Revenge of the Fallen is amazing, as good as Star Trek
@mtrausch i dont do sarcasm, its illogical. though i do know how to run an efficient system
going to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tonight
whats this..? just noticed that the phenom II x4 that i recently overcloaked managed a 1Ghz increase!!
@mtrausch ...that would be a logical conclussion... though it was rhetorical ;)
@mtrausch on wolvix i compiled approx 20%, on slack its approx 65% what does that say about me?
@bugabundo i thought so, hows the Alt key heh ;)
@mtrausch do you compile your apps from source?
@bugabundo you're obsessed with stats lol
@roberthl i'm considering a phase-change system next, though i dont overclock
@mtrausch i'm seriously impressed :)
!watching Transformers before i see Revenge of the Fallen; Megan Fox is no1 on FHMs sexiest woman list
@dantheman ep98 of !linuxoutlaws was amazing, looking forward to ep100 :)
@mtrausch '96 eh? i started in '94 but then i am 29 heh
'Our most potent operating system competior is Linux' Bill Gates
@mtrausch you know your #Linux history, i'm impressed. there was a 5th fam tree, dont remember it
is celebrating passing his 1st yr @university :-D
@mtrausch slack is oldest surviving distro, debian started 1 month after slack; there were earlier distros
@mtrausch i've rolled my own before; slack is the distro all others are ultimately based on
@roberthl i dont like moving things around in my case as i have #watercooling installed
@bugabundo you're not a spammer, well maybe a little one haha ;)
today i found out that i've passed my 1st year of university :)
@roberthl why not move to a bigger case?
@slackusr swaret is interesting, am hoping slapt-get becomes part of slackware officially
@mtrausch since slackware 11 i moved to wolvix 1.1.0 now i've moved to using slackware 12.2 & current are cheaper if you go direct @roberthl glad you told me about them :)
@roberthl whos the card manufacturer of your HD 4850?
@mtrausch @slackusr slapt-get, APT like system for Slackware pkg mgmt
@mtrausch i didnt think of that, glad you pointed it out :)
@mtrausch someone wrote a fab package manager for linux, i'll find the link
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