably auto...). - Vince DeGeorge
Picture the monkey in office Twittering launch codes... "Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try to invade Iran again". - Andrew Smith
I follow him also - Twitter name - #johnculberson - Craig Thomler
Commenting here so I remember to add him as an imaginary friend later (since I can't do that on FFToGo) - iTad from fftogo
Culberson was by far the best conversation of the day. He clearly loves his job and wants new technology to do it better, even if he has to learn. Amazing, amazing guy. Can't wait for his Town Hall tomorrow! - Andrew Feinberg
wow, you guys had FUN!! so jealous... twitter in the white house holy cow! McCain is soo screwed! - Susan Beebe
So Scoble is the Maxwell Smart of tech? - Mark Forman
I'm sure we'll be able to sum up all the positive things the Bush administration accomplished in less than 140 characters. - Kevin Shannon
About to find the John Culberson Twitter account now. Wonder what he's saying about the Scoble effect. :) - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
very cool -- like what i see... following Culberson now. - Andy Sternberg
+1 Kevin Shannon. - mj
very interesting to see that Culberson also follows you back- almost immediately unlike some of the other politicos mentioned in yesterday's blog post. - Nathan Eckenrode
John Culbertson followed me back immediately and then we even tweeted. I am still unsure about the other two mentioned. I can't seem to find the rep from OH and the rep from AZ (I think) his tweets have the feel of a staffer. Bears another look today though. By far the best thread yesterday! - Mathew A. Koeneker
I had a back and forth with Congressman Culberson last night on gas prices on Twitter; pretty amazing, really. - Lee Stranahan from Alert Thingy
I got an immediate followback as well-- Lee, great to hear he is genuinely on the service. - Doug Haslam from twhirl
Rep. Culberson and I don't agree politically, but it was civil and it was a real conversation - a couple of people DMd me and said 'wow! this is cool!'. Tim Ryan is a Congressman, also on Twitter - but he follows nobody. - Lee Stranahan from Alert Thingy
I disagree with just about all of his politics, but I love his twitter gumption. :) Go Culbertson! - Jarrod Morgenstern
Scoblizing The White House?:) - Igor Poltavskiy
Jeremy Zawodny
I'm Joining Craigslist in July -
All the best with the transition and new gig. - Paul Jacobson from twhirl
Congrats! - Ginger Makela Riker
Seriously one of the most awesome things I've read all day. Welcome to the neighborhood, Jeremy! - DeWitt Clinton
Congrats! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Congratulations! - Atul Arora
Jeremy, that's AWESOME. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing you more in SF!!! - David Sifry from twhirl
I didn't see anybody predict that! Great news. Should be interesting. - Louis Gray
good luck! - Chris Harris
Congrats. - Russellreno
all the best! - Ron Emrick
Congrats! :) some people were expecting you here on FF... - directeur
Congrats! That seems like a great company to be a part of. - Jeremy Brooks
Wow, that's great news. Congratulations! - Lee Odden from twhirl
Jeremy I'm right there with you! - Randy Carranza
Congrats, real good choice that I am sure you will enjoy - Fred Grott
@Louis yeah, I was tempted to mess with people and post pics of myself at FriendFeed and various other places, but decided to come clean. [Note: I still think FriendFeed would be an awesome gig too...] - Jeremy Zawodny
Congratulations! - Ernest Prabhakar
Nice move Jeremy - Dennis Howlett from twhirl
wow...that's great. congratulations!!! - don loeb
Congrats, Jeremy - Bret Taylor
Congratulations! Is this a long-term thing or just a casual encounter? - Jim Norris
JZ4CL - Kevin Fox
congrats! good luck with that commute! - Jeremy Toeman
awesome. Great move. - Keith Teare
Congrats and good luck! - John Frost
seems like that would be a great place to be. congratulations. - edythe
Cool! Congrats! - C. K. Sample III from twhirl
very of luck to ya. - (jeff)isageek
Congrats! - Jeremiah Owyang
that is so friggin AWESOME. damn! - dave mcclure
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